Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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dave bautista guardians galaxy drax Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy

Last month, Stargate: Atlantis and Game of Thrones alum Jason Momoa appeared to have locked up the role of muscle-bound, super-powered, alien warrior Drax the Destroyer in Marvel and director James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. However, a deal failed to materialize reportedly due to Momoa wanting a higher salary than offered, so the studio went back to the drawing board and re-started testing actors for the role once again.

Previously (but unofficially) shortlisted candidates for the Drax role include Old Spice commercial sensation Isaiah Mustafa and celebrity trainer-turned actor Brian Patrick Wade (Generation Kill), as well as WWE and MMA fighter-turned actor Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists). We can now confirm one of these ripped gentlemen as having landed the Guardians role in question.

Heat Vision is reporting that Bautista has finalized a deal to play Drax in Gunn’s inter-galactic superhero adventure, where he will costar with Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation) playing Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord: a U.S. pilot who inadvertently ends up in the far reaches of outer space and goes on the run with a misfit band of extraterrestrial ex-cons. Marvel President Kevin Feige said Guardians will “take the brunt of the cosmic side of the [Marvel movie] universe” and primarily unfold far away from Earth - hence, the importance of casting someone as charismatic as Pratt to serve as the audience’s guide to bizarre alien characters and settings.

Guardians of the Galaxy Drax the Destroyer 570x333 Dave Bautista is Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy

Drax, by comparison, is more the silent, physical, green-skinned brute type, who (in the comic books) died as a human and was later resurrected as, essentially, a biological weapon with one purpose: to hunt down and kill Thanos, the “Mad Titan” glimpsed in the mid-credits scene for The Avengers (who will also feature in the more-standalone plot for Guardians). Bautista doesn’t have much in the way of complex acting experience under his belt, but he easily meets the requirements to convincingly bring Drax to life in cinematic form.

Casting for the other central Guardians characters remains ongoing, as no one has yet signed on to tackle such fantastical characters as Groot (a tree-like humanoid) and Rocket Racoon – who is going to be realized through a combination of motion capture and digital animation (a la the flying monkey Finley in Oz the Great and Powerful) – as well as supporting players, which may include members of the Nova Corps. We expect to learn more over the forthcoming weeks, as production will be getting underway at Shepperton Studios in London this Summer.


Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins when Iron Man 3 releases on May 3rd, 2013, followed by Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, and then Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014. It concludes with The Avengers 2 on May 1st, 2015.

Phase Three begins when Ant-Man releases on November 6th, 2015.


Source: THR

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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I’m sad.

  2. Bullseye! Good choice! He wasn’t my 1st choice but I can totally see him pull it off.

    When I saw “The Man with the Iron Fists” in theaters and he turned into brass, in the back of my mind, he reminded me a lot like Drax.

    Can’t wait to see who they choose for Gamora. Hopefully an actress taller than 5’10″

    • Needs to be Gina Carano…I mean she actually is the most dangerous woman in the universe…

      • She’s my number 3 pick for Gamora.

        I’d also add:

        1. Adrianne Palicki; on screen she has been the most dangerous.

        2. Gemma Arterton; an other dangerous b*tch on screen and with a sword.

        3. Gina Carano; dangerous on screen and in real life.

        • Hmm, Arterton isn’t a bad choice, great find there. Her or Gina could be great I feel. Thing is, with Arteron though is she hasn’t really been a “good” movie imo, she’s an okay actress, and def beatiful, and pretty good at action….its like she’s bad luck lol. But Gina is sexy af, is deadly af, and is decent at acting, but I feel like this role will expand her range more.

          • Thing is about G & G is that they are too short. However bcuz of their talents and reputation, I’d accept them.

            Palicki is a rising star tho. She’s been a Wolverine in Red Dawn, a GI Joe, and Wonder Woman. An i can picture her hooking up with Rich Rider. Also, she is 5’10″ which is an acceptable height substitute for 6ft tall.

        • Wow you have some great ideas for casting Gamora man i think Carano and Palicki may actually be in talks for the role. I’m not sure how accurate the info is because this article sounds like it came out before Pratt was cast as Star Lord and i would think that Screen Rant would have picked up on the news, anyway I’m with you though i vote Gina Carano or Adrianne Palicki heres the article if you are interested and its open to everyone else of course.

      • Carano wouldn’t be bad but i still vote Roaxanne Mckee from Game of Thrones

    • i have had fantasy’s about Dave Batista lol that’s a lotta man meat lol

  3. Well, this sucks. Momoa would have been perfect! :(

    • True, but hopefully somebody in Hollywood comes to their senses and turns Momoa into Lobo.

      • Dwayne Johnson has already put is name in the hat for Lobo so that ship has sailed

      • yes yes!!

    • Momoa hasn’t got the muscl. at all.

    • that guy sucks. no acting chops at all. atleast bautista has shown progression in every film

  4. To be honest… i preferred Bautista more than Jasan Momoa or others when i heard about candidates for this cast as he looks comparatively better than other candidates in Drex outfit in my opinion. Happy to hear this news.

  5. This scenario sounds a lot like Farscape, Yah think?

    • Alot like it yes.

  6. Momoa’s ego cost him a shot to be part of something big

  7. @Everyone saying you don’t need to be a good actor to play Drax:

    Just because a character doesn’t have a big speaking role, doesn’t mean any ol’ ripped !d!ot can play him.

    Look at Momoa in GoT: He doesn’t say much there, but that’s because his eyes, facial expressions and body language are all the audience needs to understand the character. It’s a simple character, mind you, but Drogo does have some complexity to him as well – and that complexity is wonderfully captured/expressed through Momoa’s simplistic (underrated?) acting.

    And take the Hulk as another fine example: ya can’t get more mindless than a big, green rage monster, but what Mark Ruffalo and The Avengers’ VFX team managed to bring to the character with just a few subtle facial expressions – that’s the type of stuff that really made the Hulk “alive” in the Avengers, and ultimately led to him being the star of the movie.

    I’m not saying it takes an Academy Award winning actor to play a green space-assassin, hardly, but I do think that having someone that can bring some nuances to the role would have been welcome.

    Now, I haven’t seen Bautista in any movies yet, but from what I’ve heard of ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’, he wasn’t exactly one of the highlights – as is the case with most wrestling-stars-turned-wanna-be-actors.

    • he’s serviceable in “The Man With The Iron Fists.”

    • @The Avenger

      Guess you haven’t seen Momoas terrible acting in Conan…

      • And I am assuming you have not seen him in Game of Thrones if that is all you have to go on. Granted, Conan was bad. But everything was bad not just Momoa. However that was years ago and Game of Thrones is more recent. An actor can get better in the right condition (betters actors and directors to work with, better script material to draw from) and overtime.

        • or Stargate: Atlantis. Even though Conan was a bad move, Momoa acting was solid.

    • Avenger,

      I agree. My thoughts precisely. It is the role of Khal Drogo that made me confident about Jason Momoa as Drax. I may not know much about the character Drax but I am drawn to the story behind the character- a human resurrected from the dead with the singular purpose of hunting down the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. The character may be a silent killing-machine or whatever, but an actor can really sink his teeth into in the role and bring about something special. There is complexity and tragedy behind the motivation of the character that can be expressed through subtlety and through the physical components of the role. How does an actor convey all the little details with no word of dialogue and when is and is not killing bad guys?

      Each part of the team from, Star Lord to Gamora to Rocket Raccoon to Groot and ,yes, Drax as well , is essential and all deserve recognition and respect on film. Now Momoa could have done it wrong, it is entirely possible, but the actor has managed to convince me otherwise.

      It may not have been a huge role but it is one that can anchor the audience to an emotional level. Bautista may as well could do it, but I have not seen his performance on films so I am skeptical a bit but I will have an open mind.

      Archer ->

    • Honestly, if Big Davie couldn’t act, marvel wouldn’t of gave him the role.

      You can’t judge him if you never seen him in a movie or on WWE. He had the greatest mic skills and is a good actor. This movie will surprise everyone.

      • @Guardain

        EXACTLY! I think your comment is the most well thought out and common sense comment on this page.

        • @Mr.Day, lol calm down. Common sense doesn’t require being well thoughtout. Unless you’re being sarcastic. So, thanks?

    • “as is the case with most wrestling-stars-turned-wanna-be-actors.”

      @the Avenger -
      Apparently you’ve never seen Hulk Hogan in Suburban Commando

      • Marvel is somewhat known for auditioning actors for a certain role yet then offering them something else down the road. Maybe its not a salary issue, perhaps they felt he could be better used as someone else in the marvel U? Thoughts?

    • What Avenger said…”Just because a character doesn’t have a big speaking role, doesn’t mean any ol’ ripped !d!ot can play him.”

      My question to you is…are you referring to Bautista as an !d!ot simply because he is ripped? If so what kind of comment is that? It makes no sense to me. Are you judging him simply because he is a pro wrestler?

      Then you go on to say…”Now, I haven’t seen Bautista in any movies yet, but from what I’ve heard of ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’, he wasn’t exactly one of the highlights…”

      Here’s the thing, instead of listeing to what other people say about the man’s acting skills, how about you go and see some of the films he has made yourself, instead of assuming that he can’t act simply because he is a pro wrestler. Your last remark of “…as is the case with most wrestling-stars-turned-wanna-be-actors” clearly shows you are saying most pro-wrestlers can’t act, which leads me to think that your comment against Bautista being picked for the roll is not based on what “others have told you,” but based on you choosing to believe a false stereotype that says “all or most pro fighters can’t act.” It is possible that the Bautista’s critics, who you chose to listen to, may have based their critique against his acting on that very same illogical stereotype. Have you ever thought of that?

      Stereotypes are not just wrong, but they are also incorrect because they lump the whole or most of the whole into one basket despite the fact that most of the whole have never proven the stereotype correct. In other words, stereotypes cause people to form opinions (usually negative opinions) about the whole based on the actions/inactions of the few. Is not that ignorance?

      Avenger, If this is the case with you, I am very surprised, and further surprised that you would even make such a comment. I am not being saracastic.

      • *sarcastic

        sorry for the typos, folks. it is late for me.

      • To your first point, I wasn’t referring to Bautista as an !d!ot. A lot of the other commentors said a good actor isn’t required for the role of Drax since he doesn’t talk much (the actor/person only has to look the part), therefor implying that an !d!ot can pretty much play the character as long as he’s ripped and looks like him – and I disagree with that statement. So that part of my comment wasn’t in any way related to Bautista, it was only in response to people saying it doesn’t take much to play Drax.

        To your second and third point, I said I haven’t seen Bautista in any movies yet (and I do make that clear), but I’m not assuming he’s a bad actor because he’s a pro-wrestler, I’m assuming he’s a bad actor because with all the reviews I’ve read, and in talking with friends, the main consensus is that he’s a $#!ty actor (and that’s putting it mildly).
        Of course, I can’t really judge until I’ve seen him for myself (I know that very well – in fact, I’ve argued with people who’vw done the same thing I’m doing now: making assumptions based solely on hearsay and word of mouth) and I’ll definitely do my best to see some of his movies as soon as possible, but the fact still stands: the majority of things I’ve heard about Bautista’s acting wasn’t at all good, and seeing as I’m fairly critical when it comes to acting, I seriously doubt I’ll be a fan anyway.

        As for “most wrestling-stars-turned-wanna-be-actors” aren’t any good at acting – I stand by that. IMO almost all wrestlers turned actors aren’t any good. That’s just my opinion, based on the number of terrible performances I’ve seen in movies from pro-wrestlers. The only semi-good wrestler-now-actor I’ve come across is The Rock (and most of the time, I don’t even like HIS acting or the movies he plays in).
        I would never say something like “oh, this guy is a pro wrestler? He must suck at acting then!” – I’d never make a stereotype like that, but the chances are, based on the number of examples out there, he/she isn’t going to be any good, unless the wrestler has some natural, born ability to act (which would most likely never be the case, because if you have an ability to act, why start a pro-wrestling career only to switch to acting later).
        But just to make it completely clear, I’d never write off an actor just because he/she happens to have been a pro-wrestler.
        It’s hard to explain it, but the best short way of saying it would be: the statement of “most wrestlers-turned actors aren’t good at acting” isn’t a reason for them being bad, it just so happens to be the result most of the time.

        • “But just to make it completely clear, I’d never write off an actor just because he/she happens to have been a pro-wrestler.”

          Understandable, Avenger. Thanks for clearing that up. I really wasn’t sure what you meant which is why i asked. Thanks for being civil in your response, as well, because I think some would probably lash out if asked to explain what they were saying. The civility that I have seen from you is why I would be surprised if you made or agreed with such a stereotype.

  8. Well, he looks almost exactly like Drax the Destroyer. I still can’t wait for this movie.

  9. I think Momoa shouldn’t have let his ego get in the way. He had a role in Game of Thrones and he’s known because of it, but it’s still just a TV show (no matter hoe epic a TV show)

    Letting go of the opportunity to be in a blockbuster like this? Foolish. I have no idea how much he may have wanted for the role, but a blockbuster is a blockbuster. I don’t think he’s that big in Hollywood to just not do it.

    I have not seen this other guy, cause I didn’t see “The Man With The Iron Fists.” I hope he will do a good job. He certainly looks the role.

  10. This is a good choice. He’ll be fine. This movie will rock.

  11. So for what’s left to be casted let it be…

    Gamora: Gina Carano
    Rocket Raccoon: Seth Macfarlane(possibly Andy Serkis)
    Groot: Peter Cullen

  12. I am not going to call Momoa stupid since (1) I do not know how much Marvel offered him, (2) I don’t know how much money he wanted and (3) I don’t know many movies Marvel wanted him to sign off for.

    I am not as worried as some other people about Bautista playing Drax. I think that he will do a serviceable job.

  13. Drax does require some serious acting chops, Drax is tortured, what he’s been through, his soul has been ripped apart, turned inside out and ressurected. A few times I think. His face should express deep pain and terrifying power.

    But Batista was a fair actor when he was wrestling.

  14. Dave Batista will do Drax justice! Watch The Man With The Iron Fist. He was great!

  15. According to AICN Momoa did not hold out for more money and there were no low ball offers, Marvel & Gunn simply chose Bautista over Momoa for the role.
    Now Marvel has been known to cast people they have tested for other roles in roles in the future, so did they choose Bautista because he fits this roll better or because Drax is a small role and Momoa could be used in a different role down the line in a different Marvel film?

  16. Momoa can be The Executioner for the third Thor movie, I think?

  17. While I respect Momoa’s body of work (at least some of it) Bautista fits the body template for the character. Momoa was very good in Game of Thrones but kinda failed as even a young Conan both in terms of body type and acting . Bautista will not get a Oscar for his acting so far (I don’t consider what he does as an WWE member acting by any means! sorry fanboys!) .
    His non-wrestling parts have gotten better . Check out “House of the Rising Sun” an 2011 DTV film and you might be surprised. Honestly I was hoping that the producers of the new Amazing Spiderman series would wake the hell up and get Bautista to do Kraven the Hunter! With his size towering over Spidey (no damn CGI needed!)would look great! Momoa is an decent actor but his build is more in line with an dancer than a brawler and looking at his WWE work Bautista definitely looks like an destroyer!

    • I love your thinking when it comes to Kraven!!!

      • Thank you Sir!

    • @Sloan…

      Bautista to play Kraven the Hunter? Excellent pick, dude. Very cool choice.

      • Thanks Mr.Day! Imagine Bautista’s wrestling skills throwing Spidey around like a ragdoll and with Spidey’s slight build it’ll be a page out of a classic Steve Ditko comic! Marvel needs more hand-to-hand battles and less tech-based fights. How about Bautista as Conan ? When you have larger than life performers use them in larger than life parts! Maybe Goldberg as the Rhino, John Malkovich as The Vulture and Steve Buscemi as Electro? If Marvel wants to stay on top of comic based movies they gotta think out of the box and a little more like a comic reader.

  18. Good for him.

    I championed him before when he was amongst the “possibles” when it came to casting Drax so I’m glad he got it.

    Plus, his last heel run in WWE before he retired from pro wrestling in 2010 showed how great he could be when he played the arrogant “I’ve spent 10 years of my life pleasing you fans and got nothing in return” role.

    I’m honestly very happy for him and pleased he got the role.

    • As am I

  19. I’m actually very anxious to see this movie now. I think that Marvel has always taken risks in casting and gone with the unexpected over the preferred (i.e. Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, et al.). One thing to consider, however, is that in an ensemble group like GoTG, chemistry is king. If Bautista and Pratt hit it off quicker than Momoa and Pratt, that would make all the difference.

    • I agree, I’m STILL not too sure about Chris Pratt-Starlord is a dark ,brooding character until his celestial re-birth so to me he doesn’t quite fit the role.
      I rather have: PETER QUILL/STARLORD- Joseph Gordon-Levitt
      DRAX- Bautista, Goldberg , DWayne Johnson
      GAMORRA- Gina Carano, Adrianne Palicki, Olga Kurenkyo (great attitude Hitman, Quantum of Solace), Jaime Pressly (incredible body see D.O.A.), Lucy Liu, -I’m thinking WAY outside the box-the character is the most dangerous woman in the Galaxy so alot of attitude is needed along with a tight body
      ROCKET RACCOON- Ron Perlman, Kurt Russell, Harvey Keitel Dan Akroyd- he’s a con-man/adventurer so the voice needs to be a quick talking,slick slightly gruff type!
      GROOT- Doug Jones one of the best character/SFX actors around or maybe Andy Serkis.
      These are just some off the wall ideas, Anyone else got any non-star thoughts?

  20. If he’s the one to finish Thanos, can he Spear him into something?

  21. I just watched Zero Dark Thirty and enjoyed it very much i think Chris Pratt will be amazing as Star Lord i enjoyed him very much in the film even though his role was somewhat minor. I have not seen Bautista in anything but he sounds like he can pull it off well. Looking forward to the movie and hearing the other Guardians be cast i think Gina Carano or Roxanne McKee would be great as Gamora and Ray Liotta would be my person pick to voice Rocket Racoon Morgan Freeman is like my dream wish for Groot but i doubt that would happen, i hope it goes well though.