‘Dark Skies’ Ending & Spoilers Discussion

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Dark Skies Movie Ending Spoilers Discussion 2013 Dark Skies Ending & Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking in the comments section of our Dark Skies review, this is the place where you can discuss the Dark Skies ending and spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Dark Skies for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film!

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Dark Skies is now playing in theaters.

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  1. I thought this movie was absolutely fantastic. I DO love to watch movies that are fast paced and all the action is at once (Texas Chainsaw, Insidious, Hostel etc…) But, anyway, I love how this movie was unpredictable. You would’ve never guessed it was about aliens if you had just watched the beginning. I love that it was creepy. Not necessarily SCARY, but it just spooks you out. Like, “wait, seriously?!” Example, the part where he says “What alarm was triggered?” “…all of them.” THAT was sketchy mannnn. This is nothing like anything I’ve seen. This was great. I could watch this every day for the rest of my life and it would still be just as intense every time. 5 STAR!!!

  2. I thought it was a brilliant movie but I hope to see a Dark Skies 2, the ending leaves you wondering what happens next! I hope if there is a second movie that it shows what actually happened to the young boy

  3. Hey I love this movie so much and it was a amazing scary movie i ever seen and in the ending the walkie talkie jesse called sam and it ended and i cried lol because i did really want to know what happend to sam PLEASE MAKE DARK SKIES PART TWO PLEEASSEEEEEE i want all same characters!! MAKE IT SOON

  4. MAKE A DARK SKiES 2 !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Make part 2 !

  6. Aw man, this movie messed up my world view. I mean, the thing the old guy with cats said that the aliens could have been watching us our whole lives, hiding their activities with so called “allergies” and things like that. Aw man, really messed me up. Dark Skies 2, please! You can’t just leave at 1 with an ending like that! You HAVE to make a 2. That’s what the Grays would want.

  7. I found this movie incredibly boring. I think I found Nemo scarier. This movie was just not an enjoyable movie to watch I suppose. I mean, it wasn’t even suspenseful, the aliens DID NOT scare me and when they had fits or nosebleeds or eyes turned black they were funny and NOT scary. Sorry but this movie doesn’t even deserve a star.

    • …. faf

    • Madi, did you even understand the story line? I’m guessing probably not because it wasn’t a horror movie, but it was a dramatic sci-fi film that was based on the family and not the way the extraterrestrials looked, but the depiction of them studying mainly the children perhaps for breeding and/or vessels. This was a great movie although the writers could have given a little bit more of an explanation of why the Grey’s chose that particular family. I hope wholesomely that there will be a sequel to Dark Skies.

  8. make a dark skies 2

  9. I think the movie had a good base and climax. I just didn’t like
    The ending at all. I hate when movies try to leave you guessing
    When it ends. At the climax I was all hyped up for a huge battle
    And I got squat, I mean seriously why wouldn’t there be a fight?
    Honestly 3 stars at best. I don’t recommend watching it to a person
    Who has never seen it. This movie does not deserve the money it made.

    • Really, you wanted a “fight”?! With what, laserguns? Did you not pay attention to the film at all? Or what the “expert” told the family when they visited him?

      Geez, man. Some people.

  10. omg! I LOVE this movie!!! you need to make a Dark Skies 2!!! I’m so sad that Jesse got taken away by the grays :( CURSE YOU GRAYS!!!!!!! DX

  11. Jesse was the cute one!!!! :(

  12. the movie is amazing! 5 stars but im wondering is there a part 2 coming out? because the ending is not completed i mean Jess called sam (Command Control) by the way the best part of the movie is the kids its really reminding me of me and my brother, my brother is exactly looks and act like sam! even the way he talks when we was kids! i hope there is gonna be part 2.

  13. well first of all i loved this movie…
    obviously you guys got mad at the end but i actually think that its a good ending though!
    remember what the expert guy said that there is some cases kids that were taken did come back suddenly (and he didn’t know why) so at the end when you hear Jessie’s voice calling for Sam i concluded that he is near and he is searching for this young brother which means that he has came back…
    anyways that’s my conclusion about the end just wanted to share it.. ;)

    • Exactly that’s why when they said there night not be a part two I was like but Jesse is still alive and to find out Jesse was the one encountered first they used Sam to distract everyone and take all the attention away from Jesse the one they were after the WHOLE TIME.There has to be a part two if there isn’t I know everyone who really did love the movie is going to be VERY upset.One thing that confused me was when did Jesse even take the walkie talkie and the man specifically said that sometimes people come back.There has to be a part to maybe they changed there mind and they don’t want Jesse anymore maybe they want Sam now.

  14. well… What can I say, except for that was FLIPPING AWESOME!! Good use of the cliff hanger at the end, it sounds like Jesse was in some sort of shock even though he’s been taken for more than 3 months. The image that comes into my head when listening to the final walkie talkie conversation they had was that Jesses in some sort of lab held by the aliens somewhere on earth, obviously somewhere fairly close as there was a connection between the two walkie talkies. Brilliant film and it’ll be a massive let down if a number 2 is not being made… GET IT DONE! :D

  15. Please be a sequel to it lol

  16. OMG ok so what the heck was Jesse saying on the wallow talkie? All I heard was a lot of gargling and I think I herd Sam’s name? But anyway if they make a part two it should start with Jesse waking up on a ship strapped down to a lab table, and through our the movie he befriends other kidnapped kids and they all try to escape and near the last 30 min it should have a scene where he takes out a walkie talkie and phones home. And then he could escape or die. But if we do make a sequel can we please get a better look at the aliens faces!!!

  17. I believe a good movie is one where you don’t know what’s going to happen in future. Therefore, this movie was very very very good. Excellent………….. because, towards the end of the movie, you think that either Sam will be abducted or the Aliens will be killed or pass over to another home, but neither happens. Instead, Jesse gets abducted right in front of his family. As the movie ends, you think, “Oh now Jesse is gone with the aliens”- you may not even think about what happened to Jesse, but when Sam answers to a call on his walke-talky, Sam’s volume of speech and the way he talks leaves you in a phenomen, wondering what happend to him.

  18. whatever happend to Jesse, it gotta’ be one of the following:
    1) Jesse, coincidently, was being studied/tested/experimented physically by the aliens (cut, burnt, pushed against a object, touched, etc)
    2) Jesse was finding an exit out of some sort of space-alien ship or running away from the aliens
    3) Jesse found his walke-talky, was hiding and had just been found by aliens who want to do something with him when he was screaming.

    A-MUST-BE-THAT-HAPPENED) Jesse had just got the opportunity to access his walke-talky and was being followed, captured, or hurt by the aliens…………

    if there’s gonna be “Dark Skies 2″, it gotta’ show them aliens’ face.

  19. Pretty good flick, although like others here I’ve been trying to form a concrete interpretation about the ending. I basically agree with the posters above, who suggest that the business with the walkie-talkie could be either good news or bad; that maybe his voice means Jesse is near and therefor being returned, or that it means nothing more than that his already-grieving mother and brother get to listen to a few seconds of Jesse being clinically dissected.

    As for the film’s final word (“Sammie”), I think Youssif Ibn Muhammad and so on hits the nail firmly on the head. Jessie certainly doesn’t sound calm, but he doesn’t sound panic-stricken either; a few moments earlier, he seems to be screaming from a distance, but that final word isn’t screamed, and is much closer. Good news, or bad? Again, could be either…

    One niggle: the mother only understands that the aliens were really after Jessie when she sees those drawings. But she’d seen the creatures make off with him – wouldn’t she have twigged at that giveaway?

    • I think you missed the point. Jesse was the alien, the aliens took him back home. The alien possessed Jessies body at birth, and unknowingly the alien was sorta like a scout for the aliens, sent to collect information. That is why he was deathly ill at birth and allergic to almost everything as if he didn’t belong. The truth is he didn’t belong and that’s why he was allergic. In the drawings, he unconsciously his parents and brother were the 3 aliens that he drew because he subconsciously felt as if he didn’t belong and felt different, but didn’t know as he transcended in the body. The mother realized Jesse was the alien as she saw the pictures then recalled many moments in his life. There is a 2nd book that talks more about the Greys and how they are able to enter a child’s body by transcending into a willing entity. However Greys can not stay in the body too long, which is why the kids go missing at about 12.

      • How could you possibly know that Jesse IS the Alien?
        there isn’t that much of proof that he is, but after I read what you wrote, and now that I think of it, it might be a little true about Jesse being the Alien, but I wouldn’t consider it as a possibility.
        But the Movie WAS something, something I never seen before, and never expected to see.

  20. so about this Dark Skies 2

  21. The ending leaves me wondering puzzled and terrified I love the movie 5 star
    I wonder what happened to jesse (is he an alien now, did he escaped, is he on a alien planet and use something to use the walkie talkie) and really want didn’t know ewhathe said to his brother, mabey jesses was warning his family that there were coming for his little brother or the whole family or mabey he was warning them that the aliens were going to attack the earth ..but whatever it is i hope there going to make a part 2..l

  22. If you think about it, since the same people that made dark skies also produced insidious 1 and 2 and that these two movies are very similar (at least i think so) in the way that if you take away the possesion in isidious and extraterestrial occurances in dark skies the story is set around a family who just happen to be the victims of weird occurances and that both of the 1st movies end on a massive cliff hanger. So there is a good chance that we will see a part 2 or second movie of dark skies, thats just how i see it.

  23. Basically dark skies is insidious with aliens and a little less scarry but i believe that since both movies were produced by the same people the outcomes of both insidious 1 and 2 and dark skies may be a little repetitive and like i said before could mean there is a good chance of there being a dark skies 2.

  24. I liked the film 7/10 in my opinion…. The dog definitley dies although not on screen you can hear it bark loudly then cry and then go silent. I hated the ending though not the abduction scene but the walkie scene. The makers should be forced into signing a “cliffhanger clause” in their contracts whereby they have too make a sequel if they end on a cliffhanger even if the film doesnt make as much money as they hoped…. I HATE CLIFFHANGERS EVER SINCE MY FAVOURITE FILM/SHOW (THE SOPRANOS) ENDED WITH ONE.

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