David S. Goyer Signs 3-Year First Look Deal with Warner Bros.

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david s goyer man steel batman superman David S. Goyer Signs 3 Year First Look Deal with Warner Bros.

Cinematic universe building is the new normal in Hollywood, but in order for a studio to unite their most lucrative genre properties – be they superhero, horror or action movies – it becomes necessary to hire an architect (or two) to oversee the operation. Marvel Studios has thrived by having president of Production Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon run its comic book movie-verse; as such, others have started to take their lead.

Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer have gotten the Warner Bros./DC Cinematic Universe off the ground, paving the way for its first crossover superhero event, with Batman vs. Superman (as it’s colloquially known for now). Of course, Goyer has served as an unofficial foreman of the DCCU for almost a decade now, going back to when he contributed to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – despite the writer/director not having a deal with WB in place at the time.

Deadline is reporting that Goyer has signed a three-year first look deal with WB for his Phantom Four banner, which begins with a currently-untitled “Hitchcockian thriller with a grounded sci-fi element” written by Doug Jung (Dark Blue) that Goyer could wind up directing. Goyer spoke briefly with Deadline‘s Mike Fleming Jr. on the matter, saying:

“I was perfectly happy not having a deal, and just financed the overhead myself. Warner Bros graciously offered me a deal and they’ve provided the lion’s share of my employment over the last decade, so what the hell?”

dc growing tv movie universe justice league David S. Goyer Signs 3 Year First Look Deal with Warner Bros.

In addition to Batman vs. Superman, Goyer is also involved with development on the potential NBC TV series Constantine, featuring the John Constantine anti-hero character featured in DC’s Hellblazer and Constantine comic book properties (following his introduction in Swamp Thing). Goyer also informed Deadline that he intends to keep working in the area of what he referred to as “elevated genre,” while bringing some of the strong TV writing talent he’s collaborated with before (on such TV series as Da Vinci’s Demons) over to the world of full-length moviemaking. No doubt, though, WB’s decision to sign Goyer to a three-year deal is a sign that the studio also intends for him to continue playing an important role in mapping out future DC movie installments, in addition to other projects.

As it were, Goyer’s commitment to producing “elevated genre” fare has already been essential, when it comes to establishing the template for DC movies and distinguishing them from Marvel Studios’ brand of comic book-inspired cinema. Indeed, virtually every article that we’re written about what could be the next big step in the DCCU following Batman vs. Superman – be it a Wonder Woman, Aquaman or Justice League movie – has emphasized the importance of carrying over the Goyer approach to adapting comic books – treating them as the modern American mythology – into the future.

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill1 570x294 David S. Goyer Signs 3 Year First Look Deal with Warner Bros.

For a while now, Goyer has been rumored to write the Justice League movie, and him being in a committed relationship with WB until 2016-2017 suggests that he will be involved with whatever project comes after Batman vs. Superman. The possibilities range from Justice League to a third Man of Steel installment – one that could introduce Wonder Woman to the big screen – as some of our readers have theorized, in response to the rumor that the Amazonian Princess will show up alongside Henry Cavill as Kal-El and Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in the Man of Steel sequel.

Snyder and Affleck have been rumored to direct Justice League in the past, but Goyer’s new deal with WB/DC make a related story that broke earlier this year – claiming that Goyer is being groomed to write and direct Justice League – somewhat more plausible, if still a claim to be taken with more than one healthy grain of salt. Of course, it was Goyer himself who revealed that Batman vs. Superman has been in development for a longer period of time than most fans might think, so who knows – maybe the future DC Cinematic Universe in general has already begun to take a definite shape (more than we’re aware, anyway).

Happy to hear that Goyer’s (most likely) staying around for the next phase in the DC movie-verse, after Batman vs. Superman? What DC project do you think should/will come next?


Batman vs. Superman/Man of Steel 2 opens in theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I HATE WARNER BROTHERS RIGHT NOW they need to have a little variety in their writers for these movies, if they are all the same it gets boring, but at the same time the continuity is better. I’m so stuck at this point but I’d rather have a new director for Justice League *Ben Affleck* and for every other movie than Man of Steel’s sequels

    • Breath Josh. If you read the article carefully, you’ll notice that this three-year deal doesn’t necessarily mean he is writing the next DCCU installment. Simply “he will be involved” and that’s a damn good thing, because the first two are his.

      Ben Affleck is also involved, calm down.

      The less writers and directors involved the better I say, they are less likely to butcher their own stuff.

      • Oh by the way, Trick R Treat sequel has been confirmed!!

          • !!!!!!!!


    But, I do like that he is a comic fan and has been involved with a lot of comic book movies. However, he doesn’t have the greatest batting average.

    • I’m reading that “Nooooo” in Ben Affleck’s Letterman appearance voice.

    • TDK trilogy was brilliant.

      MOS was ok.

      Da Vinci’s Demons was crap.

      I’d say he’s 3-2 out of those projects alone so far.

      • But Goyer had help from Chris and Jon Nolan on TDK trilogy. Those guys have honestly never had a BAD movie. Goyer has some stinkers on his list. I think he’s a really good idea man. He’s just not great with character/dialogue (honestly, it’s the same problem I have when writing). You can definitely tell the difference in Man of Steel where Chris Nolan (who really is mostly an idea guy as well) was less involved and Jonathan was completely absent. Not that the movie was bad, or short on great ideas. It just felt slightly empty, due to less than great execution

        • Also, Snyder’s increased involvement doesn’t inspire lots of confidence. He is a fantastic visual director, but he should really be kept out of the writer’s room for the most part. Most of my complaints with Man of Steel were actually because after a certain point, I was like, “I get it. Kryptonians blow stuff up a lot. Only an hour and a half of this two and a half hour movie consisted of that. Not excessive at all.” It was cool for all of it, but a lot of that time could have been used for characterization, and to cut some fat out of the movie.

      • Yeah but BB and TDK were rewritten by Nolan
        And TDKR, the only one not rewritten, had some major plotholes and sometimes terrible dialogues. Goyer just isn’t a really good writter.
        He got lucky to partner with Nolan but his films/series before and after are not very good (and by not very good I mean sh*t).

  3. Awesome news! Keep the Goyer style in DC to distinguish it from Marvel!

    • I think Goyer has actually written more Marvel than DC.
      Nick Fury (tv)
      Blade (all three)
      Ghost Rider:Spirit of Vengeance

  4. Based on his work with Nolan on the Batman flicks, and his writing with Snyder on MAN OF STEEL, Goyer treats DC with gravity and realism.

    Unlike Marvel, which continues to treat their characters and tone like an animated cartoon for kids.

    Goyer, Snyder and DC are the real grownups in the superhero cinematic Universe.

    • AMEN!

    • Agreed! Couldn’t have said it any better!

    • +1

    • Well said Kryptonic.

  5. I agree, Goyer is a solid writer and understands where Dc are going with their characters, therefore this can only be greeted as good news.

    I like the Marvel films but I’m finding it harder and harder to get through there movies with almost constant one liners being thrown around, it doesn’t make for the most compelling dialogue between characters.

  6. I’m happy he’ll still be involved. He was part of bringing two characters back to the big screen in huge ways. While his script work needs a bit of work, I find his stories very well done. I always thought he already had a deal with Warner Bros too. Weird, given how many films he’s done for them.

    I don’t believe the rumors that Goyer will be directing Justice League. That’d be way too big of a job for him I find. Snyder, Affleck or any other unnamed directors seem to have a bigger chance of doing it than him if you ask me.

    • I’m stoked that as of right now, the DCCU is in the hands of Goyer, Snyder, and Affleck.

      That is very, very good news going forward. Great time to be a DC fan.

      • It’s a great trio. I’m hoping they’ll announce some more writers and directors coming into the fold soon.

      • I’ve been hoping they would also bring in people like Bruce Timm or Jeph Loeb, maybe even Geoff Johns.

        • Bruce Timm For sure, but Loeb is with marvel and their tv biz. Johns is hit or miss with other media besides comics.

          • whoops, you are right, I forgot about Loeb, I just recently reread Batman: Hush, so he was on my mind

    • Absolutely. I think WB knows exactly what it wants from Goyer in this deal, and it’s not his directorial or even necessarily his script-writing talents. He’s had some pretty great story ideas, and I think as long as they get him some good writers to collaborate with, this will turn out well. He doesn’t have to direct the movies for them to be unified. If he operates in a Kevin Feige-like capacity with WB then I think it’s a great move.

      • Agreed. David Goyer is pretty much the idea man, good at re-establishing characters and evolving them. With huge franchises like Superman and Batman, it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t work his ass off on them and put out some good work. Accompany that with someone watching over him, and you got something special.

  7. You know what. Give Goyer free reign like how Marvel let Shayne Black be liberal with his IM3 interpretation and twist. If it turns out good, then we’re all on board, and give Goyer his due. On the other hand, if it sucks, then we can all say “toldja”

    • Yeah it would be great if they could somehow desecrate Lex Luthor!

  8. Goyer has done a great job with DC material. I like the continuity factor and who are we kidding, it wouldn’t matter who they hired some people are going to complain regardless…

  9. Terrible, Terrible news. THERE ARE OTHER WRITERS THAN GOYER FFS!

    • See^^^^^^

  10. Typo in your article’s title. ‘David’ not ‘Davis’…

    *drops mic*

    • My bad, thanks for the catch!

      • You’re welcome. :)

  11. Really, WB? Yikes. Goyer is like the Brannon Braga of comic book movies: his name may be attached to some quality productions, but his limited talents are clear as day when he’s calling the shots.

  12. Goyer is a poor man’s Joss Whedon, except he’s not a very good writer.
    WB could have done and should have done better than this guy. This is indeed sad news for the future of the DCCU.

    • Personal preference, I don’t particularly like Whedons constant quips, doesn’t mean he’s not a very good writer.

      How can he be a poor mans Joss Whedon? they have differing writing styles. If they had the same or similar then you could say that, apples and oranges.

      • What Eddie said.

        Plus I was going to comment that unlike Whedon’s crap, I’ve actually enjoyed most of Goyer’s output with some exceptions.

        • Whedon’s garbage.

      • Goyer is a Capitalist and Whedon is a whiney Liberal…

    • And Whedon is a poor mans Ed Wood.

  13. I hope this means more confidence in other DC intellectual properties (besides Batman and Superman). The demand is there Warner Brothers; just look at how ‘Arrow’ took off. Give the people what they want… on the big screen.

  14. Are my comments working again or should I offer all of you a way of earning several thousand dollars by sitting in front of your computer to make myself pass for a legitimate poster?

  15. Oh, they are. Terribly sorry to have tarnished the comment section with that nonsense. What I meant to contribute originally is the following:

    I’m inclined to accept this choice, if someone were to be put in a position of overseeing Goyer’s creative decisions – since someone on here has already pointed out correctly that Goyer is more of an “idea man” in need of a guiding hand that takes care of glaring plot holes and straightens out his “stream-of-consciousness-approach” (for lack of a better term).

  16. and this

    Since the announcement of MOS2 being a superhero crossover event, the probability of the third installment deviating from that formula and turning into a pure MOS solo venture once more has diminished immensely. I think we all agree on the likelihood of it being used as a Justice League Trinity movie. It would be nice, if the first team-up consisted of no more than the core members, namely: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman (all established beforehand), Green Lantern (who could be semi-rebooted — Jon Stewart) and The Flash who is more or less self-explanatory ability-wise – he’s simply a super fast dude … nuff said (at least, for the general moviegoer).

  17. It goes on (I wasn’t aware that about to veer towards the 140 characters content area).

    I wouldn’t be completely averse to the inclusion of Stephen Amell as Green Arrow. What do you guys think about that potential casting?

    And: does anybody think that once the first JLA movie has grossed about twice as much as The Avengers, DC/WB will start churning out more solo fare? I mean, Batman (+Nightwing and maybe more extravagant rogues such as Clayface, Killer Croc and Black Mask) is almost a given. But how about more opportunities for Superman to shine on his own – possibly fighting Parasite, Doomsday or Brainiac (if the latter isn’t the big bad in a team-up)? Will this ever happen?

    • I was against Amell as a movie Green Arrow (and still hoping for Todd Lasance) but with season 2 of Arrow blowing me away in just the 3 episodes we’ve had in the last 2 weeks, I’d be happy to keep continuity and bring Amell on board.

      I also like the idea of the MOS sequel involving Batman too, that way you can put another DC character in without giving them a solo movie first (which Screen Rant and some of us lowly peasants in the comments section have championed for a long time). Makes more sense that way, especially if it’s a well known character like Batman whose origin has been told recently.

      • +1

        Same, the first season of Arrow, I was against it being connected to the film universe but the second season is really great, so I definitely wouldn’t mind it being connected to Man of Steel. I think it’d fit quite well now.

      • Season 2 of Arrow has been nonstop. I’ve always felt that the show should be part of the cinematic DC universe.

    • I hope if he’s in the JL movie they go the route in the New 52 comics where Arrow is a part of the Justice League of America with Steve Trevor made to fight Batman and Superman’s Justice League in case they go rouge, or at least according to Waller, or maybe a President Luthor.

  18. I mean… I dunno if thats a good sign…

    Anyway is this guy Stanley Tucci related?

  19. Give me Goyer anyday over Shane Black ( IronMan3)

  20. Green Lantern 2, Flash movie, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, The Atom, Doctor Fate, Hourman, Doctor Midnight, Legion of Super-Heroes, Deadman, The Spectre……hmmmm, nice Smorgasboard there, quite a spread of delicacies I would like to see on TV or in a movie…see anything you like, Mr. Goyer?

  21. if wonder woman is in superman vs batman just rename it JUSTICE LEAGUE 3.0
    LOL and then we may have a potential comedy in our hands with affleck being
    the batman, he is a good actor but everytime i see ben in the cowl i blow up
    laughing. cavill did a real excellent job with superman (beyond my expectations) i just hope that warners clumsy way of introducing the characters will not shame the dc brand for years to come.

  22. if WB is looking for goyer, Affleck and Snyder to shepherd the dc cinematic universe, i’m for it. reading the alan taylor story, dc cinema should steers towards simplicity in the creative process and avoid multiple voices jumbling production. with these three handling the world building, the tone of the movies will flow much more naturally. then there’s no need to be consistently assaulted with mandates for humor and levity, as per mr. taylor.

    me, I prefer the dc tone. just suits my sensibilities. marvel, man, they symbolically took the bat out of jon favreau’s hands. iron man kicked and took, yet they had to stretch what worked too thin and real far. why couldn’t they send kat dennings character to jotunheim?

  23. Really hard to believe the swerve we were thrown with the last film casting news. And to think, this man gave us what could be the pinnacle of Batman movies with Nolan like OT Star Wars era, pre-1997.