Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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dave bautista guardians galaxy drax Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy

Last month, Stargate: Atlantis and Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa appeared to have locked up the role of muscle-bound, super-powered, alien warrior Drax the Destroyer in Marvel and director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. However, a deal failed to materialize reportedly due to Momoa wanting a higher salary than offered, so the studio went back to the drawing board and re-started testing actors for the role once again.

Previously (but unofficially) shortlisted candidates for the Drax role include Old Spice commercial sensation Isaiah Mustafa and celebrity trainer-turned actor Brian Patrick Wade (Generation Kill), as well as WWE and MMA fighter-turned actor Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists). We can now confirm one of these ripped gentlemen as having landed the Guardians role in question.

Heat Vision is reporting that Bautista has finalized a deal to play Drax in Gunn’s inter-galactic superhero adventure, where he will costar with Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) playing Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord: a U.S. pilot who inadvertently ends up in the far reaches of outer space and goes on the run with a misfit band of extraterrestrial ex-cons. Marvel President Kevin Feige said Guardians will “take the brunt of the cosmic side of the [Marvel movie] universe” and primarily unfold far away from Earth - hence, the importance of casting someone as charismatic as Pratt to serve as the audience’s guide to bizarre alien characters and settings.

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer 570x333 Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy

Drax, by comparison, is more the silent, physical, green-skinned brute type, who (in the comic books) died as a human and was later resurrected as, essentially, a biological weapon with one purpose: to hunt down and kill Thanos, the “Mad Titan” glimpsed in the mid-credits scene for The Avengers (who will also feature in the more-standalone plot for Guardians). Bautista doesn’t have much in the way of complex acting experience under his belt, but he easily meets the requirements to convincingly bring Drax to life in cinematic form.

Casting for the other central Guardians characters remains ongoing, as no one has yet signed on to tackle such fantastical characters as Groot (a tree-like humanoid) and Rocket Racoon – who is going to be realized through a combination of motion capture and digital animation (a la the flying monkey Finley in Oz the Great and Powerful) – as well as supporting players, which may include members of the Nova Corps. We expect to learn more over the forthcoming weeks, as production will be getting underway at Shepperton Studios in London this Summer.


Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins when Iron Man 3 releases on May 3rd, 2013, followed by Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, and then Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014. It concludes with The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.

Phase Three begins when Ant-Man releases on November 6th, 2015.


Source: THR

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  1. so Momoa is really stupid, right? it’s not just a general impression form his interviews but now this.. ah well, I’m still looking forward to this movie! :)

    • Y’know, I do enjoy Momoa as an actor, but… yeah, he and his agent kinda dropped the ball on this one.

      • Momoa will regret it, I think. I actually like Bautista …and it’s not like drax is a deep and overly complex character. He has one goal…so I like the choice. We will all see how it plays out next year.

      • Or maybe not. Marvel Studios is notoriously known for lowballing paychecks and cornering actors into 9 picture deals. That’s quite a commitment to a franchise that is not even top tier popular amongst comicbooks fans. Plus there is the fact that Chris Pratt, despite how much I enjoy him as an actor, is not exactly guaranteed box office draw. With the contractorial agreements and low pay, Momoa could lose money on this endeavor despite the popularity (if any) he would have gained from the role.

        • That is something that I was thinking when I first posted on this article. While surely this is a loss for Momoa, Marvel has been here before. Yes, one can argue Marvel Studios is however doing great despite the loss of some talents but the trend cannot be continuing. While this may or may not exactly pertain to the (not) casting of Momoa as Drax, Marvel Studios is losing some potential filmmakers trying to run a tight ship. Not all of Marvel films have reached the success of Iron Man (2008) and The Avengers (2012), with some being mediocre or truly stripped of potential–Iron Man 2 (2010) and Thor (2012), respectively. The moderate success of Phase 1 is I think a combination of the lead actors and the directors who are competent even with an under-serving story. Marvel really cannot be taking unnecessary risks when they can learn from the mistakes of Phase 1 and allow the production of Phase 2 to run more efficiently and effectively.

          • You usually have spot on things to say Archer, but this is a bunch of hogwash. Moderate success of Phase 1? Okay, we can all agree that perhaps Thor, Iron Man 2, and Captain America were not as good as Iron Man or the Avengers, but that didn’t stop those movies from making substantial first-weekend draws. Moderate success of Phase 1…that’s pretty funny. You should take a gander at the combined budget for all of those movies and then take a look at the total profit margin. “Moderate” would be the last word I would use to describe that.

    • I really think he just didnt want to be type cast anymore for a character with no emotion but to kill.

      • I hope that’s the case then, not just money

  2. what an idiot. oh well i’m still excited about the film even though i wanted to see mamoa as drax

  3. Hahaha. Is this a joke? This guy can’t act.

    • I’m not sure Drax is a role that demands much acting experience. ;-)

      • LOL + 100. I think this cast choice confirms we aren’t getting the intellectual version of Drax.

    • Last time I check, Drax doesn’t say much, he kills. Plus the movie will be focused more on Peter Quill and Gamora.

  4. Too bad for Momoa… I actually had high hopes for him, but in the end it’s just a waste of opportunity. I hope he gets more important offers in the near future.

  5. I’m a little worryed about Bautista, i did enjoy him in the man with the iron firsts. but this is a marvel movie. A REALLY BIG Movie, for an Ex WWE Star i think this is way to big of a role. also can you name any ex WWE Star who want BIG ! The Rock. Stone Cold only made one big movie.

    but really. really. really.

    i just hope this movie is good. so far every Marvel Movie is really great HULK movie was okay. but i hope this dose not kill Marvel Films

    • What about The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson? He has been in the big screen a lot.

  6. I support this. I don’t believe a role as Drax will require superb acting skills, and I don’t believe Mamoa would’ve stayed for the long term. I believe Bautista will have a great voice for Drax.

  7. personnally i’d like to see mamoa as LOBO if anything. lets not forget , conan sucked BIG time! maybe he’s waiting for the right role.

  8. Hey, seeing as Bautista is a henchman #3 type actor, I’m cool with this.

  9. Guardian of the Galaxy , despite how some people revere it. It is not a movie that will appeal to the masses, and I think this will be one movie to have rather low appeal to the non-marvel fans.

    • *Guardians that is

      • After Phase 1, Marvel and The Avengers are a household name. This movie is going to do well just because it has the word “Marvel” in the Title. When people see the commercials that says “Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy” people will go see it. Plus all the little kids will drag their whole family out to see it because they’ll love the talking Raccoon and huge talking Tree.

        • And if you check the current comic line, Tony Stark has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. The only way that makes sense is through the movie MCU. It won’t flop, it will be the new Marvel Movie and just for insurance your gonna see RDJ in it. Write that down.

      • For all the new comic book readers, they will know who the Guardians are by next year. There new Marvel NOW! issue that came out last month was ranked as #15 in the top 100 comic books sold in February 2013.

        Then you have the new (free) digital infinite Guardians comics coming out bi-weekly, more and more people will know who they are by next year.

        The marketing for this movie will do really well. They mentioned Guardians the other night on Leno.

    • I think this movie will surprise a lot of people. Chris Pratt is very popular with the female audience. And many of my female friends go to see movies for who is in them and not so much what the movie is about. I am confident this movie will pull in most of the Parks & Rec fans to the box office.

    • of course it’s not. I like that they’re making it though :) it’s an interesting risky move

    • Jeff W,

      Marvel is betting a lot that you are wrong.

      Look at when this is being released. It’s the last Marvel movie before the Avengers 2. It’s going to follow three well established solo movies. And aren’t they supposed to be fighting Thanos (AKA the guy at the end credits of one of the biggest movies in years)?

      I expect lots of small and some big hints and references to Avengers 2 in all of these movies, and they’ll all be promoting each other too, including GoTG. GoTG will probably end on Earth with some kind of tie-in to the Avengers (the team), and the strong suggestion that the story continues in Avengers 2 (the movie).

      Listen, I never would have believed Thor would do well. I am not a fan of that movie at all. I think anyone who thinks that movie didn’t get an Avengers boost is fooling themselves. Fast forward to the present and there is only more momentum.

      Whether it deserves to be or not, GoTG will probably be a hit.

  10. A lot worried. Was this guy any good in Iron Fists? I didn’t see it, but I have a general belief that wrestlers are not good actors. The Rock has been the only exception to the rule, and he still isn’t getting any awards any time soon (ever). Usually for me, any movie with a wrestler already has strike one against it.

    • The acting was pretty bad in general in Iron Fists. In comparison Bautista was not that horrible.

    • Hey! The Rock can cry on queue. Watch Snitch.

  11. Batista is a pretty terrible actor from what I’ve seen. Lets hope they keep it to where Drax doesn’t talk…. at all.

    • I suppose you wanted Momoa for the role? In Conan he sounded like he was f***ing reading his lines for the first time.

      • True. That whole movie was phoned in.

      • Where did I say that? I think he would have been better than Dave, but there are better actors they could have chosen from.
        Don’t assume that just because I don’t like their choice for the role means I desperately wanted Jason.

  12. Not happy about this choice at all! I have my doubts about bautista as an actor especially for a movie like this which has a lot to prove to the masses. I’m still hoping that gotg will have success,but the bautista casting — well I just think its a mistake IMO. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong. We’ll see.

    • Get over it. Momoa isn’t any better. Did you see that horrible POS Conan? He was the biggest reason why that movie sucked sweaty donkey balls.

      • You seem to be awfully obsessed with balls and dicks.

  13. Alright. Not a starring role, and his character doesn’t seem to be such a complex one, so I’m fine with this. Momoa would’ve been cool, but it’s his loss.

    Also, I love how there are now Drax the Destroyer fans coming out of the woodwork bashing the casting (not necessarily here, but all over the internet). Seriously? How many people actually knew GOTG well, let alone Drax, before Marvel announced it to be a movie? Now it’s as if they’re casting Captain America or something. CBM fans are funny.

    • That’s exactly what I just thought! Since Marvel had announced that they will be adapting GOTG into a movie, everyone’s main concern was over who will play Rocket Raccoon. Now apparently all the “Drax fans” come out throwing stones over a movie that’s still taking form.

      FYE: For those of you wondering The Man with the Iron Fist was not Bautista’s first and only film. He’s done quite a few and in 2011 he starred in a direct-to-video film called House of the Rising Sun in which he won the Performer of the Year award at the 2011 Action On Film International Film Festival. I’ve seen the film and while the movie isn’t all that great, Bautista does indeed step out of his WWE roots and whether you want to believe it or not he can very much act. Therefore I am not at all worried about this casting decision and support it thus far.

      • Exactly. However, I personally would not call or assume that the people who are against Bautista playing Drax are comic book fans. You have to realize some folks (non-fans and maybe actual fans) will simply reject the casting of a pro wrestler or MMA fighter simply because that is/was the actors’ current or previous profession (wrestler or fighter to some degree). It’s a stereotype that says WRESTLERS AND ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER CAN’T ACT. I believe the stereotype to be foolish and ridiculous. I for one am glad that Bautista was picked. It also makes sense because how are the pro fighters supposed to prove that they can act if folks continue to belive a false notion that ALL or MOST pro fighters can’t act? The Rock is not the only wrestler who has acting chops, John Cena is a good actor himself, and I personally have liked the movies he has done. He is also not a one dimensional actor, as he has shown anger, fear, worry, etc. very well.

        A little off topic…with regards to Bautista, he is probably the only one who i can think of who could probably play Colossus in a real x-men movie adaptation, out of all well-known celebrities. Nevertheless, there are probably alot of non-well-known actors who look more like colossus than him.

        • I am not familiar with the character at all but since I liked Momoa as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones it appealed to me. Bautista never really caught my attention but granted neither did Momoa prior to the series, so I may be wrong in my preference. I have an open mind and hope for the best really.

          • Well said! Thanks

  14. Stupid move if the reports ring true on Momoa’s part (both he and his agent) but in all honesty Marvel has been through this before with actors and filmmakers. Personally I prefer Momoa to be Drax than Bautista.

    I do not know much about the character or Bautista’s acting but I do know that if Drax is a human resurrected for the purpose of hunting the Mad Titan- then, as much as the character may be silent and not demand acting chops, Drax seems to be a character whose journey can be an emotional and complex anchor for the audience that works in a subtle way. Momoa has proven in Game of Thrones to have such capability, even if its just some. Plus he visually resembles Drax from the concept art above.

    I think Momoa could have also pulled in some audience more than Bautista which is a plus this film had going. But then again I won’t judge until I see something.

    • “I think Momoa could have also pulled in some audience more than Bautista which is a plus this film had going. But then again I won’t judge until I see something.”

      I don’t think I agree with you. Pro-wrestling has a huge draw which draws in the the 18-35 male demographic. Wrestling fans are loyal to known pro-wrestlers and Bautista is one of them. Don’t count Bautista out.

      • That is very true. I have thought about it after I posted my initial comment.

  15. err……uh?

  16. I’ve said this before……. Here goes:

    Ronda Rousey for Gamora!!

  17. I think this movie will stink and should not be made. A space-ranger racoon? A talking tree? C’mon, get real! Still, I will watch it, cuz it is Marvel.

    • All of your comments on SR are stupid.

      • I am starting to think all of your comments anywhere are stupid and related to the male anatomy. You really do live up to the primitive status represented by your screen-name.

    • @Goldilocks, I love you, man. As much as I disagree with your copy and paste comments, I always look forward toward your insight. It has gotten to the point where you are hilarious and can’t be taken seriously.

    • You’re a troll.

  18. inb4 bautista owns this role

    You guys aren’t optimistic at all, like my brother said “fanboyism takes the fun out of superhero movies”

    Cut the dude some slack, i never thought chris evans would make a good cap but he did his thing.

    • Ironic since I have seen most of your post as being the opposite of optimistic. But you do have a point: There is plenty of people I did not see fit for a role and they manage to be decent at the very least. I personally haven’t seen Bautista act so I cannot judge and will keep an open mind.

    • I don’t often agree with you, but you hit the nail on the head sir.

  19. hmmm not to sure about this guy

  20. Jason Momoa would have been perfect. He is who i thought of when news of the Giardians movie first came out. Not too thrilled with Bautista.

    • So stay home and jerk off to pictures of Momoa then…

      • Dude that was uncalled for… He has an opinion. You prefer Bautista- great! I respect that. I am not going to go and type “Well good for you! Now you can jerk off to pictures of him as Drax” just to spite you.

        Be respectful dude.

      • Seriously? That’s your counter argument as to why Momoa is bad choice? Class act.

      • There goes the Cave guy again. He really is obsessed with cocks and balls.

      • @cave,
        are you 12? the comment sure seems to suggest that.

  21. Just goes to show ya,
    It isnt offcial until its official.
    I wish Bautista Good Luck .

  22. Meh. Well see. Marvel has yet to disapoint me with a casting so.

  23. I was hoping that Marvel would actually cast actors in their up coming film.

  24. Shoulda took the old spice dude

    • I’m hoping the reason they couldn’t cast him is because he has a secret contract with WB/DC to play Martian Manhunter at some point.

  25. Good to know they finally casted someone it feels like forever

  26. I frankly sont give a dam’ who is drax. Just get with it MARVEL and cast Gamora already!

  27. People complained when Momoa was announced in the role, so I guess now they can either live with Big Dave or complain some more. Actors have the right to negotiate for the salary they want, it is a business after all. Drax is not a hugely popular character and I doubt anybody really knows how well this film will do. I doubt Momoa will regret this like Dougray Scott did walking away from Wolverine.

  28. To all of the people saying that playing Drax the Destroyer doesn’t require any acting experience are fools, I’m sure that my acting coach would agree with me.

  29. I know Dave isn’t the best actor, but secretly I wanted him to play Drax. The concept art kinda looks like Bautista