David Goyer Talks Blade 4

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Just over a month ago we talked about the future of the Blade franchise and at the time, it seemed that Stephen Dorff may help guide the series in a different direction with a trilogy of new movies set before the events of the first Blade.

It of course would star Dorff as the bad-ass vampire, Deacon Frost. Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade, said that he’d be back to work on these prequels after he’s done working on the remake of The Crow and he confirmed that it would be Frost’s story but that it would be linked heavily with the existing movies.

Today we have some more tidbits about the next Blade film from another integral man behind the trilogy, David Goyer.

MTV News spoke with David Goyer, writer of The Dark Knight, and he revealed that there’s been talk of the next Blade film at New Line Cinema, confirming that “there’s been murmurings” about the next Blade feature film project.

He didn’t specify any details, so the talk is likely about the Deacon Frost-centered movies we heard about earlier.

However, I find it a difficult to think of a Blade spinoff without any appearance of the vampire hunter in it. I don’t think Wesley Snipes is too busy at the moment so I could see him having some kind of a role in it, perhaps causing problems for Frost behind the scenes since he’s pretty famous amongst vampires he’s not killed yet.

The other option is to re-cast but since this is within continuity and focused on Frost, that wouldn’t be necessary or a good idea. Although Snipes’ recent years have been riddled with legal issues and behind-the-scenes problems, I still would enjoy watching him convert vampires to ash. Maybe he could cameo in the next Twilight film…

Goyer had this to say about the current state of the franchise:

“I think when you revisit these characters, the question is, how long should they stay off the shelf?… When we did ‘Batman Begins,’ he’d been off the shelf for about eight years. It hasn’t been eight years yet for Blade. I think usually if you give them a little breathing room between iterations, it’s better.”

Distancing themselves from the last remnants of the Blade franchise as it was would be wise. Blade: Trinity was not well received, nor was the short-lived Blade television series on Spike TV that Goyer helped produce and write the pilot for.

Stay tuned for more on Blade from Screen Rant as we find it and look for Goyer’s latest work in the sweet-looking upcoming series, Flash Forward.

What do you expect of the next Blade film?

Source: MTV

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  1. I’ve gotta be the only person in the world who actually enjoyed Blade Trinity. I hated Blade 2 and I thought Trinity was a nice step up from it.

  2. Im sure you are not the only one but the numbers dont look good for people who like trinity. Blade 4 better be better than that crap fest.

  3. All I know is that if ANYONE in the movie says to Blade,

    “Do you blush?”

    I’m getting up and walking out.

  4. Also. Who are they gonna get that can fight like Snipes?
    the guy’s a freakin’ bad ass black belt.
    (That almost rhymed!)

    Besides, now that he and the IRS are bed buddies I’m sure he could use the cash. (Or rather, they could use HIS cash.)

  5. Fine by me only if Goyer stays away from the director’s chair. Great writer, horrible director.

    Blade Trinity was hot garbage and completely ruined what the first 2 movies build.

  6. Fine by me if they make a fourth as long as they do everything OPPOSITE of what “Blade: Trinity” did, meaning Goyer shouldn’t direct.

  7. lol Matt Keith

    ummm good point lol

  8. Id prefer a sequel to the crapfest that was Blade3… wasnt there supposed to be a cameo of Morbius at the end but it was cut? go with a morbius v blade stroyline… frost is cool. but you cant have a blade movie without the title character

  9. Morbius vs Blade would be SIIICK

    I wish they picked Morbius as the villain in Spider Man 4 but they didn’t

    Not sure how well it would work though. Morbius needs to be established . He’s a really good character. Not a lot of people can pull that off. Especially not Goyer (as the director)

  10. They could turn the tables, make morbius the protagnist of the movie, explain his origins in flashbacks and what not… and have blade as the antagonist

  11. Now we’re talking :)

    Although they won’t do that kind of twist so direct. But they could put Blade in a “delicate” situation where he comes off as the bad guy.

  12. Does anybody play legacy of kain?
    In the first game you pay as kain…and its a REALLY long game and u grow quite attached to him… but in the sequel BAM! all of a sudden Kain is the uber-bad guy and you play one of his lieutenants that he betrayed…

    I would love a blade movie from Morbius’ perspective, he is such an interesting character… and blade would be a good antagonist

  13. I though Blade 3 was good not great Ryan Reynolds telling Parker Posey she was a cock-juggling thunder c##t was the best

    I would be happy to see number 4 but it has to have Snipes in it

  14. In the first Blade movie, Blade says that he was looking for Frost. And that Quinn, Frost’s second, had tangled with Blade before.

    So there is an established premise for a prequel.

    Maybe we should see Blade fighting other supernatural monster or demons from the Marvel universe. Make a movie tie-in with Spiderman, where Blade is chasing Man-Wolf(JJ Jameson’ son John, the astronaut) and Spiderman saves JJJ son.

    Just an idea.

  15. Correct me if I’m wrong, cut doesn’t the Blade films belong to New Line, and Spiderman with Sony. So a tie-in wouldn’t work.

  16. I liked the third (but number 2 is still the best. I am not sure i’d like the whole deacon frost story idea, i’d rather see them continue with Snipes-centered stories.

  17. Seriously Blade is the omega vampire slaying king. They should definetly bring Snipes back for at least a bit in the next one. Love Him Uber Super lol :D

  18. No one but Snipes.

  19. @ Shamose

    No. Then they just need to make a Morbius movie then if its going to center around him. Blade needs to be redeemed after the debacle known as Trinity. Fighting Morbius (as the villain), ok just changing gears to have morbius be the main character means different flick is needed.

  20. I don’t quite see why people hated Blade: Trinity. I thought it was one of the greatest action movies I had ever seen. Tell me how you think it had bad directing. (Daughter Whistler was kinda hot too)
    Blade 4 had better not be centered around the villain. I enjoy watching Snipes massacre everything. Either way, who here would also like to see it 3D?!
    I feel like they disrespected the short-lived Spike TV series by choosing a different Blade actor. He just wasn’t as badass as Snipes. However, the story in it was awesome.

  21. Blade 4 needs Snipes! Without him the people won’t care!!!

  22. @ JD,

    I don’t think Blade: Trinity is as bad as many make it out to be either, but it certainly ain’t one of the greatest action movies either IMO :p

  23. I cannot believe that anyone in their right mind would make a prequel nevertheless a trilogy of prequels to Blade without Wesley Snipes. True Blade fans will not like that at all. I am hurt with the idea. I guess they are going to rename the Blade(s) to Frost(s). The one part Frost could have is biting Blade’s mother‘s neck to create him. However, we got that in Blade, so there you go. If S. Dorff wants to be a vampire again, let him build his own story and not ride the coattail of Blade. No one misses him (the character) from Blade, not even the Vamp’s in Blade II. The only way I would watch those movies is if it is on TNT and all the other channels are out. Just, bring on Blade IV. It will make money because all of the Blades were awesome, especially the changes in technology through out each Blade. Not only were Blade’s weapons improving but also his serum and how he consumed it. They went from syringe injection (blood & essence of garlic) to gun injection (synthetic) to an inhaler (effervescent gas). In addition, BT left us wondering what Blade will do next to rid the world of vampires. This should be done in Whistler’s honor. Well I can go all day on. I hope B-IV will soon be on its way.
    Ms. Queta

  24. Blade Origins, oh wait that’s already been done. A vampire apocalypse would be good.

  25. To be honest, BLADE II was and still is the best vampire film ever made,Trinity was ok but the comedy aspect sort of spoilt it for me :(
    If there is to be another Blade film, Wesley has to be in it and it needs to be as good as the second if not better…centering around frost is’nt such a bad idea but Blade has to be prominent throughout the film.
    At the end of the day i would look forward to watching it whatever it’s about as long as theres exploding vampires and hot ladies involved ;)

  26. Wesley Snipes is the only man for the role. We all saw what happened when Blade got 34mins of screentime in the last one… jokes *which werent bad* but the amount of humor was overkill!

    We need an honest to God proper BLADE 4 centring around Blade. I think we need vampires with the bite (pardon the pun) of 30 Days of Night… lets get back to the HORROR of the vamp… Since Blade doesnt age as a normal human its conceivable to set it some time in the future, perhaps when vamps have lost their civility and become baser creatures..

    Wesley Snipes… this man should OWN the franchise and be the one driving it forward!! Sorry about the rant.