Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New ‘Star Wars’ Movie – Could It Happen?

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Darth Maul Movie Star Wars Episode 7 Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New Star Wars Movie   Could It Happen?

One of the most iconic, and at the same time most under-utilized, characters in the live-action Star Wars universe (or, at the very least, the Prequel episodes), hopes of future double-bladed lightsaber fights were cut short when Darth Maul was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. Even though the character later returned, with a pair of mechanical legs, in the recently canceled Star Wars: The Clone Wars, voiced by Being Human star (and Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed alum) Sam Witwer, many fans still consider the fate of Darth Maul a major missed opportunity.

However, now that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and the Star Wars universe from creator George Lucas, could we see actor Ray Park reprise his role as Darth Maul in a new live-action adventure in the galaxy far, far away?

While any talk of a live-action Darth Maul return is entirely premature at this point but actor Ray Park, who portrayed the character in Episode 1, is eager to reprise the role – with very basic demands in mind. Speaking at Wizard Con about the possibility of returning as the Sith Lord (reported by MTV Geek), Park said:

“Just give me food and water, and I’m there.”

We already have confirmation that solo Star Wars movies featuring fan-favorite characters will be released alongside the next episodic trilogy, for example:

  • Star Wars: Episode 7 in 2015
  • Solo Film #1 in 2016
  • Star Wars: Episode 8 in 2017
  • Solo Film #2 in 2018
  • Star Wars: Episode 9 in 2019

Darth Maul Clone Wars Animated Legs Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New Star Wars Movie   Could It Happen?

As a result, since Han Solo and Boba Fett are rumored to be the first two characters to get standalone treatments, it stands to reason that Darth Maul could appear as a side character in an existing (or future) solo project. Understandably, some fans might feel like bringing Darth Maul back (with fancy mechanical legs) would undercut the impact of his Episode 1 death but, keep in mind, given that Lucasfilm is pursuing standalone stories set in pre-Episode 7 timeframes, it’s possible that the filmmakers could bring Maul back for an appearance – prior to his chronological introduction in Episode 1.

Given that the Zabrak warrior isn’t known for lengthy exposition, and is mostly a one-man killing machine, it’s less likely that Maul would get his own solo film – but he could serve as a great antagonist in the rumored Yoda spinoff movie or Seven Samurai-inspired Jedi team-up. Considering Zack Snyder is busy helping Warner Bros. with their budding DC Universe, talk of his standalone Jedi film was probably exaggerated but that doesn’t mean that Darth Maul wouldn’t be a great fit for a similar battle between Light and Dark sides of the Force.

So what could we expect from Darth Maul if he were to return? According to Park, he’s ready to up-the-ante again. After introducing fans to a live-action double-bladed lightsabers, MTV Geek indicates that the actor wants to wield two double-bladed lightsabers at once. At the very least, Park hopes to come back “with something a little bit spicy” and asserts that he’d like to be shirtless – to feature the character’s tattoos.

Obi Wan Darth Maul Star Wars Episode 1 Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New Star Wars Movie   Could It Happen?

Park also expressed interest in reprising his role as Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe 3: “I really hope they ask me back” – which, at this point, is much more likely than a new movie featuring Darth Maul (especially since G.I. Joe 3 is actively moving forward). While Park has not been formerly approached about either a Star Wars movie or the G.I. Joe sequel, Snake Eyes is one of only a few characters that has been featured in both Rise of Cobra and Retaliation, so it’s hard to imagine director Jon Chu wouldn’t include Park in number three.

We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy sees the same potential in Darth Maul.


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Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

Source: MTV Geek [via CBM]

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes.

    JJ Abrams, George Lucas, or whomever has control over future films, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS. I don’t care if his story of surviving is the worst thing I’ve ever heard, just bring this dude back.

    • Ah, NO! He was cut in half in the first film. These films are sequels, not prequels. As much as I liked his character, NO!

      • He was brought back in the clone wars tv show. If that tv show is canon then… BRING HIM BACK!!!

        • So, if he was cut in half in the first movie, how was he resurrected?

          • “Through his intense rage, Maul was able to survive and escape to the junk fields Lotho Minor, where he spent the next twelve years of his life with little to no memory of his former self. Maul kept himself mobile by manifesting a spider-like lower half, feeding off of rodents while his mental equilibrium slowly became undone. Although Darth Sidious and the Jedi Order were unaware of Maul’s continued existence, the Nightsister Mother Talzin continued to keep an eye on Maul. In 20 BBY, three years into the Clone Wars, Talzin sent Maul’s brother, Savage Opress, the ousted apprentice of Maul’s Sith successor, on a quest to find the fractured man who dwelled in the depths of Lotho Minor. Savage successfully brought his brother back to Dathomir to undergo physical and mental reconstitution by Talzin’s dark magic. Rehabilitated mentally and physically through prosthetic legs, Maul swore to reestablish his place in galactic history, starting with taking vengeance on Kenobi.”

            • I’m assuming that’s a quote from one of the books? Anyway, as much as I liked the character, I don’t think he could have survived being cut in half. Maybe a stand alone prequel film with him as one of the leads in it?

        • I don’t give a rip about the cartoon TV show. Let the movies be the movies, let the garbage be the garbage.

          • “Let the movies be the movies, let the garbage be the garbage.”

            Lots of people consider the cartoon show to be the one good thing George Lucas did during the prequel era. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to draw inspiration from it.

          • Dude, Clone Wars (specifically the Maul story arc) was excellent. It was written by Lucas’s daughter. Trust me when I say thie cartoon is part of the story. Maul is alive, what happens to him after Darth Sidous defeats him is what is unknown.

      • He survives by using the force. If Anakin can be conceived by the force (the dark side no less), then Maul can survive his injuries. This means he figued out Darth Plaguies’s trick to keep from dying, and proved to Sidious that he was a worthy Sith.

    • Trey, there’s no way in hell that DM should be brought back (resurrected) for Episodes VII-IX. However, I would be fine with DM in any SW stand-alone film that makes sense timeline-wise.

  2. maybe everyones favorite thing of the prequel movies. if not definitely the best thing about the first movie.

    dont think it possible to get maul into the next trilogy but a standalone movie with him would be brilliant.
    and ray is brilliant with the lightsaber so i cant imagine him not coming back in some capacity like behind the scenes doing choreography, look up some vids of him on youtube. hes is legit.

  3. Yes! In my opinion, killing Darth Maul off was a bigger mistake than creating Jar Jar Binks. Hmmm, on second thought, nothing is quite as bad as that — but it was still a terrible mistake! Would love to see Ray Park again. He’s one talented dude.

    • I must be one of the few people who never saw a problem with Jar Jar Binks.

      • Frak it!! reboot the prequels!!

        • Here, take my like ! [+1]

      • He was the comic relief, as well as the lynch-pin for the fall of the republic; as acting representative of Naboo.

      • You are not the only one, I loved Jar Jar Binks and think they used him way to sparingly in the next 2 movies.

      • I’d be down for a Jar-Jar film. So long as he dies by the half hour mark.

        • More like during the opening credits.

      • Exsqueese me! Meesa think yousa quazy! :-D

      • You’re not my friend. I’m a freaking Jar Jar fanboy. His character is no different from C-3P0; besides being three-dimensional, more involved role in the films, as well as interesting.

        Including an aged Jar Jar in VII, and giving him the right kind of role would be the final straw against the fans for their mindless hating 14-year-old band wagon.

        “Mesa gunna be in VII now, okeeday?”

  4. How in the hell does he survive that fall? And since Disney seemingly does not want to use EU material, my guess would be that Darth Maul is not getting his own movie.

    • I’ve hears the same thing about Disney. And, I don’t like it, at all. There is a lot of rich source material in the EU. Actually, I’d be surprised if Disney stands by its original stance and doesn’t at least incorporate some of the EU material.

    • People right here on Earth have survived worse skydiving and their parachutes not opening and that’s falling at terminal velocity. I’m sure Darth Maul’s fall was never that extreme so it’s not impossible plus you are underestimating the mysterious powers of the force!

      • Except those people didn’t have their torsos cut in half first.

  5. Bring him back and have him cleave Binks in half, also we are going to need a hand chopped off, that’s kind of a running gag now with both Skywalkers and Mace Windu all handless.

  6. He was the best part about Episode I. A very underrated villain who is drowned out by bandwagon hate of the entire movie.

    Who cares if he died in the books or the show? Star Wars started as films and the majority will just want to see the films. I get that the SW fanbase is huge, but a lot of people fail to understand how movies work. If there is no evidence in the film of him being dead, Maul can return.

    • That’s ridiculous, acw. Maul is dead. Maul was cut in half. Just get over it. Now, I would have no problem with him in a SW stand-alone movie in a time period before he dies. But, it’d be ludicrous if he was reintroduced in Episode VII.

      • Cutting someone in half will not necessarily kill you. Depends on whether the parts you need to live are still attached. He was basically cut right above the hips. He does look up at Obi Wan while falling, so he wasn’t dead as he was falling. So he could be alive, sorry.

    • The evidence of death was in the film.

  7. Talking about solo film – give us han solo prequel movie with josh hartnett

    • You might as well have said Justin Bieber… Eff no.

  8. Maul really should have been the major baddie for all three prequels or at least for 1 and 2. Dooku in my opinion was a pointless character and was only added so Lucas could have Christopher lee play a villain. But in reality Lee should have played a member of the trade federation or perhaps a politician aid to Palpatine

    Maul should have been wounded at the end of episode 1 and fled, then he could return in episode 2 and have been killed by anakin and kenobi towards the end (strengthening their bond and eliminating the villain so that palpatine could rise in episode 3 with anakin at his side)

    Man, If Only We could go back and remake the prequels, some of that stuff was good, but a striped down and better dialogue driven story would have been excellent

  9. Give Darth Maul more substance as a villain in whatever film he appears in. Villains like Khan and Darth Vader are interesting for a reason. They didn’t just have cool makeup and good dueling skills, they had true character. Darth Maul isn’t underrated, he was underused.

  10. He doesn’t die he just get a new legs

    • Wrong. Dude was sliced in half in Episode I. We see it in the film.

  11. jj abrams LOVES time travel/change of past,present future, and goes for the “COOL” factor. nothing cooler than bringing a BA character like Maul and letting his character rip apart whatever stands before him. make it happen

  12. i think he was like the coolest part of the prequel trilogy. the prequel were just fill in the blank movies, they could have been a lot better. with the sequel trilogy they have a lot more freedom on what stories they can tell, honesty i can see the star wars franchise lasting forever and ever. they just do a group of movies every few decades or years. i can’t wait for new movie

  13. I loved Darth Maul but I also loved General Grievous too and he – like Maul – was criminally underused. Bring back both.

    • Grievous got the Michael Bay treatment. While I also loved him, it’s hard to believe he’s not dead.

    • Bring back both for new Episodes? Hell no.

      For stand-alone films that work timeline-wise? Sure.

  14. Big fan of Maul, it’s such a shame that one of the best things to come out of the PT (that fight scene) ended in such a terrible way, it screamed plot device, that such a great fighter ends up cut in half like that, I would have rather seen Obi Wan beat him during the fight rather than some cliffhanger/BS jump and slash moment.

    I kinda hope they do bring him back in some (hopefully plausible) circumstance and do some justice to the character.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand he was supposed to be a bit of a filler, someone who shows the danger/depth of a Sith but they did such a great job in creating Maul that it kinda hurt seeing him go in such a way and so suddenly, at least half of what I love about Star wars is the villains and they should have given him a satisfying end I feel and that didn’t happen but it could now maybe?

  15. Food and water, that’s all he want people. DO IT!!

  16. Ray Park willing to return as Maul is awesome. Maul getting killed off in episode I was a big mistake. I’d be first in line to see Maul in his own film, hope it happens.

  17. Yes! Bring Darth Maul back, he was the best thing about Phantom Menace.
    Make it happen JJ.

  18. A prequel Stand Alone movie is not impossible.

  19. East. Have the Kiminoans create an unalterated clone of Maul from DNA that Palpatine or Dokuu gave to them for this purpose

  20. Easy. Have the Kiminoans create an unalterated clone of Maul from DNA that Palpatine or Dokuu gave to them for this purpose

    • No

  21. Oh my god YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides Liam Neeson, Darth Maul is the only watchable part in this stupid movie and one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. My life would be complete if they made a Darth Maul solo film or simply bring him back. I could die and have no regrets. Except maybe Darth Nihilus.

    • I would not complain finding way to bring Liam Neeson back ;)

      Qui-Gon Jinn and Luke Skywalker have much in common.

      • Well—Qui Jon does become a force ghost I think. He instructed Obi-Wan how to do it, as well as Yoda

  22. As much as I would want these next set of films to distance themselves from the Prequel Trilogy and thus not be repetitive of the pure “Jedi vs. Sith” plot- be more in line of an all encompassing space fantasy of the originals- I would love to see an expansion of the Darth Maul character.

    Perhaps Darth Maul can be the very last remnant of that evil order, small relative to the new main enemy of the Sequel Trilogy.

    Have his return turn out to be a mystery that perhaps can drive one if not all of the films. A sub-plot that gains momentum and explodes unexpectedly in the course of the new Galactic conflict.

    Darth Maul can be a character who views his survival as one of significance and takes revenge on the set of Jedi Knights and Skywalker for the death of the Emperor. We can explore his psyche and see him more than just a killer/assassin. Be intellectual in a predator level.

    Ray Park is willing and can be seen as a redemption of sorts for the character.

    • No, avenger. Maul was sliced in half. Maul is dead. I hate gimmicks like bringing someone back from the dead. Would you also want to see Darth Vader brought back to life?

      • No, Darth Vader was burned, he is a force ghost. Maul, on the other hand, was only cut at belt level. Not in half. Clearly, since he appears in the Clone Wars, he has survived and can be used. Watch the clone wars Maul arc and see. Don’t be blinded. Cut his head off? Then yeah, he’s dead. But he looks up at Obi Wan as he’s falling… Watch Ep 1 again.

        • Sorry, but canons are the truth in SW Universe.
          Canon says “Darth Maul is alive”. He even become ruler of Mandalore for a while, because he is powerful and and wise. He killed PreVizla in a hand to hand fight, the best in Star Wars Universe until now.
          “The Dark Side has many ways that some may consider unnatural” DM is strong in the dark side, he can survive that.

    • ^archer

  23. If lieutenant Daynnn can have magic legs then so can Darth Maul!

  24. If he can’t come back as maul which I would love to see then make him the training master to darth bane. Those two had an epic fight in the story

  25. I would also like to add:

    Seven Samurai inspired Star Wars film would be great. Personally I would love to see Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson working side by side acting as them badass variation of their characters. I would want both those actors finding a way to come back. Although prequels prior to the prequels does not sound exciting as such.

    A solo film based on Han Solo and Boba Fett first encounter proves interesting. The way I will paint it is Han Solo’s initial journey when he frees the wookie Chewbacca from an Imperial camp marks Han Solo as a wanted man. Over the course of the film he will meet Lando Carlrissian, pull of a heist, win the Millennium Falcon (maybe even show the Kessel Run) and throw in Boba Fett for good measure. A great big space pirate, heist epic. It does not have to chronicle everything prior to the original Star Wars (it could cover a trilogy itself) but I rather they focus the story on the essence.

  26. If J.J. has any sense whatsoever, he’d find a way to put both Boba Fett and Darth Maul in his movie.

    • Why stop there? Why not put Darth Vader in the movie? Hell, let’s resurrect Jabba too. Absurd.

      • Look, Maul was revived in the Clone Wars. Not Vader and Not Boba Fett. Maul could conceivably return. It’s already a done deal. The cartoon counts as part of the story. Get over it.

  27. They just have to clone him. Let the Kamino do their job.

  28. Id like a stand alone where hes hunting down Obi.

  29. i can see the clone idea or just make him someone else with a even more evil look any he can be in there he should and i hope they have a massive jedi sith battle with several of each going at it fighting . Thats just a hope .