Fox Wants David Slade To Reboot ‘Daredevil’

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Just a week ago discussions about a Daredevil reboot were re-ignited, inspired in part by Xavier Gens’ forgotten vision for the film. 20th Century Fox initiated development of said reboot about a year ago, and has now targeted a director to oversee the project – but it’s not that of Mr. Gens.

David Slade is reportedly the fellow Fox officials want to re-imagine “The Man Without Fear” on the big screen, but an official deal with the 30 Days of Night filmmaker has yet to be secured.

Coming Soon has confirmed that Slade is being eyed to helm the Daredevil reboot, which Fox has to get into production soon before the film rights revert to Marvel Studios and its owner, Walt Disney Pictures. David Scarpa (The Day the Earth Stood Still) has been commissioned to script the new cinematic take on the titular character, who was previously brought to life (Evanescence pun not intended) by Ben Affleck – under the direction of writer/director Mark Steven Johnson.

Daredevil joins Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance as the second upcoming reboot of a comic book movie franchise originally set in motion by Johnson. Chances are good that Fox will follow in the footsteps of both the new Ghost Rider pic and Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man reboot – by not only making the new Daredevil a lower-budgeted production, but also announcing its intention to deliver a grittier and more authentic take on the source material.

DaredevilAffleckGarner l Fox Wants David Slade To Reboot Daredevil

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck in ‘Daredevil’.

Comic book author Antony Johnston has spoken out in the past about how exactly the new Daredevil can distinguish itself from the critically-derided but moderate box office success that was the 2003 film with Affleck, saying:

“I think it (the reboot) just needs to take itself more seriously, and quit goofing around. I took my girlfriend to see the first movie on opening night, and the combination of bad CGI and nonsensical story had me cringing in my seat. The performances really weren’t bad — even Affleck was pretty good, I thought — but in 2003, producers still believed a superhero movie had to have its tongue at least half-planted in its cheek. The success of the first Spider-Man movie didn’t help matters in that regard. But that attitude just doesn’t serve a character like [Daredevil], especially when you’re ostensibly trying to tell a serious story.”

Johnson’s original film certainly did suffer from incongruous tonal shifts – throwing in blatant comic relief bits with Jon Favreau in a story that saw Matt Murdock/Daredevil brutally fighting serial rapists and professional assassins – and was often just kind of a dark and dreary mess. If nothing else, a reboot by the likes of Slade could be much more focused and action-driven.

Kristen Stewart with Slade on the set of 'Eclipse'.

Slade was most recently responsible for helming Eclipse, which most moviegoers seem to agree is by far the best entry in the Twilight Saga yet released (yes, that’s not saying much). He made his feature debut back in 2005 with Hard Candy, which was a low-budget but very effective horror-thriller that, as it were, also revolved around a morally ambiguous vigilante who dresses in red. Chances are good though that whoever is cast as the new incarnation of Daredevil will be more physically intimidating than that of Hard Candy‘s Ellen Page.

Do you like the idea of Slade overseeing the Daredevil reboot?

Source: Coming Soon

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  1. I did really enjoy 30 Days of Night. I really dislike Fox Studios, but they’ve made some good director picks so far with Aronofsky with Wolverine, Matthew Vaughn with X-Men: First Class, and now Slade with Daredevil. I AM CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC.

    …only 6 more months though, then the rights to Daredevil would’ve gone back to Marvel Studios.

  2. I first read this as “David Spade to direct Daredevil reboot.”

  3. Read the same thing irishrover.

    I really hope he does take over for the reboot, that will mean we will get a more dark\gruesome Daredevil film (which is what it should be). I want the unforgiving Daredevil and I think with David Slade behind this we will get that.

  4. I think this is a great decision. David Slade is obviously very good with the “dark, gritty” genre – with 30 Days of Night behind his belt.

    With all seriousness, I hope they bring back Ben Affleck. I know that the original Daredevil movie had it’s issues, but I really don’t believe that Affleck’s portrayal was a huge part of that. Not to mention that he also seems to have gotten way better in his acting abilities (along with directing abilities). The Town was a honestly a brilliant movie. Very well made and the acting and cast was perfect.

    R.I.P Pete Postlethwaite.

  5. I know that I’m comparing a comic book movie to BB and TDK. However DD is the one film where a similar real world, grittier take would be most welcome. I was never offended by Affleck as DD, but often with a new Director comes a new lead. Wolverine seemingly the exception.

    All that matters is that DD gets another chance to appeal to a wider audience, and that fans get a chance to see more Blind Justice.

  6. I would like to see another daredevil movie. For an early attempt at a superhero movie, it wasn’t all that bad (not great, but I did fork over money for the DVD). At one point there had been talk of a second DD movie with the villains being Kingpin again, and Mr. Fear. That was a couple years ago, then–silence–! I am not sure if that is still on the docket or sunk in the mire of “Nevergonnahappenland”.

    • “Early attempt at a superhero movie”? There were superhero movie being made decades before ‘Daredevil’. Also, I’m all in favor of another ‘Daredevil’ movie, but why, GOD WHY, are they trying to get David Slade to direct it. Didn’t ‘Hard Candy’ and ’30 Days Of Night’ are people still not convienced that he’s a talentless hack?!

  7. I for one would love a grittier daredevil reboot. ive said before it should be rooted in new york mob crime, but still have a back story involving his trainer stick and daredevils enemy evil ninja tribe ‘The Hand’


    • Agree.

  8. I really like the 03 Daredevil, but i want this to go to Marvel/Disney not stay with Fox. Jason Stathem for Daredevil.

    • can he even grow hair anymore? Stathem , that is, oh yeah and they person has to be able to act, I like Stathem, but he is nt the best actor at all.

      • I think he would be good as Daredevil, Matt Murdock is a stretch but I think he would be good. But yeah there are better.

  9. I would really like to see this go back to Marvel, and if 6 more months is really all they got, then its very possible.

    I would just like to see Marvel start showcasing the other side of there universe with the likes of Daredevil, The Punisher, Kingpin, and others like that. Could be really cool… well see what happens I guess

    • Ditto. Bring as many Marvel characters back to Marvel if possible. Even Spider-Man. ESPECIALLY Spider-Man.

  10. fox ruined bullseye in daredevil and for that i will never forgive them, no matter who they pick for the reboot.

    • Hear hear, Marvel needs DD and Kingpin back. Fox needs to produce a musical. GLEE the movie… 😛

    • I really liked Bullseye. I just wished they would have given him his costume. I hated Kingpin.

      • Bullseye was alright but Kingpin was bad*ss.

        • Seth,

          Yeah, there’s an example where they didn’t stick to the comics and it turned out great.


  11. Michael C Hall from Dexter would be the perfect fanboy choice for Matt Murdock. Looks identical.

    • Amen! Hall would be so ideal.

  12. I hold the first film (well, the directors cut) in a very high regard. I think it is excellent, it goes in my top 5 Comic book films.

    • I have to agree…. it’s been a while, but I remember the director’s cut of Daredevil being pretty good actually. It was the studio wanting a short running time that really hurt the film in my humble opinion.

    • the directors cut is much much much better version of the movie, but doesnt even come close to my top 5 comic book movies , yeah it does just miss my top ten though.

      • I’ve not seen the director’s cut of Daredevil, but I’ve been told by many a person that it’s better than the theatrical version – which itself, to be fair, is not terrible and far from the worst comic book movie ever made.

        • I recommend it Sandy, I really liked the DC of DD, it was what a pure comic book movie should be like to me. A little over the top and silly, but the actors are what ground it. Affleck did a great job IMO.

          • Aww dont do this to me, I had a mojor issue with DD when they announced Colin Ferrell being in it and I know Kennifer Garner would be worthless. Now I have to find a copy of the Directors Cut to see if it is even slightly better.

  13. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Fox was so close to losing the rights. C’mon man, Marvel needs to find an Ace in the hole to stop this Fox reboot crap. Marvel is never going to get their properties back unless they figure out some sort of strategy with Disney. Fox is not trying to let these rights go. They aught to go to war.

    • I agree with you. Fox do not deserve the rights at all. I think they should premently sell the rights back to Marvel.

  14. Yeah seems ok. Not a Twilight fan but have been waiting for a good Daredevil for a very long time. So if it looks half as decent as 30 days and taken more seriously this could be win win. DD is still my all time favorite superhero.

  15. I grew to like the 03 DareDevil and it hints at the darker tone here and there. Could’ve done without the park fight. Personally thought Collin Farrell did a great job as Bullseye. And at the end of the credits, we see him coming “back to life”.

    I am going to be in the camp of keeping Affleck and I’m going to go on limb and say keep Farrell too and on a bigger limb and say keep Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin.

  16. Fox and Rothman being involved= FLOP!


  17. I had\have mixed feelings about the first DD. If Fox reboots and we get a GREAT movie, I’m ok with that. If we have to wait a little longer, and Marvel gets the rights, and we get a great movie, I’m even more ok with that. Love to eventually see a DD\Punisher crossover, or DD\Spiderman, or DD\Wolverine.

  18. David Slade….really? He is a hack!

    Plus Fox Studios will just ruin it….again! Oy vey!

    • “David Slade….really? He is a hack!”

      Thank you! I’m glad someone else notices!