Darren Aronofsky Planning Noah’s Ark Movie

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Darren Aronofsky planning Noahs Ark movie Darren Aronofsky Planning Noahs Ark Movie

When Darren Aronofsky announced that he’d be turning one of his “hard to make” screenplays into a comic book, a lot of people immediately began speculating that he could be referring to his Batman origin story script. However, it turns out the filmmaker was actually referring to Noah, his retelling of the famous Biblical tale about (essentially) the end of the world.

Now that Black Swan has proven that an Aronofsky film can actually be a big hit at the box office, the director is looking to realize his version of the Noah story as a big-budgeted film production.

Deadline says that New Regency is already considering a role as co-financier of Noah, which is being envisioned as a $130 million undertaking that’ll feature Aronofsky at the helm – working from his original script, which is currently being revised by Oscar-nominee John Logan (Gladiator, The Aviator). If things work out, this could very well fill the hole left in Aronofsky’s work schedule after he stepped down as director of The Wolverine.

Aronofsky also worked with illustrator Nico Henrichon to develop a comic book version of Noah that is slated to be published sometime next year. That move was in part inspired by The Fountain, which was also brought to life in graphic novel form before Aronofsky turned it into a feature-length film. Noah looks to follow in that sci-fi/fantasy project’s foosteps (possibly with a significant budget, to boot).

the fountain Darren Aronofsky Planning Noahs Ark Movie

An example of the fantastical imagery of 'The Fountain'

Part of the reason Noah is such a difficult sell has to do with Aronofsky’s approach – namely, to retell the tale of Noah and his Ark in a manner that remains true to the tone and nature of the original Bible story. However, therein lies the problem, as Aronofsky has pointed out before:

“[Noah was the] first environmentalist. [The] first person to plant vineyards, drink wine and get drunk. I was stunned going back and realizing how dirty some of those [Bible] stories are. They’re not PG in any way. They’re all about sleeping with your brother’s sister who gives you a child who you don’t know. That kind of stuff got censored out of our religious upbringing.”

Aronofsky has also cited the theme of “environmental apocalypse” in the story of Noah as one that was particularly attractive to him. When you also consider that in combination with the general content (tests of faith, loss of human life) and the overall gloomy atmosphere of the tale, it become a bit more obvious why Aronofsky is so taken with this particular Bible story.

Noah still reads as being a pretty risky proposition for studios – between its high cost, adults-only content and potential to attract a healthy amount of controversy – so it’s not yet guaranteed to become a reality. Even if things don’t work out for the Noah film, Aronofsky fans will at least get to see the project brought to life in a non-compromised fashion in comic book form.

We’ll let you know if Aronofsky’s next directorial effort ends up being Noah – or another project, like Human Nature – once more information has been released.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I would totally see this movie sounds very interesting. I like him as a director and think this could turn out great.

  2. Waterworld 2

    • Wanna hear a dirty little secret? I actually liked Waterworld.

      I never understood the bashing it got.

      • Might be referring to the large cost and high-risk factors that dragged Waterworld down. Adjusted for inflation, Waterworld’s budget would be around 250 million or so. I liked it too, it’s definitely not the worst movie ever made. Aronofsky doing a biblical epic tale sounds promising if anything,

  3. “(Noah was the) first person to plant vineyards, drink wine and get drunk.”

    Mr Aronovsky was clearly not the designated driver on the night that one came tumbling out…

    • AronoFsky. That was the whisky talking.

  4. I already watched evan almighty, though

  5. Wow, talk about a story that has been told too many times in the movies/TV. I really don’t think however we need an R rated version of it.

    • We do need an R rated version because that is the true version. Noah’s Ark was not a happy tale in the slightest. Imagine what the waters looked like – bodies floating in the muddy water, spindered molding trees bobbing along the surface. The stench of animals radiating from the lower decks of the ark. Noise, fear, and impatience causing stress in Noah’s family. When the waters receeded, imagine the ground strewn with the corpses of men and creatures alike. A colorful rainbow fading into sight off in the distance. The sound of waterfalls carving their way down the freshly sculpted lanscape. This is a realistic depiction of Noah’s “boat-trip”

      • True version? True version of what, events that never happened and are fictional?

        • Actually, Sam…many scientists and historians DO think a tremendous flood (or an unusually clustered series of floods) happened several thousand years ago, giving rise to the various and widespread flood stories around the world. Obviously, this flood was (or these floods were) not the “humanity ender(s)” of the BIBLE, but SOMETHING is believed to have occurred.

          Just like many people believe Moses’ taking the Jews across the RED Sea is ACTUALLY supposed to have happened BUT across the REED Sea ( a much smaller, shallower body of water, with so many reeds growing from its bed that the Jews were able to cross quickly and safely, leaving the Egyptian pursuers to deal with an attempted crossing of broken and uneven reeds, making for extremely treacherous footing)…

          See? Divinity doesn’t HAVE to come into play for some of these stories to be at least somewhat explainable. :)

          • Actually, there was a program on the History Channel that had another explanation about the Red Sea crossing. 1st, the Red Sea used to cover a larger area than it does now, there is an ancient port that is about 300 yards from where the Red Sea is now. The Red Sea would have been alot shallower in this area and a heavy wind would actually push the water out of the way to leave a path. The actually demonstrated this on a small scale. Pretty interesting. Doesn’t really explain how the Jews were able to cross and then it collapsed on the Egyptians though. Pretty good timing if you ask me. LOL. Then again, until time travel is invented, we’re never going to know for sure! :D

        • Sam, at least we won’t be getting the censored version that many have been taught for years.

        • Oh, man – thanks so much for not letting another opportunity go by to educate us ignorant children.

          I’ll be back soon, I’m going to go sacrifice a first-born goat.


          • You’re not sacrificing a virgin this time? :-)

        • @Sam – Was waiting on your ridiculous Atheist head to rear itself. Why are Atheist so determined to let everyone know they don’t believe in God? It’s fine if you want to but does it bother you SO much that someone believes in God that you lose sleep over it? If the movie doesn’t interest you then why even click on the link to read the article?

          • @Paul I agree. I grew up Christian and while I dont believe in the concept of bashing homosexuals and those who don’t believe in my God, I still do believe in his existence (Im now a non-denominational christian). I respect all who dont believe in God or who dont practice religion. Thats a personal choice that I feel we all must respect. But I hate people who bash others beliefs b/c they feel its “not real”.

            @Sam, Ive been on this site for sometime, and I respect all the users. But sometimes, you can be a real jerk sometimes.

  6. Won’t be seeing this.

  7. There’s a lot of potential material there, if it’s handled correctly. The story isn’t really about destruction, it’s about redemption of the human race.

  8. I thought it was going to be the Noahs Ark thats on Logo-oh, thank GOD its not!

  9. I hope he explains how absolutely every lemur on earth ended up in Madagascar.

    • I can-location, location, location!

      • not exactly, only one type of lemur had to land in Madagascar (using vegetation mats, as most scientists agree they did). Its called “adaptive radiation”, where several, or even hundreds of species, can develop from just one basal species.

  10. aronofsky starting to remind me of del torro.Every time he starts to get the ball rolling he has money or family problems.I would love to see this but it will most likely not get made because of the content.

  11. Wow, this is not interesting to me at all. I agree with the person above who compared this to Waterworld. IF something like this was made on the cheap, like under $50 million, then it might be profitable if it’s well made with a good story that generates positive word of mouth. With religion being such a polarizing issue today, I can’t see how this would ever be given a $130 million dollar budget and hope to recoup it. Much less make a profit.

  12. Another noha’s ark film….WHY!? There is more than in the bible than adam & eve, noha’s ark, and moses.

    • There’s projects of David vs. Goliath and Samson in the works. But those are the stories most are familiar with, so that’s probably why we see films on those.

  13. I, too, think this movie could be interesting.

    It’s pretty likely that the Middle East DID suffer a cataclysmic flood at some point in our history – because not only did it have ramifications in the story of the Bible, it was also “reported” and “explained” in other mythologies – Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian (I think)…

    So they don’t even have to do a Noah’s Ark retelling (that would bring in the Christian crowd, though) to make this movie pretty interesting. It could be any kind of Flood mayhem movie set back in the BC’s.

  14. I’m sure it can be made for less than that. Maybe $90 million but I’d totally watch this

  15. “That kind of stuff got censored out of our religious upbringing.”

    Considering the Bible is the world’s most published book since the days of hand-copying scribes and Gutenberg’s press and most likely found on a book shelf near you no matter where you are, just because you chose never to read the account for yourself doesn’t mean it was censored.

    Now, book burning, there’s your censorship.

    Never being encouraged or personally motivated to read it is not censorship.

  16. Ive seen plenty of bibles in hotel rooms, but what Ive done in them would be under the sinners chapters, lol!

  17. You know, I’ve never seen a movie that showed the real reason for the deluge (I mean real by the biblical account). In the bible, it says that God decided to bring the flood because the sons of God looked upon the women of men and found them fair, and then procreated with the women and created the Nephilim, and God’s spirit would not dwell with man for long. Of course, there is controversy on whether “sons of God” meant angels or men of God, but for a movie, angels would be a great idea. Just think, this movie could have giants and unusual creatures (reminiscent of the Egyptian half-man/half-animal creatures), and then destruction like in 2012. I’d say this could be a great disaster flick.

    • Awaiting moderation? For what?

      • Cause you were drinking too much, not in moderation, lol!

        • (hiccup) What gives you that idea? (hiccup) :-D

          • Ok, pull over!

    • Any movie I’ve ever seen using the Bible as a basis has always strayed in some way from the source material. Prince of Egypt and The Ten Commandments are both very different from the Bible account in certain areas.

      But that’s pretty true of most movie adaptations I’ve seen.

      The most faithful rendition from book to screen was Grisham’s The Rain Maker

      • I believe you have to stray at times for dramatic affect. I remember seeing another rendition of The Ten Commandments which tried to stay true to the bible and it was boring. Heston’s 10 Commandments strayed but was very entertaining, yet the spirit of the struggle was true.

  18. I cant wait for this, this will be an awesome movie. I hope the part of Noah goes to Liam Nesson, that would be awesome.

    And the flood isn’t just a Christian story, almost every religion and culture has a story about A flood.

    • Tho this one will be focused on the christian story.

      • I hope so-I wouldnt want Noahs Ark to be taken over by the Moors!

  19. Not gonna see it: why? because I don’t think that the Bible’s stories should be dishonored like this.

    Just like “the passion”. It is wrong and sends out the wrong message.

    Hollywood always screws up the original stories. I’m a huge comic book geek and I can live with Hollywood messing up a comic-book movie, but mess with religion and probably one of THE oldest stories ever told… that’s NOT OK!

    • Avenger…

      I’m not trying to be confrontational…I really am curious: How would making this film dishonor the meaning and/or the original story? I would think that for such stories, the more people exposed to them (as long as they are done with respect for people’s belief systems) can only help spread their messages, at least as I perceive the concept.

      Don’t get me wrong…if Seth Rogen or, say, Jack Black and Michael Cera (oh, wait…) were to tamper with these stories, I can easily understand you and everyone else becoming aggravated. Why with Aronofsky?

    • They totally ruined the Passion of the Christ-wow, was that a violent, and historically inaccurate telling of the greatest story ever told!

      • brutony…

        Again, not judging, just asking: WHAT was inaccurate about “Passion”? I have a particular reason for asking and will gladly share it once I know your perspective and reasoning. :)

        • So many things were inaccurate about Passions that I dont have time to start!

          • That’s a cop-out. If you can’t support your statement, you shouldn’t have made it.

        • Hollywood fabricated several parts just tomake it interesting. Plus it revealed major implications that only the jews were to blame for the death of christ when it was all peoples. It didnt use the four gospels as its sole reference either. it used several inaccurate and fabricated texts written within the past 200 years. so it was a good movie which got the point across but left me unimpressed

          • Jay19…

            Thank you; I’m glad SOMEONE finally responded to my query. I happen to agree with you. I didn’t think it was a particularly offensive movie, BUT its implications for the people involved DID have the definite potential TO BE such.

            Also, it simply was not actually a GOOD movie…gross, yes. Full of intensity, yes. Good, no. It was not well put-together and seemed to rely soley on emotional punches, rather than actual storytelling. It gave a couple of interesting perspectives, but (as you pointed out), it was not quite the accurate tale Gibson would have us believe…In fact, I believe a lot of people who wished to write off his career (and, in some cases, his existence) after his rant(s) o’ stupidity felt so because they thought the movie confirmed his “real” feelings.

            Actually, the one thing I enjoyed about the movie was the portrayal of Satan at the temptation of Jesus…veeery appropriately creepy.

            • Passions never mentioned Pilates name, never expressed how Jesus was the son of God-more that he was a troublemaking Jew-and didnt even get the weather right-wasnt it raining that day? Not to mention one of the most goriest, bloodiest movies of all time? Geez, I like Gibson, but this was way beyond the realm! PLUS, I couldnt understand a friggin word of it, cause nothing was translated or dubbed, lol!

  20. Sounds like a perfect project for one of the pay-cable networks like Showtime or HBO…. since these networks are the ones making anything for adults anymore. Like “Game of Thrones” it could be a ten-episode series and probably be much better for it. Just my opinion.

  21. The story of Noah’s flood is by far the greatest and most horrific on earth. From many years of research I have recently published a book, Noah’s Icy Cataclysm. This portrays a scientifically sound base for this story and the necessary eco system for the mega creatures that died out in this flood now buried across the entire world as fossils. If done authentically this movie will be the greatest epic ever produced.
    I would love to share this valuable research material with Darren Aronofsky. Contact me on nagrayson@gmail.com

  22. If Darren is NOT aware of the giant hybrid race of Men of Genesis 6,
    then he Clearly hasn’t done his homework, because otherwise THIS is right
    up his alley.
    The main REASON for the Flood was to wipe these A-Holes, and one
    finally understands completely why these Old Testament Judgments took
    place, because of the Hybrids.
    The Book of Jasher which is SUPPORTED by the Bible will blow you away,
    yes there WERE Giants, Centaurs, “mixing of species”.
    Sound strange? Yes, I know it does.
    The Book of Enoch ALSO mentioned in Scripture is as mind blowing as well,
    You wanna take the RED Pill, or the BLUE pill?..your move in Googling this info.

  23. I am more interested in the stories leading up to Noah and the flood, Chapter 6:1 And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, chaper 6:2 That the sons of God saw the daughters of man that they were fair; and they took them to wife of all which they chose.Chapter 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them,the same became mighty men which were of old, men of remown.(who were these off springs) Genesis Chapter6:5 The wickedness of man that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil..Matthew Chapter 24:37,38. Opinion mankind dictates whether based on the unity of operating with a good heart or an evil one, in this day and time you can’t argue with the fact we have seen weather changes like at no other times in history, you can’t argue with we live in the most perverted times ever, crimes on children alone, some unimaginable. Global warming vs evil imagination and thoughts of mans heart.

  24. I welcome this epic story of the dawn of the age of mankind,and to prove that man has not change much in his thinking,I wanted to make this movie,my self, only setback i did not have the money and the contacts to produce it,but it will be a great movie,comparein to the ten commandments or ben hur, the tale will bring many questions to mind,who were the giants?what was ment by the corrupting of flesh ,the flood in it self ,the world that then was,the human drama from Noah’s prespective and much,much more.

  25. I heard that Mr. Darren Aronofsky will work on the movie “Noah”. As a scientist I would suggest to use a modern scientific hypothesis in the movie, please see a copy of the description of it from Wikipedia below. Otherwise, the movie would be eclectic to some extend.

    Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

    Alex Vasilenko

    Black Sea deluge hypothesis
    From Waikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Black Sea deluge is a hypothesized catastrophic rise in the level of the Black Sea circa 5600 BC due to waters from the Mediterranean Sea breaching a sill in the Bosporus Strait. The hypothesis made headlines when The New York Times published it in December 1996, shortly before it was published in an academic journal.[1] ……….

    • I doubt the film will have a scientific basis, but I would love to see it done in such a manner. I think it would give a different perspective and, thus, be much more interesting than just a possible rehashing of the Biblical tale.

  26. This is a counterfeit version of Noah. Noah’s sons had wives upon entering the ark. Noah was found righteous in the eyes of the Lord. Noah had no grandchildren on the ark. The watchers (fallen angels- giants) did not help Noah. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. No patriarchs were killed in the flood – meaning all Noah’s direct descendants had died before the flood. The Tubal-Cain character and story were fabricated and Ham did not need a wife from the daughters of Cain. The movie made the good guys look bad and made the bad guys heros. Do you know who the great counterfeiter is???