Chris Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy in 3 Minutes [Video]

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Bruce Wayne is alive at the end and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the new protector of Gotham… but you already knew that.

At this point everyone who ever wanted to see The Dark Knight Rises has likely seen the film – and judging by the comments in our written review, they either loved it or hated it. A brilliant final bow for the ground-breaking franchise or a blatant rehash of Batman Begins that made no logical sense (did Bane escort a broken Bruce Wayne across the globe just to gloat?).

The ending has been analyzed and dissected for months now (hear the Screen Rant editors discuss the film in our Dark Knight Rises episode of the SR Underground podcast). The filmmakers and actors have talked about spoilers in print and on national television. Plans for a new Batman franchise are steadily working their way through the rumor mill. Michael Keaton reminisced about his long-cancelled plans for a Begins-style trilogy. So it’s safe to say the moratorium on an all-encompassing, spoiler-laden, Dark Knight Trilogy mashup is over. “Let the games begin,” as Bane would say.

Screen Rant presents to you The Dark Knight Trilogy in 3 Minutes. Our last Batman video was completed just prior to the release of TDKR in July. Culled from the first two movies and trailers for the third, it was a seven minute preparation for Rises in case you didn’t have time to re-watch the first two installments. We focused on Bruce Wayne’s story and the central thematic question at the heart of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy: “Why do we fall?” The answer of course, as Thomas Wayne imparted to his young son, is “so we can learn to pick ourselves up.

The Dark Knight Rises Theater Shooting Chris Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy in 3 Minutes [Video]

To do justice to this almost seven hour long trilogy in only three minutes, we chose to focus on the story of Gotham City – especially since many viewers consider Gotham to be the “true” main character in Nolan’s films. Its fall from glory spawned a man determined to help restore it and, in the end, he does just that, but not without some bumps along the way. If you can call Ra’s and Talia Al Ghul, The Scarecrow, The Joker, Two Face, Bane and Catwoman just “bumps.”

Like Bruce, Gotham needed to learn to pick itself up. Their stories run parallel. Love or hate the ending to Nolan’s Batman universe, he “changed things… forever,” to quote Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker. This video is a tribute to the first definitive Batman trilogy ever. Here’s hoping The Dark Knight’s legacy on film is put in as capable hands in the future.

Did we effectively tell the story of Gotham City in three minutes? Are you sad to see Nolan’s Batman go for good? Are you psyched for a new incarnation? Let us know in the comment section.


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The Dark Knight Rises is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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  1. Very cool. I particularly enjoyed seeing all of those Villains in succession like that. It lent to a more fluid understanding of the ever-present yet progressively dangerous circumstances under which Bruce and the citizens of Gotham found themselves.

  2. Great video, really sums everything up. I recently bought the trilogy pack and re-watched all the 3 over the week. I have to say i think Batman Begins was the worst of the trilogy. The writing was very corny at times, probably because David Goyer was more involved in the writing process for that one and I think we can all agree Katie Holmes acting is garbage.
    I think the Dark knight was objectively the better film then the Dark Knight Rises but I enjoyed Rises more. While there were some pretty blatant flaws in Rises I believe that people were analyzing the movie, deliberately looking for them simply because of all the hype. If you watched every movie searching for its flaws everything would come up short and disappointing (though I still admit the scene where JGL inexplicably knows that Bruce Wayne is Batman still annoys me a bit).
    My favorite scenes in the series had to be the Joker interrogation and when Bane pummels batman.

    • It doesn’t take an over analyzer to realize a lot of the flaws in TDKR. It seriously is a bit of a let down and it doesn’t have anything to do with meeting expectations set by TDK (which I don’t consider to be very Batman-like at all after completely throwing away the best elements of the character in BB like having Batman go guns blazing into a situation instead of stealth or intimidation).

      It’s not that good of a movie because of many things: pacing, unnecessary complex reasoning, being able to understand the delivery of a line, etc. and it doesn’t take a critical observer to spot those things

    • I completely agree with Charged09

      • i completely disagree with charged and completely agree with ACW 007

    • Yeah I always thought Begins had the worst writing, at least in terms of character and dialogue. There were a LOT of cheesy lines. But it came off well because Schumacher flicks were so bad. (I did enjoy Begins a lot though, just agreeing with your objective assessment).

      TDK is the best in the trilogy simply because it manages to do almost everything well. Dialogue, characterisation, acting, the plot…by comparison TDKR definitely falls short. But I think the reason why some people enjoyed Rises more is because Nolan actually went big on emotion in the story. As much as the Harvey Dent tragedy made for a good emotional hook in TDK, there’s just something about Rises that really makes you wanna punch the air, especially at the end – I think that was the right move by Nolan, to go in a slightly different direction tonally rather than trying to out-write TDK.

  3. I am quite sick of screen rant. The only movies you talk about here are comic book movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as I am a big comic book guy, but I’m sick of The Avengers hype and I’m sick of this site constantly trying to ridicule The Dark Knight Rises, pretending they liked it and then complaining about things in it. It was by far the best movie of the year and one of the best movies ever made. Screen Rant makes it so obvious that they like Marvel’s movies better than the Nolanverse. They make it very clear they want DC to go in the same direction as Marvel. I’m quite sick of hearing about the Justice League movie. I do not look forward to it. I do not want to see it. The only movie I’m looking forward to as of now is Man of Steel. I want more Nolan-style movies, not big Hollywood movies (Marvel). So please just stop trying to push for a Marvel version of DC movies. Quit trying to belittle the Nolanverse. You can say you like it as much as you want, but anyone can see through your false praise.

    • Both of them can learn from each other to make a better product. One was not truly superior to the other.

    • Brian,

      Please do point out to us what in the video, or the accompanying article is “ridiculing” The Dark Knight Rises. Or is it maybe our 4 out 5 star review that “ridicules” the film?


    • It’s true. We hated ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ so much that we sat down and spent time on a mashup video (when we could have been writing about The Avengers).

      We don’t “want DC to go in the same direction as Marvel.” We just want to see quality movies for our favorite characters. A number of us are looking forward to “Man of Steel” as well BUT you’re fighting a losing battle if you want all DC movies to be Nolan-style. We’re here to report on the movies regardless of who leads them – some will be good, others may fall short (just like with Marvel).

      You’re entitled to your opinion about “The Dark Knight Rises” and your personal feelings about the site but you made a lot of unsubstantiated generalizations about the site (we don’t only report on comic book movies) and our writers (we don’t all prefer Marvel movies to DC).

      If you’re sick of the site, thanks for visiting, and we’ll see you at the movies!

  4. The Dark Knight Trilogy was the greatest trilogy ever made, and The Dark Knight was the greatest movie ever made. That’s all there is to it.

    • You obviously haven’t seen very many movies then

    • Then go find another Website to complain on. We’re not FORCING you to come here…

      • Awkard, Kofi. Seems like you replied to the wrong comment…

        • I replied to Brian’s second comment – ACW 007′s reply just left a reply before me ;-)

    • The Dark Knight trilogy is my favorite trilogy as well, as a Batman fan I couldn’t be happier. :)

      And kewl if you think TDK is “greatest movie ever”.

      Personally I love Batman Begins the most, I remember sitting in the theater opening weekend hoping it would be a decent Batman movie and was completely shocked and excited at how great is was; the tone, the music, and then the ending with Joker’s card, wow. I went straight to mall afterward and bought the soundtrack. Lol, I’m getting excited reminiscing about it.

      • DUDE!! I love bman begins!! Its totally my fave too! I’m so glad to hear someone else say so! I just think bruce is introduced very well as a character. His reasoning behind becoming bman is told better than any other superhero origin story I can remember. Nolan fleshes out his backstory like a pro. That was something that had never been done in a bman movie.

        Plus scarecrow and liam neeson (ras al ghul) are pretty legit baddies. joker takes the trophy for best baddie of course, but ras and scarecrow are every bit as good as catwoman or bane imo.

        • Glad to hear it was your favorite as well.

          Thank you for your comment, I can’t believe that I forgot to mention that I loved Bruce Wayne’s story and developement. That was such a huge factor in why I love Batman Begins. I was caught up in the moment of reminsiscing about the great time it was to have Batman back on the screen when Batman Begins came out.

          I absolutley agree with Scarecrow and Ras being some real bad dudes, plus I love that fact that Falcone was in there as well the appearance of Zsasz.

          Going off topic, but it was a real treat to be able to see Batman Begins and TDK on the big screen right before the TDKR. It was so epic to watch the trilogy on the big screen.

          I think I’m watching Batman Begins tonight. Take care. :)

    • idk man… star wars (the originals), lotr, toy story, bourne trilogy, back to the future. I think you’re short changing alot of trilogies man. nolans bman trilogy is awesome dont get me wrong but just because its the newest trilogy out there doesn’t mean its the best.

    • I love the DK trilogy but I have to disagree with you. Lord of the rings trilogy is the best ever made IMO

      • sorry my comment was directed to Brian

        • no worries dude! totally agree with you btw ;) when you seperated the “the” from the TDK acronym it made me think donkey kong trilogy haha.. awesome.

          • lol yeh you’re right. After I posted the comment I realized I forgot the T

    • the lord of the rings was the greatest trilogy ever made, and the original, un-messed-with version of Star Wars ep4:a new hope was the best film ever.

      see, i can do that too.

  5. I very much enjoyed the video. I loved the entire trilogy and found each film in it better than the one before. I appreciated this “mash-up” (just from films in the SAME series) for the nostalgia invoked as well as the precise/concise conveyance of the thematic presentations across the trilogy.


  6. First, ScreenRant did a great job with this video.

    Second, the “Dark Knight: Rises” stinks, and nothing will change my opinion about the movie.

  7. Great editing, both sound and video, loved it. Nice how it bled one movie into the next!!

  8. Wouldn’t it make sense for the next director to not try and “battle” Nolan’s Batman Trilogy? I think now would be the time for them to tackle Frank Miller’s Dark Knight. I know Nolan used some ideas from Miller’s graphic novels, but for the next movie to be really based off of The Dark Knight Returns I think would be the proper next step instead of either starting over or trying to make a John Blake version without Nolan.

  9. Nice! Well done Screen Rant, well done. Now do Lord of the Rings ;)

  10. Chris Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy in 3 Words

    One magnificent adventure.

    • In a word: Yes.

    • In 4 words: Deshi deshi basara basara

  11. Great video. I loved all three movies. This and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy are two cinematic events I’m thankful I got to see in theaters.

    Hopefully Man of Steel can be on the same level as these films!

    • Hear, hear!

  12. Great job, Chris. Love watching these dark knight trilogy tributes, and this was great as well. I specifically liked the juxtaposition of Bruce talking about Harvey, with shots of two-face. My only criticism is that the editing was a bit sloppy in the TDKR section, specifically with the music, but other than that, it was great.

    Big fan of the Dark Knight trilogy, and I’m excited to see what’s next for Batman, whether it’s a new interpretation associated with JLA, or whether it’s somehow a continuation with either Bale or JGL.

    Also, if anyone wants to see any other great dark knight trilogy tribute videos on youtube, themanbatman and sync0py have 2 of my personal favorites.

    • Glad you liked it, Ezra. I do suggest watching it with a good set of headphones since the sound will be way better. It’s tough adding a musical score on top of dialogue that is already married to a score. Much of the TDKR lines had music underneath in addition to the music I added. That’s par for the course with these mashups, though. Sometimes you can hide it, sometimes you can’t.

  13. “If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, you will become something else entirely. A legend.”

    “Madness is, like gravity. All it takes is a little, push.”

    “Speak of the devil. And he shall appear.”

    I can go on and on, but I swear, the dialogue in these movies is freaking AWESOME!

    HOCKEY PADS!!!!!!!

  14. The Dark Knight Trilogy is one of the greatest ever, I worship all three of them, Best superhero films ever made (cant stand that Avengers dribble!) Batman Begins is probably my favourite though, I just wish Nolan kept the same Gothem in all three thats all..

    • i missed the comment where anyone asked those questions you just tried to answer. my complaint about the failings of TDKR were in the ridiculousness of some of the story. we were given a story that treated us, the audience, like we were idiots. all the examples you need are in the hilarious, albeit true, honest movie trailer video. i didn’t have to pick apart that film, those flaws were right there in my face, and i have only watched it once. i don’t know that i could take another viewing, but i may give it another chance. perhaps i’ll watch each one a day some weekend, but i suspect i will dis-like it even more.

      • All these so called plot holes/flaws can be solved if you paid attention to the movie.

        • Precisely. Always so frustrating to read complaints about non-issues…

  15. Well done with the video i love this trilogy to death

  16. Good editing very nice!

  17. I do want to see a different interpretation of the character. Nolan did a great job, and I enjoyed the trilogy immensely. Now, bring on some new blood.

    I do think that the new film needs to be grounded in reality, similar to what Nolan did. After that, however, the skies the limit. Don’t be a copy cat (hate copy cats); do something different.

    I’d like to see a gray suited Batman.

    Use other villains.

    Give us a good detective story.


  18. cool trailer dude.. love batman begins and the dark knight, joker stole the movie.. hate the ending on the dark knight rises really thought the movie was really missing was pure entertainment nolan should have bane do more fighting against cops or something and more epic batman v bane fights feel 3rd movie was a let down for me but in fairness the movie had its moments……….. sorry bat fans the truth hurts

  19. This video was great. It reminded of the things I love about my favorite trilogy. I also like this video because it truly shows the coherence between all 3 films and how much effort & energy Christopher Nolan put into them. Batman Begins was a great starting off point as the origin to Batman, but I feel was the weakest of the three in comparison. The Dark Knight was amazing from start to finish, great acting , great action, story, cinematography and tone. Heath Ledger was brilliant as the Joker and left an everlasting character behind. I feel that the Dark Knight Rises is the best out of the three IMO. It left such a strong impact and brought the story full circle from Batman Begins. Great action, acting, the plot and cinematogrphy once again triumph. Tom Hardy as Bane was amazing. Emotionally it was unmatched. Nolan really went big with this one. A total epic. A great ending to a trilogy thats in a league of its own.

    • Definitely! :)

  20. Awesome short, really captured the essence of the trilogy!

  21. I have not read one comment that gave credit to Anne Hathaway’s wonderful turn in TDKR. She energized the whole movie with her star power and missed her when she was not on screen. Hathaway owned that movie.

    • On previous TDKR threads, MANY people said the exact same thing. Hathaway was indeed brilliant as Kyle.