Dark Tower’s Lead To Be Announced This Week [Updated]

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the dark tower stephen king movie Dark Towers Lead To Be Announced This Week [Updated]

[Update: The lead role of Roland was offered to Javier Bardem!]

Javier Bardem? Viggo Mortensen? It’s a good problem to have, deciding between Oscar worthy talent to lead your franchise. One of the most ambitious film and television projects to date is about to announce its leading star and poster boy, and fans of the Dark Tower novels are eager to find out if a member of the Hollywood A-List will play that man.

Producer Brian Grazer revealed on the red carpet for the Golden Globes on Sunday that sometime this week we will find out who they have chosen to play Roland Deschain, the last of the “gunslingers” in the adaptation Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

MTV had a brief moment to poke and prod Grazer for some tidbits regarding Dark Tower and got him to seemingly spill that they have made their decision about who will play Roland, and that they did speak with previously reported lead candidates Mortensen and Bardem. The pair however, are just the two lead candidates who were mentioned alongside popular stars Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman and Jon Hamm.

All of these actors can sell such a franchise on their own, but I am fond of either of the two top contenders having the part. There was talk before that the TV series, which would bridge the trilogy of films, would recast a lesser known actor for the small screen but director Ron Howard specified to MTV prior to the Golden Globes ceremony that the actor they choose, will play Roland in the movies AND television series – making this decision that much more important and ground-breaking.

Has Javier Bardem or Viggo Mortensen been cast into 'Dark Tower'?

If it is really down to Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortensen, my haunch is that it’s Viggo. Plus, he’s got less on his current schedule and he has a lot of fans gunning for him for this role. Who would you fantasy cast as Roland?

The Dark Tower series, which sets itself in a magic-infused version of the Old West, is described as Stephen King’s Magnum Opus and if any series is to get the treatment and attention Ron Howard and co. are planning to give it, this is the right franchise. Let’s just see who’s chosen to help bring it to life on screen. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’m surprised Brad Pitt wasn’t considered, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES was brilliant in my opinion.

    • Michael Fassbender as Roland, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Eddie, Zoe Saldana as Susannah, for bad guys, Javier Bardem as Walter O’Dim, Tom Wlaschiha-game of thrones assasin as the man in black (1st book, the sorcerer)

  2. I can’t wait. It is like Christmas come early. Or a late Christmas present. Either way you want to look at it. :)

  3. The discription in the books is closer to Viggo than any other actor named here. I think he would a good fit for the role.

  4. Brad Pitt would be an excellent Walter. It’d just be Tyler Durden all over again.

  5. Have they said what they are going to do about “The Wind Through the Keyhole”? Stephen King said that it will take place between books 4 and 5 of the series…

    • i think they’re going to simply leave it out of the main “cannon” of the tv/movie series. If they DO cover it, it’ll be just like what kings planing on doing, going back to it AFTER the main books are covered sort of a flash back.

      • I figured something along those lines. Or maybe King will have it finished by the time they get to it and they will include it in the TV series?

  6. let Viggo strap on the sandle wood colts and walk the beam to the Dark Tower and the RED KING

  7. Viggooo

  8. i wanna know who’s getting the Eddie Dean part….Ryan Reynolds anyone? *damn you Green lantern* still, i think it would be a neat fit.
    what about the rest of Roland’s Ka-tet?
    i think Zoe Saldana would make a good Susannah Dean what about you guys?

    • After watching “The Losers” and seeing angry Zoe? Most definitely.

    • No way could Ryan Reynolds pull off eddie. That’s like an insult to the character. Im all for zoe though.

      • We are in agreement. I still think however this project should be Feature Film only though. The media transition will not go over well.

  9. Gotta be Viggo from just the “looks” area. I have been fond of many of his roles in movies and I believe he could pull off Roland. I worry sooo much though in general about this project. Some of King’s adaptions were…to put it simply failtacular. Its hit or miss. Bring it home guys.

  10. I’m really, really hopin that its Viggo, Bardem is a good actor but Viggo is perfect for the role.

    • Have you read all the books Seth?

  11. I still say Josh Holloway is the best pick.

  12. If they go with either Viggo or Bardem, I don’t think they’d go wrong. Both have that look. I just hope that this gets better treatment than most of King’s works. A majority of those adapatations were a shadow of the works they were based off of.

  13. I pictured a young Clint Eastwood as Roland when I first read ‘Tower 20 years ago, but Hugh Jackman replaced Clint in my mind by the time I finished the series.

    • im glad at least one other person made that rather obvious connection. well done.

  14. Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

  15. My money’s on Viggo. I like his look for Roland. I just really hope they do the books justice with this one. I know it’s weird, but I can’t wait to hear what they make “Didachum?” sound like on film.

    • Also I want to know what Oy will look like. =p

  16. Viggo is clearly the man for the role, but I’ll watch this even if they go with Bardem.

  17. dark tower (in my opinion) is kings mona lisa, his sistine chapel… and since ron howard has his hands in it… it has to be good… i hope they do all the books like harry potter… or, dare i say, eclipse… i feel dirty just typing dark tower, and eclipse in the same comment… I think viggo looks the part, but i think that guy from no country for old men would be epic… either way, ill be watching…

  18. VIGGO has it locked he is great in westerns

  19. cant wait for a trailer. I know its early but I’m already excited about it.
    Here’s a thought
    the music for the trailer should totally be a honkey tonk version of “Hey Jude”
    all you tower fans know what I’m talking about ;)

  20. Thomas Jane could be a better choice…

    • That’s actually a laughable choice.

  21. James McAvoy would be a perfect Eddie

  22. Timothy Olyphant should be a perfect candidate!

    • Dude this isn’t hard. The character of Roland is clearly depicted as a middle aged Clint Eastwood. Tall, lanky build, long bony nose, that doesn’t sound like anybody I’ve heard tossed around. Now here are some ideas based on actual character description; Hugh Jackman (only actor in known history who vaguely resembles Clint Eastwood), Liam Nieson (see Seraphim Falls), Jim Caviezel, Timothy Oliphant (see Deadwood). My biggest fear is that the decision will be based on whats hot in hollywood (getting a poster boy to sell tickets)and not on who best brings the character to life.

      • I agree with you a 100%. It would be a great shame if they cast someone who does not fit Roland. True fans of the series will be greatly disappointed if the movie does not stay true to the books!!

  23. If the guy hasn’t aged too much, Jered Leto (requiem for a dream) would play Eddie well. Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints) is a good choice also.

  24. I’m sorry people, but Havier Bardem? You really gotta be kidding me with that one. Have you seen the guys mug? It’s huge. He has a huge face. Not the lean, slightly malnourished, weather beaten features we would expect to see in a real life Roland. I really think that after Hugh Jackman, Timothy Olyphant would be one of the best choices, because he has the right build, blue eyes, and is at that magical age where he can be aged up or down on screen with little need for make-up.

  25. Give it to Mr. Hopkins ((Anthony Hopkins)).. He’d certainly blow the role thru the roof!! If it has 2 be out of these 2 id give it bardem he has a good big head edge..lol

    • You sound like a Dean Koontz fan. I hear that in Koontz’s next book a genetically engineered, psychic golden retriever from outer-space, rescues a white suburban family from the clutches of a clandestine government agency, led by an eccentric serial killer who enjoys Coleslaw.

  26. Whoever is cast in this role, it will make their career. I think it’s best to have someone play roland who isn’t already established. This is Kings life work and I believe Ron Howard will knock this one out of the park. Maybe, if we could find just one door, an Eastwood from another time would walk through ready to play the part.

  27. i’ve read every on of the Dark Tower novels and would not read anything else.I was completely facinated with Mr.Kings storytelling.Very happy that a movie is being made. THANK YOU. PLEASE STICK AS CLOSE TO THE NOVELS AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! AGAIN THANKS

  28. i’m looking foreward to this magical experience like tommyknockers,deloris clayborne, needful things.the other charactors need to be top notch also e.g.della ,eddie, jake,tick-tock man.ect.ect.blain the mono train ,whom we met in wastelands. the aformentioned players are very intrical part of this dark tower series .

  29. Personally I’d like as a couple before me have said for Timothy Olyphant to play this role, he is just amazing in deadwood and justified.

    Jared Leto would be an excellent choice for Eddie and I believe it may be an unknown child actor for Jake unless anyone else has other thoughts!