David Slade or Robert Schwentke to Direct ‘Wolverine 2′

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wolverine 2 director David Slade or Robert Schwentke to Direct Wolverine 2

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is going to Japan and while he doesn’t need his memory to earn a new love interest and some enemies, he does need a new director. Through interviews after the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it’s been clear that Gavin Hood would not be back to direct the sequel – perhaps a result of the poor critical response to the film.

While there was talk of Bryan Singer possibly taking the director’s chair, he was instead given the chance to helm the X-Men prequel, First Class, until scheduling issues caused him to step out and into the producer role. So who then could we see join Twentieth Century Fox to direct Wolverine 2?

New York Magazine’s Vulture is exclusively reporting that directors David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and Robert Schwentke (Red) are both being considered to helm Wolverine’s next adventure. Strangely enough, neither Slade or Schwentke were listed in the candidates named last month: Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), Tony Scott (Man on Fire), Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted). Reeves and Scott were apparently the two Fox was honing in on then but now it appears none of those directors are in the running.

According to the latest report, Slade and Schwentke have both been approved by the executives at Fox but sources hint at Slade being the likely choice. If it’s true, I’m totally sold on Slade. He’s proven that he knows how to make a dark movie with action, even with a PG-13 rating as we saw with Eclipse, by far the best of the Twilight series.

We also can’t ignore the Twilight connection. There was a strong push for Twilight actors playing a part of X-Men: First Class and we know they’ll mention Eclipse in the advertisements of Wolverine 2 should Slade get the job.

Director David Slade could helm Wolverine 2

As for the story of Wolverine 2, we know Logan heads off to Japan after the mess that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and while there, he falls for a woman who is set to be married to another man. This of course, leads to fighting, Samurai and Adamantium claws, and the hilarity ensues.

With Hugh Jackman recently dropping out of the lead role in Avon Man to make time to prepare for Wolverine 2, Fox wants to get moving on this project and start locking in the key people.

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Source: Vulture

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  1. i am happy that they have decided to keep this movie true to the comics as opposed to the 1st movie. of course except for the time and where he was born and him volunteering but thats about it. lol. otherwise i still really enjoyed the movie. i am a fan of the comics but these characters are designed to be put into multiple story lines expanding different timelines and dimensions. the movies got bad rap because they didnt follow the comics stories but they were made well with the exception of last stand that had to many plots in one movie like spider man 3. but they did do a good job with the multitudes of plot lines in the movie. i really want to see just like everyone else the pheonix movie that bryan singer set up with x2. last stand was good with what they did but it wasnt the movie everyone was expecting and wants to see. but all in all i cant wait this wolverine 2 to come out.

    • Last stand was good? Since when?

      • I actually appreciate X3 after watching how horrible Wolverine was, but that’s just me.

        • You’re not the only one Matt, I too looked on X3 with a far less critical eye after watching Wolverine.

          • To be honest, saying either film is better than the other is like saying “crap tastes better than vomit”. At least in this case.

            • Gee, really? That’s an interesting point. I’ve never heard that one before. Please, elaborate…not.

              • LMAO. People still do the “not” thing?

        • Yeah, what he said. :-)

  2. I’m a fan of Wolvie all the way around, but honestly for mass appeal I think they need to practice some inclusion with pt2. The Silver Samurai just isn’t as interesting as some of the other characters L-man could go up against(primarily Omega Red). I for one thought that particular story line in the comics was rather boring and redundant(but then again I was a itty bitty child when I read those, so what did I know at that time).

  3. well, this has fail written all over it..a tween wolverine? no thanks man, no thanks

  4. I’m rather bored with wolverine movies (all the movies might as well been titled wolverine) I just wish fox would just give up the rights already. First class doesn’t seem like its going in the right direction either, sigh

  5. Im startin to get a little tired of all the xmen movies. if these next ones fail like the last 2 then hopefully there will be no more.

  6. Please make it stop!!! There are sooooo many other good marvel characters they can make movies out of. Give us Dr. Strange or just ANYONE else other then X-Men. How many other titles does Marvel put out? Answer, A LOT!

  7. Didn’t care much for the first Wolverine, so I’m not interested in the sequel. That said, though, David Slade would be my pick. I think he should be remembered more for the ballsy Hard Candy than Twilight, personally.

  8. I liked the first movie but it could have been much, much better. Slade would be my choice, too. He could push the PG-13 to its limits which is exactly what Wolverine needs (let´s face it, demography for this one is not just over 17, many fans are not even 13 years old!). But I hope (since japanese story is Jackman´s “dream Wolverine story”) that Hugh will be done with Wolverine after this one. He is such a great multitalented actor and it is shame that a lots of talentless people are getting jobs while he is stuck with Wolverine (who he loves but he is getting older and can´t be Wolverine forever)

  9. One of these days I’ll see “X-Men Origins Wolverine” in the used dvd bin for 99c and that’s when I’ll check it out.

    I’m with Anthony, completely turned off by any Twilight influenced director involvement.

    • Instead of saying Twilight influenced, say Eclipse influenced. Slade bashed the first Twilight before signing with them to do Eclipse and believe it or not, it’s good albeit the *only* good one.

      • no, like the last two, eclipse sucked. Granted it is better than the last two, but thats not saying much, because the “franchise” is some of the worst movies ever made.

  10. I wonder how much $$$ did FOX offer Hugh to drop out of Avon Man?

  11. You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to see Gavin Hood back at the director’s chair. But thats just me.

    • I don’t want anyone who was involved with Wolverine come back. Of course that meant Fox too.

      • Yeah, I could admit that Fox definitely has a bunch of idiots lurking behind those desks. But it’ll be cool if Liev came back and made an appearance though. I’ll go for Slade to direct.

  12. Hey Rob how about some reporting without the bias? Who cares if you thought the first movie was a mess(personally I found it very entertaining, but every CBM you guys hate I really love)? Just give me the facts and that’s it.

    • I liked the movie a lot too Adam and I find it the cleanest and purest of the X-men franchise to date. Gavin and Hugh really wanted this movie to be entertainer without having parents to hold their hands at their kids eyes, you know what I mean. Way better script and all that.

      • @”Gavin and Hugh really wanted this movie to be entertainer without having parents to hold their hands at their kids eyes”

        What scenes were there in the first three that would force parents to do that? If I had kids, I would cover their because they’re watching an extremeley horrible film. No child should be exposed to that kind of misery.

        • Okay, how about the scenes in X2 where Logan and Jean (turned out to be Mystique) were spice it up on-screen in the tent. Anything child-friendly about that? Or how about the toilet scene with Mystique and the security guard. I suppose that that scene wasn’t so PG after all. Oh and how about the the one with Jean and Logan in X3 where Jean was on the table and we saw some adrenalin pumpin in her system, huh? Do I need to go further? I can’t say what exactly in X1, but I know that here were scenes in particular that were not appropriate. It just makes me accept Gavin Hood more.

          • It’s not like those scenes were graphic at all. I’ve seen kids in films like ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ where a girl is humping some guy on a bed, then he’s stabbed repeatedly. If kids can sit through something like that, then two people making out isn’t going to be a big deal.

            • Oh, so I guess that people just ‘go with the flow’ these days huh? One little kid ‘humping’ a ‘guy’ on the bed, (may I add emphasis on the little GIRL, how old was she by the way? And the ‘guy’, how old was he?) Come on man. So I guess that people just accept what Hollywood has to offer as the norm these days. Let’s say two little kids splicing it up on-screen, makin out heavily, and having lets say a one minute making out scene; what would you call that? Oh I guess that the film-makers would say that, “Hey man that’s not the real thing, they’re just actin it out on screen. None of it was ever real.” And waw, the movie is released, and kids walk in and walk out with a really hot passion for the ‘norm’ because it looks so good.

              • Wow, way too over-react bro. I never said she was “little”. In the movie she was a teenager (I’m guessing around 18 (don’t really care)). They might as well accept it or just don’t see the movie. Hollywood isn’t going to change when a bunch of parents are complaining (yet none of them have been known to complain about those scenes in X-men).

                The rating is there for a reason bro. If it’s rated R, then only late teenagers and adults should be able to view the film. If it’s PG-13, then those 13- adulthood should view the film. It’s the parents choice if they want to bring their kids along. So, you should be directing your argument at them, not me.

                • Yeah I know it sounds a little to over-react. Yeah you didn’t say ‘little’, but you did say girl, and I’m not thinkin 18 when I see ‘girl’. And it’s true that parents have a choice to let their kids see a PG-13 film. Of course I guess that Hollywood would NEVER change their ways because they could care less about complaining fools like myself, and of course you wouldn’t hear people complaining about things like those, but that doesn’t mean that people accept it.

                  • Sorry if I came off as a douchebag in my response. I’m like really tired.

                    • That’s okay bro. I sound like more of a douchebag sometimes when tryin to get my point across clear-cut. I think I’ma little to over-passionate about that.

          • That’s all good but guess what, these kinds of scenes are in the comics ALL THE TIME.

            • The X-Men comics have had a lot of quasi-adult material in them for a VERY long time. To try and water them down in order to appease little kids is not the way to go. The X-Men became popular because of how they were written and THE FANS loved it bought more issues AND MADE IT POPULAR not the non-fans. Watering down,deviating and adding unnecessary characters,plot lines,etc.,is just as damaging to reputation of X-Men as trying hard to make it kid friendly,in fact doing both drag the franchise down.

  13. Are you kidding rob ? Ok yes Eclipse was the best one I’ll give you that but it was good ? No just no. Being the best Twilight film is like being the best vaccum cleaner at the end of the day it still sucks. Eclipse was not a good fil it wasn’t even a mediocre film it was stlill crap. Lucky for me my GF and I finally agrees to not drag each other to every film that the other wants to see.

    With all that said just because he directed a twilight film doesn’t mean the film is going to be anything like twilight you guys act like he only directed one film. That’s like James Caneron making a new film and say great it’s gonna be in a future where machines rule the world. I hate twilight just as much if not more than the next guy but use your heads or at least use IMDB he’s made other films.

    • youve seen the Twilight films daniel???

  14. That’s funny Matt I think just the opposite one reason I appretiate Wolverine and didn’t hate it was because of how awful X3 was and how much it improved over that pile of trash. Wolverine was by no means great or even good but compared to x3 it wad great lol. As a stand alone film it’s not much but in conparison to x3 it’s a reall good movie abd I honestly didn’t like it much. If I had to rank and rate the films

    X2 – 8.8
    Wolverine -7.3
    x3 – 5.6

  15. Daniel, just making conversation.

    What kind of world would it be if I couldn’t rag on some Twilight Director.
    He’s got stank on him as far as I’m concerned.

    And without bashing on Rob, I have to agree that saying he worked on Eclipse doesn’t mean much. I watched a few minutes of Eclipse and it was “Teen Choice Movie of the Year” material, at best,,,

    • all i can say is this, if this guy does ultimately get the gig, im not gonna be seeing it period :)

  16. WTF Darren if you can’t handle content above the age of three stick to pixar films not every thing needs to cater to the G rated crowd if your not adult enough to see people kiss don’t watch movies over G rating.

    You shouldn’t use the computer with out your parents permission little guy.

    • @Daniel f true dat bro,true dat! If it wasn’t for fansboys like us, you non-fans would never have known what X-Men was anyway.

    • @ Daniel, did you read my comments above sour-puss? I didn’t say that I couldn’t handle the content, I said that it was inappropriate for kids and Hollywood should have a little more heart for little fans. And just to let you know, I don’t like such content, I am my own person bro and I too could have my say.

  17. Yea Anthony. I had to take my cousin to the first one and I’m interested in Vampires when done right (which is rare) so I watched it and saw not only the worst vampire film I’d ever seen but one of the worst films I’d ever seen. My GF dragged me to New moon which was even worse than the first and made me go to Eclipse which was easily the best of them but was still a horrible piece of crap film. Upon leaving I told my GF I was done going to see these crappy fillms. I told her if Ever there is a movie I want to see I won’t drag her but I’ll never let her drag to another film. The only exception I’m gonna make is for Harry Potter it’s comig out right near our one year anniversary so despite hating it I’m gonna surprise her and take her to see the film that is the reason we are stuck with twilight.

    • its my belief no loving girlfriend should put thier boyfriend thru that lol, that sucks man

  18. Really Anthony? I think he’s more than proved he’s a good director. I loved 30 days of night Hard Candy was watchable and he took a twilight film which would be horrible no matter who directed even if it was Nolan it would suck but ge took it and made the best of the franchise. The guy doesn’t have 40 films he’s still trying to make a name and Eclipse was a good pay check he couldn’t turn it down. So he made a decent film a great film and while eclipse was awful he made the best possible film he could with such awful source material.

    After all it’s not like ge created Twilight he just adapted it.

    • 30 days of night was hard for me to watch, mainly because of Hartnett lol. its my own biasness that i was pulling for Tony Scoot, guess it was wishful thinking lol.

  19. I think Hartnett has been consistantly good as an actor and gets a lot of undeserved crap for being attractive to women. He’s done nothing to earn disrespect as an actor. I think 30 days of night and Sin City was more than enough to earn him some credit and respect.

  20. Anthony I forgot my fave hartenett film Lucky Number Slevin film it was a great movie and his performance was excellent.

  21. the only twilight related thing i’m going to watch is vampires suck (parody movie like scary movie/meet the spartans etc)… i might not even watch that. i just hate what hollywood has done to both vampires and werewolves.. except for the blade trilogy and the 1st underworld, everything else is garbage full stop.

  22. I hate twilight but I’m so sick of these dumb parody films they are just dumb and unfunny.

    • scary movie 1 was good imo. then people started ripping it off by making their own parody movies which where half decent at best.

      i miss the good old days where blade was the baddest mother f***er in town, now all i get are wussy looking pretty boys showered in make-up :(

      the day snipes gets out of prison is the day twilight lovers are gonna get their heads sliced off 😀

  23. Dead on, ulik…!

    Funny nobodies said that yet. So true.

  24. I don’t know why they just can’t retcon/reboot both Wolverine and X3.And the funny thing is,it would be so simple to do.For X3,say the whole thing was a hallucination caused by Mastermind from the Hellfire Club.
    Say after the damn had burst,Jean Grey was rescued by Sebastian Shaw and mindswiped by Jason Wyngarde.Put the whole of X3 as one big hallucination.The fanboys would love that.
    For Wolverine,do the same thing.You see Logan walking off into the sunset after Silver Fox has died,and then all of a sudden,you hear a voice saying “Simulation 10500 finished” or whatever number you prefer. You then see wolverine with that visor over his head.suspended in a tank.You see Stryker looking at him,asking Prof Cornelius how many simulations will he have to go through before his mind is completely clean.In one foul swoop,you’ve destroyed both movies.Simple and elegant

    • Just have Bishop come from the future and kill everyone responsible for ruining the X-Men universe, before they ruin the X-Men universe. 😎

  25. dam not damn

  26. Lol yeah its ‘dam’ 😉

  27. He needs to be in costume…that’ll be the 1st step in the right direction…with white eyes! I think the girls have seen enough of Hugh’s face in the movies leading up to this one…

    The series needs a new look!

    • Most original comment I’ve heard so far…except for Daniel F standing up for Harnett. 30 Days of Night ruled

  28. I like the organic look of wolverine. But this just needs to stop. Dear hollywood please do an original film not baseball on existing content (except for the coen brothers true grit wich is going to rock) 890 i mean 790 :) anthony, daniel f lets do this Lol!

    • im not on board for remakes and SOME films should NEVER be remade, True Grit is one of those fims :(

  29. Alkalinewhateveryournameis,

    We encourage discussion here and that’s a bad thing, eh?

    Watch your tone.