Rumor Patrol: ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Teaser With Harry Potter 7

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Date Rumor Patrol: Dark Knight Rises Teaser With Harry Potter 7

The first theatrical teaser trailer for The Dark Knight came attached to The Simpsons Movie back in the summer of 2007, a full year before the Batman Begins sequel opened to break world records. That teaser contained no footage from the actual film, just the logo and voiceovers of some of the main characters.

With Warner Bros. launching what could be the biggest film of the year in the eighth and final Harry Potter in July, it would be silly for them not do something similar for their biggest film of 2012, right? Rumors say that’s exactly what they’re doing for The Dark Knight Rises.

The always unreliable IMDB gave rise to a buzzworthy message from a user claiming to work at a theater where he saw the trailer list for what teasers will be attached to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2. According to this source, Batman 3 will be one of them.

“I am a manager of a cinema. Today we got a list of upcoming trailers delivered to us and the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ teaser is listed to be with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 on July 15th.”

Supporting the rumor, another forum user posted something similar on SuperHeroHype who heard from his “buddy,” another cinema employee, that the very first The Dark Knight Rises teaser would be at their theater as well on July 15th.

“Updated listings at Regal have TDKR teaser attached to Harry Potter. I dont have a link my buddy that works there texted me about it. Having worked at a Regal for 6 years there listings are usually pretty accurate not 100% but pretty close. Its not much but it does help confirm what people have been guessing on here for awhile”

While random online postings from unverified sources are meaningless, the idea behind what they claim is sound. The studio isn’t shy in marketing The Dark Knight Rises early with them already releasing the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane last week. And we know that come Comic-Con in late July, a week after Harry Potter 7 hits theaters, they’ll have a lot more to show.

While we wait, here’s that very first teaser for The Dark Knight from ’07 which introduced us to the Oscar-winning Joker voice of Heath Ledger.

If you missed it, also check out the awesome fan-made Batman 3 trailer.

Expect the official TDKR teaser to offer something similar with little to no footage of the actual film – they just began principal photography after all. It’s just an easy way to let the entire world know of what’s coming next year from Christopher Nolan.

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion CotillardJuno TempleJosh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.


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Sources: IMDB, SHH

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  1. expect the same kind of preview,,, no footage and the batman logo

    • Duran, I edited out the “first”

      None of that here, please.

      • Thank you, Rob Keyes for deleting that “first” blurb. I didn’t see the original post, but just knowing that at least one writer here at Screen Rant won’t stand for that “first” nonsense makes me happy.

        You’re my new hero. :)

    • It would be cool to have it mentioned or referenced about Superman in some way. With Marvel making the move to bring the Avengers and the X-Men to the screen, it would seem only logical to have the Batman and/or Superman movies mention one another as a means of setting up for a Justice League movie. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!

  2. which would kind of suck btw…. Hopefully there would be some audio from the movie coming up though,, if we get to hear BANE, or Catwoman. I think we would hear the chanting that we hear on the website also.

  3. After releasing the shot of Bane they’d better do more than the Batman logo on this teaser.

    You can’t pull back once you’ve got us all salivating.

  4. You know what, I still get chills when I watch that teaser. I’m hoping the one for TDKR has a similar effect!

    • yh same here

  5. I really wish there was some way that TDKR could beat Avatar’s box office record, but without 3D ticket prices, there’s no way.

    Maybe it can beat Titanic’s $600 million?

    • I’d be more impressed if it beats it in terms of attendance than box office. I remember back in ’08 when it looked like The Dark Knight would beat Titanic analysts said that in terms of attendance it would have to do about $970 million just to match the $600 million. I wonder how high that number is now.

      • to beat the Titanic TDKR would have to make 1.009 BILLION dollars just domestically!! At todays prices that equates into approximately 129 million tickets sold.

        • @ greenknight333

          Yea, i doubt it will top Titanic if TDK didn’t. Let’s not forget Titanic’s re-release’s numubers with today’s old & new audiences. I doubt it’s re-release will top it’s original’s gross but id be surprised if it came close. I thought it would take years for any film to top Titanic & Cameron outdone himself & that film with Avatar to my amazement.

  6. While I guess we’ll find out soon enough if this is true, but could it also be a good way of getting more people to see Harry Potter. (??)

    • People are already seeing Harry Potter but now more people will see it if theres a TDKR teaser its freaking awesome. I hope its similair to this teaser only the broken peices coming together since he “rises” ya know? And haunting green brackground would be nice :D

      • Rickster, I bet there will be people who pay just to watch the trailer — not a lot perhaps, but some…

        It would be really bad if it were just a ruse to get people into the theaters. (although, with the Internet, the ruse wouldn’t last too long)

        But I’m also hoping for something sparse — with some creepy dialogue and music. Every time I saw it at the theaters, that “Dark Knight” teaser was one of the few trailers that got the whole crowd murmuring.

        • Strangely enough I have seen two Pixar movies because of trailers attached…

          But I’d see HP without a Bats trailer.

          • Id see any movie with the harry potter trailer on it lol

  7. Your welcome :)

  8. I loved the mysterious edge to The Dark Knight teaser. Maybe Fox talking to Bruce this time, giving some kind of hint as to the themes the series is going with this time. Also hopefully something to do with Bane, maybe an expansion of that chanting…

  9. I hope they make similar teaser trailer.

  10. Lol I was about to got to the open discussion to ask if we’d see this attached to Deathly Hallows.

  11. By the way, any idea where we could see the rest of the list? I’m curious as to what other trailers are to play before Harry Potter.

    • A hobbit trailer is rumored but I doubt it.

    • Most likely a Sherlock Holmes 2 teaser/trailer. There is no way the Hobbit will be on there,

    • Hobbit trailer I highly doubt, Sherlock Holmes 2 trailer I can totally see and would excite me. And I wouldn’t be surprrised if I see Breaking Dawn there.

      • Yeah Breaking Dawn is a given…

    • i love that idea :)

  12. It will look good indeed. But knowing the studio, they might show less

    • without a doubt

  13. I remember when TDK teaser came out, i watched over & over and got me anxious for the film. But after i saw the film 3 times, the more i thought, meh it’s a good Batman film but not asmuch everyone hyped it up to be imo. I thought Batman Begins was better & i liked Ledger’s perfomance but as i said before not his appearance that much & i didn’t find him frighting as others did. Looking back at the teaser, Ledger i thought had a great Joker Laugh, but in the film itself, few of the scenes when he laughed didn’t really impress me. Im hoping TDKR will be better.

  14. The first teaser trailer for The Dark Knight came attached to The Simpsons Movie – that is what I call irony.

  15. Well, i don’t know where you get your REGAL comments, and trailer assurance…REGAL do not get trailer list till tuesday before movie release…so there is NO list that contain “batman 3″ teaser trailer…it’s all BS! those people that claim that work for “cinema” are probably just ushers wishing they something more.
    I am not saying it wont be on HP 8, but as of now…NO one know but WB and theatre booking dpt, and they wont tell. I work for industry for 20 years…take it from me.

  16. Expect something like the 07 trailer. But a tad different somehow. Specifically the manipulation of the bat log and the color palette.
    Possible five seconds of a shot. That may or may not actually show up in the finished film(this is very common).

    The original title logo appeared rusty. Since 3 and 1 are linked due to the return of Liam Neeson playing the iconic villain. How is this palette going to be similar? Or dissimilar.

    It appears to be right to assume that part 2 is the odd man out now because of the exiled villain from part 2.

    Nevertheless. A couple of people are wrapping their minds around this 60 second piece of cover art.

  17. Having previously worked in a cinema and built the prints, I can say with certainty that they do NOT release trailer reports this early.

    A movie that gets released on Friday. The theater employees won’t see the list until the Tuesday or Wednesday prior.

    I suspect that the only reason theaters would see the list at all is for verification. And now that everything is going digital, it would stand to reason that they would not see a list at all until the day before release.

    While it is likely TDKR will be on HP7, it’s also just as likely any other blockbuster for this winter or next summer could be as well.