Darth Vader’s Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

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Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vaders Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

If only the Jedi Council had thought to provide psychiatric analysis of its prospective Jedi, they may have been able to prevent the ultimate disturbance in the force – Darth Vader. A panel of French psychiatrists spent some time studying Anakin Skywalker’s life, including his turn as Darth Vader and concluded he suffers from “borderline personality disorder.”

I won’t pretend to understand the inner workings of psychology, but nothing about Darth Vader seems borderline to me. The guy is a full-on sociopath with serious issues. But every lunatic needs a good diagnosis.

The psychiatrists noted Darth Vader possessed “six of the nine borderline personality disorder criteria as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition.”

Eric Bui, a French psychiatrist, believes Emperor Palpatine’s influence on the highly unstable Anakin Skywalker was a crucial component to his disorder.

“…the Emperor’s dark and destabilizing influence upon a young Skywalker might have even exacerbated the symptoms of borderline personality disorder.”

This is all pretty obvious information, but hearing it from a trained psychologist makes it even more legitimate. Honestly, Anakin was doomed from the start. His mother claimed he was immaculately conceived. Come on, people. That should be sign number one you live in a psychologically unstable household.

Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vaders Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

When that same mother is killed and you believe everybody is out to get you, complexes begin to develop. Episodes II and III reveal quite a lot about the borderline personality disorder these doctors so clearly diagnose. But if it was so easy for them to call out Anakin on his issues, why were Yoda and the Jedi Council so blind to the mental handicap? It just seem like a glaring oversight by a collection of the most powerful minds in the galaxy.

But again, it all comes back to the slimy Emperor Palpatine. His unethical influence is the true root of it all. Everything that happened before him simply planted the seeds to allow him to push the unstable Skywalker into darkness. Dr. Bui believes it all could have been prevented.

“I believe that psychotherapy would have helped Anakin and might have prevented him from turning to the dark side. Using the dark side of the Force could be considered as similar to drug use: It feels really good when you use it, it alters your consciousness and you know you shouldn’t do it.”

So George Lucas’ character of Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, was really a subliminal commentary on the teenage struggle with identity and the end result of surrounding yourself with the wrong people. It makes perfect sense. Throw in a serious trust issue with not only himself, but the people around him and the relationship with Padme was just as dangerous to his psyche.

Darth Vader Star Wars Darth Vaders Professional Diagnosis Is Not Good

It doesn’t change much along the lines of how we perceive Darth Vader. I think we can all agree he is more mentally unstable than pure evil. [SPOILER ALERT!] Based on his pre-death moment of enlightenment and personal freedom, in his son’s arms no less, it would appear the real reason for his disorder was Emperor Palpatine’s initial brainwashing. Yet, was that so obscure?

What do you think about the new diagnosis? Are Darth Vader’s psychological issues to blame for his ways or was he simply pure evil, even as a little boy on Tatooine? Discuss int he comments section below.

Source: Yahoo! News via Gamma Squad

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  1. How completely random!

    i almost feel silly debating the psychological state of a fictional character but hey why not?!

    it goes to show how well GL created his characters, Darth Vader is an interesting character, it is a perfect show for demonstrating how a good person becomes evil and if it is indeed possible to be redeemed.

    Anakin Skywalker came from a single parent home, and even at the age of 9 had a severe hero complex. he leves his mother behind to join the Jedi, and even they were against the idea of training him because he was too old. This says more about the jedi than anything else, they need their padawans to be young so they can completely ingrain their values and viewpoint.

    Anakin grew into a typically moody teenager, with all the angst coupled with great power. And he felt everyone was holding him back, so he naturally retaliated with traditional teenage rebellion.
    The death of his mother in a random and barbaric act cant have helped his developing mental state. He wanted nothing more than to save her but such power was beyond his grasp.

    Marrying Padme was a shockingly bad idea. An older woman, subject of his fantasies for a decade. Having to keep it a secret from his mentor and best friend.

    It isnt any wonder Anakin ultimately felt betrayed by the Jedi. He was never the type to conform to such strict rules.
    Then along comes Palpatine. A desperately needed father figure, who just happenes to be utterly evil, and can tempt Anakin with the powers he has always desired.

    Ultimatelh the cost is too great. Anakin turns to the darkside, swayed by talk of power and order in the galaxy. He quickly becomes a killer, resulting in the death of his wife, and a duel with his best friend that ends in tragedy. Anakin saw Obi Wan as the final betrayl, the one person he always thought he could count on, his viewpoint is so tiwsted at this point that he is able to rationalise his dark deeds.

    Anakin becomes Darth Vader. A broken shell of a being, kept alive by respirators and hatred. He hunts down all of the Jedi, the symbols of everything he lost, and becomes a true monster.
    It would have been interesting to see how his relationship with Palpatine develops during this stage, it may have started as father/son, but it quickly became master/pet. Palpatine must have been so disappointed at his chosen one, now a walking machine.

    ” He’s more machine now than man” is what Obi Wan tells Luke, but I’m not sure thats true. It is the man part that truly keeps Vader alive, a burning hatred for himself, and possibly a sadness for all he lost, knowing his actions were responsible.

    Is Vader ever truly redeemed? It is in his son that he sees the hope he lost decades earlier. But there is no forgetting what Vader has done, thosands possibly millions of people died both directly and inderectly of his actions.

    Vader evetually kills Palpatine, his master, and he does it to save his son. But he saves himself in the process, death must be a release from the torture of being stuck inside that hideous suit, in Luke he must see the good things he remembers in himself.

    He gets to be one with the Force, the prophecy of the chosen comes full circle, the young slave boy from Tatooine destroys the Sith, and saves the galaxy. It is perhaps a selfish act though, as he doesnt do it for the good of the galaxy, he does it to save his own son.

    A massively flawed character from the beggining, going through all extremes of good and evil, where does he finally end up? Probaly somewhere in the middle.

    • WOW! What a great and interesting interpretation! I think you hit it right on the nose!!!!!!!

      • Thanks!

        • Darth Vader’s father was the Lord Sith! Isn’t that why Ana’s mom hinted about the strange bed fellow who was the father? Ana’s mom was taken and not killed at first because she was being held as a prisoner. She was to be later rescued by her former lover and Ana’s dad, Palpatine. But Ana showed up to early before she was taken to the Lord Sith! Isn’t that why Palpatine wanted to spend time with Ana? He saw his bloodline come home! Palpatine wanted his family reunited. That is tthe reason Ana was taken under Palpatine’s wing from the start. Was it just by chance Palpatine sought out Ana or was the force was strong in family genes! So all those years the Lord Sith was teaching his son, and knew his grandson Luke would be an asset to the dark side. Palpatine sought Luke out as you saw in the movies,jumping forward a bit. Obi Wan knew who Luke’s dad was but not Ana’s. Luke didn’t want follow in the dark side ways of his father or unknown grandfather.
          “Palpatine must have been so disappointed at his chosen one, now a walking machine.
          ” He’s more machine now than man” is what Obi Wan tells Luke, but I’m not sure thats true. It is the man part that truly keeps Vader alive, a burning hatred for himself, and possibly a sadness for all he lost, knowing his actions were responsible.”
          Luke choose to follow the ways of the force as did his father before him. In the end Ana destroyed the Lord Sith, and unknowlingly his father, saving his son, himself, the force, the bloodline!!!!!

          • The implied parentage of Anakin Skywalker is as follows, he was created using the force by Darth Plageus who wanted to create the most powerful sith there had ever been, whether Palpatine knew this was Anakin is open for debate.

            Plageus did know how to stop death, what Palpatine told Anakin was true, as creating life and stopping death were one and the same thing.

            The whole light side/dark side element of the force is constantly open for debate, as the sith themselves are not actually evil, they just allow their emotions to control their actions where as the jedi deny their feelings.

            Also Vader must have known he was going to die regardless, the sith rule of two, there could only be a master and an apprentice, if Palpatine took Luke as his apprentice then Vader by either Luke’s and Palpatine’s hand would have been killed.

    • WTF??? why do these movies have to be looked at a psychological angle??? the diagnosis doesn’t even have a good name

      • So anyone who shows this disorder in the future, a REAL person I might add, can always use this defense…. are you listening future pchyo’s? you’re free to do whatever you want now!
        it will all be cleared by a doctor

        • The diagnosis from the DSM is a real condition, as legit an illness as cancer or diabetes.

        • Anakin flipped his wig and killed a load of kids. (remember in ‘Revenge Of The Sith’?)
          That’s just pure evil, man…no matter how you spin it.

        • Actually taking this character and evaluating him is an excellent tool for education.

          In regular text, they talk about a patient briefly (whom you have never seen or know anything about) and then give him his/her diagnosis. That really doesn’t provide as much opportunity to learn.

          The best way is to use a movie character, and evaluate them. You can see them personally, each characteristic is well exhibited, and the movie can be watched and watched during a study learning period.

    • Damn DrSamBeckett, that was a really good article.

    • i thought you were going to say …”where does he finally end up? Probably somewhere in the media.”

    • Do not feel silly.

      My question has always been directed at Padme’. He mascacures (SP) the sand people and THe girl still falls in love with him??? FOrget borderline personality disorder how about Boyfriend pretty-weird disorder. That discussion makes talking about fiction relevant because this kind of relationship occurs far too often.

      • I’d almost wonder as much about Padme. For all her professions of devotion to her Senatorial career, she throws common sense completely out the window with regards to Anakin. First she doesn’t shut him down for his excessive whining (to answer the character lampooned in “Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, yes, you were THAT whiny as a kid) and only mildly glares at him for his inexcusable interruption of her once she’s back at Naboo discussing security concerns. It seems that his reward for his slaughter of the Sand People in the wake of his mother’s death and his subsequent mental breakdown is that she completely falls for him! Certainly, Anakin Skywalker, “Hero with No Fear”, is still a wee “techted in the haid”, but Padme herself out to freaking lunch with her obsession with her Jedi “Boy Toy” and its comcomittal disregard for her obvious self-interest. But without it, you don’t get Luke and Leia, at least not from her. So they’re doomed by Lucasfilm’s decision to enter the hexology mid-stream and retcon in the details.

      • The argument for him not recognising Leia through the force, is that Vader’s connection to the force is so badly dampened by what happened to him, and that as far as he was aware his child died with Padme. Leia’s own latent force talents may have inadvertantly shielded her from both Palpatine and Vader.

        However, that is arguably one of the largest plotholes in the whole saga.

        • It’s a plothole big enough to fly Vader’s flagship, the Executor, through sideways.

          I’ve written a fan fiction piece which rewrite Episode IV on the basis that Vader WOULD recognize his daughter once he confronts her on the Tantive IV. The resemblance in general appearance (Carrie Fisher at age 20 is a reasonable cross between Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman) and personality (Leia has her father’s temperament and tendency to impulsiveness, but also has inherited her political bent and strength of will from her mother) would alone hit the Dark Lord like a runaway hovertank.

          Just imagine Leia’s reaction to “No…I AM your Father!”

    • very well said…it actually makes me want to watch it again.

  2. Nicely summarized, DrSamBeckett. I’d like to think GL thought the character through in that kind of detail, but some of the stuff he does makes me doubt that. The prequels really soured my opinion of the guy.

    Still seems a bit silly doing the analysis of a fictional character – how about we discuss the nurturing issues at work in Ming The Merciless?

    • But as this article, and the considerable debate now raging, GL knew exactly what he was doing, Anakin’s backstory was in his mind from day one. So this character he created is definitely worthy of examination, GL gave us a hero who became a monster. It’s not exactly an original idea but Vader is undeniably interesting and I really do hope GL thought of all this stuff when creating Anakin/Vader.

  3. But if he was such a whack job in the first place and have so many issues how did he overcome those clinical issues in such a short time to save his son and toss Pala down the chute?

    • It’s what they call a LUCID INTERVAL. Basically, even a crazy person can momentarily have brief periods where he/she think clearly. From a psychological standpoint, that could be the time when he finally saw that he was being a galactic douche, and decided to save his son. Then again, this is just fiction. It’s possible he was just being corrupted by the Emperor, and seeing his son jarred Palpatine’s hold on him.

    • He didn’t overcome all his issues. Borderline means he isn’t completely nuts. He just has severe issues. In the end he turned those feelings against the emperor instead of Luke. That’s all. He is not cured or even really redeemed. He just finally did the right thing.

    • All of Vader’s actions stemmed from trying to do the right and good thing, but being corrupted along the way, he certainly wasnt a whack job.

      Consider what Anakin does and why, what would any of us done given the circumstances and strain he was under???

  4. remember, Star Wars is set “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” and the science of psychiatry just wasn’t developed enough back then… that didn’t happen until well into the Cretaceous period.

    • They had the technology to go into hyperspace, clone people, and create planet destroying space stations, but cant fully comprehend “the science of psychiatry”?

      hehe, good one!

    • your comment made LOL everywhere…its a mess

  5. These guys should do Doctor Doom next.

    • Doctor Doom is a severe narcisist who suffers from a God complex. The who world revolves around him.

    • Darth Vader is a Doctor Doom clone, without a doubt. But Doom has way more depth than Vader (50 years worth of stories) and he’s much more than a narcisist. Doom doesn’t have to wear a mask, he actually hates his scarred countenance so much that he forever hides it behind a mask. His God complex may be more accurate, but he’s human enough to aspire to the powers of the Gods, which he’s stolen on numerous occasions. But he’s also perfectly capable of ruling the world and making it a better place (and he has done so multiple times), so he doesn’t just think that he should rule the world, he’s really IS the best person for the job. He actually desires to make the world a better place, and has guided and ruled his kingdom of Latveria to unparralleled prosperity and growth. As long as you don’t mind that whole loss of free will issue. He’s a genius on so many levels, yet tortured by the loss of his own mother and the accolades granted to his closest rival, Reed Richards. I think he’s probably a combination of pathos, socio-path somewhat, but still capable of honor, dignity, and style. Probably border-line bipolar.

  6. While the prequels (Episodes I, II, III) have ruined Star Wars and the overall mystique of the character, the path from misunderstood child to a broken shell of an evil man is well understood. In 1977, Darth Vader was the ultimate villain. By the time of Return of the Jedi in 1983, he was a more tragic character than evil. It is truly Palpatine that is the most evil character in the entire story. He groomed Anakin from 9 years of age to become his servant in the destruction of the Jedi Order and bringing the galaxy under his control. That’s some pretty potent stuff.

    • I think it was more that they believed in letting the chips of fate and destiny fall where they may and not interfering. They all knew but free will is still free will.

  7. I’m not even a Star Wars fan but this seems incredibly obvious to me. Of course it was mainly nurture rather than nature. The whole trilogy of prequels is about how he’s a normal, idealistic guy and then he is corrupted by Emperor Palpatine.

  8. Interesting, no one mentioned what SLAVERY might do to one’s psyche!!?

  9. Uhhh DUH, hello, its DARTH VADER.

  10. Read the book, Episode three, it tells you ANAKIN was created by Darth Plagues to be the ultimate SITH LORD. Palpitine killed his master, Plagues, then waited for Anakin to mature. The jedi came across him by accident. amazing what collage degrees can get, the ability not to find all the facts, besides palpitine was the ultimate evil in the force.

    • It is spelled “college”.

    • There are no books that the movies were based on!

  11. I find the French Psychologists’ diagnosis to be questionable. BPD is predominantly found in women, for one thing. If I were to analyze Anakin, I would say he’s Bi-Polar with some Obsessive-Compulsive and Intermittent Explosive behavior. He is not a sociopath, however. His actions are extremely ordered, he shows emotion and he has a sense of morality and strong faith in the Force, however skewed. A true sociopath has no sense of morality or ability to show proper emotional responses to social situations (although, many learn to fake emotions in order to “fit in.”). Darth Vader and Anakin were both driven by the desire to control everything around them as much as possible. Palpatine was able to exploit Anakin’s guilt, feelings of loss and desire for control to create the perfect anti-hero. In the end, however; Anakin’s love of family is what ultimately redeemed him. He could not bear to lose his son, when he had already lost his mother, Padme and Obi-Wan.

    • well said, Divvitar! As a psych major and medical student, I concur. However, how do you account for his ultimate defense mechanism, splitting? “If you are not with me, then you are against me!” – Episode III. It wouldn’t be far-fetched that he presents with both Borderline and Bipolar because most cluster B personality disorders have comorbidity with mood disorders and substance abuse. Seems like the dark side of the Force is pretty addicting in itself, then throw in there some bipolar and BPD along with mad lightsaber skills and being under the wing of the most powerful entity in the galaxy, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    • Divvitar, you must be a woman hating idiot whom hasn’t gotten laid EVER. I’m truly tired of idiots like you whom truly have a beef with women and then try to clinically diagnose the so-called cause of that beef. Why don’t you just grow up? And in case you’re a woman, then you must really hate being a woman.

  12. Maybe it is because I do not analyze movies, instead I just try to enjoy them but I felt like Vader’s story was told by the prequels because there was so much mystique surrounding him and the back story needed to be told. Granted, I was not a fan of his killing younglings but I still found myself feeling sorry for him because he once again found himself losing another dearly loved one that was in his life and he was just desperately trying to save her but failed just as he felt he failed with his mother.

    I feel that it was more shame and the “No Where To Go” scenario that he took Palpatine as his Master, looking for someone to watch over him and help protect him just as he had always wanted (in a way). Obi Wan was more brotherly and in an advisory position in Anakin’s life rather than a father figure. He lost Qui Gon who was as close to a father figure he would ever have in his life, he was a slave to some ugly blue big nosed version of Louie from Taxi, he was extremely gifted and knew he wanted a better life for himself as well as his mother. His last promise was he would free her from slavery but he failed to do so.

    Palpatine saw his need for a friend / father and took advantage of that connection with the young boy until he was powerful enough to become his apprentice, he was played from the get go and the Jedi weren’t much different as they used him against his friend which ruined his faith in them as “Holy Men” I suppose which in turn blinded his vision to see Palpatine as the real enemy. Once Palpatine introduced the person he really was to Anakin he knew that Anakin was in agony (because of their long friendship) over whether he should turn him in or join him.

    He married Padme because he was recently wrecked by the death of his mother, he lost his arm and he did not want to lose the one person whom he love, ached for and fantasized about. I do not believe he was evil, I believe he was twisted by the multiple ways he was being pulled.

    Perhaps he was too old to begin the training but Luke was much older when he started with Yoda wasn’t he? In fact luke had already started training with Obi Wan at the same age Anakin turned to the dark side of the force.
    At the end of Return of The Jedi, Palpatine said “Young fool, only now at the end do you understand” and that always made me feel that Vader was extremely scared of the Emperor and his powers, so much in fact that he betrayed everyone, killed everyone and basically ended up a slave all over again and he did redeem himself by killing Palpatine to save his son and daughter. I also feel that he realized what a slime Palpatine truly was when he asked Luke to finish off his father and take his place at Palpatines side. It makes you wonder why Vader never went Naboo to say goodbye to Padme’s grave especially the way he (as Vader) cried out at the end of Episode III or why he never went back to Tatooine to see his mother’s grave. I believe it was shame that drove him to be Vader, shame of his choices that were basically laid out for him like a strategic chess move by Palpatine and the Jedi.

    I believe it is very similar to the way Political Parties and Religions use people every day. Just my opinion though.

    • Most of Anakin’s actions in his life were motivated by love. His attachments werepart of the reasons the Jedi were hestitant about him. The Jedi did not allow him to go to his mother when he first started dreaming of her being in distress. The Palpatine promised Anakin that he would help Anakin keep Padme alive, but Mace ie. the Jedi was going to kill him and therefore once again rob Anakin of someone he loved. So as Anakin said in the movie from his prespective it was the Jedi who were evil. One also forgets that the force was controlling the situations the only way for the Sith to be defeated was for Anakin to become Vader. Yoda was not strong enough to defeat Palpatine, Vader was not strong enough to defeat Palpatine only Anakin with Vader’s power and Anakin’s love could defeat the Emperor. The balance that Anakin brought to the force was that love had to be included in a Jedi’s life. Luke was never discouraged from his attachments and they made him very powerful. He was able to draw power from his love but did get drawn into the dark side because he was never told that love and attachments were bad. Ultimately, love was the only thing that could defeat the Emperor because he did not understand how it could overcome everything. Anakin loved everything From R2D2 to Padme and everyone saw that as a weakness in him instead the ultimate strength that would defeat the Sith.

  13. Seriously?!

  14. Last time I checked Vader is dead and oh yeah HE ISNT REAL!

    • Wow, thank you.

    • We all are just fiction…. a pimple on the ass of reality!

  15. I can loan him my copy of “I Hate You, Don’t Leave me”. LOL!!!!! HAVING BPD DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON A SOCIOPATH! And while more women are diagnosed than men, males have been known to develop the disorder. BTW, it appears to be genetic in nature. So far, the best treatment is a combination of medication to handle the depression that is generally found with the disorder as well as cognitive behavior therapy. Does anyone know if Yoda can write prescriptions? :-))


      • CP, It’s just meant to be funny…you need to learn to take it that way.

  16. I think our Dear Darth wasn’t necessarily sociopath or even crazy. The idea of no father was supposedly reference to the bible that he was a Christ-figure. I think as a child he was pure and innocent but leaving his only parent brought his “no father” complex to a whole new level. He probably developed the idea that he could only trust Obi-Wan of Padme (and later Palpatine). But I feel that these analysises of Anakin are too cold and unpersonal. As an actor, I feel you need to think of how he felt and what he was thinking as things happened, to develop his Character. It was clear that he originally started all of these evil deeds with the purest of intentions and that they were originally clouded by Palpatine himself. Anyway I feel that people should look at his Childhood. He was said to give without any thought of reward. (Also Christ-figure) and the idea he becomes a powerful evil villian isn’t so much as simple as being a sociopath. I think in order to understand Anakin/Vader, you would have to experience his life more intimately.


      • Here you are…responding

        • LOL some ppl don’t like use of imagination, and or entertainment.

      • Because if you notice what’s going on in the real world such as the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the problems going on in the Korean Penninusla, not to mention the Gaza situation, it can be said to be very similar to what happened to Anakin in starwars. how do we know that the whole war in Afghanistan isnt just like the Clone Wars in starwars? that their is a higher power involved wanting this war to happen to not only bring down America but to bring down everyones belief and trust to this nation. Ankain’s downfall was primarily based on his love for his wife and that he’d do everything including selling his soul if u will to keep her safe and protected. we do that all the time with our children and family. we’d sacrificed everything we had to keep our families safe even if we sold our souls to the darkside. so you might want to keep a lookout to wats going on in the world today cause if u really pay attention, you’ll see the similarities from the prequel trilogy and our real life situations.

      • Stop it–you’re becoming a real ass!

  17. Ok. So these scientists have nothing better to do than analyze Darth Vader??? What?

  18. and they got paid to do this study??????

    • wouldn’t u want to be paid for this?

  19. My guess:

    The Jedi are actually Scientologists, and you know how they feel about psychiatry.

  20. So, are the people who did this study psychiatrists or psychologists?

    The terms are not interchangeable (although both professions are equally qualified to make this sort of diagnosis).

  21. Psychiatrists…says so in the original Yahoo article….

  22. WOW…Now how about let’s figure you why Harry Potter was “the one that lived”…COME ON PEOPLE…it’s a MOVIE…and of course! a shrink would think a shrink would have helped…how else would they make money…freaking A!

  23. How long is it going to take until lawyers start using this as a defense?

  24. Uhh, if you have the time to interpret a diagnosis on a billion dollar franchise… You officially have no life. I don’t care if your a french, psychological doctor, why don’t you interview a real patient.

    • r u volunteering?

  25. It’s a trap!

  26. First, there was the “Chewbacca” defense, now the “Vadar” defense! What’s next? Jabba the Hut had a thyroid problem which caused him to become a warlord to try and cope with him being socially unaccepted by his peers?

    • don’t forget he also had to trap women…..

    • U r good!! Live long and prosper!!

    • LOL! reading though this made me laugh a lot… they should totally study superhero sex organs next…

  27. Like they said he did what was predicted, he balanced the force. The Jedi said they were losing their ability to see into the future and one with the force. The Jedi counsel grew arrogant and so was the Sith, he fulfilled his destiny even though he doesnt really exist lol.

  28. Who gives a flying S*IT! Work on something USEFUL, like what makes REAL LIVING PEOPLE do sick stuff to other REAL LIVING BEINGS!

    • The consideration of fictional scenarios have been and may be very helpful for real people. Been thinking inside the box much?

    • also makes u think why using explosive language on trivial matters like this makes REAL ppl monsters………

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