Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

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noah darren aronofsky controversy Darren Aronofskys Noah Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

When you adapt a Bible story for the big screen, you’re just asking for trouble, and Darren Aronofsky has already courted his fair share with his graphic novel-turned movie project, Noah. The Black Swan director’s vision of the Noah’s Ark story features Russell Crowe as the eponymous prophet, who believes that his visions of an impending apocalyptic flood are a message from God – and thus, begins to construct an enormous ship, in order to protect his family and as many living creatures as possible.

Paramount has started test screening Noah, by showing different cuts of the film to audiences so as to determine which one is best received (read: most commercially viable). The religious tentpole is reported to have climbed past its original $125 million budget, so Aronofsky is having to deal with more studio feedback than he’s accustomed to, seeing how his previous features have all been pretty low on the professional film budget scale (with the exception of The Fountain, which still cost “just” $35 million to make).

The current problems facing Noah are described by THR as follows:

In recent weeks, the studio has held test screenings for key groups that might take a strong interest in the subject matter: in New York (for a largely Jewish audience), in Arizona (Christians) and in Orange County, Calif. (general public). All are said to have generated troubling reactions. But sources say Aronofsky has been resistant to Paramount’s suggested changes. “Darren is not made for studio films,” says a talent rep with ties to the project. “He’s very dismissive. He doesn’t care about [Paramount's] opinion.”

Aronofsky is definitely aiming to put his own creative stamp on the material, having described Noah as “the first environmentalist” (as in, the first person to recognize the importance of caring for the world created for humanity by God) and planned a vision of the story that includes beings like giant six-armed angels and fantastical animals unlike any in existence today. The setting of Aronofsky and Ari Handel’s Noah graphic novel (the basis for the film) can be described as savage and Mad Max-ish, with years of human barbarism and warfare having ravaged the landscape, even before the the time of a terrible drought.

darren aronofsky noah Darren Aronofskys Noah Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

Artwork from the ‘Noah’ graphic novel

The artistic challenges that come with realizing such a world have already been documented, most recently in an interview where Aronofsky revealed that the CGI animals designed for Noah are the most complex digital shots rendered by ILM to date. However, as passionate as the filmmaker’s vision for the project appears to be, that doesn’t guarantee that others will be so taken with his re-interpretation of the Noah’s Ark story, as THR notes in its write-up:

Beyond the visuals, a major challenge has been coming up with an exciting third act that doesn’t alienate the potentially huge Christian audience (in the Bible, Noah and the ark’s inhabitants survive the flood that destroys the Earth). Some in the faith community already have expressed skepticism about the result, especially after writer Brian Godawa in October 2012 obtained a version of the Noah script and posted his summary online under the heading, “Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: Environmentalist Wacko.”…

Admittedly, there’s something deliciously meta about all this, with Aronofsky’s plans having been heavily scrutinized by the doubtful religious community looking onwards as the project develops. It parallels how Noah, in the movie, faces much in the way of skepticism from his peers (including, Ray Winstone’s character), who question whether the protagonist’s visions and behavior are those of a faithful servant of God… or a disillusioned madman, who’s been given too much leeway.

russell crowe noah1 Darren Aronofskys Noah Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

Russell Crowe as Noah

There’s certainly an audience that will be interested to see how Aronofsky breathes new life into the Noah’s Ark story, more so because it’s clear that he is strongly committed to making the film a success; as a result, ensuring that the Biblical epic should feel like the handiwork of an auteur, not a soulless Hollywood effects-heavy tentpole. Whether or not it’s respectful of the Bible source material, is a discussion better saved for later (i.e. when the film is no longer a work-in-progress and ready for critiquing).

On the other hand, you can see where Paramount is coming from, since the studio has already invested heavily in letting Aronofsky maintain his artistic integrity with Noah, despite the chance that it could push away the sizable Christian audience (see: the box office returns for The Passion of the Christ and huge ratings success of The History Channel’s The Bible mini-series-turned upcoming theatrical release Son of God, for the proof of that).

Still, at this stage, Paramount attempting to make the film easier-to-swallow for moviegoers might be too little, too late, lest the studio end up sacrificing the cohesiveness of Aronofsky’s vision and turning the film into a Frankenstein job like the recent expensive summer blockbusters World War Z and The Lone Ranger. Indeed, the vast difference in those films’ box office returns just goes to show: you can never be too sure about how things will work out in the end.

Let us know whether or not you’re interested in seeing Noah in the comments section below (and remember, keep it civil, folks).


Noah is slated to open in theaters on March 28th, 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. I’d love to go see ” Noah “. I think the religious critics should get a life. They need to remember that it’s ” just a movie “, and that the director is not trying to rewrite the bible. Plus, any critics of the movie should remember, and recognize the fact that the movie is based on Ari Handel’s Noah graphic novel. Relax people ! Movies are entertainment, and not meant as religious instruction. How a person views a movie is his or her individual right, but it should not be left up to a select group to decide for all what the population as a whole has available to watch. Just because ” some ” may not agree with the movie’s version of the story of Noah, is no reason for it to not be available, and even enjoyed by many others. I don’t believe that God is as narrow-minded as so many religious fanatics think. God made Us with imaginations that were meant to be expanded upon, and used. So RELAX… Go see the movie, and give it a chance. Remember that it’s ” just a movie “. IF you decide you don’t like it, FINE ! That’s your right, but don’t believe for a second that you can decide for the rest of us.

    • As a Christian watching this film (written and directed by atheists) I felt kind of like a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust might have felt watching a revisionist movie written and directed by a couple of former concentration camp guards. There would be semi accurate scenes of Jews being herded into gas chambers but then it would turn out they really would be taking a shower instead of being gassed. They would be let out the other side of the chamber to an idyllic life of work and comfort in the camp under the benevolent control of fun loving Nazi guards. There might be a scene of a pile of bodies or a mass grave here and there but it would all be artistically rendered and show that those people really died of happiness and that their bodies were being recycled for the benefit of mankind. The big ovens would be for baking the bread that the Nazi guards would distribute to the happy inmates. Hitler would appear at a round up of Jewish people in Berlin to reassure them that he really loved them and wanted to care for their every need, but that they had sinned and needed some benevolent Nazi direction in their lives. I wonder how a film like that would strike Mr. Aronofsky and Mr. Handel, as long as it was artistically rendered that is. And the disclaimer could read, “This film is inspired by the story of Der Fuhrer’s Germany. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide”. And any Jew that objected would have to just “GET A LIFE”. Nobody should get their panties all in a wade over it since it would be “JUST A MOVIE” right Yvonne :-) ?????

      • Taking things a little too far there Mike in comparing a recent historical period to what is essentially literary fantasy. Noah’s story is untrue to its original version merely on the basis of its retelling over millenia, but also because it has been reformulated to be more digestible/believable in today’s society. As an example, lost in the bible is the tale of how angels came down to earth to fornicate with humans, resulting in uncontrollable giant offspring, which prompted god to flood the earth to eliminate them. It’s not a stretch for Aronofsky to take literary freedoms on a tale that has been barbarized by its own believers. Please don’t lose any sleep over this, ;).

        • Not to change the subject but I really liked the Hulk in the Avengers. When he smashed Loki. I loved that part. Noah is just a fictional graphic novel that’s all nothing more. Ya’ll ever listen to http://www.ksbj.org on the internet. It’s a christian radio station here in Texas. It is awesome. Try it you’ll like it. God Bless :)

      • Amen brother. As a Christian myself, this movie was absolute trash. The only thing that held true to the actual Biblical story was the fact that the flood came in the movie, I’m surprised they didn’t try to sensationalize that as well. Everything else was completely fabricated and false. Mr Aronofsky and Mr Handel, I seriously hope you don’t think that you did anyone any favors by coming out with this garbage.

    • Yes, i didn’t like that it was so dark. But I’m a sappy Hallmark type of person. I am also open minded. I think thid movie will be a conversation starter. Isn’t that what we need? Invite our non believing friends. Maybe that’s God’s wil?????

      • invite non-believing friends to a movie that bears almost no resemblance to the actual story of Noah??? why would you confuse them on purpose? God’ will??? I’m thinking not…try taking them to church…i’m wondering why this movie was called “Noah,” anyway??? aside from the flood and the ark, it’s all “artistic license,” so why not be more creative and give it a more “artistic” name??? oh, right, they’re trying to drum up controversy to get people to watch their crappy movie so they make more money and therefore feel like they did a great job. well, this life isn’t going to last forever…enjoy your money now, guys…

    • AMEN, I am a big fan of comics and probably always will be. Its just a form of entertainment. I haven’t seen the movie but I read the comic and I like it. The Noah character is very adamant about not letting anyone on the ark which except his family, I can honestly say that I wasn’t crazy about that part or deciding to end the infants lives just because they were female, but it is just a fictional graphic novel and I leave it at that. I am a christian.I have been baptized as an infant and as an adult publicly showing that I believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I pray for anything and everything. :) – God Bless Ya’ll

    • For all those that claim that we all should “relax” over Noah, and that it’s a fantasy, and bent out of shape Christians let me propose this argument to you to see if you would feel differently. If I made a movie called MLK and it was about Martin Luther King Jr. and I showed the march onto Washington, and had the “I had a dream” speech, but also I had him as a gambler and an alcholic would you say “lighten up it’s just a fantasy”? If James Cameron would have done the movie “Titanic” and it indeed sinks but the captain purposely steered into the iceburg becaue he was disgruntled (no accounts in history show this). Or Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Irish and not the Japanese. How much liberty do a movie theatre take for you to say “that’s not right”. I wonder if a movie came out about the Koran if the movie theatre would have made it with such liberties as Noah what would have happened.

      • Yeah well…many of you LOVED Mel Gibson’s trash Passon of the Christ…which was one long anti-semitic rant. Really? Really? All the Jews depicted as smarmy, snaggle-toothed heathen who vote to kill Jesus? Really…and Pontius Pilate didn’t want to crucify Jesus but did so because the Jewish people demanded it? LOL. Paleeeez.

        Gibson’s “passion” was to tell his interpretation; he hasGibson has rejected the Second Vatican Council which acknowledged the sin of the Church for almost 2000 years in blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus. It decreed that nither the Jews of that generation or of those to come would bear any guilt for deicide. The Vatican published (in l988) Criteria for the Evaluation of Dramatizations of the Passion…and listed nine points that any future depictions of Passion Plays are to use as guides. Good ol’ Mel ignored every one of them.

        But…Christians LOVED this movie. They wept…the commund…they went in droves to see it. Where was the uproar then for the INACCURATE BARBARIC depiction of a horrific act glorified in all its bloody gore while simultaneously blaming and “forgiving” the Jewish people…who weren’t actually responsible.

        Oh…and…give me a break!

  2. I will not go to the movie, It is Not a Movie that Supports the Bible and Christianity , It is an Altered story of Noah , twisted from the Original Story by an Atheists . An altered version created at the hopes of making a movie that he hopes will draw Christians and Non-Christians alike for the purpose of feathering his own nest , Almost sounds like the Director could be the carbon copy of JUDAS , but a higher priced version.

    • So what would you like to see? Old Davie & Goliath cartoons? If religious people don’t even like religious movies, then Hollywood will stop pandering to you, & put out more violence & porn, like they usually do. Did you hate the Cecil B. DeMille version of the Bible? Did you hate Ben Hur?

      • Noah can’t be called a religious movie when it purposely omits the word God (even though it appears 20 times in the Bible story) and Lord (even though it appears in the Bible story 10 times). Ben Hur did not remove God from the events of the story, so I don’t understand the comparison. I can’t speak for all Christians, but this Christian wants to see “religious” movies that don’t remove God from the story. Hollywood can continue to make whatever trashy movies they want to make, and we can use our moral judgement to decide which ones we pay to see.

        • kathy i agree. i was under the impression it was bibilicaly correct.I understand theater licence.If so where were noah’s three son’s wives. Be careful in how you interpret God’s word.

  3. Very disappointing. Ok I never expected it to fully follow the bi blical record accurately but this was way off, I mean Tubal Cain hiding in the Ark! And Methusellah forreging in the forest !. Even the trailer was a bit dishonest as it conveniently left out all the Hollywood style wacko bits.

  4. The Noah movie I saw is a big disappointment. It is a fantasy movie that strayed too far from the Biblical text and intent of the story of Noah which was concerning God’s relationship to man and his incessant appeal to man to turn from sin and live, God’s preference of mercy over death because God loves man but hates sin because of its corrupting influence and consequences which brings destruction and death to mankind and our relationship with God. It created a false image of God based on today’s secular cultural influence and thinking, man making God in his own image, rather than the true God of the Bible.

    I rarely go to the movies because I feel the movies today are immoral, too much violence, mindless entertainment, and have negative influence on our culture. I would like to see Hollywood produce movies that have positive edifying moral influence on mankind.

  5. Many of you are commenting that Christians should “lighten up, it’s just a movie”, and meant to entertain, not convey the Biblical account, but the producers of the movie “Noah” advertises the following:
    “The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.”
    Producers also are quite proud of carefully following scripture to the letter when constructing the Ark. That’s great, but that is where the effort to follow the scriptural account ends. In scripture, Noah is said to be “blameless”, and a righteous man. In the movie, he is portrayed as a homicidal maniac who wants everyone to die, even wanting to kill his own grandchild! The Bible is specific as to who was on the Ark – Noah, his wife, three grown sons and their wives. This movie has the three young sons on it, and a girl that is smuggled aboard. These are just a few of many many ways and details this movie gets wrong.
    This movie obviously doesn’t come remotely close to living up to it’s OWN claims of being “true to the essence, values and integrity” of the Biblical account of Noah. These claims are clearly disingenuous and outright deceptive.

    • Yes. Yes. And YES! Thank you for pointing out my biggest frustration. Though it’s what can be expected by a narcissistic atheist unfortunately.

    • i didn’t realize that Noah was an homicidal sociopath as depicted in the picture. as i remember the story from Hebrew school Noah was charged with saving species of plants and animals not wiping out humanity with which he is seemingly obsessed.
      if that is the case why didn’t he murder his family (or were they the only righteous people) and commit suicide?

  6. Yvonne M. you are saying relax its just a movie,well! Yvonne.lets say iam making a movie about someone in your family you know very well. They are everything positive you see in a human being, caring, humble,understanding, etc.And we have the facts and i decide to change somethings about that person in your family that you look up too and love and dont agree with whats been done with those changes.Dont get upset, you know why? LIKE YOU SAID, ITS ONLY A MOVIE.SO DON`T DECIDE FOR THE REST OF US. GOD BLESS YOU!

  7. The Noah movie I saw is a big disappointment. It is a fantasy movie that strayed too far from the Biblical text and intent of the story of Noah which was concerning God’s relationship to man and his incessant appeal to man to turn from sin and live, God’s preference of mercy over death because God loves man but hates sin because of its corrupting influence and consequences which brings destruction and death to mankind and destroys our relationship with God. The movie created a false image of God based on a secular cultural influence and thinking, man making God in his own image, rather than the true God of the Bible.

    I rarely go to the movies because I feel the movies today are immoral, too much violence, mindless entertainment, and have negative influence on our culture. I would like to see Hollywood produce movies that have positive edifying moral influence on mankind.

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing it, but idk how ill feel about it so i will try and stay objective at least till see it. tho it does look like it will be a good movie but its not historically correct.

  9. In my opinion, if you’re going to make a biblical movie you should strive for truth and accuracy, not give people something based on your personal interpretations, because then you can easily offend people,what ever their belief.an is’nt that the point.to make a movie you can be proud of and about

  10. I will not be seeing Noah. Its a mockery of the Bible and God. Making God completely wicked by destroying the world over environmental issues. It saddens me that they don’t want to mention the human error aka sin because they have to say were right. It crams Noah faith based relationship with God to being high. Gods talked to me and many others and I have never touched any drugs in my life. God is amazing how can we twist his word just because we don’t want to believe in it or it has to be more exciting for a film. If you want a more exciting story do Moses or Joseph both have excitement filled lives and don’t need any destruction. The only Biblically accurate thing about Noah is the man was named Noah. Its hurtful to see Hollywood take the book that is the basis of our relationship with Christ and rip it to pieces. Its not right if you cant do it right don’t do it at all. Even if its has good effects its not worth with the knowledge that it rips Gods all powerful, just, and whose never angry un-righteously.

  11. “Inaccurate”?? It should’ve been titled “Noah and the Organic Transformers”. No religious protests will come from people who actually see how wildly awful the premise is. I’m not religious man myself, but at one point I was praying that I could get my money back from the theater.

    • You nailed it! My husband and I were saying “why not just call it Joe and the big boat” for the level of accuracy they managed. And… Praying for your money back?! Fantastic!

  12. I have never before walked out of a movie but by the time Noah turned into a homicidal madman I did not care anymore. I did not expect a religiously accurate retelling of Genesis but I also did not expect Shining meets Transformers meets Clockwork Orange. I just wanted an entertaining sweeping story and he turned it into Methuselah obsessing over berries. Bizarre and absurd. I would not even go to Dollar Cinema to see this.

    • They have a Dollar Cinema? O.o … I also wont be seeing the new TMNT Movie either…

  13. I went to see the movie and all i can say is that i kept waiting for God to come and zap all of us in the movie theater because of all the lies and untruth that movie had. If you are a Christian save your money this one is worth skipping!!!! I wish i had! almost left a few times but my son and husband said lets just get though it. Personally if it had just been me i would have left and demanded my money back. On a good note, with this movie it is just another sign that we are truly in the last days and the respect for our father is no longer there.

    • I disagree that there is no respect for our Father. Read the other comments. Look at all the controversy over the movie. There are many more of us in the world than there are of them. The widely atheistic media and Hollywood like to make us seem like a minority but then they are perplexed at the success of The Bible tv series and other Christian movies (Noah doesn’t fit that category). Keep the faith. Spread the word.

  14. Im a person who is not religous at all but that didnt atop me from going to see the movie. I honestly thought it was a good movie, especially the representation of the angels. U religous ppl need to calm down. If u didnt like the movie, then there really is no reason to start complaining about how innacurate and false it was. Be thankful that they even made a movie like this for u.

    • @Edgar D – “Be thankful they even made a movie like this for you”? – Oh yes. Let me throw rose petals at the feet of all who were involved with this mess of a film simply because they “stooped” to my level for content. *rolls eyes*

      They didn’t make this movie for religious people, they made it for the general movie-going audience…which is why they didn’t promote it in churches.

      Which comic book movie did you hate – Spider-Man, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Man of Steel, Thor, Green Lantern? Maybe YOU should be thankful they even made a movie like that for you.


    • You know what, you’re here on a forum discussing the values, or lack thereof, of this movie… So why the shock and horror that believers in Gods Word would have a problem with it?! Did you watch the movie with a perfectly ‘open mind’? I bet you did. But when you have a faith in God and His Word, and are spiritually grieved to see it mocked, transformed beyond all recognition, then you don’t view a movie such as this with a secularly opened mind, you view it as much more personal.

      This isn’t about “religious people” not liking a movie, and it’s not particularly ‘open minded’ of you to label everyone who doesn’t like it that way. I’ll bet many consider themselves people of faith and not the strict closed minded ‘religious’ people you call them. For many of us, this isn’t a ‘religion thing’, it’s a ‘valuable relationship with God thing’.

      Lastly, patronizing believers with a ‘be happy they even made a movie like this for you’ is so grossly rude and disrespectful, and I suggest you recheck your ‘facts’. Aronofsky made the movie for himself, and for money. One doesn’t make a movie for a ‘religious’ group of people and then brag that it’s the most unbiblical biblical movie made. He said he was intrigued by the idea of Noah since his childhood and wanted to tell his own interpretation. One also doesn’t make a movie for the fans of the written version, then change every possible part of the story. So, no, Christians/believers should NOT just ‘be happy’ the movie was made bc it was never made for us. The strictly atheist aronofsky made this to make a statement, and see how much cash he could take in from making the least biblical biblical movie ever made.

  15. Sorry folks but I loved this movie. Much rather go see this then some dreadful so called comedy that seem to proliferate these days full of smut and sexual innuendo and are churned out ad nausem. The bible should be written about, it should be debated, discussed and portrayed in all mediums. Whether it is a true depiction of history of early civilisation or not it has many powerful concepts and themes which we all should heed and interpret and imagine.

    A movie that makes us think and which challenges us. God forbid.

    • Hey MaryS,

      I agree with what you’re saying to a point, and really only see two major problems with it. Set aside the fact that your comment was clearly aimed at those who would believe this story is actually the word of God and that you appear to be not even a little offended or upset with anyone but those people, you claim that this movie will make us think and challenge us.
      I got to say I’m not seeing it. As I read through the comments in this I notice that most of the people who “love” the movie are telling believers to get off their “high horse.” I could be wrong but isn’t it counterproductive to offend someone you want to win over?
      That said, I am not overly excited by the fact that a lot of Christians are on here quoting scriptures and writing epistles, because like being offensive, preaching at people doesn’t get them to listen either. Still, I think this makes my point that this isn’t sparking a healthy debate. All it’s doing is making people pick sides and throw proverbial stones.
      Next, your comment that the bible should be “written about, [...] debated, discussed and portrayed in all mediums [...],” was an excellent one. Scriptures should absolutely be taken to all corners of the earth in any way they can. However, this was not scripture. This is purely an attempt to make us believe that it is actually “Noah.”
      I found it very odd, by the way, that they happened to completely omit the parts with the “organic transformers,” or “the homicidal Noah,” or the “rabid environmentalism,” (as some viewers have named them,) from the trailers. Almost like they wanted us to really believe that it might actually be about what they were claiming it was about… it’s like they believed that if there were enough of us in the dark about the reality that is Aronfonsky’s “Noah,” they might get a blockbuster hit before we realized what they’d done. (Kind of sounds like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, doesn’t it?)
      My problem with what they did here is simple, they tried to sell it as “true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide,” (their words, not mine,) while giving us only what we expected to see in the movie in the trailer.
      Here’s another way to think of it. Ender’s Game has many parallels between its main character and Christ, yet has been hugely successful in both religious and non-religious groups. The difference, however, between what Orson Scott Card did and what Aronfonsky did with Noah is that he first of all he did not call his story Christ’s Game, and second, he in no way claimed that his story is “true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide.” As a matter of fact, it’s not easy to even find comments made by Card regarding any such parallels in Ender’s Game.
      If they wanted to use Noah as a base for a different story and call it perhaps Aronfonsky’s Arc, or whatever, instead of Noah, then you wouldn’t be hearing complaints from believers. I’d dare say that some of them might have even gone to the movie, not to find out once there that they had been hoodwinked into doing so with lies, and might have even enjoyed it, as was case with Ender’s Game.

      Here are two articles you might want to read:

      • I am a Christian and I watched this film. If this movie is bad it is
        because the movie title is wrong. Totally a misleading…It should
        be called something else, or anything, but not Noah. (Such as Darren’s

        • So this movie reminded me of Clash of The Titans though that movie was better. Even though the vast majority of the story was inaccurate their we’re some isolated accuracies. The entire re-interpretation of the story was at times laughable but I managed to stick through it and was glad I did. Putting all the wired stuff aside it did open a dialogue on subjects such as the Nephilim that are not well known and can make us all ask what did happen to the fallen angels?

  16. Do NOT go see Noah the movie!!!! As I said, I walked out of it (one of the first I have ever walked out of). I went trying to give Hollywood the benefit of the doubt, knowing that they would need to add some artistic interpretation given the small storyline from Genesis. However, when Hollywood injected the idea that Noah couldn’t get answers from God and wanted to murder his granddaughter, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was disgusted by the portrayal of an axe wielding Noah who kills countless people. I was appalled by the fact that they made up a storyline that a bad guy secretly snuck on to the boat and conspired with Ham to kill Noah while on the boat. I was offended that they portrayed a prophet as a man not preaching repentance but as a man determined to end the human race including his own family. Besides the fact that there is a man with a boat and animals, this movie in no way follows the story found in Genesis. With only three chapters about Noah, it is surprising how many errors this movie has compared to its biblical telling (eg. age of noah, sons all took wives on to boat, length of ark stay, his interaction with his father and Methuselah, in Bible it said Noah walked with God etc). I didn’t find out until after the fact the Noah’s Film atheist director Darren Aronofsky Calls ‘Noah’ The ‘Least Biblical Film Ever Made” (Huffington Post).

  17. This piece of crap movie has some good special effects but is downright INNACURATE AND HOLLYWOOD BULLCRAP AGAIN!!! WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEYRE DOING TO A STORY OF HOPE AND FORGIVENESS INTO A MOVIE OF BABY-KILLING PSYCHOPATHS!? Don’t watch this if you don’t know your stuff, it’ll completely corrupt your mind.

    • Explain to me how the movie is wrong about the nature of man. You seem to not know any truth of anything biblical, hope and forgiveness? It was punishment I can not wait for the next one where HE finally gets rid of this parasite: man. It’s people like you who think the whole world is for them and always some forgiveness for the atrocities committed to our Mother Earth that condemn us all get over yourself.

      • Mike, so you worship mother god do you ?..You seem to be working for the promoters of the movie seeing you have retaliated against most of the Christian commenters on this site. I gather you are not a Christian..if so a nominal one that goes every once in awhile. Why are you so angry when Christians who love the truth of the Bible complain against a movie that advertises itself as depicting Biblical Noah and the great flood, when it does not by a very wide margin. Don’t you see that the Christian commenters are trying to warn other Christians about seeing a movie that they might be thinking is Biblical but isnt ? We will not mind if you promote to your atheist friends that yes the movie was great entertainment in a way that Marvel Comic movies are but to keep on harping about hypocritical lovers of the Bible putting down your great entertaining movie becomes a bit disconcerting.

        • Yeah I can see how they are warning the other “Christians/Catholics” just wish ya’ll would do your research and find out how the Bible really came to be instead of just following what your church tells you to believe so mindlessly. It’s not what you think in the slightest and even if we go by what most of you think it still comes down to having had to have been approved by the church before being recognized as the Bible, where much editing took place.

  18. If your thinking about going out to watch Noah, save your money. You would be better off watching Jack and the Giant beanstalk meets the Hobbit. You have giant rock creatures that are fallen angels, Ham who doesn’t want to be on a boat for 40 days and 40 nights without some strange of his own. Then you have the stowaway king who eats some of the animal pairs to gain his strength back to kill Noah. Finally you have Noah the baby killer who threatens to kill two newborn twin girls because he thinks God only wants him to save the animals. So once the task of saving the animals is finished his last duty is the kill everyone aboard including the babies.

    Ridiculous. 2014 Noah has to go down as the worst remake of a known story ever. Had to be written and directed by an atheist. The actors should have walked out and refused to do the movie. I would have had more respect for them. Man I hate wasting money.

    So in summary, you have the worst renditions of The Hobbit, Jack and the giant beanstalk, The Shining, Braveheart, and Mad Max all rolled into an attempt to tell a biblical tale about Noah and the ark.

    Ranks among the worst movies ever made.

    • I hope you don’t consider yourself a man of God. Explain to me how the movie is wrong about the nature of man. Obviously you let Satan cloud your judgement and keep you from seeing the errors of humanity and the bigger message this movie presents. It’s cute how you twisted the plot too, no doubt stemming from what the devil has whispered in your mind ‘Noah the baby killer’,’his last duty is the kill everyone aboard’? Really? So clouded and close-minded it’s like you saw a whole other movie. I hope you don’t consider yourself a man of God.

  19. Noah and his family do not represent the righteous followers of God according to the Bible.These people would have perished in the flood since so much of their behavior was
    contrary to the faithfulness that God clearly required.What is the point of making a movie that is an abomination to God’s Holy Word!

  20. Son of God is ridiculous haven’t and will not see it since they cut out the temptation of Satan scene, instead of just changing who plays Satan. Just goes to show that they don’t value how important saying no to Satan really is just sellouts and Hollywood puppets.

  21. Just Say No-ah to Aranofsky’s “Noah”

    Dark, dreary, dismal.
    Those words not only aptly describe the newly-released, super-hyped blockbuster “Noah” but also the psyche of its primary writer-director, Darren Aronofsky. As for the film, add dumb, dull, and depressing as well. I’d give it three stars, one for the special effects, one for Jennifer Connolly, and one for Emma Watson. Otherwise, “Noah” gets zero stars; okay, to be generous, half a star.

    A skilled and much-heralded director, Aronofsky drops the ball with “Noah,” especially with the depiction of the massive, ridiculous-looking Watchers. The rocky Watchers do add a certain, unintended comic touch that would appeal to my seven year old grandson but he can’t see the movie anyway because it’s rated PG13.

    Aronofsky has enigmatically said his latest effort is ”the least biblical biblical film ever made” yet he believes every part of the story fits the biblical narrative.

    Umm, not quite.

    The narrative relates to the story in “Genesis” involving Methuselah’s grandson, Noah or Noach, who is told by a vengeful God to build an ark so that he and his family will survive the flood that God was planning to punish the rest of evil humankind but the director takes a great deal of creative license from that point.

    With the convenient assistance of the powerful Watchers, Noah does as instructed, builds a nice, big ark, loads it with two of every living creature on Earth, floats off into a raging storm, and ultimately saves the world even if he’s very unhappy about his accomplishment.

    What’s most curious about God in Aronofsky’s film is that God gets no mention in it.

    “The Creator” gets frequent references but not God. That omission may reflect the Jewish-born director’s atheism but still doesn’t account for the existence of a “Creator” who must be someone other than the Deity. But who? If “Noah” is in fact “the least biblical biblical film ever made,” just who or what is that mysterious “Creator”?

    If God didn’t save mankind, then why didn’t Aronofsky just title his flick, “A Crazy Guy Builds A Big Boat”?

    And, Russell Crowe’s rendition of the protagonist is indeed nuts. However, I won’t spoil it for those who still want to see “Noah.” I also won’t spell out the blatant, liberal-leftist propagandizing in the film particularly the heavy-handed environmentalist bullsh*t since those have already been vehemently articulated.

    I would cite another particularly unsurprising omission, though: the curse of Ham, not the cold cut variety.

    Ham, Noah’s second son begat when Noah was over 500 years old, has a confrontation with his father and storms off to parts unknown. . . (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=36536.)

    • This is by far the stupidest rant, all you pretty much tried to prove was that since he didn’t say God they didn’t acknowledge him; Creator has just as much power as God. You do know that there are other religions? Many names for the higher power Lord, Father and so on..it’s not all about you selfish bigot. Get over yourself it’s funny how you all focus on stupid stuff and try to make ridiculous points instead of getting the message. Explain to me how the movie is wrong about the nature of man. Your just one of many that listen to the whispers of Satan just trying to hate on a beautiful cinematic he fills your heart with hate and your mind with lies, this could have united humanity we could have learned to be kind but people like you with narrow-minds and who believe themselves to be better or to believe in something better are what will always keep us separated and at war with ourselves. Disgusting. I hope you don’t consider yourself a man of God.

  22. I liked the film. I am a Christian. The Bible does not give enough information on what was going on in the times. I know Darren used Jubilees and Enoch and other Dead Sea Scrolls to make it more interesting. I feel he was very accurate on what the Ark looked like. The way the flood came down in my mind was accurate. He used the Canopy Theory. He did show the times as they really were. People in that day were destroying the environment. Jubilees tells you more evil they did than he could put into the movie. He showed Noah as a real man not as some one 6 feet off the ground. I feel he was accurate in how God communicates to people thru dreams and visions. He used Creator instead of God because the people at that time considered themselves gods.

  23. This story is not a purely Christian one,..many ancient societies talk about a great deluge. I appreciate the portrayal of the non-typical pre-flood realities. I especially like the trancendence of the watchers back into angels from being left as distorted rock giants, after helping protect the ark. Very awesome depection, that helps fill the void in this story. Its about time someone be bold enough to show another point of view of history. Based on what I know about the ancient world and the standing structures that are still standing. The world and human history is more fantastic than you can even imagine.

  24. I am regular guy in his 30′s who is a Christian and goes to church from time to time. Here’s my take on the movie Noah. First the positive and then the challenges with it.

    To me it is positive because it doesn’t question the idea of a “creator” – it is assumed that there *is* a God, which is good. Lessons of listening to God, that God is loving and forgiving. Lessons on family values and family loyalty. That mankind has fallen and needs saving. These are the positive.

    The challenge is that there are so many parts that are completely non-scriptural and have absolutely no reference to what it says in the Bible and are either made-up or flat out opposite to what the Bible says.

    A few examples.

    1) Rock people. The movie references fallen angels who took form of rock people. It appears the filmmaker was trying to pull from Genesis 6:4 which says “During this time and also later, the Nephilim people lived in the land. They have been famous as powerful soldiers since ancient times.” One translation of that verse uses the term “Sons of God” which according to Romans 8:14 are, at least in New Testament, those who believe in Jesus. At the very least it means godly, spiritual men. Bottom line – there were no “rock people.” The one fallen angel that is important here is Satan. The idea that there were angels who tried to help Adam and Eve in the garden who then fell to the earth and turned into rock people is blatantly made-up and not in the Bible at all.

    2) In the Bible, Noah’s three sons all had wives and all brought their wives on the boat. The scene with Noah letting the girl get trampled while grabbing the son is not correct – as they all had wives with them (Genesis 7:13).

    3) In the Bible, there was no birth of twins from one of the girls on the boat and Noah certainly did not try to kill anyone.

    4) The bad guy sneaking on the ship – not in Bible.

    5) Evolution scene is not Biblical. Sure people and animals exhibit adaptation, but the Bible doesn’t teach evolution, it teaches creation. (Genesis 1).

    6) Overall – the big error. Noah’s was *not* charged by God to decide whether human race would continue or not. It was not Noah’s choice, as the movie depicts, to make that decision, nor was he supposed to kill off any babies so as to ultimately eradicate humans. Noah was charged by God to save the animals and re-populate the planet with humans. And Noah accomplished this directive. God never wanted the human race to die off. God cares about us and ultimately sent Jesus as a way to reconcile us to Him.

    In my opinion, making a movie like this and calling it “Noah” is a disservice to people who don’t know the chapters in the Bible. Such people will leave thinking the Bible says something it doesn’t at all.

    Of course, the filmmaker has every right to make any movie he desires, but to call it “Noah” and to give people the impression that it is an account of events in the Bible, but yet insert so many incorrect and made-up and blatantly unscriptural elements.. truly is a disservice to lay people. I pray for him.

    By the way, one last area which is a challenge to me is in the topic of faith. Noah was a faith man. He had a vision given to him by God and he acted on it. No doubt, he was likely challenged by onlookers for building an ark that was seemingly not needed. The movie shows other humans as immediately accepting of his idea of building an ark. This is probably not how it happened – onlookers likely jeered. But Noah persevered. And so in addition to the above, the also movie misses the role and importance of faith in being led by God.

  25. Darren Oronofsky might have to explain to the 1 Billion Mandarin Speaking Asians that their written form of the “Number 8″ which depicts 8 people on a boat was erroneous as there were really nine people on the boat according to his “Noah” movie. Apparently everyone including the Chinese had missed out Tubal Cain !

  26. Question: Where does the world (and Hollywood) get its bad theology? Answer: Plenty of it comes from the Christian church. Consider for a moment that MILLIONS of Noah’s ark pictures are drawn in Sunday schools every year, yet the vast majority of the artwork fails to depict CLEAN ANIMALS in larger groups (of seven – per the Genesis 7 plain text). This simple fact demonstrates that children are learning from biblically illiterate adults and institutions. Surely, if Christendom cleans its own house and reads its own book, the rest of the world won’t be as dirty and confused. http://thecleaneatgreen.com/noah

  27. Noah Movie blasted by Minister Stevie Tee

  28. Its blasphemy.

  29. I’m a regular guy in my thirties. I’m a Christian and go to church from time to time. Here’s my take on the movie Noah. First the positives and then its issues.

    There were a few messages in the film I viewed as positive. It doesn’t question the idea of a Creator but rather simply assumes there is a God. The movie also conveyed certain positive values such as the benefit of listening to God, the portrayal of God’s nature as loving and forgiving, and family loyalty. It also does not shy away from the fact that mankind has fallen and needs saving.

    Unfortunately, there are many issues with this film that do not portray the “essence, values, and integrity” of the Biblical account. Many parts were either completely made-up or flat out opposite to what the Bible says. Here are a few examples:

    1) The movie references fallen angels who turned into rock people. Aronofsky may have gotten inspiration from the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:4, but the idea that there were angels who tried to help Adam and Eve in the garden who then fell to the earth and turned into rock people is blatantly made-up and not in the Bible at all.

    2) In the Bible, Noah’s three sons all had wives, and they all brought their wives with them on the boat.  The scene where Noah lets the girl get trampled while grabbing his son is incorrect – as they all had their wives with them (Genesis 7:13).

    3) The Bible gives no account of the birth of twins from one of the girls on the boat, and Noah certainly did not try to kill anyone. This film portrays Noah as homicidal, while the Bible says he was a just man and walked with God (Genesis 6:9).

    4) The bad guy sneaking on the ship – not in Bible.

    5) The evolution scene is not Biblical. Species do adapt to their environment, but God spoke all living things into being. Nothing evolved from one thing into another (Genesis 1).

    6) Overall – the big error.  Noah’s was not charged by God to decide whether the human race would continue or not.  It was not Noah’s choice, as the movie depicts, to make that decision.  God’s reasoning behind the flood was not to eradicate humankind. He was grieved in His heart because of man’s continual evil. Noah was charged by God to save his family and the animals and re-populate the planet with humans. Noah accomplished this directive.  God desires relationship with us and ultimately sent Jesus as a way to reconcile us to Himself.

    While Aronofsky and Paramount have the right to make and release what they want, there is a huge difference between taking artistic license and completely misrepresenting the facts. Calling this movie Noah is a disservice to the general public. Many people who watch this film will leave the theater thinking the Bible says something it doesn’t at all. 

    By the way, one last area which is an issue to me is on the topic of faith.  Noah was a man of faith.  God gave him a vision, and he acted on it, trusting what God told him even though he didn’t understand the why or how.  Noah persevered.  So, in addition to the above, the movie also misses the role and importance of faith in being led by God.  Hebrews 11:7