‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Approached for ‘The Dark Tower’

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aaron paul dark tower Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul Approached for The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower book series is considered Stephen King’s fantasy magnum opus, so it’s no wonder that a film adaptation has been on the table for years now. Problem is, Oscar-winner Ron Howard (long attached to direct and/or produce the project) hasn’t been content to adapt King’s literature into either a Game of Thrones-style epic TV series or a big-budget movie trilogy; he and writer/producer Akiva Goldsman (Winter’s Tale) have wanted to make both, which explains why both Universal and Warner Bros. have balked at the proposed multi-platform endeavor in the past.

Despite issues getting the necessary funding for the proposed Dark Tower cross-platform venture, Howard and producer Brian Grazer have always maintained that the project was never been dead in the water - just (much) slower than expected to make its way down the pipeline into production. In the meantime, it would appear that the filmmakers have been meeting with potential cast members, including one rising star who threw his hat in the ring a while back.

AICN caught up Aaron Paul at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, where the actor is promoting his new film Hellion by writer/director Kat Candler, having previously visited the Utah-held festival in 2012 to promote the alcoholism drama Smashed (which he co-headlined). The site’s contributor “Quint” eventually turned his conversation with Paul to Dark Tower, in part because the actor has previously revealed on Twitter – back in Fall 2012 – that he’d like to play the character Eddie Dean in the movie/TV adaptation.

Well, fans aren’t the only ones who like the idea, according to Paul:

“I’ve had a ton of meetings on that. I just had a general sit down with Ron Howard, who is a huge fan of the show (Breaking Bad, naturally), which is such a crazy thing to even think that Ron Howard even knows who I am. They’re definitely planning on making [The Dark Tower].”

Paul also re-iterated that Howard and Co.’s plan remains to make a Dark Tower movie trilogy that has “a television element to it,” as was originally proposed. One possibility (and this is pure speculation) is that the TV “element” might be a spinoff series revolving around side characters who’re tangentially related to the main Dark Tower narrative; in other words, a show that is to the trilogy what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is to the Marvel Studios’ film universe, story-wise.

DarkTower3 Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul Approached for The Dark Tower

Eddie Dean in Dark Tower, for those unfamiliar, is an ex-heroin addict whose raw talent for gunslinging is shaped by protagonist Roland Deschain – a grizzled warrior and last in the line of gunslingers, who’s on a quest to locate the fabled Dark Tower. Drug problems aren’t the only thing that Eddie shares in common with Paul’s Breaking Bad onscreen persona, Jesse Pinkman; the pair also have troubled pasts and share certain personality traits in common, which is why Paul has long been viewed as a natural fit for the Dean character.

Typecasting concerns aside, Paul reads as a smart choice for reasons that go beyond his compelling screen presence; he’s also looking to further breakout bad (sorry, could resist) in Hollywood soon, with his leading role in the Need for Speed movie this March and supporting turn in Ridley Scott’s Exodus later this year.

Combined, Paul’s current star wattage with that of proposed headliner Russell Crowe as Roland Deschain may not be enough to get Dark Tower green-lit right off the bat, but it would at least help to move the project another step forward. Moreover, with Hollywood’s newfound love affair with building shared universes – whether they are home to superheroes, old-fashioned monsters or citizens of a galaxy far, far away – in full bloom, it seems “now” might be Dark Tower‘s time at last.

Do you like the idea of Aaron Paul playing Eddie Dean in The Dark Tower? What are your thoughts and feelings about the multi-platform approach in general? Let us know what you think in the comments section!


We’ll keep you updated on The Dark Tower‘s status as more information is made available.

Source: AICN

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  1. I think Aaron Paul is taylor made for this role. And it could catapault his career. As for the role of Roland, I think people are being a tad bit too harsh on Russel Crowe. He’s played cowboy characters, bad guys, and good guys. I think he has that quietness and grit, and that image of whether you don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy. Basically that guy you’d see in a bar and leave him alone. Roland is all of that. I think if you look at him in that aspect, he could pull it off. I’m not saying he is my first choice, because he’s not really tall enough, but he is a top contender. I think Timothy Oylphant would be a bad idea. He’s too good looking. He’s supposed to be “long, tall, and ugly”. Not long, tall, and handsome. No homo.

    • See, I see Josh Brolin in the role of Roland. Roland is tall and has a long stride. Russell Crowe is a great actor but he’s too overweight and stocky for Roland. I also see someone more like Taylor Kitsch or Liam Hemsworth as Eddie, and I always pictured someone like Thandie Newton as Odetta /Detta / Susannah, but they might need someone younger and I think Gabrielle Union could do it also!

      • You say Brolin and I say thankee. Brolin would be perfect for the role (a la Jona Hex) so he would.

    • I think Russel Crowe wouldn’t be a good fit to play Roland. Playing Jonas as a Coffin Hunter on the other hand. That would be great to see

  2. I think Daniel Craig would make a good Roland.

  3. Aaron Paul is perfect for Eddie Dean. I really hope he gets the part. Danai Guira is 100% the perfect choice for Susanah. Carl Urban, Russell Crowe for Roland – I don`t think so. They are too healthy looking. Think about it – Roland is a haunted person and damned to purgatory forever. He is a walking bag of bones. Clint Eastwood in his 50`s is the perfect Roland & unless you get someone that looks like they are on death`s door the project will not fly. Someone like Vitto Morgenstein is about as close as you can come only because Clint is too old for the part.

    • What about Bryan Cranston? Would be great to see him and Aaron Paul together again, and the dude is not pretty, but can be a badass, and dance the Commala…

  4. Arron paul is perfect for eddie dean and andrew lincoln from walking dead for roland and tara from true blood as susanna better yet detta/odeta holmes!

    • hell yeah bud! I’ve been throwing out Andrew Lincoln for sometime now. He’s got my vote.

    • Awesome. Good call on cast possibilities.

  5. And Rutina Wesley for Susannah Dean! She plays a tough actress and can give a stern look. She also has the perfect physique for the way Susannah is described.

  6. they HAVE to get Roland’s eyes right. he was described [i think] as having ‘blue bombadeer eyes.’ his stair has to make you wonder if he is walking on your grave, or about to teach you a life lesson, or about to write you off completely, or give you a pat on the back??

    For roland, its all about the eyes, whoever they use.

  7. Please DO NOT make a movie! How on earth can this epic be made into into even 3 movies! I can’t, it’ll be like watching a trailer.

    It could work using the Game of Thrones model for sure, that was 5 books.

    Daniel Craig and Arron Paul could pull it off. As for Jake and Susannah, that’s tough. Jake would need to be very young though, he’d be seven years older by the series finale.

    • I don’t know how it’ll work as a trilogy, that’s just crazy to me. A movie for each book might work though. One thing’s for sure though, I hope whatever they do it doesn’t turn out to be the hatchet job that Game of Thrones is. God that show is terrible compared to the books.

  8. If Russell Crowe is Roland, I swear I will shoot myself in the head.

  9. Aaron Paul is the pefect fit for Eddie. In my opinion Clint Eastwood as Roland and Halle Berry as Suzanah are excellent fits.

  10. If you ask my personal opinion, I can see Adrian Brody as Eddie Dean and Jensen Ackles as Roland Deschain. When it comes to our bad-ass black beauty, Rhianna strikes me as a good fit… “if” she can act the part.

    • Adrian Brody is older than Jensen Ackles and about 20 years older than Eddie is supposed to be. Brody is too old and Ackles is too young.

  11. I think that Russell Crowe could play the part of Roland well enough, but I still feel that Javier Bardem “fits the image” better.

    • I believe Aaron Paul would make a great Eddie. As I read the books and visualize Eddie Dean, my vision of him is not that far off from Aaron Paul (though he is not spot on either).

    • Best actor to fit the part of Roland would be Hugh Laurie, from House. The eyes, the build and the attitude are all found in his Greg House character.

  12. Anson Mount as Roland. Please!

  13. Timothy Olyphant as roland. He looks like a young Clint eastwood, and plays a gunslinger of sorts in justified.

  14. Sounds great as long as he can get that new york accent and not just be jesse pinkman. be good to see how “different” he can be yet still somewhat typecast.

  15. Daniel Day Lewis could pull of Roland. I, like a lot of other readers prob pictured a James Arness type person though when reading TDT.

  16. When i think of Roland im thinking a rough character like Clint Eastwood in the good, the bad, &the ugly. Maybe the lead actor in the movie driver. Or Leonardo DiCaprio. He was AWESOME in Django.

  17. Daniel Day Lewis is perfect as Roland. Although he is strikingly good-looking, Hollywood movie magic can take care of that easily enough! I think he is the only one I trust to become Roland because of the way he prepares for a role. Danai Guira (Michonne) would be a great choice for Susannah, but Zoe Saldana would also be great! Not sure about Eddie or Jake?

  18. Why not just throw Bryan Cranston in as Roland? Guy has the talent to be anyone, and the hype surrounding those two would be money in the bank in and of itself. The movie would have to be legit if he was in it, let alone both of them. One side of the fanbase would be stoked, the other side would probably hate it; either way it would be phenomenal. Easy call in my book.

  19. Aaron Paul is a great choice for Eddie. I think Josh Brolin or Christian Bale would make a good Roland

  20. Sure, Arron Paul could probably play Eddie. But for the man? In my opinion it needs to be Viggo. Viggo could play Roland. Russel Crow? That would be a giant misstep right out of the gate.

  21. I’m new to listening to the dark tower just finished book 3 but instead of Arron paul I keep picturing Bob odernkrik, as Eddie Dean..it might be just to the way frank muller, reads it though…and for Roland, Robert Taylor..he would be quite the gunslinger..

  22. I actually like the two platform idea. However, the main story all needs to be told in the movie trilogy, a la The Lord of The Rings. I’ve read the entire book series, plus most of Stephen King’s other books. He makes a lot of references to many other of his books. If you hadn’t read them, it would go right over your head. A main one, which precedes the Dark Tower series, is The Gunslinger. That back-story would probably be a two hour TV movie by itself. Hearts in Atlantis is another one. The Gunslinger was based on Clint Eastwood’s character in the Spaghetti Westerns. He could probably still do the part in the trilogy. Russell Crowe would be an OK choice. Javier Bardem would be spot on!

    • The Gunslinger doesn’t precede the Dark Tower, it’s the first volume in the series.

  23. I think matthew mcconaughey would be perfect for Roland role. After how he played in true detective

  24. Aaron Paul as Eddie Dean is perfect!!! I am not in agreement with Russell Crowe at all….I would lean more toward Anson Mount or even consider Bryan Cranston because he can really act! I am ashamed to admit as an avid Stephen King reader and ultimate fan I just read the Dark Tower for the first time last fall (2013) after having all the books from first publication and never opening the first one. Why? I was not interested in the “sci-fi” aspect of Mr. King’s writing….I am re-reading. This is epic!!! The Dark Tower needs to be several movies, a series, a mini series…something grand!!!!! Ron Howard is the man for the job!

  25. The idea of “Aussie Joe” as Roland makes me a bit ill.

    I’d think one of the Texas boys could pull this off real well; Matthew McConaughey or Woody Harrelson.. as long as they keep smiling to a minimum.

  26. Mads mikkelsen to play Roland! Come on he’s prefect!