David Slade or Robert Schwentke to Direct ‘Wolverine 2′

Published 5 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:30 pm,

wolverine 2 director David Slade or Robert Schwentke to Direct Wolverine 2

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is going to Japan and while he doesn’t need his memory to earn a new love interest and some enemies, he does need a new director. Through interviews after the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it’s been clear that Gavin Hood would not be back to direct the sequel – perhaps a result of the poor critical response to the film.

While there was talk of Bryan Singer possibly taking the director’s chair, he was instead given the chance to helm the X-Men prequel, First Class, until scheduling issues caused him to step out and into the producer role. So who then could we see join Twentieth Century Fox to direct Wolverine 2?

New York Magazine’s Vulture is exclusively reporting that directors David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and Robert Schwentke (Red) are both being considered to helm Wolverine’s next adventure. Strangely enough, neither Slade or Schwentke were listed in the candidates named last month: Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), Tony Scott (Man on Fire), Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted). Reeves and Scott were apparently the two Fox was honing in on then but now it appears none of those directors are in the running.

According to the latest report, Slade and Schwentke have both been approved by the executives at Fox but sources hint at Slade being the likely choice. If it’s true, I’m totally sold on Slade. He’s proven that he knows how to make a dark movie with action, even with a PG-13 rating as we saw with Eclipse, by far the best of the Twilight series.

We also can’t ignore the Twilight connection. There was a strong push for Twilight actors playing a part of X-Men: First Class and we know they’ll mention Eclipse in the advertisements of Wolverine 2 should Slade get the job.

Director David Slade could helm Wolverine 2

As for the story of Wolverine 2, we know Logan heads off to Japan after the mess that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and while there, he falls for a woman who is set to be married to another man. This of course, leads to fighting, Samurai and Adamantium claws, and the hilarity ensues.

With Hugh Jackman recently dropping out of the lead role in Avon Man to make time to prepare for Wolverine 2, Fox wants to get moving on this project and start locking in the key people.

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Source: Vulture

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  1. How about No wolverine 2? Why do a sequel to something that was terrible?

    • Because it made a lot of money. Money speaks louder than words in Hollywood (or any other business).

  2. Vic, yeah ok. Anyways, yeah cool Wolvie picture up there btw. Haven’t seen that one.

  3. AlkalineTriofan,

    Thanks. We try to keep things friendly around here. :)


  4. Realy anthony? Cause john wayne had suck a great performance in that movie and stayed true the book (sarcasm) :)

  5. I hope it is a good movie, but I will be glad when Jackman gets Wolverine behind him so he can get on with some good stuff, like singing and dancing on Broadway again…

  6. Hollywood should cater to your personal wants and morals and damn the rest of the world? The truth Is the comics are way more graphic and dark than anything to have apperared on film. Second most people wish the movie were more graphic and dark more violent. Just because you want light cartoony fun for the kids doesn’t mean we all do. The majority of us want more if you don’t like it you can watch Barney but make sure to turn it off when the kids come in it might be to much for your over protective motherly needs. The truth is xmen has Bern very watered down and if that’s to much for your kids don’t watch but most people think it’s just fine. I’d love to see xmen more true to the comics and a little more violence wouldn’t hurt anyone if it got to be to much we can leave the kids at home. What we have seen so far isn’t at all to graphic and most over protective parents don’t even mind it you must be a special breed. I think it’s kind of sad that it’s to much for your own personal senseanilitys lol. Are you sure your taking your kids and your not the kid being taken?

  7. Darren, the carnage your seeing more of in cinema (imo) is being allowed to gradually increase so that todays children are numbed to the value of human life.

    Its about creating a generation that’s deseneitized to war and taking life.

    I’m not saying that the producers or writers said, “hey let’s create a generation of kids that kill”. They just write what they hope will get picked up or are paid to. Its the studio suits that work with the military/cia suits to get these kinds of films in the mainstream.

    Not saying this is the driving force behind Pirhana3D, but its part of the mix,,, (imo)

    • Burned….. read reply further down

  8. @760 (I don’t know how to get the TM thingy, but anyway), thank you for being so humble in your opinion, it is well accepted on my part. I guess many of us can use that example….. ^ previous comment.

  9. I hope that everybody here pays as much close attention to their congressmen as they do to the making of these movies….

  10. @Elsa, it doesn’t really matter who we “vote” (that’s funny) into office anymore. they’re all corrupt and unacoutable for there actions. If there caught they get off, (Blago)

    Take a look at how the heathcare reform was passed when 80% of the people didn’t want it. You can’t vote that kind of corruption away.

    Unfortunitly this country sold its soul in the name of security. We are just riding out the last few days/months of a system that’s about to implode and change into a police state.

    Go Wolverine2!!!

  11. Wow, some people have way too much drugs in their system. Really? The movie studio suits are working with the military/cia suits to create and distribute movies so they can ultimately desensitize the youth to war and taking lives? So let’s just say that was true. What’s the point to all that scheming, spying, corruption and subversion? What do the movie studio suits and military/cia suits get out of that?

    I’ll tell ya something 790. Conspiracies aren’t as well constructed or executed as the convoluted, resource heavy multi-generational construct you’ve invented in your blog replies. The net would be a much better place with out crackpots like you.

  12. @worthing, here’s a few replys to your comments.
    “What’s the point to all that scheming, spying, corruption and subversion?”

    (It continues to densitize an already overly stimulated/medicated generation to accept war, and instills a false patriotism based on war. This will get even worse when you factor in subliminal conditioning through 3D.)
    “What do the movie studio suits and military/cia suits get out of that?”

    (First off all. ALL MEDIA in the US, has ties to the military complex, especally Disney who owns Marvel. What do they get out of it? A generation of children that don’t have any problems becoming soldiers and taking life. You already have soldiers sitting behind video screens flying real-time drones, killing hundreds of people at a time. To them they don’t see the suffering they cause to innocents. They get done at the end of the day, and to them it was just like playing Call of Duty 6. Completly disconnected robots. Sure this is great if your fighting a real enemy, however these tactics will ultimatly be used on us. As this government moves toward a police state.)

  13. The funny thing is people are even more anti war anti military now than ever so clearly this big huge conspiracy isn’t working out very well guess they didn’t count on the punk trend.

  14. You seem to miss the point Daniel. When the media controls what the population believes they can change the opinions and minds of the uninformed viewers and especally the young.

    Take the mosque media frenzy in NY. Its clear that its being used to stir up hate against muslems in the media. Do you actually believe that is a random event when war against Iran is the next goal???

    The populations world view perception is constantly being manipulated by corporate (who own our leaders) media.
    All the anti war sentiment will fade away overnight when the next fake terror attack occurs. That’s why they plan them and then blame a group like the cia created Al Quada.

  15. Still don’t know why I commented I forgot there is no disscussion with you it’s wrong unless it was on Topsecret. Org or net or whatever.

  16. Did you guys know that there are nano bots in floride and when you brush your theeth the government can control your mind.

    Also the plastic tips on shoe laces are called agleys and their true purpose is sinister.

  17. Daniel what discussion did I avoid?

    Your comments were just insults. I tried to answer the first one. That generated the “I’m avoiding discussion” comment. Then you throw out the floride insult.

    Yeah I’m avoiding discussion. Lol

    I really don’t get why you engage me and try to insult me. You look like a fool everytime.

    Cheers! 😉

  18. I’m sorry if I said you avoid disscussions but I’m pretty damn sure I did not say that at all. I’ll have to read my post again but I don’t remember saying that. You go out of your way to start a disscussion even when it doesn’t make sense with the topic. I simply said you ignore actual facts presented to you because they are not listed on top secret. Ken has proven nearly every thing you said wrong but you ignore the he’ll out of what he says and repeat your self. You don’t avoid a debate you just ignore the other side unless it cones from your Internet sites.

  19. The last thing I do on Screen Rant is avoid discussion. Wouldn’t you agree with that Daniel. And I don’t ignore questions asked of me on anything.
    If you want to claim that I avoid actual facts (then forget that you did) thats your option. I simply disagree with what you and ken claim are actual facts.

    Do you really think I base my theories on what I read at above top secret?

    I guess you also assume that I run out and see every 5 star film that Vic reccomends here on Screen Rant? I guess I’m going to see Flipped tomorrow????

    Daniel, I meet guys like all the time. You want to believe that there’s no conspiracies going on in the world and when anyone brings them up you react out of fear and denial…

    Well rest safe, Daniel, believe in whatever you want. If you can remember a few hours back, this all started when I responded to another blogger, not you.

    Cheery O!

    • @790 just know that you’re are a free thinking individual and that you just don’t go with the status quo of what the media feeds to masses. I for one am a person that doesn’t live in a 1 dimensional mind state or tunnel vision, so I appreciate seeing individuals like you who think freely like myself. Some of the conspiracies are just THAT but most are based on actual deliberate conspiracies to hide certain truths from the public. For instance many people never believed that Cointelpro(a sub-agency of the FBI)was created by J.Edgar Hoover to infiltrate and destroy so-called black/minority liberal organizations,certain musicians,and public/non public figures.It was denied for YEARS, now the media has finally come out to say it did and does still exist.But surprisingly enough once outside of certain countries bombarded with media smokescreens,where censorship is low,many of they’re media people give the information raw and uncut. The perfect movie that displays how the media gets paid from the govt and other agencies to create a fabricated image or story is “Wag the Dog” which I’m sure you’ve probably already seen.

  20. Can’t we all just hit the bony, or whiskey or poison of choice :). Hippy mentality speaking here lol!

  21. Bong! Not bony. Damn typos

  22. Ulik, yes thanks for the reply. I have seen Wag The Dog!

    Hoffman was actually playing/channeling a real life producer that I cannot talk about or define much more then say, it was based on a real person. 😉

  23. Well, you nay-sayers can gripe all you want, but it is just looking better and better to ignorant old me, after reading that article..

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