‘Dark Skies’ Ending & Spoilers Discussion

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Dark Skies Movie Ending Spoilers Discussion 2013 Dark Skies Ending & Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking in the comments section of our Dark Skies review, this is the place where you can discuss the Dark Skies ending and spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Dark Skies for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film!

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Dark Skies is now playing in theaters.

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  1. I think Jesse was deported.

  2. actually, I don’t understand what the ending but I think jesse is not safe and the Alien take him go…

    • The ending was him contacting his brother through the Wilkie talkie then him and possibly other kids yelling.
      But I think his mother made the connection that he was probably abducted for something to do with the health issues he had as a little kid

  3. Where is the second Dark Skies

  4. I saw a couple comments about the movie the fourth kind. Now I’m not trying to convince anybody of anything and I don’t care to start any arguments but I have a cousin that works in the FBI and I’m rather close with her. She told me that apparently in wherever that movie takes place whatever town it is there is a very large FBI headquarters. Apparently something goes on in that town worthy enough of a huge amount of FBI attention. That’s all I have to say about it, I just thought I’d put my two cents in and I don’t care if anybody believes me or not but I just thought if somebody cared to know it would be of interest to them.

    • How do I find this town on the Interwebs?

  5. A bit late 2 the game. Just saw the movie 1st time today, tho’.
    Here is my take on some of the unanswered questions on this board:
    The dog ran away once the door and windows were eliminated by the aliens.
    Jesse’s illness’ as a newborn kept the aliens from taking him until he’d gotten over being “allergic to the whole world” per his mom.
    The aliens traveled through electronic modes of communication.
    Downstairs, there were no electronics on so they had to come in through the boarded windows and door.
    Upstairs, the TV was turned on by the dad. That is when 3 aliens were able to enter the room. Unknown how the alien who locked the mom in the room upstairs got in, since still at that time no electronics were on yet. Best guess is that the alien was not really in the home but somewhere else, connected to her mind, leading her to go into the room to be locked in. The director showed the alien behind her to indicate to the audience that his intent was not to abduct or kill her, but to separate her from the children.

    • 1. German Shepard don’t run. The dog was harmed while protecting the father (you can hear the dog whimper), which is how Daniel was able to get upstairs.
      2. Jesse’s childhood illness did not prevent the aliens from taking him earlier. The alien expert said that strange illnesses, allergies, nose bleeds, etc were a sign of being “selected”, not that it prevented abduction. The parents failed to connect Jesse’s infant/childhood illness as a sign of first contact w/ the grays.
      3. The expert also said that the grays separation made it easier for the grays to abduct someone. Jesse was embarrassed by his father and didn’t really fit in with his “friends”. As he struggled to find his place as an awkward teenager coming into his own, this created a mentality that the grays could manipulate with a series of hallucinations that made him feel isolated and could finally be abducted after all those years.
      4. The tv downstairs was turned on to the fireworks show so they did not come through the boarded doors because there wasn’t any electronics on. The grays had only visited to make contact before, but this time they came for an abduction which is why they came through the boarded windows and doors.
      5. The father did not turn on the tv upstairs. He was downstairs trying to prevent the grays from entering. If the upstairs tv had already been turned on, then it could not have lured the mother away from her children. The grays had power over the electomagnetic waves which is why they could scramble the tv screens, set off the alarm, and turn on the upstairs tv.
      6. The whole idea is that the aliens cannot take you unless they lead you to believe you are isolated/rejected from society. They made several attempts throughout the movie to do an abduction on all the family members, but it wasn’t until they were able to truly get into Jesse’s mind that he was “alienated” (no pun intended) from his family, friends and community, that they were able to abduct him. In order to avoid abduction, you must have a firm grip on truth, no matter how things may appear or make you feel.

      • TW, Please go troll somewhere else.
        You’re weird…

  6. i honestly think Jesse just hit the blunt too hard

    • LOL! That is highly possible cause as well.

  7. Jesse was the alien. The alien possessed his body when he was born. He was alergic to the world because he didn’t belong. The aliens seperate and isolate people. Jesse was obviously isolated. His childhood pictures show him sick in bed and surrounded by three aliens (mom, dad, lil bro). He felt like his family were aliens. The aliens used Jessies body to study the world. The question is whether sam has been infiltrated by an alien. When the walkie talkie is discovered at the end of the movie sam hears jessie and refers to him as command and control.

  8. I didn’t read anything about the movie before I watches it and thought it was about demons (like insidious). At the part where the aliens were f****** with Jesse I thought that it was all just going to be from the dope he smoked lol

  9. I didn’t read anything about the movie before I watches it and thought it was about demons (like insidious). At the part where the aliens were messing with Jesse I thought that it was all just going to be from the dope he smoked lol!

  10. Honestly I hated the ending. It was b*******. Where tf was the actuall ending or at least a number2

    • I agree!!

  11. When Sammy was talking in the walkie talkie, what was all the echoes in the background?

  12. Dark skies was a great movie!!!! But I couldn’t believe the ending. It just can’t end like that there has to be a number 2