‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Box Set Revealed?

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 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

Without a doubt, The Dark Knight Rises was one of the most anticipated films last year, and while the finished product may have its critics, the film marked the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s remarkably successful (and critically acclaimed) take on the legend of Batman.

The series is one of the most celebrated film trilogies of all time and has already had tremendous influence of modern blockbusters (as most directly evident in the newly-launched DC Cinematic Universe i.e. Man of Steel), and so it was no surprise when Warner Bros. announced its plans to release an Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set of the trilogy in fall 2013.

Details have thus far been scarce regarding exactly what the set will include, but now TheBatcave.PL (a Polish Batman site) has posted what may be our very first look at what fans can expect from The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Check them out below:


tdk vehicles 280x170 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

tdk box 280x170 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

dark knight trilogy 280x170 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?


According to the site (via Google Translate), the set will include nine discs (2 Blu-rays and 1 DVD per film) as well as a book, three prints (each featuring one of the trilogy’s central villains), a poster and three toy models of the Batman vehicles featured in the series (the Tumbler, the Batpod and The Bat). The Ultimate Collector’s Edition will reportedly be released on October 2nd.

All of this information is certainly plausible, as the existing Blu-ray trilogy set includes a coupon offering a discount on “new collectible memorabilia” to be included with the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. This would account for the toy vehicles, posters, etc. that the set will include. But what about the special features on the Blu-ray discs themselves?

christopher nolan michael caine1 The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Box Set Revealed?

The existing Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises releases relied largely on studio-produced marketing materials, and this release would essentially give Warner Bros. a chance to include more substantial features. However, Nolan is notorious for not releasing alternate cuts of his films, meaning that it’s unlikely that Bat-fans will see any deleted scenes from the trilogy. Commentary tracks may be a possibility, but until Warner Bros. makes an official announcement about the upcoming Dark Knight Trilogy box set, take all details about this set with the customary grain of salt.

Assuming the above information about the Ultimate Collector’s Edition is accurate, would you be willing to pick this version of The Dark Knight Trilogy? What special features do you hope will be included? Sound off in the comments section below.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for the latest on the home video release of The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition.

Source: TheBatcave.PL

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  1. Provided that the models and the prints are well manufactured, I may consider buying them. The problem is that studios nowadays offer collector’s editions made with cheap materials. Examples we have many; The Predator, Rambo, Alien Edition’s to name some. So a word for the wise, if Collector’s Editions are not well manufactured, don’t buy them and send an email to the studio telling them why you didn’t buy them. We have to make ourselves heard.

  2. I’ll probably get it but if it has deleted scenes of bane without his mask I’ll have to. Plus I’d love to see some lost footage of Heath as the Joker.

    • +1
      I was thinking the exact same thing. That would be the only way for me to trade in the 3 blu rays I already have for this. The deleted scenes!

      • Yep, me 3

  3. I hope they inculde the alternate scene of Bane’s origin. I read about it and it seemed pretty cool. I loved all three movies and think that would be cool.

  4. Woo hoo? You mean you’re releasing a Blu-Ray box set based on TDK Trilogy, even though nearly every general person probably purchased the first box set by now?

    To me, it seems like wasted space and money by now. Unless people like spending money on each and every item related to Nolan’s Batman. I bought all of them separately when they were released. Nothing drove me to believe I wanted to spend more money on a box set because of personal opinion: I’m not fond of the post-Begins films. Regardless of my favorings, who is to say they won’t make a 3RD box set?

    I don’t know, I’m just a little frustrated by this. It seems stupid to sort of…not really “rip-off”, but mislead the general buyer by having one box set and then releasing an even better one not even a year later.

    • In fairness, they did announce this set the same day the original box set was announced – that’s why I (and assume many other people) didn’t buy the first version.

      Still, the “Ultimate” collection will undoubtedly cost more than the first one, so I’m guessing most people who bought the original did so for one of 3 reasons:
      1. They didn’t know about the Ultimate Collection (probably casual fans)
      2. They weren’t prepared to spend any more money (the first set wasn’t exactly cheap)
      3. They were too inpatient to wait a few months ;)

      I assumed they’d release a set like this, so I held out.

      • 4. I bought the Nolan collection – box set contains momento, inception and prestige as well as the three bats

  5. Not interested. I already have all three movies; why would I waste money on getting another set?

  6. So it’s just the same 3 movies with some toys thrown in??? wow talk about milking it, I loved the trilogy and I’ve already have these films, but with no deleted scenes or directors cuts then theirs zero motivation for me to get this, give me more of Bane from “Rises” and you’ll turn my head..

  7. I’m sorry but i request a directors cut of “rises” i don’t care if it runs over 4hrs and i have to flip discs like hotcakes. that movie seemed incomplete to me. i know there is more to the story than what i saw(one rumored scene is of a chained bane battling an onslaught of inmates). while it was a passing grade i just feel he played it too safe with the conclusion to that trilogy.

    the way i see it. when you have a hit like the dark knight you are literally freed from the constraints of the medium and can do pretty much whatever you want. granted you push it as far as humanly possibly but “with class”. sure a 3+ hr movie is hard to sit through. BUT when you have people eating from the palm of your hand and willing to make every excuse for you. why play it safe? Go for it!!

    What DKR needed was an infusion of Michael Bays mayhem but “controlled”

    btw: i’m not talking about pot jokes and dumb doggie tricks. i mean hell on wheels. Bane should have been a terrifying bastard. instead he was measured and calculating. which is still better than the 97 Bane but i was just surprised that it didn’t have that holly s*** factor that DK had.

    • … not saying i will even entertain the notion of buying this but WB can sweeten the deal if they “at least” return Banes voice back to it’s original menacing state before the studio F*D it up. that was the crime of the century there. the final result irked the living s*** out of me.

      but that’s not Nolan’s fault we all know they caved to the whining press.

  8. Meh. The broken cowl mask that came with Rises is good enough for me unless they do release the Rises director’s cut. Maybe then we’ll talk.