Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

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noah darren aronofsky controversy Darren Aronofskys Noah Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

When you adapt a Bible story for the big screen, you’re just asking for trouble, and Darren Aronofsky has already courted his fair share with his graphic novel-turned movie project, Noah. The Black Swan director’s vision of the Noah’s Ark story features Russell Crowe as the eponymous prophet, who believes that his visions of an impending apocalyptic flood are a message from God – and thus, begins to construct an enormous ship, in order to protect his family and as many living creatures as possible.

Paramount has started test screening Noah, by showing different cuts of the film to audiences so as to determine which one is best received (read: most commercially viable). The religious tentpole is reported to have climbed past its original $125 million budget, so Aronofsky is having to deal with more studio feedback than he’s accustomed to, seeing how his previous features have all been pretty low on the professional film budget scale (with the exception of The Fountain, which still cost “just” $35 million to make).

The current problems facing Noah are described by THR as follows:

In recent weeks, the studio has held test screenings for key groups that might take a strong interest in the subject matter: in New York (for a largely Jewish audience), in Arizona (Christians) and in Orange County, Calif. (general public). All are said to have generated troubling reactions. But sources say Aronofsky has been resistant to Paramount’s suggested changes. “Darren is not made for studio films,” says a talent rep with ties to the project. “He’s very dismissive. He doesn’t care about [Paramount’s] opinion.”

Aronofsky is definitely aiming to put his own creative stamp on the material, having described Noah as “the first environmentalist” (as in, the first person to recognize the importance of caring for the world created for humanity by God) and planned a vision of the story that includes beings like giant six-armed angels and fantastical animals unlike any in existence today. The setting of Aronofsky and Ari Handel’s Noah graphic novel (the basis for the film) can be described as savage and Mad Max-ish, with years of human barbarism and warfare having ravaged the landscape, even before the the time of a terrible drought.

darren aronofsky noah Darren Aronofskys Noah Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

Artwork from the ‘Noah’ graphic novel

The artistic challenges that come with realizing such a world have already been documented, most recently in an interview where Aronofsky revealed that the CGI animals designed for Noah are the most complex digital shots rendered by ILM to date. However, as passionate as the filmmaker’s vision for the project appears to be, that doesn’t guarantee that others will be so taken with his re-interpretation of the Noah’s Ark story, as THR notes in its write-up:

Beyond the visuals, a major challenge has been coming up with an exciting third act that doesn’t alienate the potentially huge Christian audience (in the Bible, Noah and the ark’s inhabitants survive the flood that destroys the Earth). Some in the faith community already have expressed skepticism about the result, especially after writer Brian Godawa in October 2012 obtained a version of the Noah script and posted his summary online under the heading, “Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: Environmentalist Wacko.”…

Admittedly, there’s something deliciously meta about all this, with Aronofsky’s plans having been heavily scrutinized by the doubtful religious community looking onwards as the project develops. It parallels how Noah, in the movie, faces much in the way of skepticism from his peers (including, Ray Winstone’s character), who question whether the protagonist’s visions and behavior are those of a faithful servant of God… or a disillusioned madman, who’s been given too much leeway.

russell crowe noah1 Darren Aronofskys Noah Attracts Controversy During Test Screenings

Russell Crowe as Noah

There’s certainly an audience that will be interested to see how Aronofsky breathes new life into the Noah’s Ark story, more so because it’s clear that he is strongly committed to making the film a success; as a result, ensuring that the Biblical epic should feel like the handiwork of an auteur, not a soulless Hollywood effects-heavy tentpole. Whether or not it’s respectful of the Bible source material, is a discussion better saved for later (i.e. when the film is no longer a work-in-progress and ready for critiquing).

On the other hand, you can see where Paramount is coming from, since the studio has already invested heavily in letting Aronofsky maintain his artistic integrity with Noah, despite the chance that it could push away the sizable Christian audience (see: the box office returns for The Passion of the Christ and huge ratings success of The History Channel’s The Bible mini-series-turned upcoming theatrical release Son of God, for the proof of that).

Still, at this stage, Paramount attempting to make the film easier-to-swallow for moviegoers might be too little, too late, lest the studio end up sacrificing the cohesiveness of Aronofsky’s vision and turning the film into a Frankenstein job like the recent expensive summer blockbusters World War Z and The Lone Ranger. Indeed, the vast difference in those films’ box office returns just goes to show: you can never be too sure about how things will work out in the end.

Let us know whether or not you’re interested in seeing Noah in the comments section below (and remember, keep it civil, folks).


Noah is slated to open in theaters on March 28th, 2014.

Source: THR

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  1. What many people fail to realize is that, as a Christian, a Christ follower, we see the Bible as a Holy document. We view it as absolute truth. Those of you who are not Christians, we have no desire to manipulate you or trick you. You either have faith or you don’t. But please respect those of who do. AS Christians we believe without Christ, our souls will spend eternity in hell, but with Christ there is eternal life because of what he did on the cross. If you think this is crazy, then I fear for you, but I do not hold a grudge toward you. Why does it offend you so to have someone be concerned for the souls of this world and fight to keep the truth that can save them from being ripped apart by those who don’t even know Christ? Lashing out is insecurity. Don’t be afraid of truth. Pursue it with pure intentions and the truth is what you will find. I have seen both riches and prosperity and pain beyond what I thought was possible to bear. Through it all Christ was there. Suffering became my greatest joy. Suffering he allowed me to go through. What was intended for evil, he intended for good. Death, drugs, imprisonment… do not mock a Holy God. I’m sure many of you will feel angry, insulted and lash out when you read this, but why? Are you scared? Do you think yourself superior to the word of God? Have you been hurt in such a way you find it impossible to believe in any God? Have your sins caused you to hide? If so, I pray your eyes are opened. Blessings to you all.

    • The most troubling thing about this movie is Christians really believe a Christian movie is being made here. When Aronofsky takes the six armed Watcher angels, which were fallen angels with satan, and had kids with human women, the biblical story of Noah is out the window. He even named the leader of these demons Samyaza, name of the fallen angels leader, from the Book of Enoch. Part of the reason for the flood is to rid the earth of these offsprings, and this dude has Noah going to them to help him build the ark and protect him while they get on the ark. Noah is portrayed more as a shaman, according to viewers of the prescreening.

    • While I have to respect your RIGHT to believe in fairy tales, it doesn’t mean that I have to respect those fairy tales as well. To quote Isaac Asimov, “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’ “

    • first off… it’s a movie.
      second… you do not have facts on your side, that’s why it’s called faith. and… “I’m sure many of you will feel angry, insulted and lash out when you read this, but why? Are you scared? Do you think yourself superior to the word of God?” – seriously? if you’re talking about because of this film… that’s ridiculous. get over it. or if it’s because the “christians in america so are persecuted”…. get real. listen, you guys are in charge. it’s always been your way or the highway. when was the last time we’ve had an openly “agnostic” president? they all have to pretend to be bible thumpers, whether they are or not. the “anger” comes from you guys(not all, but many) being some of the biggest hypocrites in recorded history. this is a secular nation, and the church pours millions upon millions to rewrite our history, deny rights, and control the political landscape. “we have no desire to manipulate you or trick you”… what do you think you’re doing with indoctrination, billboards, door to door, creationist museums, faith healing,…. i mean, come on!!

      “Do you think yourself superior to the word of God? Have you been hurt in such a way you find it impossible to believe in any God?” – what is the word of god? it’s infallible, it’s the truth, literal(well… you’ve gotta make up your mind on that one… literal or metaphorical). if this is the case… why the flood? god is the alpha and the omega. he knows and created all that is, has been, and will be. therefore, all is predetermined. he knows my path. yours. the ends of it all. see, that’s the failure in the word, because the flood shows failure. the new testament shows that the first book(bible) was imperfect. god could never error, for he knows all. period. that also means that there is no free-will, or that he created people knowing the paths they would take, and that they would “burn forever” after death. nice, eh?

      and “any god?” – i thought there was only one god. lol… well, that’s not true. i actually know that there have been many, many gods before “the one god”.

      we’re not scared, afraid of the truth, or insecure. we’re just tired of your bs. we don’t care what you believe in… just don’t demand that follow your beliefs, as well. because we don’t.

    • Thank you anonymous. It is so simple really. Those who know and those that don’t. Those who don’t know are suspicious that belief in our Lord cant be this simple. It is, and all we want is for those who are lost, for their sake not ours, to be found. It is our greatest sorrow and our greatest joy.

  2. I’m an agnostic atheist and I have to admit,I will look forward to this movie.I will not see it a true story.I’ll see it as a fictional story like any other story without evidence,like Thor 2.

    • It is lovely story where God gets to drown millions of babies who are clearly innocent despite the claims that their parents deserve to be drowned. It is just like Japan or the Phillipines in recent times. Thanks God ! We love you too !

      • If only you could have been there!

    • Yeah, like the circumvention theory, a.k.a. evolution theory. No one believes evolution anymore since there is no single proof that it happened. For people who has moved on with old science, evolution is a fairy tale, with false assumptions (yes, no evidence whatsoever) and excuses (micro, mini, nano-evo your alibis are for first graders). I will watch this film as a film, the Noah title is just for publicity, it does’nt have to be biblical to be a great film (see The Ten Commandments)…

      • What? No one believes evolution anymore? Are you nuts? Evolution is a fairytale? Sounds to me like you got creationism and evolution mixed up mate. Nutter.

    • How can you be an agnostic atheist?

  3. Praise The Lord dear ppl of earth … Idk if I see the movie but I’ll deff pray and may Holy Spirit leads Darren to make this movie as Biblical as possible so whoever will watch think about God n and who we are n why we r here and where we going whan we die.. And what happens if a man keep living in sin .. All these things no body or very little cares.. Oh Lord lead this .. With mighty hand for the Glory of Your Holy name .. May Your lite shine thru this darkness n may the ppl see Heavenly Light .. In Jesus name .. Be blessed and get saved .. Jesus Christ is the Noah ark now .. Run to Him

  4. John Huston’s “The Bible” had its problems, but the Noah segment works with Huston playing an elderly man who holds a perennial chuckle in his heart, and it is a joy to watch him. Keep in mind that Huston was an atheist to the end, and he approached the Noah story as just that, a story. Based on all Aronofsky’s prior films, I will not miss this one. To prejudge a film simply because its story originates in the Bible? We have certainly entered repressive times. There was a time when masters in cinema who were atheist could make films with religious themes and astound us. Huston, Bergman and Bunuel as three examples. Aronofsky has proved himself one of America’s preeminent independent cinema artists, and people will refuse to see what he has created because it comes from the Bible? A sad commentary on a new form of repression (it always rears its head in some form in every generation).

  5. Having an atheist create a rendition of the word of God is like asking Hannible Lector perform surgery on you. I for one will not watch this movie. Brothers and sisters in the Lord don’t be sucked in by the award winning actors and the flashy cinematography. If we all stand up for the truth, why would we settle for half truths, it might as well be all a lie. Way to mislead the masses Hollywood! you are so good at that!

    • Yes Corry, I agree.
      I think the best we can hope for is this film may make some people think, pick up a copy of God’s Word and read the Genesis account for themselves. It is amazing that the world was so morally debased that God “felt regret that he had made men” and was “hurt at his heart”, (Genesis 6:5-7)sounds a bit like the days we are living in today doesn’t It?
      “Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.” (Matt 6:9-10)
      As I am sure you agree Corry, this is mankind’s only hope.

    • No, I will watch this, and I anticipate it. The Arc is probably my favorite story in the Bible. Probably has something to do with the animals. :)

      OF COURSE, they are going to take some liberties with the story: it’s a movie!!!

      As long as they don’t take it to the ozone layer, I’ll be fine as I suspect most people will. (The point will remain the same: God is p!**ed at man’s behavior and He’s cleaning things up – that’s the morality of the story regardless.)

    • Umm, no. I’m a huge Christian and you are one of those hard righteous that make everyone hate us. Stop forcing people to do or believe your biased. We love the same God, have the same Christ in our hearts, but of course I will see this film because Darren is a fantastic director and this was never declared an auto-biographical account of the scripture. His interest is in Noah and his possible thought process and the fantastical elements surrounding his story. He has no command to tell the story you want. If you want that film, go make it, and if you are half as good a director as Darren, I will happily see it, but while I hold no judgement of Darren’s film, I will specifically hold you accountable as I would expect nothing less than your declaration that it is the true story verbatim as told in the Bible. As for Hannibal performing surgery…he understands the human brain intricately according to the red book that accompanies the film…so chances are, he could easily fix your brain. He may also eat it, but that wasn’t the question.

  6. Psychologically, Noah’s flood is a psychic experience in which the individual has an encounter with the unconscious aka a Night Sea Journey. The purpose is to help dissolve an ego adaptation, a (Golden Calf) worldview, in order to make room for a new worldview – also known as a New God-image. People have flood dreams when going through a divorce or other large life transformative experiences for example – interestingly Russel Crowe recently went through a divorce. It seems like “The End of the World” – at least as one knew it. Flooding is in fact “an ordeal of the Apocalypse” experience. If you survive (don’t become so depressed you cannot go on with forming a new life) you come out the other side with a different worldview and like this become “a new creation.” In alchemy this is a solutio experience; one of several operations required to transform a base substance into gold (read consciousness).

    I like it that the movie comes out during LENT – a time of repentance and reflection.

    Check out Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche, pp. 67-73 for some flood dream examples. Here is a snippet from this book.

    “A cosmological version of the alchemical operation of solutio is the widespread myth of a cosmic catastrophe by flood. In Hebrew myth it is Noah’s flood; in Greek myth, the story of Deucalion and Pyrrha. According to an ancient idea each of the four elements in turn was to be an agent of world destruction. As reported by Dio Chrysostom.

    The flood myths are quite instructive psychologically. God sends a destructive flood when the world has become wicked and degenerate. It is as though humanity must be reduced through solutio to its prima materia in order for it to be transformed to something better. Another aspect of solutio is also demonstrated by the flood stories, namely, the theme of ordeal by water. Through this ordeal the godly men, those with authentic existence, remain intact while the wicked or inauthentic are dissolved. Psychologically this would mean that those aspects of the ego consciously related to the Self would withstand solutio.

    In the myths, the threat of a world flood was used to encourage an awareness of God. Similarly, a threat of flooding from the unconscious may have a salutary effect on a presumptuous ego and bring about an awareness of a need for a relation to the transpersonal. This state of mind is expressed in the Sixty-ninth Psalm.”

    • Yeah, what you said, I think….

  7. I’ve long thought that the story had environmental overtones. I believe that human civilization is what caused the desertification of the middle east and sahara” which happened simultaneously, starting around 9,000 years. These regions were relatively lush, but like the amazon rainforest, once you cut down the trees and drag them away, the soil does not replenish. The vegetation draws out all nutrients and needs to go back into the ground to re-fertilize. If the trees are taken away, the ferns and grasses burned, then they don’t grow back. The desertification is happening in China right nowmfor these reasons. Climate change follows, with intense drought or intense flooding. I’m glad Aronofsky had this take on it. And to all Christians out there, he’s not controverting the Bible. The Bible is not very clear as to what sin man is doing to cause the flood. Certainly it does not say enough to rule out the sin of destroying Gods creation. I’m extremely excited to see this and in the meantime I’ll satisfy my want for an epic plot line with eco overtones by reading The Keepers Tribulation. Already read the first book in the trilogy, World War Three, which had a strong eco message. Glad to see this message is getting stronger in the world of entertainment

  8. I just finished watching a trailer for the movie and I was seriously impressed. But, I also just finished reading Brian Godawa’s rather lengthy review of the script that he had in his possession.

    If this film was made according to that script, I have no doubt that Christians and Jews alike, were very troubled by what they saw. From what I read, this film would be diametrically opposed to the Biblical account. Paramount “may” invoke any rights they have that could fix it. But, the filmmaker’s vision of the story of Noah goes against everything I know about the God of the Bible, in my opinion. Godawa’s criticisms were very well thought out and while I would be the first to say that a filmmaker would need to take some artistic license to “fill in the blanks”, this one has created a story that could just as easily be entitled “Bob”, since it bears so little resemblance to the actual story or characters.

    I am torn as to whether I will see this movie. For now, I’ll keep an eye on the trailers and the reviews once it hits the theaters. In the form that Godawa reviewed, I hope that Paramount just eats its losses and the film never sees the light of day or the darkness of a theater.

    When the studio tried to convince Christians that “The Golden Compass” was akin to the “Chronicles of Narnia” and was a spiritually blessed film, they quickly became grateful for an international audience, because it did miserably in the US ($70 million on $180 million investment). Perhaps, Noah should follow suit. The problem is that the whole world is pretty well aware of the Biblical story of Noah.

    If only movies came with a money-back-guarantee, we wouldn’t see so many pieces of junk come to the screen.

    • Uh no about the Golden Compass. I don’t know what you thought you heard but this was never for Christians, if you went into that movie blind then you deserve it. It was never a companion piece to Narnia, it is the anti-Narnia. I truly enjoyed the first book, the movie was awful, they didn’t follow the book and cut it off too fast imo.

  9. This looks an interesting trailer. I noticed that they got the Ark shape correct, a large box shape rather than a pointed bow as it only had to float above the flood. Let’s see if he relays other parts of this very exciting biblical account as faithfully. Will he address the key reasons for the flood, disobedient angels who came down and “took” any woman they wanted. Their Nephilim (giant) offspring dominating society, the world being ruinned and filled with violence etc etc.
    I know some …people say that this global flood didn’t really happen. However Jesus Christ himself said that these days we are living in would be like the days of Noah (Matthew 24:36-42) so he knew it was true an gave us a warning signs to look out for just before he returns to cleanse this ungodly world and restore it to it’s original purpose. A peaceful paradise wth no more war, crime or even sickness or death, that is what he promised, and he always speaks the truth doesn’t he? Come Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

  10. I saw this in a screening. It’s Sci-fi. The “angels” are walking/talking rocks. You can say it’s full of symbolism but, from my perspective, the movie is a mess. Ben Hur was an epic film. I’m not sure what Noah is.

  11. God saved my life ,but I will treat the movie on its own merits ,I’m not fanatical ,,but if your going to use a name out of history I hope he gets some facts right .

  12. I am convinced that no matter how this movie plays out, God wins. If fifteen million people view this it will bring rise to thirty million conversations and people searchng The Bible. These will turn into one hundred million tweets and texts. The truth will ultimately win out. “My word will not return to be void…..”. For a fun read and to learn more about Noe : check out “NOAH, THE LOST TABLETS” ON AMAZON KINDLE.

  13. To the producer and paramount, you will lose $125mill.if the noah movie strays from the bible. A lot of christians including myself will stay home. Follow the bible and you wil make more like the passion of Christ movie

  14. As an educated and progressive pastor, I know I am in the minority. But I find it interesting how many devout “Christians” call for an “authentic” interpretation of the Biblical text. The Bible is not a historical document, nor has it ever intended itself to be. It is an interpretive understanding of things that have happened and a guide to how people have understood them over multiple milenia. The Noah event (like many other in the Bible) is not a historical account of something that factually happened. I encourage anyone who still thinks it is to read the Epic of Gilgamesh (particularly Tablets 9 and 10) to see an account almost exactly like Noah’s written almost 1000 years before the Noah account. What we do not archeologicaly is that a massive region-wide flood occured around a time period, it was not predicted and many were left wondering why it happened. The religious narratives that evolved were an attempt to understand why it happened and what it means (including the one of Noah.) So in an effort to remain “true” to the original story, anything Aronofsky does that attempts to interpret or understand his reading of the story is in fact a good and authentic understanding. I anxiously look forward to its release.

    • Progressive? Is God progressive? or does He “change not”?

  15. I’m a christian pastor. In what is considered a very conservative church. I just want to say, I have no problem with this movie. I mean, it is a movie! It is using the story to say something else…so what? If people are worried about the movie ‘distorting the story’, they can always go and read their bibles themselves. I must admit I have been a huge fan of aronofsky since Pi, so this may bias me a little

    • AMEN! I will see the movie because I enjoy going out with my husband of 35 years. (who, by the way, is an atheist). I am an adult. I realize that whatever I see on a screen … IS PRETEND! Many entertaining shows are BASED on TRUE stories, like WWII movies, or Erin Brockovich, or police shows, even doctor shows. They take artistic liberty with a truth and make it entertainment. Now if one feels “The Passion of Christ” was entertaining, well you may need to talk to a caring friend, help is available. But as the good Pastor Mike w says, “go and read their Bibles themselves”, that is exactly what I will do (as I do everyday). It’s a movie.

      • If you want a pretend movie don’t call it Noah. It’s not a common name..call it Silver Lining Playbook are something…

  16. Based on what I have read here, not sure I will see this movie. The actual story of Noah, as told in the Bible is quite compelling. Noah was born at the time God put him in for the very purpose of preserving man. God instructed Noah to cry out to the people of his time for over 100 years urging them to return to a merciful God. Can you imagine that? Being surrounded by evil so horrific and violent that a loving, merciful & patient God was forced to “cleanse the Earth from evil” and start over.Imagine the task of Noah–to build the ark, store enough food for his family of eight, along with food for all the animals on board and enduring the weight of ridicule from mocking peers. Somehow turning this story into a “TALE” that encourages Noah to join forces with the demonic realm to save himself is ludicrous, uninspiring and to make it about saving the environment–even worse! “As in the days of Noah”, Aronofsky, lulls the viewers into a rejection of a True & Living God and elevates the “environment” to that of a god you, indeed, may have to be cleansed of the world for.

  17. I saw the trailer and I do realize it is graphic. I think the critic is a little bias giving that based on what I just read above, he hasn’t actually watched the film in its completion. I believe that if the story of Noah really did take place, it was as graffiti, if not more so. As for me, I am looking forward to watching this film and viewing someone else’s take on an old biblical story.

  18. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. It is a movie. And one person’s interpation of the biblical story. All are free to see the movie or not. I am.

  19. The key themes of Noah: God judges sin. God preserves the righteous (and there were very, very few)

  20. I hope that Aronofsky adheres as closely as possible to the Biblical story so that the masses will see the story of Noah for the absolutely impossible event that it is. There is no way in God’s Green Earth that all the animals in evidence on the planet today could have possibly all fit on one boat unless that boat was the size of Australia! One need only watch the Discovery Channel for a few days to realize that the number of species in existence on Earth is almost unfathomable. If the ancestors of all the animals alive today were saved by Noah they must have evolved into the diversity we see today! I’m excited to see this movie as someone that grew up believing in the Bible but after taking an interest in science clearly saw that Biblical literalism makes no sense.

  21. I’m a Christian & I intend to watch it, mostly because this is the type of movie I like to watch. I know a lot of Christians out there will be skeptical. but this is the way I see it: Hollywood is never accurate when basing it’s movies on books (fiction or non); so why should Noah be any different? it’s not personal, it’s Hollywood.

  22. Super bad idea. Let’s make a movie about Mohammed next….

    • I bet if they did a Muhammad movie it would be accurate…I’ll bet the farm on it!
      Can you say…Salman Rushdie.

  23. yes I can’t wait to see this movie and hopefully you can make one about the Book of Revelationand more Bible Story movies looks like its going to be a great movie

  24. I will make my comment with a verse from the Bible:

    2 Peter: 2:1-9
    3. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

    Christians, you wont be decieved..because you know the voice of the Shepherd (John 10); however they be those who will decieve, mock, and speak evil of things they dont believe and cannot understand. ..all to make a buck.

  25. It will be much like the mythological interpretation of the historical battle of Thermopylae, in the film “300”, also based on a graphic novel. I’ve gone to church all my life, been taught the literal interpretation of the Bible, and yet I will go see this and not be offended and probably really enjoy it, as I did “300”. After many assaults on our individual faiths and disbeliefs, we either crack and rant like madmen against “the other side”, or we learn to grow a thick skin. I’ve chosen to grow a thick skin (after years of being easily provoked, mind ya ; ). But please, let’s not fool ourselves into thinking we’re proselytizing anyone as Christians or atheists in these comments, shall we? I mean…come on, people…the arguing of religious vs. atheist on the internet comment posts over all these years —it’s all gettin’ old, dudes…gettin VERY old. Not a soul saved, or a mind enlightened. As for me, I’m going to enjoy one of our most famous ancient legends told in a new way, and at least respect the way it fired someone’s imagination, as all ancient stories do, and take it at that, and leave it like that, maybe even love it like that. Well, still, the movie could flat out suck, but not on account of its lack of adherence to anyone’s account of this tale. I hope Aronofsky stuck to his vision. If anything is blasphemous, it’s when Hollywood Execs step on an artist’s vision. “Can we make the ark….blow up, or something?” Yeesh.

  26. So here’s how I see it. Paramount is making this movie for one reason – money. Now they took a risk and it looks like it’s backfiring. The risk was on the director to produce a film that would be commercially successful.

    The problem is that the director is more concerned with his art rather than Paramount’s profits. So he’s made the movie he wants.

    Now, if the movie offends both Jews and Christians, that’s a LOT of audience to alienate. I have no problem with Paramount straying from Biblical accuracy. In the same way I assume Paramount has no problem if I don’t see the movie because it strays from Biblical accuracy. I am a Christian and won’t go see any Bible-based movie that goes to far off course.

    The problem of course, is that when enough people like me don’t go, Paramount loses lots of $$$$. Which is what this is all about. So I’m guessing a lot of the non-biblical stuff will go, because ultimately Paramount will serve the god it believes in – which is the big bucks.

  27. Wonder if Aronofsky got right the part about 7 pairs of clean animals but only one pair of tameh or unclean animals, Gen 7?

    We know of course that the Almighty cleaned the planet from the genetic abominations created as a result of fallen angels mixing with man (Gen 6) and later animals. We also know that we are living as in the days of Noah… in more than one way. Can’t wait to see this movie!