‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Approached for ‘The Dark Tower’

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aaron paul dark tower Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul Approached for The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower book series is considered Stephen King’s fantasy magnum opus, so it’s no wonder that a film adaptation has been on the table for years now. Problem is, Oscar-winner Ron Howard (long attached to direct and/or produce the project) hasn’t been content to adapt King’s literature into either a Game of Thrones-style epic TV series or a big-budget movie trilogy; he and writer/producer Akiva Goldsman (Winter’s Tale) have wanted to make both, which explains why both Universal and Warner Bros. have balked at the proposed multi-platform endeavor in the past.

Despite issues getting the necessary funding for the proposed Dark Tower cross-platform venture, Howard and producer Brian Grazer have always maintained that the project was never been dead in the water - just (much) slower than expected to make its way down the pipeline into production. In the meantime, it would appear that the filmmakers have been meeting with potential cast members, including one rising star who threw his hat in the ring a while back.

AICN caught up Aaron Paul at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where the actor is promoting his new film Hellion by writer/director Kat Candler, having previously visited the Utah-held festival in 2012 to promote the alcoholism drama Smashed (which he co-headlined). The site’s contributor “Quint” eventually turned his conversation with Paul to Dark Tower, in part because the actor has previously revealed on Twitter – back in Fall 2012 – that he’d like to play the character Eddie Dean in the movie/TV adaptation.

Well, fans aren’t the only ones who like the idea, according to Paul:

“I’ve had a ton of meetings on that. I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of the show (Breaking Bad, naturally), which is such a crazy thing to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making [The Dark Tower].”

Paul also re-iterated that Howard and Co.’s plan remains to make a Dark Tower movie trilogy that has “a television element to it,” as was originally proposed. One possibility (and this is pure speculation) is that the TV “element” might be a spinoff series revolving around side characters who’re tangentially related to the main Dark Tower narrative; in other words, a show that is to the trilogy what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is to the Marvel Studios’ film universe, story-wise.

DarkTower3 Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul Approached for The Dark Tower

Eddie Dean in Dark Tower, for those unfamiliar, is an ex-heroin addict whose raw talent for gunslinging is shaped by protagonist Roland Deschain – a grizzled warrior and last in the line of gunslingers, who’s on a quest to locate the fabled Dark Tower. Drug problems aren’t the only thing that Eddie shares in common with Paul’s Breaking Bad onscreen persona, Jesse Pinkman; the pair also have troubled pasts and share certain personality traits in common, which is why Paul has long been viewed as a natural fit for the Dean character.

Typecasting concerns aside, Paul reads as a smart choice for reasons that go beyond his compelling screen presence; he’s also looking to further breakout bad (sorry, could resist) in Hollywood soon, with his leading role in the Need for Speed movie this March and supporting turn in Ridley Scott’s Exodus later this year.

Combined, Paul’s current star wattage with that of proposed headliner Russell Crowe as Roland Deschain may not be enough to get Dark Tower green-lit right off the bat, but it would at least help to move the project another step forward. Moreover, with Hollywood’s newfound love affair with building shared universes – whether they are home to superheroes, old-fashioned monsters or citizens of a galaxy far, far away – in full bloom, it seems “now” might be Dark Tower‘s time at last.

Do you like the idea of Aaron Paul playing Eddie Dean in The Dark Tower? What are your thoughts and feelings about the multi-platform approach in general? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


We’ll keep you updated on The Dark Tower‘s status as more information is made available.

Source: AICN

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  1. I think he would be great as Eddie. However put in Russell Crowe as Roland and I will not watch a single part of this film/series. Indeed, we someone more like Clint Eastwood. The absolute best would be Timothoy Olyphant. Check out ‘Deadwood’ and especially ‘Justified’ and you will see what I mean.

    • Other people I would suggest as Roland would be Christian Bale or Matthew McConaughey.

    • From the moment I picked up the first installment of The Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger, in 1978 and began to reverently turn the pages I immediately pictured in my mind Clint Eastwood for the role of Roland. Unfortunately, by the time this production begins filming Eastwood may be a resident of Tough Guy Heaven.

    • I’m all for him as Eddie… I agree on most feelings about Russell Crowe.. and Timothy Oliphant would be perfect! ! He’s great actor and in my opinion fits the description of Roland.

    • In my opinion, Aaron Paul would be fine for the character Eddie. While Russell Crowe is an excellent actor, he is no Roland Deschain(sp). I nominate James Caviziel.
      The Dark Tower series is my favorite! I would definatly go with the one book; one movie, like the Harry Potter series. I would truly HATE to see The Dark Tower ruined by making it a mini-series!

    • I was thinking a Clint Eastwood type would be good for Roland, I fear Timothy is too young and Clint Eastwood too old

    • I agree. Russel Crowe will not make a good fit. I love the Dark Tower series and do not want to see it ruined. I liked the idea of Christian Bale playing Roland.

  2. Sam Elliot might be a choice for Roland.

  3. god, no, not Russell crowe as roland. I don’t know who, but not him. bleh.

  4. No please don’t use Russel Crow as Roland

  5. I think using russell crowe as roland character is not going to work. I think the perfect person to play roland is Sam Elliott. that is the first person I thought of fie rolands part

  6. This would be brilliant!
    Anyone think Lupita Nyong’o from 12 Year’s a Slave for Susannah Dean?

    • I TOTALLY agree with Lupita as Odetta/Detta/Susannah!

  7. Aaron Paul is a fantastic choice but please not Russell Crow.

  8. Timothy Olyphant was exactly who I was thinking to. Think that every time I watch Justified.

  9. Viggo Mortensen as Roland. History of Violence Viggo as a younger Roland; LOTR Viggo as an ollder Roland; and The Road Viggo as the emaciated and dying Roland.

  10. Okay, so Clint Eastwood obviously is too old to play Roland. But his son, Scott Eastwood, could absolutely play Roland for the Wizard and Glass portion of the story. As for the rest of the cast, Jennifer Hudson could be Susannah. Aaron Paul is a fantastic choice for Eddie, even if I imagined him a bit taller and gangly in the book (Could just be me, but I imagined him as a kind of junky Guybrush Threepwood). Anybody who would be good for Jake right now would be too old by time they started filming, but maybe that kid from modern family (just imagine him falling from the train tracks… heart breaking). (Adult) Roland could be played by Andrew Lincoln or hell, Brian Cranston. All movies need Cranston. I would love to see him and Paul together again anyway. Sam Rockwell would be a killer Randall Flagg. Benicio Del Toro or Adrian Brody as Tick Tock Man, They are completely different, but either would bring a cool weirdness to the role. Thomas the Tank Engine could be Blaine the Mono. The fog from The Fog as the Thinny (The fog from The Fog is the thinny). One more thing, making a “spin-off” TV show is redundant, because they have been doing it for years already: The Stand, IT, and Salem’s Lot (and pretty much any Stephen King story) are all connected to The Dark Tower somehow.

    • I mean The Mist not The Fog. Also, Rocket Raccoon or Comet from Full House could be Oy.

  11. Yes to Aaron Paul for Eddie. Bardem or Cranston for Roland.

  12. as soon as I saw the picture I pictured him as being Eddie; in the comments I saw other discussions on characters as well. but what about susannah and jake? who would be good actors for those two?

  13. Clive Owen for Roland
    Naomie Harris for Susannah
    (She was Moneypenny in Skyfall, Tia Dalma in Pirates of the Carribean)


  15. I think he would do a great job! It is not how I viewed Eddie Dean, but the Pinkman character grew and adapted well; as I know would be the case with this on, as well!

    • I agree… I’m excited to see what he’ll do with the role, but I always pictured a guy who looked and sounded like a younger Tom Hulce.

  16. So, I’m cool with Aaron Paul playing Eddie. I think it seems like a natural fit. I don’t know how I feel about Russell Crowe though. I think he’s a bit more mainstream than I expected. I guess when we know the rest of the cast I will see how they fit. I think the idea to do two seasons of tv and three movies is a great idea. It will keep people engaged for a long time if done right.

  17. Aaron Paul seems a good idea to play Eddie. But the main discussion should be about Roland, and who is gonna stars him… I don’t think Sam Elliott should play him, Roland don’t laugh at all, he killed his mother and his girlfriend, and live in constant darkness even though he fights for light, so one cow-boy who just lost his parents is not enough. Clive owen seems young.
    Maybe Michael Bay, I don’t know. It’s a hard character to play. And Russel Crowe is a gladiator, not a Gunslinger, I can’t see him in Roland. It’s just not the same thing.

  18. Huge dark tower fan here, but after what Ron Howard did to angels a demons ( erased major characters, changed tending) I will never watch this.

    • And what about what that fraud Dan Brown did to Umberto Eco in the first place?

  19. All ways saw stephen moyer as roland when reading the story

  20. Please, please, please, don’t have Russell Crowe as Roland. That would be awful. ..

  21. Has anyone considers Liev Schriber as Roland?

  22. Aaron Eckhardt for Roland is intriguing.

  23. I think Aaron would be awesome. I agree with everyone else though, No Russell Crowe, I couldn’t watch it if he’s in it. I do think, open your mind for this one, Jim Carrey for Roland. He’s the right age and height and he has a hardened look. I know most people probably think he’s too goofy but just think about it.

  24. The main actor from “hell on wheels” would make a perfect Roland

  25. Paul would be a great Eddie, a very good fit! But god no, not Russell Crowe as Roland. I couldn’t watch it then. Please some one more like Christian Bale, Daniel Day Lewis (the man can do anything, just watch There Will Be Blood), Timothy Oliphant, Tom Hardy, or even Guy Pierce (Just watch Memento) . That chick from 12 Years A Slave would be a great Susannah!

  26. As a huge fan of Aaron Paul’s work on Breaking Bad, I wholly agree that he seems a natural fit for the role of Eddie. I’m thrilled at the thought of a multi-platform approach to the work; it’s my favorite King work! Frankly, I’m less than thrilled at the proposal of Russell Crowe playing Roland; he just doesn’t fit my image of him.

  27. I agree with the others. I love Rusell Crowe but can’t see him as Roland. I just wish they’d hurry up and make the film/s. I am absolutely busting to see it.

  28. Yes, Yes, Yes for Eddie!!! Russell for Roland, HECK NO!!!! I at first thought Sam Elliott, but I think he’s too old too. And then I thought who plays dark well, how about Johnny Depp. I know what you’re thinking, too much pirate. But he can play dark too.

  29. Russell Crowe as Roland, and Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean is the perfect combination! I can’t wait for this series to be produced! This is King’s best, and will make a wonderful movie series! I hope the entire series will be made for the big-screen!