New ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Set Photos: ‘Human Nation’ In Hiding

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Rise of the Ape concept New Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Set Photos: Human Nation In Hiding

Rise of the Planet of the Apes proved to be something of a surprise commercial success, grossing $484 million around the world and impressing audience and critics alike, mainly due to Andy Serkis’ amazing, soulful – and largely silent – performance as Caesar, the genetically-modified chimpanzee who ends up leading a society of intelligent apes.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, director Matt Reeves’ sequel – set fifteen years after that prequel – seems to be humming along. The cast is filled with some stellar character actors, with Gary Oldman playing the leader of the human resistance, Judy Greer donning a motion-capture suit to play a chimpanzee (and love interest of Serkis’ Caesar), with Keri Russell and Zero Dark Thirty standout Jason Clarke portraying the human leads. While we’ve already seen set photos featuring a mo-cap-wearing Andy Serkis on horseback, the project has been kept well under wraps.

Now, a series of photos of the New Orleans set – standing in for San Francisco – has now surfaced, courtesy of CBM. You can view them Below




We know from the official synopsis that since Caesar led his band of intelligent simians into the wilderness to establish a new civilization at the end of Rise, most of humanity has been wiped out from the same virus that created the ‘smart apes.’ A small group of survivors – led by Clarke and Russell, presumably – struggle to stay alive and forge a truce with the roaming, dominating apes.

Caesar In Rise of the Planet of the Apes New Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Set Photos: Human Nation In Hiding

The set photos provide our first real glimpse of the world to come. The run-down buildings are overrun with vines, and it appears that whomever is left in this future San Francisco (one amusing detail is the inclusion of one of SF’s public restrooms as a place-marker) lives in wooden shacks. Some of these photos also raise some interesting questions. For instance, just what is that large, hatch-looking hole in the side of one of the buildings? Seeing how it looks like part of a bigger piece of a wall-looking set design, there’s a strong possibility that it won’t be part of the building in the final film.

Even more mysterious is the billboard with the chimp-human-hybird-looking drawings and the words “HUMAN NATION” painted on them. Is this a clue that the humans in hiding are forced to leave their mark in secret? Are the apes already starting to hunt down and round up the humans, like in the original Planet of the Apes? It’s an intriguing image, and only deepens the mystery surrounding the film.

Matt Reeves’ Let Me In proved that he can convincingly blend a high-concept story with grounded characters and real emotion, which we felt was one of the places Rise director Rupert Wyatt stumbled. Judging by the set photos and the detailed worlds of his past films, it looks like the next entry in this franchise will feature a fascinating lived-in world. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens in theaters on May 23rd, 2014.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. i kinda hope they dont make Ceasar evil. i really liked him in the first movie, all he wanted to do was basically be freed but if they decide to make him the evil leader then i wonder how that would work.

    Also, can that drug work for some humans? because i cant see how humans can survive the virus, maybe they get smarter too?

    im really excited for this.

    • Not all Humans are affected by a Virus, there are always a small percentage of people immune to almost every virus, because their immune system adapts quickly and attacks.

    • Weren’t there telepathic humans in the original second Planet of the Apes film? If people did survive the virus and become smarter it could provide and opportunity to introduce that aspect. But I’m pretty sure that’s not a direction they’d like to take.

      • James Franciscus as astronaut Brent and Kim Hunter as Nova encounter these beings in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (Orig. Apes #2 film) as they hunt for missing astronaut Taylor (Charlton Heston). This was the only Apes film Brent appeared in, and the 2nd. and last one Nova and Taylor appear in (all three are killed near the end), and the third installment continues the adventures of Cornelius, Zira, and points the way for Caesar (the First).

        • @Goldilocks,

          Kim Hunter actually played Zira. Linda Harrison played Nova.

    • They wouldn’t; probably the humans will blame the apes for the virus and start fighting with them. The apes would be forced to control them.

    • You forgot something.. in real life some human have immune against some viruses too. So in this movie, some people might be immune against the virus as well as some are smarter and found the antibodies. :)

    • serkis’ caesar is more merciful than mcdowell’s caesar… tho i still felt bad for mcdowell’s caesar…

  2. The photos look really cool, can’t wait. I only saw Rise on a whim and loved it. I even made my mother watch it on TV a few months ago and she hated the originals and Burton remake but found Rise quite sad and emotional.

    I trust Reeve since he gave us Cloverfield and Let Me In and both were great.

  3. The first was such a beyond fantastic movie.
    I agree with @Corey_1993 as well, hopefully Ceaser doesn’t turn into the antagonist, but rather the rise of some sort of more militaristic primates, is what he is trying to fend off.
    But either way it will be amazing.

  4. This new reboot is much different in many ways than the original Heston brand, but it is entertaining. I am sure I will watch Dawn to see where this goes. Incidently, the original Planet of the Apes with Heston is probably just about my all-time favorite sci-fi film. (I did not care for the Tim Burton version, and about the only good thing I can say about that one was I saw one or two of the main character’s make-up jobs that were not too bad).

  5. For anyone reading the original story by pierre Boulle, they will find it quite different from the film versions…and probably not in a good way (films were better concept).

    • Same with a lot of Philip K Dick stories then, they worked better in movie form (just to mention, I finally saw the Total Recall remake on friday and thought it was pretty good, just not as good as the original).

      I’d give the books a read but if you say the movies were better then I’ll pass. I didn’t actually like the original movies myself either. They fall under the same category as the epics like Spartacus, The Godfather and others in my opinion, they just go on for way too long with little happening and I find myself losing interest.

      • Completely agree with your Godfather comment, have been watching the trilogy over this weekend and its like…get on with it already!

        • I’ve done that, marathon the Godfather movies…and long does not do it justice. Great movies, but if you watch all three in a row, the pacing is painful – although one at a time the pacing works great.

          They’re roughly the same length as the Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy, but the marathon experience for both are day and night.

  6. Changing casts almost completely is actually a clever move. Because if the third movie centres around the astronauts who went missing in the first movie (as I suspect it will) then they’ll need to change the cast again. So there’s more of a “this is what they do every time” feel behind it, rather than “change the cast means jump the shark”.

    Of course, this relies on “Dawn” being a good movie. Let’s hope it is.

  7. Which city is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes set in

  8. Andy Sarkis and Rocket these guys are fricking badass to work with and think the lord I had a chance to see them at work and off set in Actors holding.these guys all need every fricking Award there is in Motion pictures People don’t get to experience seeing this in the Making and how so intense they look when there Pist wholly s*** its a movie and it got your attention filming it so thank you Andy and Rocket to experience your badasss work up close and part of it as a Featured extra,to see you’ at your Best