‘Dark Skies’ Ending & Spoilers Discussion

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Dark Skies Movie Ending Spoilers Discussion 2013 Dark Skies Ending & Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking in the comments section of our Dark Skies review, this is the place where you can discuss the Dark Skies ending and spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Dark Skies for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film!

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Dark Skies is now playing in theaters.

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  1. Maybe this comment is more appropriate here. I found it to almost be a rehashing of Signs, the family dynamic, the walkie talkies, boarding up window, the “last dinner” scene. And even the Aliens looked almost the same. I agree it was a satisfying creepy movie, I’m still waiting for that truly terrifying alien abducction/invasion movie

    • I got to watch the movie all the way to the part where he tells the girl about the aliens, can anybody tell me the rest of the story including the pending

      • After talking to the girl, Jesse rides home and decides to face whatever’s coming with the family. They finish boarding up the house and Lacey makes dinner. While they eat (this scene seems somewhat like an homage to Signs and Independence Day) they talk about fond memories of 4th of July’s past while watching fireworks on TV. Suddenly, the TV begins to get static while the dog snarls and barks. Daniel gets the gun while Lacey grabs a knife and leads the children upstairs. Jesse tries to insist they stay together.
        Daniel and the dog confront a blinding light that manages to take down the door and the boards. Lacey hides the children in Jesse’s room and tells them NOT to open the door, slamming it shut and guarding it. Something catches her attention though; the TV singing the national anthem in her bedroom. As she approaches, we get the first good look at one of the aliens.
        I know a lot of people are relating it to the reptilians in Signs, but that’s just not true. These fellows are probably one of the best realistic representations of Greys since Close Encounters. It’s tall and lanky, its hands are thin with bulbous fingertips, and it looks more like it’s -leading- Lacey than anything else. She comes upon the TV and the door shuts on her. She’s locked in.
        Jesse is holding on to Sam and they’re watching the door become bathed in light. Daniel bursts in and gathers his children up and manage to get inside the room where Lacey is. They shut themselves in, huddling on the bed behind Daniel.
        It goes quiet before they are surrounded by aliens, Daniel shoots his gun at them. Suddenly Jesse is alone.
        Worried his family was taken he runs searching for them throughout the house. He begins to hallucinate being in the empty fixer-upper, with his worst fears being realized (Dan killing Lacey and himself) and his innermost desires (friendship from Ratner and the girl). He finds his brother curled up in the middle of the hallway. Before he can approach Sam, Lacey calls out to him.
        Jesse is back at their home at night, the family up against the wall. They realize that Jesse had been lured away from them. Before he can turn though he is cornered by the Greys and they bathe him in the light, to the screams of his family who are unable to stop them.
        It cuts to JK Simmons’ character, reading the news and finding that Jesse’s disappearance is blamed on his parents. Discouraged, he cuts out the picture of Jesse and puts it on his wall of missing children.
        3 Months later, the family is reduced to moving in to a small apartment. Lacey is unpacking for a depressed Sam while Daniel is on the phone with his lawyer. They are now deep in to investigating abductions. Lacey looks through some photos of Jesse, and stumbles upon pictures he drew when he was Sam’s age. Similar to Sam’s pictures, they are of him with tall, big headed creatures. She’s realized now that the signs of what was to come were all around (with flashbacks from the movie hinting at this).
        At the same time, Sam begins to hear some white noise on his walkie talkie. Nervously he turns it on and calls out to command control. Much to the family’s shock, they hear Jesse’s voice on the other end calling out to Sam.

    • It did remind me of signs alittle

    • Hey Les I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet I imagine you may have if you’ve been on the look for a truly terrifying alien movie but if you haven’t seen the movie The 4th Kind yet do yourself a favor and check it out. It came out i believe in 07 and Its based on real life events that happened to psychologist and her family. It takes place in Nome Alaska the so called capital of the most alien activity, sightings, and abductions to ever be reported anywhere on earth and the movie is terrifying. At least to me it was. All the talk these days about people wanting desperately to see a space ship or see an alien(s) well let me tell you that if there’s even the slightest bit of truth at all to either one of those movies and that’s what really takes place I don’t ever in my life want anything to do with any aliens EVER!!

      • I think you should check your facts. The Fourth Kind, as terrible as it was, was NOT a true story. Nor was it based on actual events. That entire movie was fiction.

        • I actually really dug into research on The Fourth Kind, and it was loosely based on actual events. Four people did go missing one inter, their bodies were later received, and because of the cold temperatures, it was discovered they were all highly intoxicated and had simply gotten lost walking home. The “real footage” was also shot in Hollywood with other actors. The “real psychiatrist” is an actresses name I can’t think of right now. But the movie was great, shooting “real footage” as a documentary to the “Hollywood Movie.”

    • That’s what I was thinking! I’ve loved Sings since I was a kid and this was a solid movie too but I’m glad I’m not the only one who connected those different elements together. Haha.

  2. I am trying to find out for a friend if the dog dies. If so at what point? Thanks.

    • nope. only animal death is birds

    • You could hear the dog squeal after the wood is broken down. I assumed it meant the greys killed the dog.

  3. Thanks Les!

  4. I would say this may be Alien version of Insidious. Very creepy, well done, camera work was fantastic. them not showing aliens until the end was great, as viewer imagination goes wild. I think it was perfectly executed scary popcorn flick.

  5. I want to know do Keri Russell’s and Josh Hamilton’s character die?

    • They do not, no.

      • I really liked the movie but I got confused at the very end, what exactly was the sound the little boy heard on the walki talky? His brother? The aliens?

        • I’m pretty sure he was picking up a signal from his brother, who was in the aliens’ custody. I guess his brother had the other walkie-talkie in his pocket when he was abducted?

        • Jesse said in the walkie talkie that they were coming for the little boy, they are going to abduct the little boy next since Jesse began to draw those pictures as did the little brother, Sammie.

          • Your actually wrong because a if you look at Jesse closely, you can see he wears red every time and the picture Sam drew has a person wearing red which means that Sam either found it or drew it himself or Jesse showed him

  6. Keri Russel doesnt die??!!! Wont see!!! just funnin. Is she any good? I am not a fan of her at all.

    • Not sure why you don’t like her but she did a great job in this film. She executed her part very well- and she’s just a great actress.

  7. Thought it was a satisfying alien abduction movie and even though I suspected jessie being abducted before he was abducted, it was still a awesome movie. I did not understand what was being said on the walkie but read here what people have said that jessie said which to me would make sense. They waited that long for him so who knows how long they will wait for sam.

  8. IT HAPPEN TO ME!!!!!!!!

  9. Anybody else noticed how they ditched the German Shepherd after the aliens came in? :/

    • I sure did notice that. Not because I’m a dog and German Shepherd lover, but also because it’s a gaping script hole….

      • Im with u why did the dog randomly dissapear?

      • It’s not a script hole. The dog was very unimportant to the story. They just put it in the movie to make the build up of the attack more intense. They got the “aggressive” dog to show they needed protection- what happened to the dog is unimportant.

    • I did. And its sad.. I get sad every time and animal died in a movie

  10. Does anyone know for sure what Jesse says over the walkie talkie at the end? My gf thinks he says “they’re coming” but I couldnt really make out anything. Help!!!!

    • according to wikipedia, your girlfriend is correct. I myself was pretty sad that they got Jesse, it looked like his character was making a turn-around.

  11. When i watched it in the theater i heard, “Im Back” from the white noise. But then again i only watched it once so i can’t confirm.

  12. Does anybody know if any birds were hurt in the making of this film? Thank you. Or what about the couple that was looking for a house when she started beating her head against the glass. did they ever find a house?

    • No real birds where harmed. It’s not like they take real birds and throw them at the house… They could easily with some money make the birds a little animated like they are breathing.

  13. I couldnt make out what it said but my friend said the last thing she heard before the credits poped up wad Jesse on the walkie talkie saying a short “help!”

  14. Why did they take Jessie? If I was Jessie I would of swung on all three of the aliens! Then ran. Lol

  15. Overall this movie was garbage. It seemed like they should have called this Alien Activity cause this was the same formula as all PA movies. There were brief moments I enjoyed in the film, but they jacked up the ending. I didn’t understand why they Aliens were having issues entering the home just because of the boards, but throughout the whole film they enter and leave as the leave. Also I wish they didn’t do a flashback screaming to the audience “SEE WE GAVE YOU HINTS!!!”, it killed the momentum for me.

    • The sandman…. That’s messed up they took him though. Why the family just stand there

    • I just seen it today

  16. Avoid this garbage movie , we got up and left, and a few other people did too.

  17. What was the point of the alliens asking sammy for his eyes?

  18. LThis movie brought back old memories of when I was a kid.I seen a greyling both my sister and I witnessed it
    But to this day we only spoke of it once.. I don’t like the way I feel now

  19. So the 70’s retro style house the mother was showing to buyers, was actually their old house? I thought that was interesting.

    • Thats an interesting theory regarding the flashback scene and it being their old home. Can you elaborate? Perhaps it would have made more sense if they had foreclosed on the nicer home, moved into the retro, felt like he failed…. Murder, suicide… So on….

  20. Any possibility of there being a sequel to this movie?? I doubt there will be but I would like to see them try to figure out if there kids gone to another place or just trapped there on earth somewhere or maybe not I guess that could be a corny sequel if not properly done but I hate being teased like that at the end of movies.

  21. I enjoyed it myself, usually horror scares me like crazy but this one didn’t at all (par all the suspense), but I think it’s just due to it being about aliens rather than dead people. But a good movie I thought, would’ve liked a better ending however, plus the dog disappeared… -.-

  22. My family enjoyed it. The ending definately left us with questions about Jesse’s fears. I think there are deleted scenes that we saw on the trailer. Not scary but creepy. It was worth the watch though.

  23. Really enjoyed the film but the ending was disappointing, was expecting a big finale with the family fighting back against the aliens, maybe with the old man who knew about the aliens helping them out too, frustrating cliffhanger but its made me more intrigued and wanting a sequel for them to try and connect with Jesse. 7/10

  24. What I didn’t understand was the ending. When the walkie talkie start buzzing, sorry if someone hasn’t seen the ending, but I just wanted to know if anybody understood what happened.

  25. What a complete waste have not seen one decent alien movie and to say this was based on true events yeah totally was lmfao piece of sh*t

  26. I don’t understand how when the aliens were surronding Jesse, The family just stood there, and didn’t even run up and try grab him back. And also if the sandman could get through the locked door at the start of the movie. Why did they need to unscrew all the windows?.. those are my only 2 points but apart from that it was a good movie

    • Because they’re d**ks. They wanted to scare the hell out of them before they took their kid. Adding salt to the open wound, the Grays are jacked up.

    • The family was afraid. Speaking from experience there’s such a fear that paralyzes you so that all you can do is yell. The reason they unscrewed all of the windows… if you remember what the old guy said – They use your own fear against you. So by scaring everyone in the house they ensured that Jesse could be separated from his family so they could then take him.

  27. I enjoyed the film. However, I don’t like movies that leave me asking too many questions in the end. I’m sure the writer did that on purpose, but it always leaves me frustrated.

    • Great movie. totally worth the watch. But like a few others have said, the ending left me with more questions than answers and all together unsatisfied. I understand the point of a movie for Hollywood, is to make money. Which means drawing a large audience in. Will there be a sequel? That depends on us, the viewers, will we put money in Hollywood’s pocket for another film. I sure would. I would just like to know what the point of the last 5 minutes of the movie were. And yeah, horrible writing at the end to just write out the dog, and have the Greys force themselves through the boarded up house after coming and going so easily before.

  28. Ending is simple. The doctor told the mother that he had a rare sickness and was always ill as a baby. Therefore he was the chosen one because the old man in the other house said its been known that they have bought the children back so obviously they were experimenting on his rare condition. Mum having flashbacks realising what they wanted him for then the walkie talkie switched on meaning he’s been bought home. But yes the bit about the dog and the boarding windows stopping them from getting in is a little bit of a f**k up.

    • They did the boards for suspense pulse it mentioned the aliens feed off tear pretty much so they were scaring him.