‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Rumors: David Tennant to Return; Two Specials Planned

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David Tennant Doctor Who Return Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Rumors: David Tennant to Return; Two Specials Planned

We’ve been hearing a lot of Doctor Who Christmas Special details – everything from trailers to a prequel minisode but what is going to happen once all the wibbly wobbly timey wimey holiday cheer subsides? What does showrunner Steven Moffat and the Doctor Who writers have in store for 2013 – the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who?

According to recent reports, not only is BBC planning a pair of anniversary specials, the celebration may even include an appearance by the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

So far, details are limited but Bleeding Cool claims that reliable sources have told them:

Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…

No other information was provided on that topic and similar rumors of a reappearance by the 10th Doctor have been debunked again and again in the years since 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, took over the TARDIS. However, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility – given that an appearance by Tennant doesn’t necessarily mean a full-on Doctor crossover. The 10th Doctor could easily reappear in a flashback or, should Moffat be crazy enough to re-open the parallel world can of worms, by revisiting Rose and The Part-Human Doctor – which would also mean a possible reappearance by Billie Piper too.

Of course, it’s also possible that Moffat is planning his own Doctor mash-up episode – similar to the fan-favorite 1983 special, “The Five Doctors.” In that episode, original versions of the Doctor (Peter Davison, Richard Hurndall, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee) as well as former companions are ripped from their various time streams and are brought face-to-face – teaming up to defeat a threat to Gallifrey. While five is the maximum number of Doctors that have worked together, producers had already brought together the first three iterations back in 1973 for a four episode arc in “The Three Doctors.” Newly minted Doctor Who fans, who might be less familiar with “Classic” Who, also have their own Doctor crossover – the meet-up between Tennant’s 10th Doctor and the Fifth Doctor (played by Peter Davison) in the minisode, “Time Crash”.

The Five Doctors Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Rumors: David Tennant to Return; Two Specials Planned

Considering Doctor crossovers have happened before, there’s no doubt that Tennant could easily return, not to mention the possibility that 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston could take a break from Thor 2 filming for an appearance as well. However, are fans really ready for a face to face encounter by the the most recent versions of the Doctor? While Doctor crossovers are a fun idea, more Doctors don’t always make for better entertainment. That said, if Moffat does want to tackle a Doctor crossover, what better time to do it than for the 50th anniversary – especially considering he shot down any hope of a Sherlock/Doctor Who tie-in.

Bleeding Cool‘s report also mentions that (unconfirmed) sources close to production indicate that Moffat is writing a pair of anniversary specials – and that the showrunner has been “laying the groundwork for the anniversary storyline for some time.” The prospect of a two-part celebration is certainly exciting; although, without official word, we could still get anywhere from one to several anniversary episodes when the special installments actually air in 2013 (likely around November) – long after the springtime conclusion of season 7.

In the meantime, check out our Doctor Who Viewing Guide: Tips, Suggestions & Complete Episode List!

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Doctor Who returns Tuesday, December 25, 9:00pm ET for the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special. The Doctor Who anniversary celebration will kick off (with or without David Tennant) in 2013.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. The Doctor (usually) has a thing against visiting himself. I would really like to see them go to the Parallel earth and visit the Doctor and Rose. See what the doctor would do if he were living an average human life, and maybe what his kid would look like.

    Thats what i would really like to see. More human Doctor interacting with modern Doctor

    • I’ll vote for that episode!

      • i am doctor who fan 50th Annviersary at 2013 this year and than i watch on teleivison i like seen doctor who all so be part for all the doctor who episode and than i got doctor who colletion that it

  2. It would be awesome to have a doctor meetup. And i still would love to see previous companions return, Like Martha and Mickey. and maybe one or two of the “one off” companions from some of the specials, that didnt die of course. I think it would be cool to revisit some of them.

    • When did David Tennet become some pretty boy? So far he’s the best Doctor Who of the new series.

      • He became “pretty boy” in the Silence in the Library episode in 2008

        • tenth doctor is best doctor pretty boy or not

    • He was never a pretty boy! He showed amazing emotion every single episode and he was the best Doctor of the return seasons. I don’t know what you have against David, but you need to sort out your priorities! I think David needs a go at a special. I miss 10!

  3. Yay!!

    It keeps getting better and better…… bigger and bigger.

    Doctor Who movie? Why not?

    Big IMAX screen in 3D…….?

    • I have always supported this^

      Just one big-azz 2 & 1/2 hour Doctor Who story. Yeah I’d buy into that. It’d basically be like the over-arching plot line from an entire series(season) without all the episodes in between.

      I think more people would buy into that than you’d think. I mean all you really need to explain to new viewers is that the Doctor is an alien and what the TARDIS is. That and any other explainations could easily be given in context of the Doctor having to explain it to another new traveling mate that he picks up at the begining of the movie.

    • 3D?? why waste time on a Doctor Who 3D? It must be at least 4D.

  4. David should get his own special,something like a lost episode between the TV Eps or so !
    Would love him to be back as the Doctor !

    • I know right 10th doctor is the best doctor

  5. Anyone remember The Doctors daughter? Anyone?
    My bet is she will return for the anniversary special.

    • I remember her. The thing is do any of the things we’ve seen in recent (since 9th Doctor) history even exist? Last we saw of Jenny, she was blasting off into space to pursue her own adventures. What of The Shadow Proclamation? Haven’t heard mention of them either. For that matter did Rose Tyler ever exist in the rebooted universe? Yes I know her image was used by the emergency voice interface. As were Martha’s and Donna’s. Things to think about. Of course it could all be explained away by the TARDIS’ wibbly wobbly timey wimey nature. Not to mention a little jiggery pokery on the part of the writers.

      • What, pity?

        • What, pity? (So did not just post this under the wrong comment…)

    • Well the Doctor’s Daughter (Jenny) played by Georgia Moffett is actually David Tennant’s wife in real life now. so if they will get David why not get Georgia. I would love to see Jenny back in Doctor Who.

      • i think the doctors daughter (jenny) should take up the spot that is left open for the Sarah Jane Smith show

        • I think that would be a disgrace to Liz Sladen’s memory, she put her heart and soul into DW and the SJAs, you can’t just replace her!

      • I agree

  6. omg… this must be what it feels like when a girl sees justin bieber at a concert.
    seriously though this is gonna be amazing and i cannot wait. tennant is the best doctor

  7. …and Paul McGann too!

  8. NO PONDS NO PEACE!!!!!!!!

    • Please, no Ponds! They were good, but I’ve had enough of them. And it’s much, much too soon to bring them back. If we’re bringing anyone back, it’s gotta be someone pivotal like Tennant. I don’t care to see any other secondary characters at this point. And please no Rose. She was great as well, but her storyline wrapped up nicely, just like the Ponds. Can we agree to leave past companions in the past for now? Please?

  9. I love, David Teenant, he did so many good movies, like Harry Potter, siticoms, like Doctor Who, this is Amazing, my favorite movie star will be back

  10. I would love to see them bring the 8th doctor back for a special.

  11. When I saw this article I nearly lost it, girls wish for justin bieber concerts and sparkly vampires…. well I wish for Doctor who mash ups. I would love to see David come back, He was an amazing Doctor. I would Like for it to be the human one though just because it would give reason for rose to come back, She is one of my more favorite companions, Martha would also be fun to see come back

  12. the season 4 finale was like “the Avengers” for Doctor Who. so awesome seeing torchwood and previous companions all come together. would be nice to have a similar event for the 50th.

    • I would like for them to show the onscreen transformation of eighth to the ninth doctor. The eighth needs more screen time.

  13. Don’t forget the Collin Baker/Patrick Troughten episode “The Two Doctors”.

  14. They should do a story where Galifrey is restore to it’s proper time and place, it could feature past doctors with the current doctor, the past doctors I would like to see are the forth doctor (Tom Baker), fifth doctor (Peter Davidson), sixth doctor (Colin Baker), seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), eighth doctor (Paul McGann), ninth doctor (Christopher Eccleston), tenth doctor (David Tennant) with one companion each like Leela (4th Doctor), Tegan (5th Doctor), Peri (6th Doctor), Ace (7th Doctor), Charley Pollard (8th Doctor), Rose Tyler (9th Doctor), Donna (10th Doctor) Plus the master, Daleks, Mondasian Cybermen, Sea Devils, Ice Warriors, Black Guardian, the White Guardian

    The plot for the story could follow like this.

    The White Guardian contacts the 11th Doctor, explaining since Galifrey

  15. I have just Re posted the following as I pressed enter and was submitted

    The plot for the story could follow like this.

    The White Guardian contacts the 11th Doctor, explaining since Galifrey was destroyed, a powerful evil and villainous empire has spread throughout the universe and the Black Guardian is at the heart of the evil and villainous empire and the way to stop the Black Guardian is to restore Galifrey to it’s proper place in time and space, the white guardian summons help for the eleventh doctor in the form of Past doctors and companions, the Black Guardian alerted to the White Guardian summons help in the form of the Doctors Enemies to defeat the Doctor.

    The Story would ideally end with Galifrey restored to it’s proper time and place and the Doctor Regeneration cycle extended by a further 13 lives and the Black Guardian vowing revenge.

    • that is the best idea i have heard. EVER.

  16. Hey, why am I the only one who want the 9th Doctor back?? He was brilliant! FANTASTIC! What is it with Ten? He’s great and all, but Nine’s so underappreciated. I’d love for him to come back, and frankly, I could care less about any of the other Doctors. IMO

    • If you do not think the tenth is the best then u need some mental help or something… We all miss th 9th doctor but the tenth doctor is the best and David Tennant is my favorite actor EVER

  17. I think David Tennant, Jenny(Doctor’s Daughter), Christopher Eccleston, and Tom Baker should return. I want to see Jenny again!!!

  18. Whatever, David Tennant had some decent moments but was SO OVER RATED as the Doctor. All the ‘classic’ Doctor Who fans I know prefer Matt Smith in the role. I hope he stays on for many years to come. As for the 50th special I would like to see the return of the 9th and 10th Doctors, but would LOVE to see a story that centers around the 8th. Or a story that pits the 11th Doctor against an earlier incarnation…as long as Steven Moffat is running the show it can’t go wrong.

  19. Am I the only one who wants Jack back?

    • Absolutely not. I’d love Jack to come back!

  20. “laying the groundwork for the anniversary story for some time”
    I think that makes it pretty obvious that this story will be the one where The Doctor reaches Trenzalore and must answer “Doctor… Who?”
    “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered.”
    “at the fall of the eleventh…” could it be Matt Smith’s last appearance as The Doctor as well?
    Keep in mind though that even if it that is the anniversary story, that doesn’t have to be the complete anniversary story. Maybe we’ll see part-human-10 and Rose return too? Moffat (or someone, I forget who) did say that the story would be a “love letter to the fans” and seeing 10 and Rose return would definitely be a love letter to me.

    • Honestly, I’d like to see them fix Donna so she can remember him again. The way they wrapped up her story line just broke my heart. At least Rose got what she wanted in the end. Donna is just, well potentially explodable.

  21. I think it would be awsome if 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctor came back. Don’t forget about Jenny and the companions

    • This all seems likely. I think we need to see Jack on the Fields of Trenzalore… and although it would be sad, I’d like the story to explain how Jack becomes the Face of Boe (likely yielding the vortex manipulator River had “off the wrist of a dead Time Agent”.

  22. Yes, yes, yes!

  23. Yes!! Got to get Chris back (my fav Doctor). I rekon Matt’s last- FALL OF THE ELEVENTH,??

  24. Pity – a Sherlock/Dr Who crossover would be interesting. Especially if Who gets all fanboy over Sherlock…!

  25. We totally need jack back! Seriously, where has he been? And also I would absolutely love david tennant to return. That would make my day.


  27. am I the only one who even rembers Merry? I mean she wasn’t like a big important character or anything but I think she would make a good companion when she grew up, having all that knowledge?