David O. Russell Responds to ‘Uncharted’ Movie Fan Reactions

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Uncharted Movie Nathan Fillion David O. Russell Responds to Uncharted Movie Fan Reactions

The Uncharted movie adaptation has had its fair share of controversy among gamers. Writer/director David O. Russell seems to be crafting a movie with little to no resemblance to the widely adored videogame series, despite sharing the name, brand, and main protagonist – to be played by Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter).

Do you remember the incredible emphasis Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves placed on family dynamic? Crime? New York gangsters? No? Well, that’s because none of those things were in the games, but they will be in the movie.

Recently, Russell talked to Slash Film about the less than happy fan reaction to his interpretation of Sony’s beloved franchise.

With regard to the question of his knowledge of the games, Russell said:

“My son plays most of the games in our house, and I will play them with him but I’m not hardcore. I’m not going to present myself as hardcore. But I played the game a bunch of times and I also read as much as I could about the game and I met the game’s creator, Amy Hennig, who’s really cool. I started to brew together what I thought could be a really cool idea that I’d never seen in a film before. Really intense action and really intense family dynamics on a global stage. To grow a game into a movie is an interesting proposition because a game is a very different experience than a movie. You guys are playing the game, and it’s about playing the game. It’s not about a narrative embracing you emotionally. You know what I’m saying? So, I want to create a world that is worthy of a really great film that people want to watch and rewatch, so that’s what I’m working on right now.”

First of all, I take issue with the idea that videogame narratives aren’t about embracing the player emotionally. Sure, most games aren’t. Hell, most movies aren’t. But the very best games, in my opinion, are absolutely about narrative embracing a player emotionally. The best games – Half-Life 2, Mass Effect, Beyond Good and Evil, Grim Fandango, et cetera – immerse the player into a fully-developed world with fully-developed characters and a fully-developed story. They make you want to laugh, cry, scream, and high-five whomever’s nearest. But again, that’s just my opinion.

David O Russell leaves Uncharted Movie David O. Russell Responds to Uncharted Movie Fan Reactions

Referring to the video of the Uncharted fan who approached him and personally suggested Nathan Fillion portray Nathan Drake, Russell said:

Well, I’ve had people come up to me after screenings and pitch people they think should play the roles and I think we’ve seen that before with movies like Interview with the Vampire where there was a lot of fans of Anne Rice’s book and there were a lot of strong opinions about how to make it.”

Oh yes, we all recall the great Interview with the Vampire fan-casting debacle of ’94. Like it was yesterday! Russell went on to describe the balance between filmmaking and fan-service:

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m very respectful as far as the core content and spirit of the game, but beyond that it’s my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie. People have to trust that and let that go, I think. There’s not a bunch of movies you can point to that are made from games that are amazing movies, that stand up to time as a franchise or as [individual films]. I personally think it’s really cool when you see that someone like Darren Aronofsky is going to make an X-Men movie or to get someone such as myself to make this picture. You can be guaranteed that it’s going to be real, it’s going to be raw, it’s going to be intense, it’s going to be original, and it’s going to be propulsive. And those are all the things that I want when I go to watch a movie like that.”

Jokes aside, Russell does have a lot of valid points. First of all, according to the Rotten Tomatoes scale, there has never been a single “fresh” cinematic adaptation of a videogame – a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly. Secondly, as much as I love the Uncharted games, I wasn’t  exactly blown away by the content of their stories  (mostly because I’ve seen all of the Indiana Jones movies, thank you very much). Thirdly, there have been a number of excellent film adaptations that are vastly unlike their source material: The Wizard of Oz, The Shining, From Beyond, Psycho II, Total Recall, Batman Returns, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Starship Troopers – and the list goes on. The quality of a film rarely has anything to do with how accurately it adapted the original work.

That said, I understand the fan frustration. Why adapt something like Uncharted if you don’t care one iota about the original story? Why take the job to write and direct a movie based on a game if you’re going to write and direct a movie that is barely anything like it? It comes off as A) disrespectful toward the fans and B) a desire to exploit the brand of the games – and nothing else.

Frankly, I’m of the opinion that David O. Russell’s talent speaks for itself, especially after the Oscar-nominated The Fighter. If it were down to me, I’d say let him make whatever movie he wants, in whatever way he wants to make it. His idea for the film – Mark Wahlberg playing an art thief in a crime family made up of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci – sounds pretty interesting, especially if it displays Russell’s trademark sense of humor. I would merely suggest that he change the name of the film to (oh, I don’t know) “Crime Family” or some such thing – if for no other reason than to avoid fan backlash

What do you think about the Uncharted adaptation? Are you willing to give a film that is completely different from the source material a chance – or, in your opinion, should it be a faithful adaptation or bust? Drop us a line in the comments.

Source: Slash Film

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  1. yeah ill see it prob

  2. Take the words “Nathan Drake” & “Uncharted” out of the movie and marketing completely and I’ll be OK with this movie being made.

    • Indeed. I’m sure he’s going to cast his good buddy, old pal Mark Wahlberg to play Drake, regardless of whether he fits the role or not. I’d bet, even if Uncharted had a main character who was female, he’d also hire Wahlberg.

      The Hollywood of today almost always wants something with a pre-existing fan base to hang their hat and shoes on, despite their messing with, and straying from that pre-existing product to begin with. It makes no sense — but this is Hollywood, so it only makes sense that it makes no sense. Does that make sense? :)

  3. He really hasn’t played the game has he? There might be better video game stories out there, but what’s the point of calling it Uncharted if it doesn’t go along with the story of the game? The movie honestly sounds like it might be a decent movie, but its not an Uncharted movie.

  4. Frankly, I’ve never played Uncharted, nor have I heard anything about the movie adaptation or the controversy surrounding it until I clicked on this link. However, I do have very strong opinions about adaptations in general.

    When Tim Burton tried to make “Alice in Wonderland”, he said the main thing that bothered him about the books was that they never had an actual narrative, just Alice wandering around and having random encounters. Well, dammit, that was the whole point of the books. And if the whole point of Uncharted is NOT having a strong family theme, then why the hell would you want to adapt it? Just write your own original movie about an original character that has strong family themes?

    Here’s another one. One of the Superman adaptations that (thankfully) never made it into production involved Superman flying around in a black costume with no cape and just generally a lot of other stuff that looked nothing like and had nothing to do with the actual Superman. Why not just create a whole new superhero character if you want him to look and act nothing like the original? All you have to do is change the name; call him, I don’t know, Hancock, or something.

    And then there was Hollywood’s original vision for the movie version of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga that included a brand new character, some sort of South Asian intelligence operative who was hunting Edward and looked much more like the Blade movies than they do now. While I have no love for sparkly vampires that save girls instead of rip their throats out, why go to all the trouble of angering fans to create a “great” adapted movie when you could just create a “great” original movie that is not based, in any way, on something else? Then you can do whatever the hell you want with it (and, incidentally, not have to pay any royalty fees).

    • “Here’s another one. One of the Superman adaptations that (thankfully) never made it into production involved Superman flying around in a black costume with no cape and just generally a lot of other stuff that looked nothing like and had nothing to do with the actual Superman.”

      That was actually based on the Death and Return of Superman, from the comic books. Or are you referring to the J.J. Abrams version?

      • No, I’m referring to Jon Peters, who, even after they abandoned the death and rebirth storyline, insisted that the suit be black instead of a “faggy” red and blue. Also, he wanted Brainiac fighting polar bears at the Fortress of Solitude, or some **** like that.

  5. If it has a good story attached to it,
    I dont care if it says “Nathan Drake” Or “Uncharted”.
    Sounds like he told the studio he would do it, but he is well aware of the questionable history of most Video Game Adaptations and he wants make something ALL moviegoers would enjoy not something just the fans of the game would like.

  6. “It’s not about a narrative embracing you emotionally.”

    That’s the biggest pile of **** I’ve ever seen, ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY when referring to the Uncharted series. That’s like slapping Amy Hennig and the entire cast and writing crew in the FACE!! GTFO you son of a *****!

  7. He’s about to pull a M. Night Shamamnamna (as my friends and I call it) here you have a great idea that is served to you on a silver platter. Why would you mess it up??? It’s not what the fans want. As they said in Gladiator, “Win The Crowd” come on its not that hard to do.

  8. It obvious we reach the point where Russell should make is own movie and drop the uncharted brand. By the way Mark Wahlberg is a terrible actor

  9. I wouldn’t mind seeing a different adaption, what I do mind though is that Russell is at the helm. I am not a fan of him.

  10. see why cant they just make a film based on a game within the context of that games “universe”. include the characters and elements and setting but just do what hes doing write and original script which shouldnt be that difficult. why has it failed in every single game to film adaptation?

  11. the thing is its hard to take a game and make it a movie because nowadays games are just like and sometimes BETTER than movies now. Mass Effect is a movie in itself. the cutscenes are awesome. Same with metal gear Solid 4. it had a 45 minute cutscene for crying out loud. Am all for video game to movies but let it be something totally different like a prequel or something that happened between games. Like a Devil may Cry movie that focuses on Sparta. Or a Twisted Metal movie that focuses just on Sweet-tooth. I dont wanna beat a game and then buy a 10 dollar ticket to see something i paid 60 for and spend 30 hours in front of the TV trying to beat

  12. ‘It’s not about a narrative embracing you emotionally’

    if this PoS has played any game in his worthless pathetic life he would realise that some of the best games are titled so b/c of their narrative bioshock is a perfect example of this and if you where to make a movie of it (or any narrative rich game) with a complete new plot you will ruin the name and the games rep (for those who haven’t played/heard of the game), just like what this s***head is going to do with uncharted.

    if he had actually played the f***ing game he would know that the narrative is engaging and fun idk what he’s on about with the whole ‘family adventure’ bs, someone should kick this PoS in the head so he realises wtf he’s gonna do (to the uncharted franchise)

    • Is the language necessary?

      • yes b/c i hate it when things like this occur, they haven’t played the game and think they can just waltz in and ruin thing for those that have (played the game). the profanities only further my anger towards this stupid film industry

        • Russell is a Tool. At this point he might as well hand it over to Uwe Boll.

          • i bet someone would shoot him if he got to do uncharted and bioshock HAHAHA damn that guy sucks >:D

            • LOL I’m surprised he is still alive to be honest.

              • hahaha

  13. what IS this madness?

  14. It is VERY clear that he has no respect for gamers or comic book fans. He sees them as either KIDS or another SEPARATE group of people. He doesn’t realize that nowadays those comic book “nerds” or gamers are your average (young) adults.

    It is also clear that he is sugar coating what he really thinks. Reading between the lines, he could give a flying f*^k about what we want/think.

    So, go ahead, make your movie. I will NOT see it. This is the first film I’m pledging not to watch in theaters or buy on DVD. Russell is spitting in the faces of thousands of people by first not casting Drake correctly (whether it be Fillion or someone OTHER than Marky Mark), then by messing with the amazing story of the games and now by insulting the entire video game medium (not being able to tell a narrative, etc.) This guy is a complete TOOL.

    • You, good sir, rock.

      • Well thank you. Just voicing the same opinion that thousands of others share.

        Judging by Russel’s comments, he knows about the outrage of the fans and yet he continues to take this movie in the wrong direction. What is it going to take?

  15. “There’s not a bunch of movies you can point to that are made from games that are amazing movies, that stand up to time as a franchise or as [individual films].”

    And most of those movies failed because they tried to make an original story. The same thing he’s about to do with Uncharted.

    Video Game movies basicly work the same as comic book movies. Just stick to the source material.

  16. Hes a joke… just listenting to that trash he was spewing makes me realize hes just picking up a check with this movie…. and mark walhberg doesnt have the chops to be witty, charming and charismatic like drakes charcter calls for…. this is all bad

  17. What an arrogant prick. This entire thing reads to me as if he’s saying..

    “I don’t really like or respect games and you should be happy that someone as gifted as me is even bothering him self with adapting your lousy game. So shut up and watch it.”

    If you want to make a film about what ever your making here then go for it, just don’t claim it’s based on uncharted and don’t call it uncharted and don’t call Marky Mark Nathan Drake. All you gotta do is change the character names and title and all the hate goes away.

    The reason he gets so much hatred for this is simply because he is using the name of the game which makes a faithful adaptation of the game impossible because after this comes out this movie will forever be associated with Uncharated the game and with the character Nathan Drake. Thanks to David Russel we will never get a movie about Uncharted just an original film that steals character names and a title.

  18. This is the same BS Disney pulled with Prince of Persia. Why even bother if you have no respect for the source material. And I will put Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2′s storytelling up against 95% of the trash that comes out of Hollywood! I will not be seeing this at all. Thank god Uncharted 3 is coming so I can get to see the REAL Nathan Drake!

    • Preach on. I think these old ppl still have an image of video games as those of the 80s and 90s. They fail to realize (because they’re too lazy too lazy to do the research) that a lot of games today have AMAZING stories, memorable characters, captivating dialogue, etc. Uncharted is a prime example of this evolution.

      And you’re right, there are videogames out today that are MILES above most movies. Mass Effect, Uncharted, ICO/Shadow of Colossus, etc.

      I’m currently playing Dead Space 2 and it beats 95% of crappy horror movies coming out today in the field of storytelling, immersion of the audience, etc.

      It will take some time for Hollywood to take videogames seriously but it will get there just like comic book movies did with Dark Knight. Though there’ll always be some steps backward (Fantastic Four, Ghostrider, etc.) overall the quality of comic book movies is on the incline and why? BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE SOURCE MATERIAL MORE SERIOUSLY!!! Something Russell is REFUSING to do.

      • Hey, don’t rag on the stories of the video/computer games of the 80s and 90s. The entire Lucasarts graphic adventure library is known for its abundance of amazing stories.

        • I’m not talking obscure games. I’m talking about popular games that this older generation is familiar with.

          • First of all, the Lucasarts graphic adventure games were extremely popular. Monkey Island comes to mind. It’s one of the longest running videogame series of all time. Secondly, if you meant only popular games…I guess you should’ve said that?

            • I did think that the Monkey island games were some of the more well-known and beloved classic games. But then again I’m already a fan, so I don’t know.

            • Ben

              Breathe buddy, there’s no need for nerd rage. “Extremely popular”? Um, no. Maybe among the video game fans. If you read my original post, I was talking about Russel and his exposure to video games as a “regular joe” during the early years of video games.

  19. I relly dont think its going to be that bad.
    But I doubt anybody here will believe that until they see proof of it.
    What is he really saying that he understands that people are very passionate about this but his job is to make the best film possible
    Drama , Superhero film, scifi or video game aadaption ,
    its all the same .
    He has to make a film for EVERYBODY ,not just the fans of the game.
    He is afraid if people see it strictly as a video game adaptation that they wont come to see it.
    He is doing his job .
    That doesnt mean everyone is going to like it however.

  20. There needs to be a collaboration with Naughty Dog. They created Uncharted, they’ve written it, and they know all the intricacies. They have the technology to where they could create an animated movie with the original voice actors of the Awesome Nolan North, Emily Rose, and others. Personally I think Nathan Fillion should be the one to play Nathan Drake. Go watch Nathan Fillion in, “Two Guys a Girls and a Pizza Place,” where he joins Ryan Reynolds in the second season. He has the humor, the looks, and the persona of Nathan Drake. He’s awesome in playing Castle on ABC. The infamous writer, producer, and creator Stephen J. Cannell who created the A-team, and many other shows knew Nathan Fillion. Cannell passed away last year, but I’m sure he would’ve backed Fillion as would many others. Sony Picture Entertainment oversees the movies for Sony. I looked around and came across some emails for Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal, who are the head people for SPE. I let them know the disappointment the fans have expressed. I urge all of you to email, call, and spread the word so that Sony realizes how the fans feel and what is going on. A lot of times the Head people running the show are in there own little world and have know idea how the fans feel or maybe they do, but don’t look back and wish you did something; do it.

  21. I believe that if you are to change the story, it should still be related to the actual story. An example would be Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The main story was changed but the essence was still there. What Russell is doing with this movie, he’s not even keeping the essence of what Uncharted is about. FAMILY DYNAMIC?! The only family that Nate Drake has is Sir Francis Drake… from the 1500′s or whenever he was from.

    Robert de Niro can play Sully, and Joe Pesci, I don’t know… whoever. I don’t like the direction this movie is going at all… but I like Wahlberg as an actor. Although, I would still prefer Nathan Fillion.

    It’s very obvious that Russell has no respect for fans of the game. He’s obviously lying when he said he’s played the games. Yes, he’s got talent, but he might as well not even call this movie Uncharted, and not call the main guy Nate Drake.

    I hope that he changes his mind about where this movie is going, or else, we got a travesty on our hands.

    • I totally agree with what you just said…

      So, there’s not going to be a Sully? I don’t get that. Deniro would be a great Sully. And Pesci could be a relative or someone that hired them..

      I like the dynamic of Drake having to team up with a girl and go on missions together. Damsel in distress thing is going on in there. Very old school serial kind of thing for the Uncharted franchise.

      I think those are all missing so far from what I heard about the movie. Man, !@#$%!!

  22. Gerard Butler would be a great Nathan

  23. I agree 99.9% with David O. Russel, but i also agree that to get that 99.9% of people to want to watch this film is by changing the title of the film to something else instead of “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” and also change the character name to Nothin Drakecula instead of Nathan Drake. I never realized how ingenious it is to have two first names for many people and characters. Hence, Steve Dave, Tom Tom aka Tom Thomas, and my favorite George (White) Bush.

  24. I hate it when directors who are not fans of the source material try to say what is best for the fans in their approach to the film adaptation. It’s clear all they care about is making money and the fan boys be damned. For that reason alone I will not watch this film. Instead I will save my money and buy a video game and support that industry who have more original ideas than Hollywood of late.

  25. I’m a big fan of games, but to suggest that games can just be transferred to film wholesale is just ridiculous. Games are created with interaction in mind. Very few can stand up on their own just as stories without major changes. These few do not include Uncharted. Uncharted is far too in the thrall of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider to work as a movie. Why would a mainstream cinema audience pay to see it when Indy is at home on DVD?

    Oh, while Russell is not a nice man, he is undoubtedly a talented director. Anyone who’s seen The Fighter or Three Kings should recognize that.
    And Marky Mark can act. Again I steer you towards The Fighter, with Boogie Nights and The Departed close behind.

    • Couldn’t disagree with you more Ben.

      I think uncharted stands up just fine on it’s own. People like to say Indiana Jones this or that, but just because they are in the same genre doesn’t mean they are the same story. It’s actually much more unique than being an indy rip off they just both happen to be adventurers thats really all they have in common. Nathan isn’t a teacher also, it’s not set in the early to mid 1900′s , he’s not fighting nazis. To say you may as well watch Indy is like saying why are they making Thor? Just go watch Iron Man both are comic book movies in the action genre, but are still very different and unique in their own ways much like Uncharted.

      Uncharted is about a man named Nathan Drake in modern times hunting for his great great great grandfathers lost treasure. Nathan is a professional artifact hunter and has no other job. Nathan travels with his close partner and friend Sully who is almost like an relative to him. A reporter also decided to tag along with them and report on their story as it happens. Nathan is obnoxious and yet some how charming. He can be a single minded jerk at times, but deep down has a heart of gold he’s a good guy but doesn’t like to show it and has a dark past that is hinted at many times. The reported is a bit of a stuck up B**** at first, but slowly starts to lighten up and relax with nathan as the story goes on. Sully has a dark past of his own and it starts catching up with him and his friendship is even questioned at times there truly is no honor among thieves. Uncharted is more than just a simple adventure film. The characters are unique in their own ways and grow as the story unfolds. It’s also a huge mystery and you learn more and more about this mystery as the story moves on. This is not simply an indy rip off they are just two films with unique characters and stories that happen to have a similar genre type.

      Taken is just a rip off of Commando and Firefly isn’t a rip off of star trek or Star Wars despite taking place in space with space ships.

    • Wahlberg can act, but he plays a similar character in every movie and that character is FAR FAR FAR away from what Drake’s character is (witty, charismatic and lovable). Wahlberg’s “mean face” and attitude are just night right. And don’t tell me he has the range to pull it off because he doesn’t. I like him for what he is in movies but don’t take on a role that you’re absolutely wrong for.

  26. “it’s my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie”

    This is a fair comment. So I reiterate. Make your own original amazing movie. You don’t need to use Drake’s Fortune as you have shown that your not that interested in them. If you were you would know that the core values of your adaptation have nothing to do with that of the game, and the fact that you think otherwise shows how your not doing a good adaptation.

    Just make an original movie!

  27. Yeah, it’s a dilemma… of course I can speak objectively because not only do I know nothing about this game, I’m not a gamer, period. On the one hand, if you’re not going to be faithful to the source material, then why adapt it? Come up with something original? On the other hand, he’s got a point that there haven’t really been many (any?) great video game movies.


    • So, you’re no fan of Uwe Boll? LOL :)

    • Is there any video game movies that is loyal to it’s source material? That’s what make most of them failed.

      • Mortal Kombat (the first one)
        Super Mario Bros
        Double Dragon (although it was poorly made)

        • Super Mario shouldn’t even get live action movie IMO. No comment for Double Dragon as I forgot how the movie was.

          As for Mortal Kombat, I think it should be a R Rated movie to be really faithful to the game :D

    • Vic you are correct there are 0 good game films, but there are also 0 faithful game films. Maybe it’s just coincidence maybe not. Every Single game has had very very little to do with the games they are inspired by.

      It’s been a combination of picking the wrong game to to adapt and not being at all faithful.

      • Not this crap again Vic. You’re entitled to your opinion but there are great films based on games.

        Silent Hill was a GREAT horror film.
        Mortal Kombat was a very well made and memorable movie.
        Final Fantasy: Spirits Within was good.
        Prince of Persia was also pretty good.

        Hitman, Resident Evil (1 and 3) and Tomb Raider were also decent flicks.

        • Yes, ogb, this “crap again.”

          I would say some of the ones you mentioned could be considered pretty good, but that’s a long way from great. I thought Mortal Kombat was pretty tongue in cheek (saw it a LONG time ago) and it was an OK popcorn flick. Prince of Persia = total hollow popcorn flick. I haven’t seen Silent Hill.


          • Vic

            The stigma attached to remakes/reboots and video game movies is clearly affecting your opinions. In the context of the movies coming out today, you can’t tell me that the films I listed are shallow.

            I will agree that video game movies have not had a break through in the eyes of the public. Comic Book movies were also considered kind of a joke before Dark Knight. Now we have Aranofsky making a Wolverine film. People are taking this material seriously. Same thing will happen to video games.

            • ogb,

              Oh… yes… CLEARLY (facepalm). I love when people tell me what I’m thinking.

              “there haven’t really been many (any?) great video game movies.”

              Wow, that was a pretty harsh statement, wasn’t it? Surprised it didn’t bring the house down.

              I’m basing my statement on films I’ve seen and what I’ve read many, many, MANY others say about the films I haven’t.

              Don’t presume to know my thoughts or intentions.


              • Whatever you say Vic

                My opinion of your opinion is that your have a bias. I never said what you were thinking so calm down.

                And I’m basing my statements on films I saw based on games, far far FAR many more than you have.

                I don’t know why you’re stating that MANY people don’t like video game movies. There are MANY that love them.

        • Sorry OGB gonna have to disagree. I thought Silent Hill, Spirits with in, Hitman and all the Resident Evil films as well as Tomb Raider were some of the worst films made period. IMO Pure and absolute trash. Insults to films every where and certainly not very faithful to the source.

          Mortal Kombat was fun as a kid if your parents let you actually watch it, but certainly not in any way shape or form a good film..

          Prince of Persia easily the best game film, but not great. Merely a decent flick worth a viewing maybe two.

          • Daniel

            I get that you don’t like them but to call it “absolute trash” and an “insult” to films is unnecessarily harsh.

            I’m a big film fan and watch a lot of movies, not just the popular or well reviewed ones and I can tell you that the films I listed as average or above average are just that. There are far worse films.

            • OGB I watch a lot of movies as well far more than just popular ones. My goal every year is to try and see every film that came out that year. I never actually get to but I watch at least 6 new films every week.

              I’m sorry, but those films are not average. Yes prince of Persia is of average or decent quality. Mortal Kombat is a bit of mindless shallow fun sure, but nothing else. The rest in my opinion are on par with Batman and Robin as films just as bad.

              Don’t get me wrong every single one of them had the ability to be fantastic films and most games do but they are all mishandled. I don’t have anything against video games to movies as an idea I just have something against bad films. So far Video games have not been lucky, but maybe one day they will. There are plenty of games with better stories than most films, but either they won’t get made or they will be altered so much that they will suck just like the rest.

              You accuse Vic of letting the stigma cloud his judgement, but is it possible your excitement of a game being adapted and your love of games in general is clouding yours? Street goes both ways. I would say the majority of people would be more than happy to call those films horrible and bad. Every thing is subjective and everyone has got an opinion. It’s hard enough to tell someone their wrong when the topic is all about opinions and totally subjective, but even harder to tell them they are wrong when an over whelming majority agrees with them.

              If you like them fine. I don’t and I honestly believe they are trash and insults to film. We disagree, but to tell me I’m wrong and that the films are average is just well… Wrong. Because we both have our opinions. To me making an argument that they are good is like trying to argue that The Last Airbender or an Uwe Bowl movies is good. Please tell me you at least accept that his films are bad.

              There is no stigma clouding my judgement. I love video games I think video games often tell compelling emotional stories that rival and sometimes trump most films. I think the majority of todays modern games could be adapted in to amazing films. I just simply think it hasn’t happened yet.

              • I admitted that most video game movies are pretty bad to downright horrible. I’m saying that there are well received ones too (based on IMDB and ROTTEN ratings). Now some of these movies you HATE and I LOVE, fine. My point is that overall there are above average video game films.

                And no, my judgement is not clouded because I understand most video game adaptations are a miss. Hence all my comments worrying about the Uncharted movie turning out bad.

                • “My point is that overall there are above average video game films.”

                  My points are

                  1. That’s your OPINION


                  2. No there are not. There is one and only one Average video game film, but zero above average ones. Of course that’s my opinion. Your telling Vic and my self basically we are wrong your right and that are judgement is clouded because we don’t agree with your opinion. As far as I’m concerned every single video game adaptation has sucked with the exception of Prince of Persia and it was only ok. It wasn’t even good. Vic was saying there are no GREAT ones. He didn’t say that none of them are enjoyable, but it’s hard to argue that any of them were great.

                  Your citing Rotten Tomatoes as a source. I don’t consider RT the end all be all of movies reviews, but I’ll play along.

                  Silent Hill – 29% Rotten… If you count top critics it’s 0% honest to god zero. That doesn’t happen often.

                  Prince of Persia – 36% top citics 27% Rotten

                  Mortal Kombat – 35% top critics 33% Rotten

                  Final Fantasy Spirits – 43% Top Critics 32% Rotten

                  hitman 14% top 10% ROTTEN

                  Resident Evils 1-3 (I’ll give you the best score of them) Highest rated one was the first one with a whopping 34% but wait it gets better with the top critics giving it a 17%.

                  Tomb Raider – 19% top 20% ROTTEN

                  Tomb Raider 2 – 24% top 19% Rotten

                  As I said I don’t consider RT to be the end all be all, but you brought it up and used it as an example. I would say these results are pretty conclusive. Not only were they all considered ROTTEN, but not even one of them could crack the 50% marker. That’s just sad honestly.

                  • These numbers in the context of all the movies coming out and being rated on Rotten are average or above average. Percentages by themselves don’t mean squat. Furthermore, why not look at IMDB ratings? All the movies I listed are rated above average. You don’t get to pick and choose the statistics you want, you have to look at all of them.

                    Anyway, I can see that I’m not getting my point across and you’re still being stubborn and labeling all video game movies as crap. Good for you. Just don’t try and pass it of as fact. I personally think Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat are both amazing movies and there are many people that agree with me just as many will agree with you that they suck. I’m not hiding that. I’m saying overall there are average/above average video game movies. Most are not. Some are.

                    • OGB never tried to pass it off as fact in fact I said several times the word OPINION. You however were simply telling VIC and I that we are wrong and neglected to ever state it as an opinion. I even over stated that it’s opinion and all subjective so don’t accuse me of passing it off as fact.

                      I didn’t use IMDB, because RT is professional critics and the numbers are decided based on their reviews. IMDB is user rated and the users if they liked it give it a ten to counteract the honest opinions just check the number break downs. Its way to skewed.

                  • Daniel you are WRONG in saying that there have been zero good video game movies because there has been. And this is not just based on what I think, like I said, check the reviews for some of these movies.

                    Saying IMDB is skewed and then offering RT ratings as replacement is ironic because RT is notoriously skewed. There’s a reason it’s called “rotten” tomatoes :)

  28. I think the problem come from the Resident Evil movie, there the only real profitable movies made from a video game. The problem is that the RE have absolutely nothing in common whit the game. So it easy for Russell to think that if he change everything it will work.

    • So, there was no Wesker in the Games? no Lickers, no Nemesis? No Jill Valentine?? No Claire Redfield?

      • Well the Wesker I know is the leader of the S.T.A.R.S and was present at the beginning of the outbreak whit Jill Valentine (who never work for umbrella) and Chris Redfield (who never was locked in a prison basement). The Nemesis I know as nothing to do whit a guy called Matt Addison. The Claire Redfield I played whit never drive around a bunch of kid in a school surviving the apocalypse and she never team up whit a girl call K-Mart. And if you can tell we what RE game Alice is the main character I would really like to play it.

        • I never once said Alice was in the RE lore did I? The fact is all the RE films have done well at the BO. They all did involved the Characters from the RE universe.

          • That my point, they use the characters but nothing of the game. That what Russell his planning to do. Having Nathan Drake and that it, nothing more.

            • They can’t even claim to use the characters. With the exception of Jill Valentine (the actress playing her clearly did her research, since she walks and aims her gun exactly the way Jill did in the game) all the characters have been pale in-name-only imitations of the characters fans of the game love.

              To put it in perspective, it’d be like making an Iron Man movie where Tony Stark wasn’t a billionaire playboy or a prisoner of war, but instead a brilliant war general who decides to build a weaponized suit to fight in the war. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it’s just not what the fans expect or really want.

              That’s the same problem here with Uncharted. Nathan Drake isn’t a family man. Not once does he ever mention his father, and it’s heavily implied his friendship with Sully is his only real relationship (at least until Elena comes around.) He’s defined by being a loner. He goes on these adventures, for the most part, alone. He solves puzzles alone and he fights off bad guys alone. Sure, Sully or Chloe or Elena will show up from time to time, but Drake still does the brunt of the work.

              Having him go on these adventures with a family completely negates that.

              Now, Russell has a point, because anyone who games knows there hasn’t been a really good video game movie. We’ll point out Resident Evil, or Silent Hill, mostly because we desperately WANT there to be a good game-to-movie adaptation, and those are the best we’ve gotten, but most of us can admit that those are only “okay” movies at best.

              But then, Uncharted is one of the few games that could work, mostly because it’s so steeped in cinema tropes that it’s about as close to a movie you can get while still giving the player something to do. It has REAL characters who undergo REAL character development, and I suggest that even if you never play the games, to at least go out and watch some of the cutscenes or gameplay on YouTube. You’ll see that Uncharted is one of the few games really worthy of a direct adaptation.

  29. I smell a Max Payne type of movie coming from this Hack (why listen to the fans they only know everything about the game and what they will go see in a movie version)or not go see EPIC FAIL

    • I refused to Watch Max Payne, I loved the games and can’t wait for the third to come out. Hearing that Marky Mark never played the game just killed it for me. I’m wondering if he actually might play Uncharted before filming begins.