Darth Vader’s Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

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Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vaders Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

If only the Jedi Council had thought to provide psychiatric analysis of its prospective Jedi, they may have been able to prevent the ultimate disturbance in the force – Darth Vader. A panel of French psychiatrists spent some time studying Anakin Skywalker’s life, including his turn as Darth Vader and concluded he suffers from “borderline personality disorder.”

I won’t pretend to understand the inner workings of psychology, but nothing about Darth Vader seems borderline to me. The guy is a full-on sociopath with serious issues. But every lunatic needs a good diagnosis.

The psychiatrists noted Darth Vader possessed “six of the nine borderline personality disorder criteria as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition.”

Eric Bui, a French psychiatrist, believes Emperor Palpatine’s influence on the highly unstable Anakin Skywalker was a crucial component to his disorder.

“…the Emperor’s dark and destabilizing influence upon a young Skywalker might have even exacerbated the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.”

This is all pretty obvious information, but hearing it from a trained psychologist makes it even more legitimate. Honestly, Anakin was doomed from the start. His mother claimed he was immaculately conceived. Come on, people. That should be sign number one you live in a psychologically unstable household.

Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vaders Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

When that same mother is killed and you believe everybody is out to get you, complexes begin to develop. Episodes II and III reveal quite a lot about the borderline personality disorder these doctors so clearly diagnose. But if it was so easy for them to call out Anakin on his issues, why were Yoda and the Jedi Council so blind to the mental handicap? It just seem like a glaring oversight by a collection of the most powerful minds in the galaxy.

But again, it all comes back to the slimy Emperor Palpatine. His unethical influence is the true root of it all. Everything that happened before him simply planted the seeds to allow him to push the unstable Skywalker into darkness. Dr. Bui believes it all could have been prevented.

“I believe that psychotherapy would have helped Anakin and might have prevented him from turning to the dark side. Using the dark side of the Force could be considered as similar to drug use: It feels really good when you use it, it alters your consciousness and you know you shouldn’t do it.”

So George Lucas’ character of Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, was really a subliminal commentary on the teenage struggle with identity and the end result of surrounding yourself with the wrong people. It makes perfect sense. Throw in a serious trust issue with not only himself, but the people around him and the relationship with Padme was just as dangerous to his psyche.

Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vaders Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

It doesn’t change much along the lines of how we perceive Darth Vader. I think we can all agree he is more mentally unstable than pure evil. [SPOILER ALERT!] Based on his pre-death moment of enlightenment and personal freedom, in his son’s arms no less, it would appear the real reason for his disorder was Emperor Palpatine’s initial brainwashing. Yet, was that so obscure?

What do you think about the new diagnosis? Are Darth Vader’s psychological issues to blame for his ways or was he simply pure evil, even as a little boy on Tatooine? Discuss int he comments section below.

Source: Yahoo! News via Gamma Squad

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  1. Interesting… I don’t think Vader was crazy, but very deeply hurt… And also Qui-Gon had such a massive influence on him, he became like the father Anakin never had and when he was killed, he would never know… (I believe Palpatine sensed this and Qui-Gon was the one he had killed first as he posed the most danger to his Empire and he poisoned Maul against Qui-Gon particularly – as if you read Maul’s journal, he despises the Jedi as he believes they are all about ego when Qui-Gon was the opposite and highly unorthodox, which made him very different, but alas Sidious’ poisoning was too great) It’s sad as Qui-Gon and Darth Maul were such interesting characters and they were wasted far too soon. To read more about Qui-Gon, I ahve a tribute to him on my website atop my Star Wars Page.

    After Qui-Gon’s Death, Anakin was scared, heartbroken and felt alone. Obi-Wan was all he had, and not having Qui-Gon’s empathy with the Living Force, did not seems as deeply into Anakin. I believe if the Jedi had taken more time and care with Anakin, perhaps as was suggested, a psych analysis, or a brain scan, or even a scan of his aura, etc, more could have been done for him to become what only Qui-Gon saw, but sadly, it seemed no one else had that incredible insight.

    • i told you above, his real decent began after his mother died…..

  2. Actually, Yoda recognized the potential problems with Anakin’s personality. That was why he was against training him to be a Jedi.

    The fact that it was possible to diagnose Darth Vader as having a mental illness shows that the writers of Star Wars knew something about progressive psychological disorders.

  3. I am not sure why Palpatine is considered an evil person. I think he saw the self indulgent, over paid wasteful Senate mucking up the works so they can stay in power and live a great life. All of this at the expense of the common being. Did the Jedi nights work or produce anything. I never saw them do anything productive yet they had tremendous privileges. Where did they get their money?

    Who amongst us does not equate the UN as a highly expensive collection of bureaucrats living large while humanity struggles? The UN will issue policies that limit man quest for freedom. The same can be said of the privileged bureaucracy that Palpatine smashed.

    No my friends Palpatine was a hero

    • Then I suppose that you think Adolf Hitler was a hero since he is the person that GL based the Palpatine character on. Both of them were great speakers who played on the emotions of their chosen victims(Anakin and the German people).Once they had control of their subject they removed their mask of sesnseability and revealed the true evil in their nature. Once that nature was revealed even their own people tried to get rid of them(Germans failed Anakin didn’t).

  4. wow I could have told you all of that for free. anyone could have. its fckin simple and obvious. they spent 3 whole movies showing the progress and causes of Anakin’s turn to the dark side. scientists will do anything for money.

    Anakin’s mother had something to do with it? No sh*t? The Emperor’s influence on an unstable Anakin had a lot to do with it? REALLY? NO WAY! geez this was dumb

  5. and PS: only a full blown moron would choose to use drugs when they know they shouldn’t

    • Excuse me!!! Obviously you’ve never done drugs or you wouldn’t make such a moronic statement. Plenty of people choose to do drugs when they know they shouldn’t and it has nothing to do with intelligence.

      • Yes it does…. pure and utter stupidity.

        • I was a alcoholic for years. I have an IQ of 157

          why the drinking? I can’t stand the retards of current society.

          Sound familiar Darth Poope

      • +1

        I’d say most people using drugs know they shouldnt, and I would contend that its what makes drugs so great! (also makes star wars alot more entertaining)

        Freud did alotta blow…is he a full blown moron?

  6. I’m just rather stunned that anyone actually took the time to psycho-analyze Vader, rather than watch the movies and simply enjoy them. Do we need to understand the inner workings of a villain’s mind, or can we just sit back and watch the madness unfold and blame it all on the corrupting influence of the Dark Side? Or, better yet, why not just pop some popcorn, grab a soda, and kick back on a couch and watch storm troopers get blasted?

    By the way, Han shot first. All this nonsense about me shooting first is ridiculous. He shot me, I spazzed out and shot the wall, then died. Watch closely, you’ll see it.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Amen!! Han did shoot first!

      And whoever did this “analysis” is demented. It’s a fictional universe, Anakin WAS conceived by the medi-chlorians, he WAS the Chosen One. It wasn’t mental instability. He was seduced by the Dark Side, believing a lie. He saw it as a quicker and easier way to save his wife. As Yoda told Luke, the Dark Side is not stronger, but is “quicker, easier, more seductive.” Loosing the one who loved him most, Shmi, was a sore blow to him. By her grave he promised he wouldn’t let anyone he loved die again, he would learn to save them.

      Three years later, because of his visions of Padme’s death, he knows he must save her. Palpatine knew of what had happened with his mother, so he took the chance to seduce him. Recall his words to Anakin when he was 9: “We will watch your career withh GREAT INTEREST.” In the Novel Dark Lord:The Rise of Darth Vader (James Luceno), it mentions how Palpatine knew he wanted Anakin to become his apprentice. Taking advantage on the knowledge of his mother’s death and him giving in to his anger and hate (murdering the whole tribe of Tusken Raiders), his secret marriage to Padme (breaking Jedi code), and the knowledge that she will certainly die in childbirth, gave Palpatine the chance to seduce Anakin, telling him of Darth Plagieus, the Sith who learned to cheat death. Anakin therefore being worried, and with the tension had an unclear mind, believed him.
      When the Jedi realized Palpatine was the Sith Lord, they went to arrest him. Against orders, Anakin came to Palpatine’s office. Palpatine had already killed all but one of the Jedi that came to arrest him: Master Windu. So, naturally, recognizing the danger, Windu went on to kill him. Anakin, then entering the room, sees his chance of saving Padme going down the drain as Windu is about to kill “the only one who can help him save Padme from certain death.” Therefore, he slices of Windu’s hand holding the lightsaber which he was going to kill Darth Sidious with. Siduous (Palpatine) seizes the chance and calls on the Force to strike Windu with Force Lightning,killing him. Anakin then cries out “what have I done?”, seeing what he caused. He then promises to do whatever Sidious tells him, as long as he helps Anakin save Padme’s life. Sidious then tells him to eliminate the Jedi, something he had been planning for years. He then titles Anakin “Darth Vader”. He then raids the Jedi temple, and according to Dark Lord Novel, he didn’t do it in enmity of the Jedi so much as he couldn’t admit that he had let Windu die just so he could save Padme. His struggle wasn’t a problem with a “teen disorder”, it was believing a lie, and living it. In the end, seeing his son being struck by Force Lightning (it is suggested that memory of Windu dying that death arose him, as well as the haunting death of Padme that he caused), also hearing him call out, “father, please!”, he sees how wrong he was. He then redeems himself from the Dark Side and kills Sidious, saving Luke. The Jedi returned. The revenge that the Sith had taken was beginning to be cleansed. But because of the physical wounds Anakin received in killing Sidious, he died.

      So to answer the question in this, he wasn’t PURE evil, as Padme said at her death, “there’s good in him…I know…I know there’s…still…” and as Luke told Leia, “There’s good in him, I felt it. I can turn him back…to the good side.” He wasn’t purely evil, just seduced, and he wasn’t mentally unstable. So to the Frenchie who started the diagnosis: Quit taking deathsticks and go home and rethink your life.

      • That was a phenomenal response. I am a avid SW and SW Extended Universe fan and I truly impressed with the thorough analysis. …ironically enough I also happen to be getting my masters in Counseling…

  7. For those of you who are screaming, “How can you respond to this garbage?” may one inquire why you’re even reading “this garbage”? At least those of us who are nerds do not pretend otherwise, nc’est pas?

    As far as Vader is concerned, I think he had big-time mommy issues, complicated by his relationship with Padme, both “moter” and lover. Add in a few years of slavery and the fact that he had powers no one else could match, you it’s no wonder you get a super villian.

  8. For those of you who are screaming, “How can you respond to this garbage?” may one inquire why you’re even reading “this garbage”? At least those of us who are nerds do not pretend otherwise, nc’est pas?

    As far as Vader is concerned, I think he had big-time mommy issues, complicated by his relationship with Padme, both “mother” and lover. Add in a few years of slavery and the fact that he had powers no one else could match, you it’s no wonder you get a super villian.

  9. ERROR CORRECTION: – “His mother claimed he was immaculately conceived”. The author does not understand the context of the phrase “immaculately conceived”. The Immaculate Conception refers to the Virgin Mary’s conception without sin in her mother Elizabeth’s womb. Anakin’s mother simply said there was no father – meaning that she did not have sex in order to conceive. Small point to be made here, but one an error that is commonly made.

  10. Yoda and the Council DID advise against Anakin becoming a Jedi. Yoda says he has too much emotion: fear, anger, aggression. Yoda also sees darkness in his future. It is Obi Wan who insists he be trained, saying he will do it with or without the council’s permission. I assume the council finally approved it so that they could keep an eye on his training.

  11. Greedo,

    You’re absolutely right. We should all turn off our brains and turn into slugs.

    I’m not sure how anyone can ask people not to THINK about stuff. One would think that it would be a goal unto itself to distinguish yourself from shower mold. Fans of Star Wars specifically should be able to chew over things and um, use their frakken brains.

  12. So Palpatine is the ultimate bad guy huh? Well maybe he came from a single home, where his mother dressed him like a little girl and the kids picked him last for kick ball. No wonder he treid to rule the universe!!!

  13. Darth Vader a borderline personality? Really? Should we expect him to microwave rabbits and stalk Michael Douglas, now? Their diagnosis is wholly inaccurate.

    I guess the French left psychology in the Enlightenment. Or they should have.

    • Those things you talk about have absolutely nothing to do with borderline personality disorder! As a person with this condition I am extremely insulted!!! Learn the facts before depicting this type of behavior as being any part of BPD!

      • He’s just saying that Anakin was NOT BPD so the Frenchies should stop this crap. Honestly, the whole diagnosis insults people. They should analyze the fictional reasons in the story before just taking conclusions like, “this guy is angry a lot. Must be a disorder.” They should check the reasons for anger first.

  14. French psychologists have too much time on their hands…

    • I agree with you,but doesn’t anyone responding to this have too much time to waste? It’s just a movie.There are plenty of real-life crazies out there to worry about.

  15. Seems reasonable to me. I’ve been diagnosed with the same thing (plus an anti-social personality disorder, and a bipolar disorder as well), and I would have probably responded in the same ways that Anakin did.

  16. perhaps she had IVF and her ‘life partner’ disagreed and left?

  17. Hey, lets just keep leaving messages in here to take up more space on the subject of “DARTH VAPOR” oops , i mean, “DARTH VADAR” . Apparently we are all coming to this site and leaving something!

  18. sadly i think he would have done good but sadly was misled and pushed by the ones around him to join the dark side. And all they did was contradict what he did instead of helping him. Also I agree with Christina, at least learn about it before you judge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder

    • Thank you. I appreciate that!

  19. Maybe she was Impeccably clean and spotless since no man touched her.

  20. Know I did of Anakin’s instability. Not to be trained was he at my insistence. Once Obi-Wan started the training, thought we did that Anakin’s instability corrected by the Force it would be. Misled we were by misreading of the Force Balance prophecy. My fault it is. Anakin’s training, my responsibility it should have been. To young and inexperianced was Obi-Wan and to much of a friend then a teacher he was. Also underestimate Palpatine I did, not knowing that a Dark Lord of the Sith was he. Misery and destruction, did my failings bring upon the galaxy. Deep regret I have for the pain the Sith caused, for prevent it the Jedi should have done. Apoligize I do on behalf of the Jedi Council.

    • You win the internet, good sir.

  21. Next Analysis: Bugs Bunny… Wascally Wabbit or Son of a B****?

  22. Ladies an Gentlemen, let us consider the circumstances surrounding the prophesy of the “chosen one.” The prophesy, made during one of the many wars between the Jedi, and the Sith with their Mandalorian allies, stated that one day in the future a jedi padawan would be conceived by the force, would turn to the dark side, and would bring balance to the force. Shortly after this prophesy the Jedi Masters purged their order by attempting to slay every last one of their padawans, believing that by so doing they would thwart the prophesy. One of the padawans survived, and turned to the dark side, thus perpetuating the Sith legacy. The Jedi Order continued on its way throughout the centuries, until the prophesy was nearly forgotten. Then low and behold, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin finds Anakin Skywalker, and declares that he is the “chosen one.” By this time, the Jedi really had no idea of what the original prophesy meant, to “bring balance to the force.” At this time there were 10,000 Jedi masters and knights and only two sith: “Darth Sidious” and “Darth Maul.” When Obiwan Kenobi killed Darth Maul, then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine lured the already disillusioned Jedi Master, Count Dooku to the dark side, and christened him “Darth Tyrannus.” Palpatine knew full well that the Jedi prophesy concerning the “chosen one” meant that the padawan-turned-sith would turn on the Jedi Order and kill the jedi until the number remaining would equal the number of sith; thus he knew that it would be his task to mentor the youth, and set him at his right hand as the child of destiny. Now that this part is clear, let us look at the Jedi Order more closely: aside from their obvious paranoia concerning the sith, the Jedi were also known for their arrogance. The Jedi firmly believed that there were no longer any sith alive in the galaxy. They had ceased to rely on the force to warn them of the spreading of the dark side’s influence, and were therefore unable to cope with problems when they were made manifest. When Anakin Skywalker came to Yoda to receive counsel about his dreams, Yoda should have been able to tell that Anakin was involved with Padme Amidala, and what to say to pacify him. When Anakin spoke to the council about his destruction of the “Sand People,” that should have set off warning signals that he was more than susceptible to the dark side, and therefore would require extra mentoring. Likewise, the Jedi’s arrogance led them to not check on the training which the Grand Army of the Republic was receiving. Had they done so, the plot to kill the Jedi would have been apparent. So the Jedi Order’s system of teaching, as well as their shortcomings were largely to blame for Anakin’s descent. On Anakin’s part, he should have heeded the teachings of the light side more closely if he wished to stay a Jedi. Being the son of the force, Anakin had more of a connection with the force than any other force user in the galaxy; this, combined with a short temper and an over developed sense of sarcasm, made him the perfect candidate for being Palpatine’s apprentice. When Palpatine told Anakin about the legacy of Darth Plagus the Wise, that should have sounded a warning bell in Anakin’s mind, for no one but the jedi or the sith, would know of such things. Palpatine told Anakin that Darth Plagus had found a way to keep his loved one’s from dying, and that his apprentice had killed him only after he had learned everything that his master knew. Anakin should have recalled this when Palpatine told him, after he had chosen the dark side, that together they would discover the secret which the apprentice had learned. Those who have seen the movie have no doubt guessed that Darth Sidious was the apprentice, and that Darth Plagus the Wise had been his master. Therefore Palpatine would have already known how to keep people from dying, thus negating his offer to Anakin to let him help to find it. Had Anakin not been caught up in the moment, he would have discovered this deception, which had been the final thing to push him over to the dark side. Anakin might not have joined Palpatine had he realized the Palpatine was only using him. Thus to say that Anakin was a disturbed youth would be correct, but to say that his was one of many people with psychological disorders would be even more correct.

    • Mace Windu mentioned that the prophecy could have been misread….and it was. One who would bring balance to the force would mean dark side (up), light side (down). As you mentioned, there were thousands of jedi and two sith. How the jedi thought that BALANCE meant the total destruction of the dark side is beyond me. Your analysis is spot on…

      • It wasn’t Mace, it was Yoda who mentioned that the prophecy could have been misread.

        • You’re right…Mace questioned whether the prophecy was true at all.

          • Sad to be right on something like this….but I am a nerd anyways..who are we kidding..

  23. …just a few things to take note of regarding the intricate nature of the psychology involved in many of the characters encountered. point #1) (character Qui-Gon Gin) Qui-Gon was mentored by Count Dooku who was mentored by Yoda. Dooku’s fall to the darkside was just as insideious and took years to happen.he too was taken under Palpatine’s wing earlier in life..”while he was mentoring Qui-Gon”. therefore his influence on Qui-Gon was altered by outside influence…instead of just the normal Jedi training.. it was a mix of both Jedi and Sith doctrine combined(though..I believe..completely by accident).one can make note of this by Qui-Gon’s defiance of traditional Jedi theory and doctrine..which because of his training by Count Dooku…he believed to be model truths. the character Dooku was trained by whom we all could call “The Light Lord Of The Jedi”..Yoda who had been a Jedi since the Republic was in its earliest stages(being around 850 years old when Annakin…”The Chosen One” came to light. he was pretty-much the ultimate source of light and enlightenment to that point…and even his padowan fell from grace. Palpatine says(in episode III):”the Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way…including their quest for greater power”. this is true…but from a certain point of view. he also stated in the same episode that “Good is a point of view”…which is very similar to what Obi-Wan states in episode V. :” You will find that a great many truths we hold dear rely greatly upon our own point of view”.this shows how culture , friendship , religion , and politics affect each person in their own way ..how they become intertwined and change over time..and how that in turn affects us on a personal and individual level. Vader simply went through what we all do throughout our lives. the difference being his power with “The Force”. if we as individuals had such power and the knowlege of it’s use…would we be any different ?… i believe not. we all go through life using the abilities we have. nurturing and improving those abilities through education , and our own experiences . it isn’t having power that corrupts us…it is how we use that power…and weather or not we consider ourselves to be corrupt also depends on our situation and perspective.

    Here is a way to look at it from a perspective that was once a reality…and many still cling to to this day…”Hitler”. Hitler believed that “Blonde-haired Blue-eyed Protestant German people” were supreme beings…though he himself was none of the above…and he almost succeeded in taking over the world. He “trully believed” in what he was teaching , and in bringing “National-Socialism” to all those who were like in that way…and destroying everything and everyone who did not fit his view of perfection. he did not even consider that he might be wrong. people saw his strength and gathered to him. they then heard his ideas of what was causing problems in society…not just in Germany…but globally. they were afraid because there was no work , and they were going hungry , and losing their homes while a very small percentage seemed to have great wealth , power , and control…things they did not have. Hitler offered them “salvation”…and the people ate it up. they had turned to the “dark side”…and didn’t even know it.

    Evil is sneaky…not blatant.

  24. bugs bunny….. funny!

  25. where the hell is my damned comment ?

  26. this sight sucks !!!! i spent an hour on my comment(two comments before this one), and it didn’t put it up. i put intricate detail into the comment about many of the characters discussed , and it pisses me off that it didn’t post…and the last one and this one did. and it wasn’t too long or anything either…longer than my first comment were posted. this sight frikin’ blows…and if I never see it again it’ll be too soon.

    • Wow. You have some serious Vader issues dude….

    • Michael,

      First off, it’s “site” not “sight.”

      Second, your comment was flagged for moderation – I don’t remember why, but I go in several times a day and look for comments that have been flagged, go through them and publish some while deleting others. You probably dropped an s-bomb or f-bomb in your comment, and I don’t allow profanity here.

      You could have very easily used the contact form to notify us about your comment not showing up instead of acting like a spoiled, angry two year old.

      Have a nice day,


      • Thanks Vic – you do a great job with this site.

      • Vic-Maybe he said “This sight sucks” in reference to the weak prescription on his eyeglasses, as there’s obviously something wrong with his ability to see that we SR fans/you SR writers do not CREATE these news stories…you just report them.

        Yes, you report them with an occasional bit of opinion, true…but doesn’t every blogger/newspaper columnist?

        I found you through articles referenced on imdb.com, and haven’t regretted my discovery one little bit.

        I’m very glad I came…and equally glad you accepted me.

  27. Its nice to see Star Wars fans still have the passion.

    Sheesh,,, In a good way!

  28. Cheers TERRORSIT

  29. Cheers, TERRORIST!

    First drinks on me.