Aliens Terrorize a Family in the New ‘Dark Skies’ Trailer

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Hot on the heels of the success of the über creepy Sinister comes a trailer for one of the latest from Blumhouse Productions, Dark Skies. Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton lead the alien horror thriller as Lacey and Daniel Barret, parents living in a quaint suburban neighborhood. Trouble comes in the form of an “alien presence” that terrorizes their poor little boys. As the horror and violence escalate, friends and neighbors grow skeptical of Lacey and Daniel’s behavior, leaving the pair with no choice but to take care of the issue themselves.

Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions are definitely ones to watch. Yes, the Paranormal Activity franchise has fallen into tiresome territory (just read our Paranormal Activity 4 review), but material like Insidious and Sinister suggest Blum knows how to open new doors within the genre, and so does this trailer for Dark Skies. We haven’t really had a horror alien crossover since 2009’s The Fourth Kind and while that one did offer up a few solid scares, there weren’t enough to elevate it from being downright boring.

Based on this trailer, Dark Skies is looking eerie to the max. It’s particularly well formatted, letting the viewer get all nice and cozy with the Barrets before unleashing one of the most horrifying things known to man – the house alarm going off in the middle of the night. (Yes, I can watch people get ripped limb from limb in the movies, but a middle-of-the-night wakeup call via house alarm totally freaks me out.) It’s going to take some legwork to sell the whole “sandman” and this-has-happened-to-other-people thing, but with outrageous and spooky imagery like the bird attack, nasty rashes and, for some odd reason, Daniel just standing in the yard mouth agape, it looks like Dark Skies has a good shot at crawling under your skin and keeping you up at night.

Dark Skies Movie Trailer Birds Aliens Terrorize a Family in the New ‘Dark Skies’ Trailer

Scott Charles Stewart’s directing credits may be limited to Priest and Legion, but at least that means he’s got the visuals down. Whether Blumhouse picked this one up because the script was in solid shape or they could help get it there, between that and Stewart’s typically sleek visuals, Dark Skies could be the whole package – at least until Insidious 2 hits theaters later on in 2013.

Dark Skies hits theaters on February 22, 2013.

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  1. Yeah that looks pretty good, will be catchin this in theaters.

  2. Don’t usually say this about horror movies, but hat trailer does look pretty good…

  3. Seems like it’ll be scary..but not at all good. The stoner from that episode of Louie? Seriously?


  5. Looks creepy! I like the sci-fi alien change-up on what could have been another haunted house movie; should add some interesting twists :)

  6. Ew… that was creepy

  7. 1. Getting bored of the flood of haunted house movies. Haunted by ghost, demons or other things.

    2. Couldn’t they think of a different title than “Dark Skies”, a title that was already used by a TV show that was about these Grey aliens?

    3. One of these days someone gotta do a movie from the perspective of the aliens, speedstacking furniture, lurking around outside houses with their giant flashlights and playing all these other stupid tricks instead of just snatching and dissecting people like our own scientists would. That movie could be called Paul 2. 😀

  8. Priest may have been the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and Legion was terrible as well. Hate to break it to you but this movie has close to zero chance of being good.

    • I enjoyed the Priest graphic novels, so I was sadly disappointed by how truly awful the film was. Indescribably, unexcusably terrible. Easily in my top 10 worst films of the last 5 years.

      I had high hopes for Legion as well, and desperately wanted it to be good, but it just…wasn’t. At all. Again, severely disappointed by something that inherently appealed to me in almost every respect.

      That being said, I’m cautiously optimistic about this one. Blumhouse has been doing some good things, (although I don’t consider Paranormal Activity to be one of them) so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

      I’ve also lowered my standards somewhat, almost to the point that I EXPECT to be disappointed. So now, if Dark Skies turns out to be even halfway decent, I’ll be thrilled.

    • LEgion was good to watch with friends. Not because it was any sort of good, but because of the cafe scene with the crazy grandma: “The babys gonna BURNNNNN!” *Bites dude* “YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!” *climbs up wall like the crazy b**** she is* “Quick! Grab the anti-granny shotgun!” *BOOM* “I knew that thing would come in handy!” OK, not quite what they said, but thats basicly what happened. The movie was so bad it was funny. Like Troll 2. Or Jason X.

      • For me, the only negative about Legion was the music being louder than the dialog, otherwise I thought it was a great movie.

        This looks cool too.

  9. Kerri Russell is in it.

    That’s more than enough to get me to watch it.

  10. Not a big fan of the horror genre, but this looks pretty interesting. Kinda reminds me of Signs, which I enjoyed (for the most part). I might have to check this out in a matinee when it comes out.

  11. signs part 2 anyone?

  12. wow that was pretty creepy. I agree with your statement about the alarm going off in the middle of the night

  13. Strange and inexplicable things happen. More strange and inexplicable things happen. Even more strange and inexplicable things happen. A dramatic finale with an ambiguous ending sets up a series of sequels where more strange and inexplicable things happen. In other words, more trash from a production company that has produced a whole lot of trash.

  14. Perhaps some of you can help Hollywood.


    Height : As far as you wanted it to reach.
    Age : Child’s Wild Eyes Wonder and a Suspended Adults beliefs.

    Last Seen in Inception.

    Reported sighting in Life Of Pi.

    Missing from Action, Horror, Comedy, anything that Adam Sandler has passed off as a movie.

    Seems People in Hollywood think they have, but really have no clue on what Originality really is.

    Originality is often mistaken for reboots or remakes….Which claim to be better than the Original..

    So if you see Originality, please return it to Writers, Producers and Studio Executives and tell someone at Disney, that you went one to many Pirates Movie.

    • The issue with this is at its core the movie you referenced is only a ‘con’ movie.

      There are roughly 7 basic plots…..

      Just because it is whiz bang does not mean it is original or good.

      At its core a lot of (including the one you mentioned) movies have holes, issues and or have been done before yet people seem to allow those to pass by based on the actors, special effects, etc. and want to label them “NEW” or “ORIGINAL” when in fact they are not.

      Welcome home by the way.

  15. Looks scary.. is this any relation to the TV show Dark Skies from the 90s that had to do with aliens as well, actually surprised they got away with using the same title.

  16. Typical aliens movie, which I’ll watch anyway.