David Goyer Leaves ‘Flashforward’ (To Write Batman 3?)

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Goyer David Goyer Leaves Flashforward (To Write Batman 3?)

Things haven’t been going as well as hoped with ABC’s Lost-esque mystery series, Flashforward. It debuted to 12-plus million viewers but has since dropped to half that number. I guess it was the initial curiosity of “How and why does everyone in the world black out at the same time?” that made people watch and then half of the audience fell away when it failed to live up to initial premise.

For those still sticking with the show (like me) some sad and rather annoying news dropped a while ago that production was halted and then we found out the show won’t be coming back on until March 18th this year. That’s an almost four months wait after a fairly big cliff-hanger (watchers of the show will know what I’m referring to).

To add insult to injury, last October we found out that one of the showrunners, Marc Guggenheim had left the show and now news has just hit that a second showrunner is leaving, too. After some reported, “in-fighting and backbiting,” David S. Goyer (story writer on both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) has left the series with just five episodes of season one left to shoot. Here’s what Goyer had to say about it:

“As my feature projects have started ramping up again, I felt I was being pulled in too many directions… I’m proud of the show and excited about the relaunch. It’s in great hands.”

Either that’s a cookie-cutter answer to shield the real reason for his departure (as stated, there was reported “in-fighting”) or it really was a natural departure with no problems whatsoever. Yeah, like that ever happens… Goyer will supposedly remain “involved” as the remaining episodes of the 23-episode first season are finished.

batman 3 question mark logo 1 David Goyer Leaves Flashforward (To Write Batman 3?)

So I bet you’re wondering where the Batman 3 in the title of this article comes into play? Well, buried within Deadline Hollywood‘s report of Goyer leaving Flashforward is the following:

“Of course, Goyer’s feature career is really heating up, since he co-wrote Batman Begins, and penned the story for The Dark Knight, and is now writing the third Batman installment with Chris Nolan’s brother Jonah.”

Now that could always be a general comment on Deadline‘s part assuming that Goyer will be involved once again with the story for the third Batman (he was involved with Begins and TDK so I wouldn’t be surprised). But for us fans scrambling for any news related to Batman 3 info this is good enough to discuss.

So what do you think: Is that line about Goyer working on the Batman 3 script true or was it just a throwaway piece of info that shouldn’t be given any credence? Are you disappointed Goyer will no longer be showrunner on Flashforward? Are you one of the people who has stuck with the show or did you give up early on?

Flashforward returns to screens on March 18th, 2010. There’s currently no word on when Batman 3 will be released.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. Finally, a batman update.
    It never fails Dr. Sam!

  2. Yet another series that started strong, jilted and left bleeding in a corner. The ADD-esque people running the networks continue to turn stomachs. There surely were a couple of “what the hell is going on here” offerings last season, but nothing to send it into the path of a torpedo made of timeline.

    Jeers, ABC execs, Jeers.

  3. Well then, we'll just go ahead and use your image, Joshi (I was a bit too busy).

  4. Ah, I'm just busting your chops (never been quite sure what that phrase means). But if ever you're after some quick photoshopping, you know where to call. ;)

  5. I just don't care about FlashForward any more. It's completely off my radar and until it was mentioned here, I actually had forgotten all about it. I bet I am not alone in this.

    IF it's true that Goyer is on board for TDK sequel, then it can only be good news. Why mess with a formula that has worked so well with the last 2 Batman films?

  6. Goyer sucks. Not a fan of his at all.

  7. I dunno, I really enjoyed the writing from both Batman Begins and TDK, so if Goyer is attached to the next installment of Batman, I'll be happy.

  8. Goyer did not write Begins nor TDK, he was given a story credit, much in the way cast members from various shows are credited with coming up with an idea or a flow of sequence and then someone else gets the credit of 'Written by' (like Corin Nemec from an SG-1 episode or David Duchovny from X-files)

    This guy is a complete frontrunner and its ridiculous that he still places those Batman movies as his personal collections of great work. Those were the Nolan's picture, through and through. We have examples of what the Nolan's can do with a script and behind the lens i.e. 'The Prestige'.

    We KNOW what Goyer can do when the reigns are only his to grasp—Blade Trinity, The Crow Salvation, etc—-and what pictures he is involved with look like when a capable filmmaker is at the helm—Blade (Norrington), Blade 2 (Del Toro), Batman (Nolan Brothers)…

    I will leave room for the possibility that he is more versed in Batman lore than the Nolan brothers, and he should be recognized for it, but thats it! Everything else regarding Goyer's ability is just one big 'Give me a break, please'.

  9. Well then, I stand corrected! It was his attachment to the titles that drew me to him.

  10. Oh no sir, it was not my intent to correct you, it is after all the self-marketing machine that is Goyer's mouth that spews his 'greatness' to anyone in ear shot. Every chance he gets, Goyer throws out the 'from the writer of The Dark Knight' (which is a bold face lie) on any new movie (The Unborn) or show (FlashForward) which allows for confusion when anyone accurately wants to evaluate Goyer's worth to any franchise.

  11. Man, you said everything I was going to say. Chris and his brother Jonathan labor over the scripts. Somehow someway Goyer gets big credit for doing virtually nothing. His understanding of comics and translating them to film is horrid. He's a hack, for lack of a better word. Blade 3 is as good as he can do when he really writes.

  12. On the DVD for Batman Begins it says “Story by: David Goyer”. I didn't even know his name to be honest until I read this, but I do remember seeing the commercials for FlashForward that said “From the writer of The Dark Knight”, but apparently he's a fraud? Oh well… if this means a new Batman film sooner than later then I do not care. I just want another Batman film SOON! And who cares about FlashForward? Which has more fans… FlashForward or Batman? Exactly.

  13. No one cares about Flashforward and everyone knows Goyer just rides the wave from the Nolan bros. This guy is a hack.

  14. Dr. Sam

    hate to break the bad news but Nolan just said he will helping out with the next Superman reboot.

  15. I love flashfoward. If it goes out than I officially hate ABC

  16. Exactly!

  17. Exactly!