No More Dark Knight Videos, Clips Or Images

Published 7 years ago by , Updated January 23rd, 2013 at 7:42 pm,

the dark knight No More Dark Knight Videos, Clips Or Images

I’m putting my foot down.

We’ve been getting inundated with emails and Instant Messages offering us tons of video clips for The Dark Knight. Not only am I not posting any more new clips or images, I’m not even going to look at them myself.

Yesterday someone emailed me saying they had 10 new clips from The Dark Knight, and just a few minutes ago a friend of mine who runs ReelComix just IM’d me to offer up 13 clips from the film. I know the first 5 minutes of the movie are even floating around out there, presumably the same 5 minutes I saw in IMAX ahead of I Am Legend.

Now I ask you: Would you REALLY rather see the opening 5 minutes to The Dark Knight in a little box 4 inches wide or would you rather see it on the big screen, or even better, in glorious IMAX?

I know for a solid fact that while a lot of you gobbled up every microsecond of footage for Iron Man before the movie opened (and that includes me, big time) many of you ended up wishing you hadn’t seen all that footage before the movie opened.

Am I right or am I right?

So… I am not making the same mistake with this film, which promises to be even more awesome than Iron Man. At this point I’ve seen the first 5 minutes (on the big screen, as it was meant to be seen), trailers, only a couple of additional clips and a bunch of images. We’ll continue to talk about the film here at Screen Rant, but we’re putting a moratorium on showing any more footage.

I don’t want to see another frame before the film opens on July 18th and if you’re smart, you won’t either.

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  1. Yeah, um, I’m guilty of giving on in numerous occasions. Even those 10 clips you mentioned above. But yeah, I think I’ll join ya Vic and stop.

    And I will be enjoying the film with friends on glorious IMAX!

  2. Sometimes being a movie junkie has it’s drawbacks, and with me, it’s getting to the point where we probably should have our fix cut off for our own good.

    Teaser stuff is nice, but you reach a point where teasing becomes spoiling. Other sites have reached that point and beyond and I think I tarnished my own first impressions of Wall-E a bit by over-indulging my curiosity.

    This is a good move, Vic.

  3. You are right, and this is the right decision. I’m getting more and more anxious to see it, but not at the expense of truly enjoying it. No more!

    Thanks Vic. Class act as always!

  4. I completely agree…

    Yet talking realistically, I wasn’t really looking forward to this movie. The news about Heath Ledger dieing, before the movie came out. Pissed me off. I hated how they really started focusing on the Joker’s marketing after that.

    I started visiting you website a few weeks ago. I have found much to my enjoyment, and even started writing in mine again. All this news on your website (actually everywhere) on The Dark Knight, and the newest trailers. Idk I just really have to see this movie now. I already have 4 tickets for the midnight showing, and I will probably be buying 4 or 5 more before the release date. :)

    Anyway, I agree with your opinion. When I really want to see a movie. I don’t ruin it because I can’t wait.

  5. When it comes to hype, for me less is more.

    I’ll always remember the first Men in Black movie. I had seen so much of it beforehand, even a making of special on tv, that when I got round to seeing it, even though I could tell how good it was, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

  6. After that last trailer I’m satisfied.

  7. Thank you, its getting pretty retarded nowadays with how much footage is released on ‘ze internets’.

  8. I skipped I Am Legend to avoid the first 5 minutes of TDK.
    Bravo Vic!

  9. I am glad you have put your foot down. Keep it down. I mean, i don’t expect the clips to spoil the movie, but I would rather just wait and see it all at once, rather than watching the movie and noticing the clips pop up all the time.

    not long.

  10. I have onky seen about 3 clips so im good.

  11. HERE HERE! I really hate the way Paramount shows everything in their previews, including Iron Man, Transformers, etc.


  12. You the man, Vic.

  13. “Clips?” we dont need no stinking clips”!
    a little treasure of The Sierra Madre inspired humor there.

  14. Eisen,

    Hey, sorry bro, I forgot it was you tha sent me the email… I get so many.


  15. I’ve said for years now that I will limit myself to at least TWO trailers per movie. I’ve said this for years and I’m glad I kept my reasonable logic sound and finally others feel the same way. I found myself reciting lines to some scenes while wathing a movie once and THAT’S when I drew the line.

    I want to be surprised, excited, pleasing impressed and walking out loving a particular movie and the idiotic STUDIOS not to mention a few online sites are NOT helping the storytelling success of a motion picture by providing us “carrots” as if we were NOT going to see this particyular flick! I guess they’re the types that go into Mom’s closet a few days before Xmas to see what they’re getting.

    CUT IT OUT!!!

    Like I said, I’ve stopped this practice years ago. Nice to know a few of you have finally caught up.

  16. one thing i dont like is when a studio releases the first 10 minutes of a film
    someday it will be the first 30 minutes .
    Hollywood is always trying to up the ante.

  17. I agree %100!
    It will totally take away your reactions when you see the movie in iMAX. I already have my iMAX tickets since last week and requested the day off from work about 2 months ago. Now tell me that I aint a fan.

    I’m not going to spoil this movie for me by looking at little clips here and there and not getting the intended effect that is meant/made to be seen on iMAX.

    you guys want to blow this movie for yourself, go ahead. you want to have a true experience then stop looking at every clip and image on the net!

  18. well i just reserved my tickets but i forgot it wasnt an IMAX theatre.
    Since i already spent the money i might be seeing it the second time in IMAX

  19. Better watch out Gary but they might hit you over the head with the age old message of the “fine line separating good from evil…” ;)


  20. Vic I agree with the article whole-heartedly in that I want the impact of the movie to be felt when I am watching it in the theater and viewing the entire film. I think this movie is going to go down in cinematic history as one of those films where you feel like a different person after seeing it. It will change how we view things in the world…ala Godfather..

  21. I had made up my mind about this when you posted the last trailer (from Doninoes Pizza). So I’m glad that you do this, a couple of trailers are ok and fun, but there is a moment when you just got enought of it and want the whole film or just nothing.


  22. WOW. WOW. WOW
    Just got back from seeing TDK, and the people that have doubts about the movie not making Indy money (I laugh at thee! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.)

    This movie will hands down shatter ALL RECORDS this year!!!!
    The film flew by me faster than Speed Racer and had (Lord of the Rings) visual effects.
    You guys are gonna fracken love this film. Man o man.
    Heath will win an Oscar for sure !
    (I can’t believe he’s gone!)
    You can’t see Heath behind the character at all. The Joker is one sick badars in this film. All he cares about is…..
    Oh your gonna have to wait and see.
    I wanna say more but I can’t, Vic will launch Attack Vipers on my location.

    150+ mil opening!!
    Wow! Wow! Wow!