‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Box Set Revealed?

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 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

Without a doubt, The Dark Knight Rises was one of the most anticipated films last year, and while the finished product may have its critics, the film marked the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s remarkably successful (and critically acclaimed) take on the legend of Batman.

The series is one of the most celebrated film trilogies of all time and has already had tremendous influence of modern blockbusters (as most directly evident in the newly-launched DC Cinematic Universe i.e. Man of Steel), and so it was no surprise when Warner Bros. announced its plans to release an Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set of the trilogy in fall 2013.

Details have thus far been scarce regarding exactly what the set will include, but now TheBatcave.PL (a Polish Batman site) has posted what may be our very first look at what fans can expect from The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Check them out below:


tdk vehicles 280x170 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

tdk box 280x170 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

dark knight trilogy 280x170 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?


According to the site (via Google Translate), the set will include nine discs (2 Blu-rays and 1 DVD per film) as well as a book, three prints (each featuring one of the trilogy’s central villains), a poster and three toy models of the Batman vehicles featured in the series (the Tumbler, the Batpod and The Bat). The Ultimate Collector’s Edition will reportedly be released on October 2nd.

All of this information is certainly plausible, as the existing Blu-ray trilogy set includes a coupon offering a discount on “new collectible memorabilia” to be included with the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. This would account for the toy vehicles, posters, etc. that the set will include. But what about the special features on the Blu-ray discs themselves?

christopher nolan michael caine1 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

The existing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises releases relied largely on studio-produced marketing materials, and this release would essentially give Warner Bros. a chance to include more substantial features. However, Nolan is notorious for not releasing alternate cuts of his films, meaning that it’s unlikely that Bat-fans will see any deleted scenes from the trilogy. Commentary tracks may be a possibility, but until Warner Bros. makes an official announcement about the upcoming Dark Knight Trilogy box set, take all details about this set with the customary grain of salt.

Assuming the above information about the Ultimate Collector’s Edition is accurate, would you be willing to pick this version of The Dark Knight Trilogy? What special features do you hope will be included? Sound off in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on the home video release of The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Source: TheBatcave.PL

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  1. I want to see the footage cut from Rises.

  2. The greatest Superhero trilogy and the greatest Superhero movie (The Dark Knight) OF ALL TIME!

  3. I definitely want this…truly, a fantastic film series!

  4. hey, where’s Talia? :/

    • That’s what I was thinking. Probably to not spoil it for those who haven’t seen it :)

  5. I want to see the supposed cut footage showing Bane’s past.

    • I remember reading somewhere that were entire hours of footage cut out in editing, possibly to save for a massive director’s cut down the line. I would love to see that rumor come true. Might make TDKR a more watchable film like the director’s cut of The Kingdom of Heaven.

      • well… scratch that. just read the incredibly disappointing article linked to this one that said there will be no ultimate and amazing director’s cut. now i’m bummed :(

        • I would’ve loved to see a much longer version of DKR, it was too big for the time allowed.

  6. This just might be the reason I need to get A blu-ray player and an HD-TV.

  7. Blu-rays of the theatrical releases is all I need.
    Not a fan of all the extras. Nor of the deleted scenes.
    Scenes on the cutting room floor were put there for a reason.

    • Not a problem man. That’s why they already released the basic trilogy box set :)

      For me, I love extras and stuff like that. I’m very excited for this collector’s edition.

      • They probably will do a good job with this one.
        Some sets are filled with anything they can find.
        Whether its worth whatever it costs I don’t know.

        • I should have added I usually get individual Blu-rays when released.
          The box sets are a much harder sell after you already have each one.

          • Same, I already have the steel book versions of all the films. Not too sure if I’ll get this one, especially if the price is high.

    • They were also FILMED for a reason , that’s why we deserve to see them. If the director saw fit to waste company time and money, you damn well better believe that they are worth seeing, especially if WE are going to dump our time and money into yet ANOTHER iteration of these Blu-Rays.

      Honestly, who DOESN’T like seeing deleted scenes!? They give you an even greater scope of the film and offer great insight to other moments that may have happened, just because they aren’t in the final cut doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. Look at Star Wars Blu Ray for that exact principle.

      • Deleted scenes, if you care for them,
        would be one of the few reasons to get
        a set like this but since that is not present
        here I’m not sure what is really worth the cost.

  8. Last night here where I lived my local AMC Theater theater actually screened The Dark Knight Rises for $3.00.

    The film was decent. Just pay attention to the good parts ;)
    So I wonder if there would be any serious commentary or behind the scenes stuff. Deleted scenes or extended cuts I am sure won’t happen, but at least the former is plausible and potentially exciting if any.

  9. For the Heath Ledger interviews alone I will by this.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this, can’t wait. :)

  11. I loved the part in TDKR where this old guy punches Bruce spine back in place, and then Bruce is all doing sit-ups and stuff.

    But to this trilogy thing, it’s going to be ridiculously overpriced, we can pretty much guarantee that.

    • You know he healed over a period of a couple months, right?

      And of course it will be ridiculously over priced, that’s why you wait a month or so ;)

      • It was still a ridiculous moment in the film.

        And yeah that’s true, but I’ll forget about it by then.

        • Its not rediculous for a superhero film 3 months of recovery fot batman? Sure weirder things have happened in the CN

          • Punching a persons vertebrae back in place is very ridiculous.

            • Agree to disagree.

              • I am not trying to argue if its logical or not cause it really isn’t, but my interpretation of the prison was it was a homage to the lazarus pit, and instead of healing Bruce supernaturally it instilled an extreme will to escape and save his city. It has been proven that with the will do heal you can overcome any injury. I think that is what Nolan was going for in that particular series of events.

                • Trey, tay, and jay…ugh.

                • “It has been proven?” REALLY!?!? WHEN!?! WHERE!?!? Probably a few (billion) people out there who would LOVE to know this secret!?!?

                  • Oh come on really? How many people fight through cancer? Its all mental with the right mindset your chance of getting better is far more substantial

              • Nope. That’s bullcrap writing, and I wont just let that go because Nolan helped write it.

                • Im just giving my interpretation if the seem im not expressing that you are wrong and im right because DKR has a multitude of problems. Just how i felt about that scene

  12. I hope these pics are legit, cause this looks Batass!

  13. With the Blu-Ray discs, if we can get the IMAX shot scenes integrated into the films that would be worth the price of admission

  14. Unless it has a directors cut of all three films I’m out.

  15. Okay, I’m not asking for a director’s cut, though awesome as that’d be, but I’d love to see Joker’s cut scenes. Who knows, maybe he really does meet Dr. Strange and or Harley.

  16. I highly recommend ‘The Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy’ hardcover. It’s a beautifully designed coffee table book and is very in depth. Eradicated my need for additional features on the discs. I’m still gonna get this though just for the toys

    • Thanks for the suggestion i contimplated buying it

      • Why we’re on the subject, the Man of Steel: a visual guide to the world of superman art book is gorgeous as well despite how you may feel about the finished product (which I love). Give me a beautiful hardcover printed on thick glossy paper over special features any day! But that’s just me

        • I agree completely, dont need to pop a disk in when there is a beautiful book to look at

          • Got any other ones you would suggest? Im looking to get some to put atop my dresser for decoration

            • Not the marvel studio ones in this case. They’re super expensive and light on content. Dreamworks put out lovely art books as do Pixar. There’s fantastic concepts and design in the Monsters University book just published. The art of Prometheus book was good as were the watchmen books. The Harry potter from page to screen is a mammoth tome (and pricey). My problem is I like reading about films I don’t like even more than the ones I do!

        • Say Mark, are you referring to
          Man of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman?

          I was thinking of picking that up. I prefer a good book too.
          It’s easier to return to for reference on specific things.

          • @robert p. Yep, that’s the one. It’s over-priced (£29.99), but the it’s worth it for the Krypton concept art alone.

            • Thanks, Mark. I appreciate your endorsement of the book too.
              It’s a little more reasonable across the pond here ($28.27 Amazon).

  17. I want to see Bane deleted scenes from TDKR as well as the option to play the movie with his original voice.

  18. just so everyone knows Nolan does his own cuts each film, so there is no directors cut version because the original is that.

  19. Okay, I’m not asking for a director’s cut, though awesome as that’d be, but I’d love to see Joker’s cut scenes. Who knows, maybe he really does meet Dr. Strange and or Harley.

    • Wow, thanks for stealing my comment.

  20. Keep milking this cow baby

    • +1000

  21. Patrick Bayard..Greatest superhero trilogy so far yes, BUT Man of Steel hasnt finished yet so the jury is out for me at the moment, I thought MOS was better than The Dark Knight IMO, infact I think its the new benchmark, Its my new number one, I was blown away by it, I reckon the next two films in the MOS trilogy will be insane, So you might want to hold out before making that judgement..

    • Of course that might happen but as you pointed out I was referring to at this moment!

      As far as liking MOS more than the Dark Knight. I guarantee you MOS will neither wind up having the overall critical or financial success of the Dark Knight. So I think your opinion is in the minority.

      • People don’t realize that the “minority” so often the place to be! The MASSES are for the most part sheep (no further explanation necessary).

        It’s the minority who sees past the bull and forms their own (usually better) opinion.

        +1000 for the minority.
        MOS is already shaping up to be much better than the HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY overrated Batman series.

        • is*

          • Well the “masses” are the ones that get their movies made! The minority can be occasionally right but usually there is a REASON they are in the minority of opinion…such as all of the often debunked and flimsy criticisms of a minority of the very underrated Dark Knight Trilogy.

      • +1

        I agree Man of Steel will have to travel quite far to best the Dark Knight Trilogy but it’s far from impossible. The next 2 films just have to blow it out of the water. Really interested to see how the Superman movies will turn out.

  22. It needs commentary and or director’s cut/extensive deleted scenes to make it worth buying to me.

  23. I’ve been saving up all my moneys for this. It looks amazing!

    Hopefully this is the real deal, but the fact that the vehicles are the wrong colour and the prints of the villains aren’t at all similar to any of the previously released promo material, leads me to believe this might be a fake…

  24. I’ve been waiting for this so I’ll buy it regardless but I was and am hoping for some good ‘making of’ footage.
    I’ve seen the basic stuff on previous releases but I’d love to see actual behind the scenes footage not just clips.

    • Would you get this, Keven, if you already had each Blu-ray?
      This is the hurdle I face whenever these sets are released.

      • For me, I love extras. I’ll listen to commentary tracks and I’m always excited to see feature length making of’s so if i knew stuff like that was included yeah I’d make the upgrade.
        But after reading your earlier comment I see that you’re not a fan of that stuff so I wouldn’t spend the money. It’s not like the Blu-ray will play differently because there’s a different picture on it. ;)

        • Right. It’s really just for the extras for me.
          So it’s really hard to spring for what will
          probably be a ridiculous price for this.

          Nolan probably has his hand in this one
          so unlike a lot of these this might be
          a cut above the usual package.

  25. Alternate takes of Ledger’s Joker performances. Fans deserve to see his brilliance..

  26. Ug, why can’t they just release this stuff right from the start? I refuse to but each and every “ultimate“ or “collector” edition just so the studios can get more of my money. Now, if these details are true, I’d love to own it. However, I’ve already purchased the trilogy. They got my money already. If they wanted more, then they should have simply released this version at the same time as the other one!

  27. Seriously, how the hell do you NOT include deleted scenes? This is the one thing Nolan irks me with. If you felt it warranted filming and spending time on, even if it didn’t make it into the final cut, why leave it in dead space for no one to see? Fans deserve to see every ounce of the art they spend countless dollars on, mistakes and all. We’ve seen the “presentable” version, this is now what everyone views it as. These are the timeless canon pieces that we will remember. Deleted scenes in no way will tarnish anything, but they will certainly create even more atmosphere.

    When George Lucas FINALLY released Star Wars Deleted Scenes for the OT, it was so epic-ly cool and appreciated immensely by fans. Who wouldn’t want to see that stuff, even if the Wampa’s looked like a toy store robot puppet? It was incredible to see Luke build his lightsaber, even though it was taken out of the final cut to keep the surprise in R2. Nolan, take note, you are not too above this a filmmaker that you can’t include all your deleted scenes in this set. I WILL NOT buy this nor will many who already have the Blu-Rays unless they feature DELETED SCENES. Get over yourself and release them.

    • Knowing how Nolan feels scenes that he cut
      I think he burns any unused footage personally.
      Like old school directors his unused are destroyed.

  28. Omg been waiting for this since hearing there would be an ultimate collectors edition. I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  29. Unless commentaries and deleted scenes, I’m not interested.