David Morrissey Cast As The Governor in ‘The Walking Dead’

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David Morrisey cast as The Governor The Walking Dead AMC David Morrissey Cast As The Governor in The Walking Dead

One of the most anticipated characters of The Walking Dead comic series has been cast, and his appearance is confirmed for the upcoming third season. As announced my AMC, The Governor will be played by British actor David Morrissey, and will be the main antagonist for the survivors in season 3.

Morrissey lands a role that had been speculated to actually be season 1 baddie, Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) – though more recently, actors such as Danny Trejo (Sons of Anarchy, Machete), John Hawkes (Martha Marcy May Marlene) and horror film legend Tom Savini – the latter having publicly campaigned for the role. Morrissey’s long list of credits includes the political drama The Deal, where he portrayed Gordon Brown, and the 2009 Red Riding trilogy, which also featured The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield.

The casting of Morrissey comes as a bit of a surprise, not only because the actor is basically unfamiliar to American audiences, but also because mention of The Governor by the show’s producers and writers has been limited, to say the least. This announcement suggests that the next season will take Rick Grimes and his group of survivors off of Hershel’s farm and, if certain story elements match up, into the abandoned prison.

As we have seen lately in the midseason premiere and ‘Triggerfinger,’ there are many characters that are out to secure their own best interests, and physical aggression toward other survivors is not something they seem to have a problem with (neither does Rick, but that’s besides the point). Fans can now speculate whether those survivors are part of The Governor’s larger group based out of Woodbury, or part of another group altogether. Regardless, the firefight that took place will likely have Rick on edge enough that his fate from the comics may well be avoided. Well, that and Robert Kirkman mentioned not long ago that regardless of what else happens, Rick Grimes should remain intact in the television series.

The Governor The Walking Dead Image Comics David Morrissey Cast As The Governor in The Walking Dead

The Governor, as comic fans know him

Kirkman said at last year’s Comic Con,“One thing I’m adamant about is I don’t think that we should cut Rick’s hand off [on television].” 

So with The Governor cast, the key element missing from season 3 would be that of Michonne. Frank Darabont mentioned the samurai sword-weilding fan-favorite as an eventual addition to the series, and without being too speculative, it stands to reason that those plans are still in place.

A rumor that True Blood star Rutina Wesley had been offered the role was quickly squashed by the actress herself, so, as far as anyone knows, the character of Michonne is still waiting to be cast.

With speculation abound that Shane (Jon Bernthal) could be exiting the show soon, introducing a more overt, and obvious antagonist for Rick (and the others) to combat could move the series into very exciting territory.


Things heat up between Rick and Shane on The Walking Dead ’18 Miles Out,’ which airs Sunday @9pm on AMC.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. I’m not a reader of the comics unfortunately so the only bits I know about the governor is what I read on here. That being said, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of Michonne, but I’ve gotta say adding a badass hotty with a katana would definitely be a plus for me

  2. never heard of this actor but im sure his gonna do a kick ass governer and im hoping that they keep shane alive =/ dont really wanna see him get killed off

    • I’m pretty sure shane isn’t going to be there much longer. If you have kept up with the news screen rants has given to us it hints in that direction.

  3. I’m sorry, i usually try to remain fairly eloquent in my comments, but in response to this news, all i can say is


    Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!

  4. Kirkman’s statement translated, “we can’t cut off his hand because of our crap budget and the CGI it would cost the rest of the series would be too much”. I am happy with AMC for brining this show to life but I am starting to get frustrated already about the cool stuff we won’t see because of what channel it is on.

    • I doubt that’s the reason. This is TV. They’re not going to cut off the hand of the protagonist of the show. TV doesn’t play out the same way as comics.

      • Buster lost his hand in “Arrested Development”. Boom.

        • Did you read the whole article? The creator said he doesn’t want Rick’s hand cut off on the show. And this isn’t some comedy. The cutting of a hand would be a lot more graphic. Boom.

          And Glen wasn’t the protagonist of Arrested Development.

          • Buster i mean.

          • I didn’t read the article but quoted Kirkman in my post? And how is the Governor going to be labeled as sadistic if they aren’t going to cut off Rick’s hand? They aren’t going to show what happens to the other person.

          • I didn’t read the article but quoted Kirkman in my post? And how is the Governor going to be labeled as sadistically sociopath if they aren’t going to cut off Rick’s hand? They aren’t going to show what happens to the other person.

            • Ever see Breaking Bad or the Wire? They’re some pretty sadistic people on those shows. No hands were cut off.

              And my mistake didn’t see you quoted Kirkman.

            • Trust me, the Governor does not need to cut off Rick’s hand to show how sadistic he id. There are plenty other places he proves that just fine. I’m guessing Michonne and Andrea will be taken captive instead of Rick and Michonne.

              • I think that’s what he’s worried about. The things The Governor does to Michonne are very graphic, they could allude to it in the show, but it won’t really show quite how sadistic he is. I for one would like to see Rick get his hand cut off, but I doubt it would play out well for the rest of the series…that would be difficult to do.

  5. Since I, like many others, have never read the comics, it’s hard to get excited about this news. Not that this isn’t good news, only a complete unknown that I will have to just wait and see what it all means (PLEASE don’t try and explain it to me either, I could probably find out with a quick google search but I would rather be surprised, thanks. ;) )

    I also find it difficult to qualify Merle as much of a “bad guy” considering he was in all of one episode, then we saw his hand in another and a him as a taunting delusion lastly. Hell, the wife beater dude was probably more a a “bad guy” than Merle at this point. I would really like to have him rejoin the show though because he is a great character. Would be a real growing experience for him to learn the hard lesson that being a racist is a pretty outdated way of thinking.

    And where the hell is Morgan and son? I really like Lennie James so I think it’s a travesty we have only seen him at the beginning of the series. Have him finally meet up with the group already!

    • If you read the books you’d know where Morgan and son are….

      • Well since it’s been established the series is only loosely following the books, who’s to say they can’t show up sooner than later? Plus if they do pop up much later you, have to factor in real life things like actors not being able to wait literally years to reappear in a TV series.

    • I believe in the next doctor, he only received the Cybermen’s info on the Doctor, not the Doctor’s actual knowledge cause that’d be.. mind-blowing (Donna) ;P

  6. I always imagined Tom Savini in that role, But DM is a good actor, so I’m not disappointed

  7. I never thought of John Hawkes as The Governor but now that I have I can’t get it out of my head. He would have been amazing.
    But in all honesty I’m just glad he will be featured in season 3. Those who have read the series knows how much this character affects the group and those who haven’t can look forward to a serious villain.
    My expectations for the show have been lowered this season but now knowing The Governor is definitely in the future I’m excited again.

  8. I don’t even read the comics, but I’m aware of what happens. No way half the events that happen in the comics will make it to the screen. They’re going to change so much.

  9. honestly face wise he isn’t much of a governor. Danny trejo would have been a better cast based on this criterion (not to mention he’s a former convict with plenty of bad guy parts). But again the cast for Rick was also quite different from the character and everybody seems pleased so why not…

    as for the hand cut I think that’s a huge change and not a good one: 1st pace wise when you read the comics it came like quite a shock as it happened out of the blue. It was like “s*** just got real” and you were dying to know how things would turn out. 2nd it basically set up the governor cred as a villain. He did other nasty stuff but this one was the first for the group and the one that stands out in my memories. 3rd it was a a complete change of tone in the series as far as I m concerned. Basically so far Rick had to live in a crapsack world but he was still safe and healthy. Then this happened and everything changed: as if possible everything went from bad to worse . Specifically he was now damaged good, could’t play hero anymore and having experienced a lot of very personal s*** became a lot more brutal and cynical like he had finally been tainted by this world. So major mistake for me but maybe they didn’t much of a choice in the first place because of the budget.

    • Ghinzdra,

      You are right on. Rick losing his hand changed everything for the group. It drastically altered his quality of life and his thought processess in the storyline. He had to adapt to his broken form like all of the survivors have to adapt to a broken world. I think it’s a horrible decision to remove it from the story line. However, I think the Governors other behaviors towards certain female characters are far worse than cutting off Rick’s hand and certainly can cement him as one of televisions worst bad guy’s. However, I fear that they may avoid that as well, as stomach churning as it was to read.

      • Agreed. That story arc was the most difficult to read. I had to put it down a couple of times, and I have to wonder how part they push it with what he does to her, and REALLY how far they push it with what she does to him in return. I keep warning my friends on FB that Season 3, if it’s half the comic in violence and sheer human horror, could go down as one of the most violent and vicious season series ever to be seen on cable television. If it was HBO or Showtime, you’d be less worried about it, because you could expect it coming. Being on AMC, the question’s going to be whether they’re going to full Governor, or neuter (forgive the pun for those who know) him a bit. I’m actually not looking forward to the abhorent violence that should take place in the coming episodes.

        And seriously? Not cutting off Rick’s hand? What’s he going to feed with then?

      • (Most) TV viewers like their knights in shining armors… whole. I don’t mind the scriptwriters taking liberty with the details as long as the end result is still awesome. If I wanted to see exactly how the comics played out, I’d just read the comics.

  10. I was sad to see that JH wasn’t casted for the role but Morrissey is a good choice. As far as Michonne is concerned, I’ve seen a number of sites sourcing extras on set saying Michonne will appear on the season 2 finale but who knows. The actress might not be set so they might do something where they show someone off in the distance with the chained up zombies or they might have just kept it a secret due to network contractual reasons. Either way, season 3 is looking good

  11. Is there a site where I can get the books not so crazy priced. Man the prices are getting outta hand.
    I see people mention the comics, the books, etc
    I have only watched ” EVERY SHOW ” and I am hooked. Please tell me the best way to read , first and foremost, in order and where to get it –
    I really want to collect, read and save it for my kids also.

    • I think best way to get em is buy em on itunes or app store if u have it and get free app the walking dead. Its 1.99 per issue and 8.99 for 6. They have printable versions too. So its alot cheaper then comic store cause there its like 2.99 per issue plus tax and like 35$ for books

    • get the compendium of the first 48. should get it for under $1 a comic. but its a big book. the only problem though is the 2nd compendium might not come out for another year or so. So you may find yourself at 48 and then forced to buy volumes or singles.

  12. I really really can’t wait for season 3! I hope I can time warp myself to October 2012.

  13. im so siked about season 3