Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New ‘Star Wars’ Movie – Could It Happen?

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Darth Maul Movie Star Wars Episode 7 Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New Star Wars Movie   Could It Happen?

One of the most iconic, and at the same time most under-utilized, characters in the live-action Star Wars universe (or, at the very least, the Prequel episodes), hopes of future double-bladed lightsaber fights were cut short when Darth Maul was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. Even though the character later returned, with a pair of mechanical legs, in the recently canceled Star Wars: The Clone Wars, voiced by Being Human star (and Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed alum) Sam Witwer, many fans still consider the fate of Darth Maul a major missed opportunity.

However, now that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and the Star Wars universe from creator George Lucas, could we see actor Ray Park reprise his role as Darth Maul in a new live-action adventure in the galaxy far, far away?

While any talk of a live-action Darth Maul return is entirely premature at this point but actor Ray Park, who portrayed the character in Episode 1, is eager to reprise the role – with very basic demands in mind. Speaking at Wizard Con about the possibility of returning as the Sith Lord (reported by MTV Geek), Park said:

“Just give me food and water, and I’m there.”

We already have confirmation that solo Star Wars movies featuring fan-favorite characters will be released alongside the next episodic trilogy, for example:

  • Star Wars: Episode 7 in 2015
  • Solo Film #1 in 2016
  • Star Wars: Episode 8 in 2017
  • Solo Film #2 in 2018
  • Star Wars: Episode 9 in 2019

Darth Maul Clone Wars Animated Legs Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New Star Wars Movie   Could It Happen?

As a result, since Han Solo and Boba Fett are rumored to be the first two characters to get standalone treatments, it stands to reason that Darth Maul could appear as a side character in an existing (or future) solo project. Understandably, some fans might feel like bringing Darth Maul back (with fancy mechanical legs) would undercut the impact of his Episode 1 death but, keep in mind, given that Lucasfilm is pursuing standalone stories set in pre-Episode 7 timeframes, it’s possible that the filmmakers could bring Maul back for an appearance – prior to his chronological introduction in Episode 1.

Given that the Zabrak warrior isn’t known for lengthy exposition, and is mostly a one-man killing machine, it’s less likely that Maul would get his own solo film – but he could serve as a great antagonist in the rumored Yoda spinoff movie or Seven Samurai-inspired Jedi team-up. Considering Zack Snyder is busy helping Warner Bros. with their budding DC Universe, talk of his standalone Jedi film was probably exaggerated but that doesn’t mean that Darth Maul wouldn’t be a great fit for a similar battle between Light and Dark sides of the Force.

So what could we expect from Darth Maul if he were to return? According to Park, he’s ready to up-the-ante again. After introducing fans to a live-action double-bladed lightsabers, MTV Geek indicates that the actor wants to wield two double-bladed lightsabers at once. At the very least, Park hopes to come back “with something a little bit spicy” and asserts that he’d like to be shirtless – to feature the character’s tattoos.

Obi Wan Darth Maul Star Wars Episode 1 Ray Park Wants to Return as Darth Maul in a New Star Wars Movie   Could It Happen?

Park also expressed interest in reprising his role as Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe 3: “I really hope they ask me back” – which, at this point, is much more likely than a new movie featuring Darth Maul (especially since G.I. Joe 3 is actively moving forward). While Park has not been formerly approached about either a Star Wars movie or the G.I. Joe sequel, Snake Eyes is one of only a few characters that has been featured in both Rise of Cobra and Retaliation, so it’s hard to imagine director Jon Chu wouldn’t include Park in number three.

We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy sees the same potential in Darth Maul.


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Star Wars: Episode 7 is set for release in 2015.

Source: MTV Geek [via CBM]

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  1. “Just give me food and water, and I’m there”
    Really ? I wonder what food he likes, somthing tells me its more then $ 1 000 a day.

    • Ha, obviously, he was exaggerating.

  2. I like that he said this, the man is not hurting for work, you might remember him as SNAKE EYES from the G.I. Joe film series, he clearly loves the character, as do many fans, and he wants Darth Maul to return, as do many fans!!!

  3. “Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed.” Some kind of Star Wars rape game?

  4. If he is rolling around on a cart like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places – YES.
    If not – NO.

    • HA… HA HA….. This is a GREAT visual LOL

  5. It could work a standalone movie. Show us sith perspective, set before episode one. they can even do the story from that book about maul.

  6. This is something I forsee happening. Darth Maul, defeated by Darth Sidious, is not killed by the Sith Master. Sidious simply says he has “other uses” for him. Since that is how the clone wars ends for Maul, anything is possible. Lucas himself said it was a mistake to kill him off in Episode 1. Clearly, Darth Sidious intended to use his apprentice more had he not “died”. A well trained Sith Lord who was trained from childhood is hard to come by.

    When he returns, Sidious knows that Maul must have been quite strong in the force in order to survive being cut in half.

    After defeating him, I believe Sidious freezes him so he can be revived in the event the Sith are destroyed. I’m sure he must have had a contingency plan in the event he is destroyed. It was no guarantee that Anakin would fall to the dark side and Dooku was old. Maul was still relatively young and capable of reviving the Sith Order.

    Listen to this plot:

    After the destruction of the second Death Star, the remaining Imperial forces scatter to the outer rim. While the Alliance attempts to revive the republic, secret orders are initiated. A team of Imperial Special Forces are directed to a secret location. Leading up that team is a force aware dark force user the emperor had trained to be an assassin. Upon their arrival, they find a secret base. They proceed to follow their orders to initiate a routine in the base’s systems. This releases Darth Maul from cryo stasis. They take him back to the fleet. After Maul recovers, the second part of the order is put into play. Maul is given a recording from Sidious telling him to travel to Korriban to complete his training and that he is the last of the Sith. He is to take on an apprentice and train them as well to preserve the rule of 2.

    Luke immediately senses Maul’s ressurection and Episode 7 is essentially directs the new Jedi to discover what is going on and hunt for this new threat. So this episode is all about Maul’s attempt to complete his mission without being caught by the Republic and the Jedi. The end of the movie is a battle over Korriban between Imperial and republic ships while Maul and his apprentice to be discovers the Sith holocrons he needs to complete his training in a hidden Sith temple. The Jedi catch up to them, and they fight to a stalemate, since Luke is not there. Maul and his aprentice get the upper hand, and are able to escape, along with the Imperial Fleet.

    Episode 8 and 9 will be the aftermath of Maul learning new Sith powers and training a new apprentice. Luke and the Jedi will be challenged to defeat this Sith threat once and for all and rid them and the remaining Imperial forces from the galaxy.

    • This is excellent, I would love to see this fleshed out and realized on the silver screen, something tells me though it won’t happen this way.

  7. how about something not seen on film already, we’ve had the sith revenge and the Jedi returning, why not show how the old ways of light vs dark doesn’t work as it creates its own enemies purely due to its duality

    I’d like to see something along the lines of the Mandalorians taking advantage of the power vacuum left by the fall of the empire and trying to take over the galaxy. Maybe by using the relics left behind by the sith (an army of Mandalorians with lightsabers)

    Episode 7 – last remnants of the empire being tracked down by the rebels and the new Jedi order to try and bring them to justice, but find that something seems to be one step ahead of them and already done the job (new evil, that doesn’t want to reveal itself yet)
    It ends with the new republic feeling safe, empire is gone for good, but Luke and Jedi not convinced, worried by the apparent use of lightsabers and the new threat

    Episode 8 – Mandalorians (or whatever they decide the new bad guys should be) show themselves and catch new republic off guard, gaining the upper hand and crippling or splintering the army
    New Jedi order are asked/ordered to deal with the problem quickly, go into battle unprepared, and lose
    Meanwhile have Mandalore (leader of the new bad guys) and elite soldiers attack while the Jedi are away, which takes control of new Jedi headquarters and possibly the senate as well, killing Luke in the process as he defends the Jedi headquarters that he built
    Mandalore broadcasts new of the victory and demand the surrender of the remaining republic and Jedi forces, Leia as hostage and threaten to hold her accountable for the crimes of her father and brother (as oldest living skywalker)

    Episode 9 – the survivors of the new republic and Jedi order having to work together to find a way to negate the advantage the enemy has, specifically their use of lightsabers, perhaps by teaching the secret of lightsaber building to the republic army (this could allow for some interesting new colours and handles, more double blades) and maybe a crash course in force powers for those with the gift leading up to a big finale to take back the seats of power
    Ending show a reduced importance in the Jedi religion since the secrets and special powers are no longer being hoarded and hidden by an elite (good or bad) and a greater emphasis on helping the people use their power responsibly, ushering in a golden age for the republic and a true balancing of the force (since sith and Jedi are no longer necessary or keeping all the power and information for themselves)

    Luke spends the first film and a half as consultant and teacher for new Jedi, can use yoda, obi-wan, mace? and anakin (not Hayden Christensen) as force ghosts for cameos (star wars would be the same without a little bit of yoda and given his 900 years of experience could be useful as a foreshadowing tool in first film)

    Mandalorians as new and larger threat than the Sith were (an army rather than 2 guys)
    Ray park as Mandalore (would have cool helmet and armour, along the lines of the Fetts as well as having him with a lightsaber again, no need to bring maul back this way and would give a more charismatic role than in episode 1)

    but focus on the new/younger characters and their trials, with new enemy with old weapons (cos lightsaber fights are awesome)
    This is just my thoughts on the direction the new films should go, and can certainly be improved (came up with this as I was writing so it will have problems)

    • I am sure the mandalorians will not be a major part of the trilogy unless abrams surprises us. Remember, this is a story if light vs dark. The Sith are not easily defeated. They keep trying.
      Now, it is possible the imperial forces join up with help to turn the tide. Maybe the mandalorians? But the imperial forces need a leader we know. Darth Maul fits the bill. He already was ruler of Mandalore.

      • but that doesn’t fit with the story line of starwars

  8. Sorry, but canons are the truth in SW Universe.
    Canon says “Darth Maul is alive”. He even become ruler of Mandalore for a while, because he is powerful and and wise. He killed PreVizla in a hand to hand fight, the best in Star Wars Universe until now.
    “The Dark Side has many ways that some may consider unnatural” DM is strong in the dark side, he can survive that.

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  12. ok may i point out that darth maul did come back and only the top half was being used the bottom of course was robotic. him and obi were fighting again since he came to kill luke as a child and lukes uncle watched and came out nodded and told obi to leave and thank you.

  13. I think it would be awesome if Ray came back somehow, I’m not sure how he could two double-lightsaves. Surely that would impossible to do with stunts. Even if it was just a flashback or something.

  14. Has no one noticed the image or Maul it’s reversed with the piercing in his right ear instead of his left?