‘Harry Potter’ Director Commits to New ‘Tarzan’ Movie; Casting Underway

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Warner Bros. developing dual Tarzan movies Harry Potter Director Commits to New Tarzan Movie; Casting Underway

David Yates has eyed quite the eclectic collection of possible directorial vehicles since he helmed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (which was also the fourth film in the series directed by Yates). That includes a Doctor Who movie, an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, the Al Capone biopic Cicero – and Tarzan, the latest in a line of over 90 films based around Edgar Rice Burroughs’ famous ape-man character.

Yates was one of three candidates previously-reported to be in the running for the Tarzan job, along with directors Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) and Susanna White (Boardwalk Empire). We now have confirmation that Yates has committed to the project, which reunites him with Warner Bros. (the studio behind the iconic boy wizard franchise).

Warner Bros. took an unusual, but intelligent, approach to assembling yet another Tarzan flick. Namely, the studio hired both Adam Cozad (co-writer on Jack Ryan) and Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Footloose (2011)) to pen dual scripts, so that executives could choose from two different approaches to the source material. When we spoke to Brewer last year, he referred to his Tarzan screenplay as “the best thing that I’ve ever written,” but wasn’t sure when the project would move forward; as of now, it appears he is officially out as director.

Craig Brewer to write and direct Tarzan movie Harry Potter Director Commits to New Tarzan Movie; Casting Underway

Craig Brewer’s ‘Tarzan’ is (apparently) no longer happening

Vulture makes no mention of Cozad in its report about Yates committing to direct Tarzan, so it’s apparently feasible that Warner Bros. is using Brewer’s script draft. Who knows, maybe studio heads passed on having Brewer direct because they wanted someone with more experience in the area of big-budget filmmaking at the helm (like Yates). Of course, for the time being, that’s pure speculation.

Yates seems to be focused right now on finding the ideal candidate to don Tarzan’s loincloth in the film. Among the actors who are said to be meeting with the director in the near future are Immortals star Henry Cavill (who plays Superman in next year’s Man of Steel), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood, Battleship) and Sons of Anarchy lead Charlie Hunnam – who will be bumped up to leading man status in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim next summer. Tom Hardy (who’s attached to star in Cicero, whenever it happens) is reported to be on Warner Bros.’ wish-list, but there’s no indication yet as to whether or not the Dark Knight Rises alum is even interested.

Cavill, Skarsgård and Hunnam, as it were, are essentially all in the same boat. Each hunky actor has a solid fanbase, but needs that one major breakout role to become a full-fledged bankable lead. As far as how their acting chops compare, well, feel free to debate that in the comments section.

skarsgard cavill hunnam tarzan Harry Potter Director Commits to New Tarzan Movie; Casting Underway

Skarsgård, Cavill, and Hunnam – which one could be the new Tarzan?

Skarsgård is the one of the above trio who does not yet have a blockbuster in his future; then again, Hunnam and Cavill already have healthy working relationships with Warner Bros. However, the latter’s ties to the Superman property might discourage the studio from letting Cavill lead two of its most lucrative franchises right off the bat. Bear in mind, things are just beginning to take shape on the new Tarzan movie, so it’s possible another actor altogether will eventually land the titular role.

More on David Yates’ Tarzan movie as the story develops.


Source: Vulture

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  1. Charlie Hunnam he deserves it

    • Agreed. Hunnam’s a great actor, he could really use an iconic film role like this. Cavill’s good too but he’s already got Superman (and justice league?) going for him. Plus Hunnam looks good with long hair.

    • i fully agree with u plus I can’t stand the dude from true blood

  2. Cavill is the best choice IMO. His work in The Immotals was excellent.

  3. I say Cavill he’s a pretty good actor

  4. Tarzan has had literally dozens of movie/TV incarnations. I really don’t know if we need yet another one.

  5. While the Tarzan stories are not among Burroughs’ best writing, there IS some great stuff there. I’d love to see an adaptation that was closer to his original (and in that time period, not “updated”) – and there were 25 sequels. Is this another franchise-building move? I was hopeful for “John Carter” as a franchise of films, those would be more entertaining to a wider audience, IMHO. But I’d love to see a new generation of people find out about Burroughs.

    • The only reason I read A Princess of Mars is because of John Carter, so that happened at least a little bit.

  6. what about the guy that did the new Conan movie

  7. Haven’t read the book (yet) but I’m not sure how well modern audiences will react to a jungle man jumping around in his butt-flap. I could be wrong though.

    • Book? lol, more like 25. They aren’t the size of a Robert Jordan novel though (writing styles have definitely changed in the last century) so you could probably fit 4-5 of them into a single Jordan sized book.

      Tarzan has been one of the most portrayed characters in the last century with movies (I looked it up…..47 movies!) and multiple TV series since the 1920′s. The reason for this is he is both exotic and easy to make movies about since the FX are pretty low.

      In an age of FX laden movies, a movie of this sort might feel a bit cheap and boring by comparison.

  8. AWESOME! I’ve been reading the first Tarzan book and it’s pretty great stuff. I hope that they don’t tone it down and stick to the source material; there’s all kinds of brutal stuff in there, like canniballism, and Tarzan is one badass MOFO.
    Out of the three actors, I feel that maybe Skargard would be the best choice, as he’s a great actor who has yet to headline his own feature film, while Hunnam and Cavill have Pacific Rim and Man of Steel next year respectively. This could be his big break.
    Just pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee don’t screw this up and do a better job marketing than John Carter. If any literary character deserves his own franchise it’s Tarzan.

  9. The danger is doing a period Tarzan. Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate have commissioned a series of new authorised Tarzan books by Andy Briggs which have real contemporary relevance for both young and adult. This is Tarzan for the 21st century.

  10. The middle guy doesn’t appear to be white. That’d mean they’d have to change part of the story beccause he was also Lord Greystock. I don’t think there were too many non whites with titles in England in the 1800′s

    Also: whoever they pick I hope they go real this time instead of the way they portrayed Tarzan in past movies and series. The but him in a loin cloth and that was about it. Beyond that most didn’t look anything like someone who lived in the wilds among the animal as an animal would look. Hell….one of he series Tarzan’s had nice clean well cut hair and looked more like a male model tha Tarzan. They need to make him actually look and act wild like in the original story. As such he also needs scars on his body as a result of rough play as a kid, and battles for his life from early teens on. I really hope they do it right this time

    I think Skarsgard might be best because he looks more like an Englishman than the other two. His generally brooding appearance might work well here

    • Hunnam is and Englishman, born and raised.

  11. Since you cannot do a Tarzan movie without Africans in any traditional way, this will require a worldwide audience to recognize current events on the Continent, or Warner Brosis looking at a world-class bomb…like John Carter; and Africa is COMPLICATED. Whatever script they go with, they better get it “right” or be ready for protests and one bell of a write-off. What actor plays Greystroke seems ancillary by comparison to that script. An unknown would be my choice.

    • Go with an unknown actor. Because if the actor has no previous fame or hasnt been in any previous film then you have no choice but to relate to him as the character he is playing.

    • AGREED

  12. I always thought that the best Tarzan Novel for a big screen adaption was “Tarzan and the Foreign Legion” with some flashbacks to his origns, but that is just my opinion.

    • Gjohnson,we are on the same page. TARZAN & THE FOREIGN LEGION is one of the VERY BEST stories in the Tarzan novels. Its a ww@ classic tale that should be done with stunnibg realism and intertwined with history of the period. I would like it if they introduced an African-American character into the fold and touch on a bit on the segragation in the US Army of the time. The FOREIGN LEGION should be all inclusive: British,African-American,Eur-Asian,Russian,Italian,Dutch,Chinese,etc… This story not only touches on war in east Asia but on racism as well. Anthony “”Shrimp””Rosetti has a deep hatered of Britishers but by the end of the story he’s more than a staunch admirer of John Clayton lll,Lord of the House of Greystoke. The story even touches on mysogeny that the beautiful Eur-Asian Girl Syreena had to go through as well as the lovely Dutch Woman Corrie Van Demeer. Tarzan is in the guise of John Clayton working for the British RAF when they sent him on assignment on a reconnocense mission with American soldiers to take ariel photos of Sumatra when their plane is attacked by 2 JapaneseZeroes [aka ""War Planes""]and thus they had to parachute into the jungles of Sumatra and the rest that follows is one of Tarzan’s greatest adventures that has yet to be put on film. The FOREIGN LEGION has my vote

  13. You realise that the Skarsgard photo you picked for the article is not really him, right? That’s his head photoshopped by fans on another guy’s body.
    I like both Cavill and Skarsgard but with Cavill already being Superman, I don’t think him becoming Tarzan as well is a good idea. Skarsgard is a very talented actor and I’m sure he can play any role they give him but will Tarzan be good enough for his first lead role? Hm.

  14. Charlie Hunnam!

  15. A new TARZAN film is long overdue particularly a sequal to GREYSTOKE. Where RACE is concerned both the 170s FILMATION cartoon series as well as the DISNEY film chose to do Tarzan tales without indegenous BLACK Africans being involved—THIS IS PURE IDOTCY!!! They are fearful that they may not be able to portray Blacks corectly and want to avoid the crys of “”RACISM”” They want to be “”Politicly Correct”” but by doing such a thing would make both them and the film INCORRECT. Being of African origin myself I was very proud of the character of TARZAN OF THE APES this doesnt imply that hear and there in the novels you found mildly disturbing quirks from time-to-time but we have to keep in mind that Burroughs may not have been aware of them as racism, he was reflecting his knowledge of society at the time. In the RETURN OF TARZAN[[Book 2]] Tarzan becomes King of the African Tribe—The WAZIRI after thwarting the attacking Jan-ja-weed Arabs [Burroughs doesnt call them the Jan-ja-weed but I certainly related these Semetic oppressors to them] What Burroughs didnt take into account is that in African societies KINGSHIP is heredetary,they NEVER would have accepted John Clayton as King because of this but Burroughs did recognize this later on in TARZANs QUEST [Book 19] Stating that MUVIRO//MUVIRU is the Waziri King and TARZAN was CHIFE WAR TACTIONER of the Waziri so as we see Burroughs corrected his mistake in later tales. To do a TARZAN story with Africans is like cinnomon toast without the Cinnomon. You need one to complete the other