David O. Russell Wants De Niro/Pesci Reunion, Mark Wahlberg for ‘Uncharted’

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uncharted movie david o russell wants de niro pesci reunion David O. Russell Wants De Niro/Pesci Reunion, Mark Wahlberg for Uncharted

When I first heard that Uncharted was being made into a movie, I had my doubts that anything good could possibly come from it. After all, video game movies don’t exactly have a respectable track record—something like zero for twenty-five—and Uncharted, while excellent and enjoyable, was basically a modern-day Indiana Jones with more guns and monsters.

But then rumors of David O. Russell (Three Kings, The Fighter) directing the film came true, and suddenly I was genuinely excited to see Uncharted come to filmic fruition. While Russell has made a name for himself as a jerk on-set, he’s also proven himself to be a great, really weird (which just means ‘extra-great’ to me) filmmaker. Now, according to Showbiz 411, not only is he re-writing Uncharted’s story from scratch, but he’s also orchestrating a Robert De Niro/Joe Pesci reunion.

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci have appeared in five movies together, some of them the best movies of the past thirty years: Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in America, Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino (otherwise known as Goodfellas in Las Vegas), and De Niro’s own A Bronx Tale.

robert de niro joe pesci raging bull David O. Russell Wants De Niro/Pesci Reunion, Mark Wahlberg for Uncharted

Fans of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune wondering why De Niro and Pesci are reuniting in the adaptation of a story that doesn’t involve a couple of New York gangster-types—well, that’s because David O. Russel’s story is rumored to have “something to do with antiquities dealers in New York.” A far cry, plot-wise, from Nathan Drake scouring South American jungles in search of Sir Francis Drake’s long lost fortune, otherwise known as El Dorado. Then again, maybe the movie will begin in New York and find its way to South America. Possibly? Perhaps?

Honestly, I can’t say as I’m too bummed that Uncharted’s story has been overhauled. I much preferred Uncharted 2’s story, but even then, I felt like it was as interesting and enjoyable as it was because it came in the form of a video game. If I had watched those stories unfold on the big-screen first and foremost, I’m pretty sure my response would’ve been: Haven’t I seen this all before?

Additionally, much to the dismay of Nathan Fillion fans, Showbiz 411’s sources are indicating that Russell wants frequent collaborator Mark Wahlberg to play Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake—which would make sense, considering Wahlberg’s been in every single one of Russell’s feature films since Three Kings. But does Mark Wahlberg really want to try his hand at video game movies after the abysmal Max Payne? (Take this piece of news with a major grain of salt, as it would be easy for these “sources” to assume Wahlberg is playing Nathan Drake, rather than actually hear such things.)

David O. Russell’s The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale, hits theaters December 10th, 2010.

Source: Showbiz 411

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  1. Yea that guy is a first class degenerate. I have other words but they’d be deleted out. I’m hoping Pesci and Deniro have NOTHING to do with this. I’d rather see Scorsesse reunite them first, not this A-hole.

    • Big Mistake. Should be Nathan Fillion if they want my cash at the box office. Stupid bastards.

  2. come on lets give wahlberg a chance,max payne wasnt really his fault..i can kinda see him in this role too

    • I don’t want any of these 3 in it.

      Why are they basing it on ‘Uncharted’ and calling it that if it’s going to be entirely different?

      • Rob, I have no clue :(

    • Actually Spider

      I’d say Wahlbberg was at least 50% responsible for Max Payne being mediocre. He REFUSED to play the videogames to prepare for his role. That blows my mind. An actor REFUSING to watch/play the source material of the role he’s playing.

  3. I think Timothy Olyphant would do well in the role… He definitely has that comedic charm, he can basically play his character in Perfect Getaway and it’ll fit right in, lol.

    • That was a GREAT movie Ken. One of the few that had me guessing till the end. I need to buy that DVD. Was awesome to Zahn in that kind of role. It fit him and his crazy eyes perfectly.

  4. This is a huge mistake, he doesnt have the approach and Wahlberg doesnt fit the role. Another movie that will fail that could succeed. And yes this guy is a class A #$^-hole

  5. Keep Wahlberg away from Uncharted PLEASE! Fillon is perfect for the role! Wahlberg won’t be able to pull of the witty smart ass. That’s not in his acting range. It’ll come off like one of those SNL skits where they parody Wahlberg (“Say hello to your mother for me”).

    Btw, I like Wahblberg a lot but he’s just not right for the role. He LOOKS like Drake but he’s no Drake.

  6. So is the only evidence that Russell is an ahole that clip? Were there other incidents?

    Personally, that actress kind of had it coming. You can question a director but she was being pretty condescending in front of everyone, questioning the director’s skill, etc.

    Anyway, not saying it’s one way or the other but any other evidence that this guy is a d*ck?

    • Are you kidding? She deserves to have objects thrown at her, to be called various horrible names by a man throwing a temper tantrum?

      • Never said she deserved it but she was the instigator. She questioned his qualifications as a director on set in front of everyone…I can see someone flipping out over that

        • “Personally, that actress kind of had it coming.”

          Are you implying that saying someone had it coming doesn’t mean they deserve it? Because as far as I was aware, those two things are synonymous.

          I like the Russell’s movies, but George Clooney, known for being one of the nicest guys in the business, refuses to work with him ever again for a reason. Also, Lily Tomlin never questioned his qualifications (unless I missed something?). Now, she questioned his repeated and constant directing changes, but she did it in a fairly calm, if obviously irritated tone. What she instigated was an argument. It’s not her fault the director turned into a violent maniac and everyone had to leave the set.

          • “I like the Russel’s movies” minus the “the.”

          • Those two things are not synonymous…she instigated an argument and hence she had it (the argument) coming. She did not deserve that kind of treatment though. But she DID have it coming.

            lol just semantics.

            I felt like she made him look like some amateur hack with the way she worded her concerns about the changes in the script. Changes like this happen all the time and she was coming off too strongly.

            Anyway, thanks for the George Clooney bit of info.

              • I stand by my clarification of the distinction between the two terms.

                • Hmm…so you’re disagreeing with reality. I see.

                  • Why are you hanging on to that point. I made a clear distinction between the terms. Not saying I’m 100%, just clarifying my position as it pertains to the subject at hand.

                    You want me to tell you you’re right because you found it on wiki answer?

                    • Hmm..I’m guessing this dude has a man-crush on David.

                    • I can personally vouch that what you saw on tape is only the tip of the iceberg of what a creep this guy is. And anyone who says it’s all about the work, not the person, is compartmentalizing.

                    • Anthony, you’re out of your element.

      • lolz

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOO Wahlberg!

  8. I swear to God! Do NOT use Mark. At all! I don’t imagine that you’ll have such a huge audience outside of Uncharted fans, and they will be pissed!

  9. I can’t stand Marky Mark he’s very hit and miss with more misses than hits. He’s one of the most inconsistent actors I’ve ever known. One minute you think maybe he isn’t that bad the next your watching The Happening.

    Personally I enjoyed the Uncharted story aside from the messy zombie ending which I’d love to see gone. I really don’t want to see a massive change to the story, but I’ll still give it a chance as long as there is no Marky Mark I’ll skip it altogether if he is really going to be Drake.

    • Notice how every one sucked in The Happening? Even legitimately good actors like Leguizamo and Deschanel? Little known fact, but Shyamalan wanted them to act like children. It was kinda the point of the movie, that these “adults” needed to grow up and put aside their differences.

      I’m not defending this decision, since it was a bad one. But The Happening was not Wahlberg’s fault.

      Now maybe it’s because they’ve paired it with the horrible news that Russell is throwing out the game’s story in favor of his own (though I can’t say I blame in. Resident Evil did that, and quality aside, it’s definitely the most successful game-to-movie adaptation) but I could see Wahlberg in the role. Would I prefer Fillion or Ackles? Definitely. But they could do so much worse than Marky Mark.

  10. I see Mark in this role… But that’s just me.

  11. Marky Mark STINKS!!! NO NO NO!!!

    Take Nathon Fillon instead. Or Chris Pine. Or a complete nobody…anyone but Whalberg! I’m a serious fan of these games, and you will ruin the movies completely if you cast that dunce.

  12. How about we scrap the movie and just let Naughty Dog make a few more sequels to the francise :D

  13. @ Ben Moore

    There have been two good video game movies. Mortal Kombat and the first Resident Evil.

    • Mortal Kombat is just a terrible rip-off of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. Resident Evil is just…terrible?

      • Hey! Ben, I loved all of the RE movies :) And yeah, I’m an avid payer of all of the games lol. The movies aren’t perfect, but I still liked all of them.

        • Fair enough! I’ll grant you that they’re more entertaining than most videogame movies.

      • Actually Ben, the MK games were first made as a vehicle for Van Damme. They started out as JVCD games but soon the idea was scrapped (Johnny Cage bear a very close resemblance to JVCD). Just because the game revolved around a tournament does not make it a rip off of Enter The Dragon.

        • Buh? The stories of the two movies are identical. Asian martial artist goes to island fighting tournament to find his sibling and teams up with white, Hollywood hotshot guy to defeat the head bad guy. That’s not the story of the Mortal Kombat videogame series, but it is the story of both Enter the Dragon and Mortal Kombat. The rip-offy nature of the latter is well-documented.

          • lol you just picked the biggest similarities and left out all the differences. that’s not how it works (unless you’re fox news). there are a TON of differences that outweigh the similarities.

            and how is this “rip-offy” nature well documented?

            Sure, some of the fundamental ideas are similar. A tournament on an island. Doesn’t make it a rip off. That’s like saying all zombie movies are rip offs of the early Romero movies because they’re all about people surviving zombies.

            • I really did not just say “tournament on an island.” I pointed out all the other similarities, which were all the MAIN story elements of both films (none of which can be found in the videogame). Besides the Mortal Kombat movie being a fantasy, what other sweeping plot differences are there? You claim the differences far outweigh the similarities, but you don’t actually attempt to prove that.

              Search “Mortal Kombat” and “Enter the Dragon.” All across the internet, you’ll find discussions about how Mortal Kombat ripped off Enter the Dragon. I’m not saying this to be a jerk, I’m just genuinely curious–have you ever seen Enter the Dragon?

              From the AMC Film Critic: “Beat for beat, Mortal Kombat is an almost exact remake of Enter the Dragon — with fireballs. Though perhaps not as fondly remembered as the 1973 Kung Fu masterpiece, Mortal Kombat takes what it needs from Enter the Dragon and ends up a respectably entertaining action flick.”

              To your point, he does enjoy the movie as an entertaining vehicle.

  14. what is this guy thinking the best actor to play Drake is Gerard Butler Marky Mark is lame

  15. Dont think Mark Wahlberg should be cast. I think the perfect actor to portray Drake is Jensen Ackles. Hes got the whole look, action experience, tomb and crypt raiding as well as dealing with the occult. Plus Dean & Drake have similar personalities and traits!

  16. Nathan Fillon is the perfect choice for Nathan Drake

  17. if Nathan Fillon didn’t play Nathan Drake then the movie will be like any other video game movie in other words THIS MOVIE WILL FAIL

  18. Nathan Fillion should get the part. I feel like Wahlberg is getting the part handed to him because he has a bigger name. The thing is that this movie should be marketed towards the gamers who have already spent a ton of money on the games, they are the people who would go see this movie. It also has the potential to reach mass audiences, as the storyline is reminiscent of the old Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider Plots. Nathan has been gunning for the role, getting fans to even come to his aid. An actor who wants a role that badly should at least be considered, and Nathan has proven he has the acting chops for the role. Nathan already has a large fanbase that most likely has also played the game. The right choice is obvious, but obviously the director is going for big name draws over trying to create a new, unique action hero and franchise as Naughty Dog did with the Uncharted Games. In my opinion, things are no looking that great for the Uncharted movie. Also…. why do we even NEED a movie of this? Playing the games is like playing interactive movies, they’re brilliant. This is further proof that I should give up all faith in hollywood’s creativity.

  19. NATHAN FILLION!!!!!!

  20. Nathan Fillion should be in this movie!!!!

  21. Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake.

  22. Nathan Fillion should play Nathan Drake!

  23. Nathan Fillion. That’s all.