5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited For ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Than ‘The Avengers’

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The Dark Knight Rises PosterThe Avengers arrives in theaters and brings Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together to battle a great evil force. The reviews - so far - have been great, and the film promises to kick off summer in a big way.But this isn't the movie that I'm most excited about this summer. Not by a long shot. My most-anticipated movie of the summer is The Dark Knight Rises - the eagerly-anticipated final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.Fellow Screen Ranter Rob Frappier previously wrote about the 5 reasons he is more excited about The Avengers than TDKR, and I jumped at the chance to give a counterpoint. Here's my list of 5 reasons I'm looking forward more to Batman returning to the big screen than I am about The Avengers.

The Story

Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight RisesI haven't seen The Avengers and I assume that it will have a great story. But in many ways, it's going to be an origin story more than anything else. The film has to establish the team coming together and working as one unit. Nolan's Batman origin story was already told in Batman Begins. The director then IMPROVED upon that in the masterful follow up The Dark Knight. Who knows what will await viewers of this third film?The Dark Knight ended with a thought-provoking climax as Batman made a decision that few others would be willing to make: Instead of revealing the true motivations of the late Harvey Dent, the Caped Crusader opted to paint himself as the villain so that the citizens of Gotham would still idolize their hero (Dent) and not have the unfortunate reality undermine their idealism.Now, in this final chapter, it will be interesting to see how Batman can thrive as a hero even though the people of Gotham view him as a monster. This dichotomy - between Batman's public persona and his private heroism-- will likely set the stage for a great story about nobility and honor in the face of criticism and hatred.

The Cast

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight RisesIf you put the cast of The Avengers together for a photo shoot, it would provide a great cover for GQ. If you put the cast of The Dark Knight Rises together for a photo shoot, it would include some of the finest actors working today.There's no arguing with the fact that The Avengers offers up a strong cast - with Robert Downey Jr. as the best of the bunch. But many of the other actors composing the cast are younger performers who haven't established themselves as great actors quite yet - whereas the Christopher Nolan Batman films offer up one of the strongest casts ever in comic book movie.Four of the main actors in TDKR (Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard) have all won Oscars for their acting skills.  Additionally, the film's supporting cast includes the massively-talented combination of Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Oscar-nominees Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. This is an incredible cast - not only for a superhero movie, but for a film in general.

The Themes

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight RisesI have seen Captain America. And Thor. And Iron Man and Iron Man 2. And other than Captain America, I enjoyed all of them. Overall, the Avengers lead-in films have had something to offer audiences.But none of their themes compares to The Dark Knight, which tried to be much more than a typical superhero film. Not only were the special effects great, but the story itself offered a thematic depth that other superhero movies haven't yet matched. TDK wasn't just about a hero fighting evil. It also spoke to the dichotomy between good and evil that exists in all of us, and focused on the Joker's distorted view of human morality.When a boatload of innocents faced off against a group of prison inmates and had to choose whether or not to sacrifice the other in order to survive, the movie forced audiences to think about their own visions of good versus evil. Let's hope that Rises is half as thought-provoking and deep as its predecessor.

The Director

Christopher Nolan Directing The Dark Knight RisesFor some, Joss Whedon can do no wrong. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly has a hardcore fan base that has loved much of the work his done behind the camera. In addition to writing films like Cabin in the Woods, Whedon has directed episodes of Buffy, Angel and Firefly  and the film Serenity.But it doesn't compare to Christopher Nolan. Nolan has created a series of unforgettable films over the past dozen years. From 2000's Memento to 2008's The Dark Knight to 2010's Inception, this director has created several masterful works. He knows how to develop strong stories, use special effects smartly, and show viewers a great time at the theater. That ability can't be under-estimated.

The Villain

Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight RisesFrom what I've seen of The Avengers so far in trailers and clips, it looks like their greatest nemesis will be Thor's boring brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Admittedly I haven't seen the film yet, so I'm not sure what Loki's abilities look like or how much of an opponent he will be for the team of superheroes.That being said, Batman's nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises is Bane and the film's trailers - especially the awe-inspiring latest one - have focused on this evil terrorist. From blowing up a football field full of players, to bringing Batman to his knees, this monster could be the greatest threat that Gotham has ever faced. And Tom Hardy, who is quickly establishing himself as an A-lister, seems to be great for the role.Let's remember that Batman's previous enemy The Joker was portrayed by Heath Ledger, who won a posthumous Academy Award for his unforgettable performance. Bane might not match up to that, but I think Hardy will create a great and memorable adversary. Case in point: people have already started parroting their favorite Bane quotes.

5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ than 'The Avengers'

Christian Bale as Batman in the Dark Knight RisesThis Friday, The Avengers will likely open to massive box office numbers. But in a few months, I think people will forget it as they focus on the true superhero of the summer: Batman.I'm far more excited for The Dark Knight Rises than I am for The Avengers. Here, again are my five reasons why:
  • The Story: A Climactic Final Chapter versus an Original Story
  • The Cast: GQ Photo Shoot versus some of our Finest Actors
  • The Themes: Profundity versus a Typical Superhero Story
  • The Director: Christoper Nolan versus Joss Whedon
  • The Villain: Bane versus Loki
Which movie are you looking forward to more: The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers?Let me know in the comments and as always, make sure you follow me on Twitter @johnhanlon.
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  1. I loved the 1st movie, thought the 2nd was spectacular— but this 3rd movie looks terrible in comparison. I am SO much more excited for The Avengers. I really want to like the new batman movie but… I just can’t seem to get into it. :(

    Too many gadgets. Too little martial arts. Bane is way too intelligent. Catwoman doesn’t carry that spark of wit… Just looks like lipstick on a pig now.

    • Bane too intelligent where in the world have you been? Bane is one of the smartest villians in the DCU. He figured out who batman was, now run along.

      • So besides Bane’s first story line, what great story line’s has he been in in the comics if he is such a great character? Of all of the great Trades I have bought since I started collecting 4 years ago, I have yet to be recommended one that has had Bane in it. Face it, the characters in TDK were the peak of this series.

        • Two words: Secret Six.

          • Exactly.

        • Vengeance of Bane, Vengeance of Bane II & Legacy (where he teams up with Ra’s al Ghul)

        • Tower of Babel

        • @acslaterson

          I disagree. The characters in TDK were brilliant, but the only villian to actually defeat the Batman in the comics, was Bane. He out witted Bruce and forced him to give up the mantel of Batman to someone else.

    • @Critique Yea you were making your point up to the Bane part you are thinking about the Batman forever Movie Bane or even the one from the cartoon but the REAL Bane from the comics is very smart

    • Listen, I’m not trying to put you down or anything, but the reasons you gave for not being excited are a bit lame. Again, not trying to put you down, we all have our own opinions; just hear me out. One of Batmans main offensive weapons, besides his intelligence and skills in martial arts are his gadgets. So of course there are going to be plenty of gadgets. In the comics, Bane grew up in a maximum security jail and spent that whole time learning from other criminals and stratigizing against Batman. He’s supposed to be intelligent. And sure, I guess Catwoman could be a bit more witty, but Christopher Nolan showed how dark of a tale Batman is. It’s not supposed to be campy and funny, its supposed to be sorrowful and thought provoking. I’m not saying your opinions are wrong, i’m just asking you to be a bit more open minded about it. I think it will be the best of all three.

      • I really hope people aren’t expecting Selina to constantly make cat puns. Battle-flirting, fine. But if she says “purrrfect”, I will finish watching the movie, leave the theatre, go home, and then flip a table.

        • She’s not Eartha Kitt. And it’s not an Adam West Batman movie. I think that’s a ridiculous fear.

    • The Avengers was a good comic book movie, but not a a good movie in general. Nolan’s trilogy works pushes past the comic book limitations.

      1) Bane was always meant to be intelligent, I don’t know where you have been but read the comics
      2) “Too little martial arts”…what does that even matter to the story? At any rate the action in the Avengers was over the top and uninspired
      3) How can you even criticize Catwoman is the film hasn’t even premiered yet? And are you implying that Anne Hathaway is unattractive by calling her a “pig?” That’s just absurd.
      4) Christopher Nolan>Joss Whedon…not even close.

  2. This is a typical Batman fanboy writing

    3 time in Batman franchise someone is trying to destroy Gotham or take over. Batman has more personal stories and this movie seems to be more about Bruce Wayne rather than of Batman.

    • Yes…Bruce Wayne: the person in the Batman cowl…the person the Batman mythos is REALLY about…Your point?

  3. Thor’s boring brother? Those words don’t really carry any weight coming from someone who hasn’t read the comics and haven’t seen the Avengers. And your opinion on him is all based on the first Thor movie? Ridiculous

  4. I am looking forward to them both. I think both films have great potential.

  5. I concur, this column holds very few points of interest and mostly comes off as fanboy writing.

    Also, stating you enjoyed Iron Man 2 over Captain America? Doesn’t help your credibility as a critic.

    • ^^^ Exactly. As soon as he took a dig at Cap, all credibility went out the window. Just the way he described Hiddleston’s Loki as “boring”. And I’m a huge Bat-fan!

  6. Mr. Hannon, you raise some great points with ’1. The Story’ and ’3. The Themes’ but I’m going to have to disagree about numbers ’2. The Cast’ and ’4. The Director’ – personally, I think those are pretty much equal. And as for ’5. The Villain’? Disagree. Completely. ;)
    It’s great to see the other point of view though.

    I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises – and after the latest trailer? I’m even more hyped.

    • ‘The Director’ – pretty much equal??? Really? Guess you haven’t seen movies of Nolan. From ‘Following’ upto ‘Inception’, Nolan’s proved that he’s beyond awesome.

      • You’re right, Nolan IS beyond awesome (and yes, I have seen most of his movies: Momento, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception – haven’t seen the Following though), but JW is also beyond awesome: he wrote Toy Story, created Firefly & Serenity, Buffy, Angel, and CitW. He also recently wrote and directed a movie that was considered to be quite a “daunting challenge”… he pulled it off BTW ;)

        I’m just saying… Mr. Hannon says Whedon’s work “doesn’t compare” to Nolan’s work – and I just think that’s an unfair (and inaccurate) statement.

        • Directed a movie considered to be a “daunting challenge”? Last time I checked the only feature length film that Joss Whedon directed before The Avengers was Serenity, which was fine, but not a brilliant directorial debut by any means. Compare that to Christopher Nolan who before helming Batman Begins has directed three award-winning feature films (including Memento which is considered by many to be one of the best films ever made) two of which were written by Nolan himself, then you look at the films he has made since Memento (his breakthrough film) and we have Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception. Joss Whedon, on the other hand, has spent most of his career writing quirky television cult hits. I personally like Whedon’s work just as much as Nolan, but as a director, there is no comparison, Nolan has proved himself and has not had one hiccup in a pretty established career. Whedon has yet to show whether he can actually direct a big-name actor outside in the cinema.

          • I’ve seen all of Nolan’s movies. I like them a lot. But no way would I want a straight diet of Nolan. I wouldn’t want these two to switch places either, with Nolan handling TA and Whedon TDKR.

            There is no comparison, and no real debate. 99.99999% of us will see both, like them both, and see them again, and rent/buy them if we like them.

            The only question is which one will make more boatloads of money. And that is a strictly sporting question, since there won’t be a loser there either.

          • The “daunting challenge” I was referring was for The Avengers, not Serenity.

            Look, don’t get me wrong, Nolan IS a great director (I can’t really say one is better than the other, since their writing/directing styles are so different), but saying “Whedon’s work does not compare to Nolan’s work”? come on… that’s a little unfair. Both of these excellent director/writers have created wonderful works and they should both receive the credit they deserve.

          • Um, Cabin in the Woods? Considering that they both are very unique directors who are vastly different in style, I give Nolan more credibility PURELY based on his experience. Nolan’s been making movies longer, but I think if we give Joss the same amount of time in doing big movies, we’ll be seeing just as much consistency as Nolan. Nolan doesn’t have a single rotten rating on rottentomatoes, and I feel like in 10 years, Joss will have the same track record. He’s just behind.

        • i have heard the whedon wrote toy story thing to much. he was ONE of the 4 writers on toy story that did the screen play. and the story was wrote by john lasseter. He deserves much more credit than whedon in that regards.

    • You think that The Avengers cast is on par with The Dark Knight Rises? That is almost laughable. The entire cast of The Avengers doesn’t even come close to the talent is Gary Oldman. Plus Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine two very well seasoned veterans. And don’t even try to forget about Christian Bale and Tom Hardy who both wipe the floor with any Avengers cast member.

      • @ Michael…So ur gonna say The avengers Cast is not on par with The Dark Knight Rises????lol ur just a fan boy! The only great actor on that movie is Gary Oldman! Tom Hardy had some good parts also, but not many.Nobody cares about Morgan Freeman, and any old man can play Michael Caine’s part as…an old wise man! lol Then ur gonna praise christian Bale. The only movie I can say he did great in is “Empire Of The Sun”. and “American Psycho” (regardless if u any of u like the movie or not) I have seen probably all the movies Christian Bale is in. But seriously, he is usually the same damn guy in his movies. No difference. Yea man, Christian Bale is such a great actor! Ya know, Keanue Reeves is usually the same guy in all his movies to….Guess He’s freakin amazing!

        • You’re right! Trevor Reznik, Dickey Ecklund, and Patrick Bateman are so similar! Oh wait, no they’re not. You’re right, anybody could play Alfred but with the depth and emotion to which Michael Caine does. And just because Tom Hardy hasn’t been in a lot of movies he can’t be a good actor? His performance in Bronson outweighs any performances of any actor in The Avengers.

          • Hey Michael, its funny how u can only mention 3 different Bale characters lol. I already mentioned Patrick Bateman. Trevor Reznik , yea compare him to Bales John Connor and Dan from 3:10 To Yuma, The moron he played in Harsh Times, his plain minor role in The New World. His character in reign Of Fire, yea all Similiar lol ur a tool!. And when did I say Tom Hardy can’t be a good actor eh? I was simply stating that he is not as great of an actor like u say. He has not been in much, and he has only shown really good acting in…2 movies? lol yea ur a tool! His performance of Bronson outwieghs over any performance of an actor of the avengers???…. Lol Tom Hardy Fan boy! HOP OFF or wear a helmet!

            • Avatar…

              He only NEEDED to mention three characters Bale has played to show just how great an actor Bale really is. You, on the other hand, apparently have a fetish for carpentry devices. There’s probably some good therapy for that.

              Both movies have great actors in them. I found Chris Hemsworth’s “George Kirk” to be quite noble and admirable, even though the character was only onscreen for a brief period. RDJ’s portrayal of Charlie Chaplin was superb. I thought Jeremy Renner did a great job in a tough role in “The Hurt Locker”. Scarlett Johanssen was appropriately sweet AND conniving in “The Prestige” (oddly, putting her together with both Bale AND Nolan). Yes, the TA actors are wonderful, BUT they are not as established as at least a few of the actors in TDKR. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are both highly respected and beloved and have been doing excellent work for, literally, DECADES. In fact, Bale, himself, has as well…he started as a child actor who won critical acclaim at a very young age. Maggie Gyllenhaal has been critically praised consistently throughout her film career and actually shares amazing talent with her brother Jake. Gary Oldman…really, does anyone of this generation need to have any more proof of the man’s brilliance? Cillian Murphy is just fantastic in whatever role he plays…and that is definitely NOT simply MY opinion (and he IS actually one of the younger actors). Oh, and two words: LIAM NEESON.

              I am looking forward to seeing both films, and I’m sure I will enjoy both films. This rabidly comparing the acting talent of the two seems silly to me, BUT the ONE undeniable fact is that TDKR does indeed have the overall more well-established cast. Whether you LIKED any of their films…well, you ARE entitled to your opinion, as are we all to our own.

              PS…I find it funny that no one has said anything about “Avengerites” (or “Whedonites” or “Marvelites”) being just as obnoxious as “Nolanites” or “Batman Fanboys”. Simply put, they are.

              • Hey archy…..fetish for carpentry devices??? ooohh ooh i get it lol that was….not clever. ur freakin corny! Clearly u just wanna show “how much u know about movies”…. U just said a buncha crap that I already know and could care less about. But hey keep that ego of urs up and show ppl how much U know. So u must love Halle Berry. First black women to win an oscar….Does that make her a good actor???? Yea Halle Berry is sexy but sux!

                • i think winning an oscar is the exact opposite of “sucking” as an actor. i’m just sayin’…

                  • So ur saying Halle Berry is a good actor huh?……

                • Avatar…

                  Ummm, do you actually think about what you’re babbling, or does it just come gushing out of your rear? YOU are the one that thought using “tool” so many times was clever, so I don’t see a reason to trust in your sense of humor. Also, WHERE did I mention Halle Berry(?)…I was talking about TDKR’s cast.

                  Hmmm…so desperate, so sad. You in a nutshell. Grow up, and calm down.

                  • Archy, i am the one trying to be clever for saying tool?…Obviously u like babbling. Thats y ur on this website every freakin day :) And when i mentioned Halle Berry…U obviously didn’t know what I was getting at…Shows how dumb u can be lol and u say I’m desperate? lol yea ur obviously just desperate for any words to use. Now thats sad. Ur obviously no more grown up than me if u have to reply to me as fast as u can, And be on this website all day, everyday like a low life :)

        • No one cares about Morgan Freeman? Seriously? I would venture to say that you are the only person who doesn’t care about Morgan Freeman, everyone else pretty much does. The Avengers cast is great (Sam Jackson, Robert Downey, Jr, Scarlett Johanssen) but the script was SO BAD that none of them had good performances. I understand there was meant to be humor in the Avengers, but there was way too much, and the dialogue was forced by every actor.

          At any rate, Michael Caine has more talent than the entire Avengers cast. As does Morgan Freeman. As does Gary Oldman. And Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway aren’t slouches either.

  7. These movies can’t be compared as they are light years apart on the concept.Every superhero has a story,but Avengers is about Superheroes.It is more of an action flick than a lucid biopic on a Superhero(our favorite Batman).When people go to see Avengers all they want is superb action while for Batman,its more emotionally deep-seated,exploring the extra-ordinary mind of Bruce Wayne and the legacy he leaves behind.

    • I wouldn’t exactly call Nolan’s Bruce Wayne extraordinary. The guy mostly has Fox do his thinking for him and would not be considered the world’s greatest detective in this universe (far from it).

      • @Acslaterson – So Fox was the one that thought up how to capture the Joker? Fox was the one that saved the hostages from being shot by the cops? Fox was the one that was hunted down by in the league of shadows? was trainned by the league of shadows?…Fox also USES the devices and wears the cape and mask and risks his body. Yeah SO RIGHT -__-

        fox gives Waynethe gadgets…Bruce expands their possibilities (example: the sonar ALL over Gotham. Fox gave him the gadget, not the concept.)

      • Because Fox was the one that figured out how to take finger prints off a shattered bullet.

        • @G

          No, nobody figured out how to take fingerprints off a shattered bullet. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT’S RETARDED AND IMPOSSIBLE ON SO MANY FRONTS…

          I take it the people who thought up that scene has never seen what happens to a real bullet when it’s fired or when it strikes something… *shakes head*

    • While I agree that the two films shouldn’t be compared, I’ll tell you, Avengers was very emotional as well (it’s a roller coaster ride of emotion).
      And the dialogue between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner? If those guys don’t have “extra-ordinary minds” then Steven Hawking is a pizza delivery boy ;)

      But yeah, as far as the two films go: Avengers is a sci-fi/action-adventure movie while TDKR will most likely be a political thriller/crime-drama with some action.
      Two totally different themes and stories that shouldn’t be compared at all.

  8. These movie vs movie comments are absolutely idiotic. It is not like they were filmed with the mindset of “oh, my movie is going to cream this other one.” This article is basically nothing but glorified trolling and bait to stir something up. I just lost a little bit of respect for this site.

  9. Two totally different movies that are pointless to compare to one another. I’m looking to DKR much more, but Avengers will be a good popcorn flick. This article is the equivalent of news network filler.

    • So I guess one must only eat caviar while watching TDK but popcorn while watching Avengers? I do agree on not comparing them, like people who compare Biggie to Tupac, two very different styles. You CAN compare Biggie to JZ though.LOL ;)

  10. Compared to the “5 Reasons I’m More Excited for The Avengers Than TDKR” article… This is weak sauce doo.

  11. Story-wise I think The Dark Knight would be much better..But action would be of the same amount..I hope so..
    I’ve already seen The Avengers..Twice by now and I think it’s a typical Comic Book Fan Film.But it becomes very very little boring in the middle for few minutes but then the pace it builds up is AWESOME…It gave me chills during the action sequences in both of my viewings..
    The Dark Knight Rises,after watching the latest trailer seems to be too dark and emotional but still the expectations are higher…

    The Avengers would be loved by everyone-Kids,Adults,Old…But TDKR is not that kind of Family entertainer…So I feel (though I don’t want it to happen) that The Avengers might be more successful (in terms of Gross Revenue) than The Dark Knight Rises..

    • Sorry I meant The Dark Knight Rises….Big Mistake.

  12. The Dark Knight Rises and the Avengers are certainly both superhero genre films and both deserve our interest for many reasons however Avengers features something fans rarely experience outside of perhaps Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein which is the bringing together of characters and their lead actors (with the exception of Edward Norton of course)from separate, successful films and dropping them into a massive, world threatening scenario. I’m very excited to see DNR but Avengers isn’t the final film in a great trilogy, its something fresh that stands alone. IMHO.

  13. The Avengers will go down in history as one of the greatest superhero films ever made, whereas The Dark Knight Rises will go down as one of the greatest FILMS ever made.

    • Amen.

    • it’s still a comic book movie

    • Christ, do I need to mention The God Father? Besides, there are so many more great movies (including non-English speaking ones) in the film history.

    • Wrong. You couldn’t be more wrong. Please, just stop with the fanboy nonsense. Best films ever? Give me break. How old are you, 9? How many movies have you even watched? Fool.

      • Huh? I mean, what’s the meaning of this “Please, just stop with the fanboy nonsense. Best films ever? Give me break. How old are you, 9? How many movies have you even watched? Fool.”…and he is meant to be the 9 year old??

  14. I really like this site but some commenters take themselves way too seriously. We should just be really happy that we have this much choice!! I loved The Avengers and I’m looking forward to DKR and Spiderman. The more successful these are the more likely that we’ll get even more. I just can’t believe how good this year of cinema is. Let’s enjoy it!

    • “I really like this site but some commenters take themselves way too seriously”

      You have no idea.

    • This site sucks!!! I’ve yet to see one article on Aktuh and Melota!!!! petaQs!!!


      Let’s enjoy it indeed. Fantastic year for movies.

  15. I feel bad for Spiderman, everyone was excited for The Avengers and after everyone sees it, they will be too excited to see Batman. Poor, poor, choice by Sony to try and bang with the big boys with an unnecessary remake.

  16. I don’t know why everyone (maybe it’s just Batman/Nolan fans) is saying TDKR is going to be “emotional”. Nolan has many strengths but conveying emotion is NOT one of them. He is often criticised for not having enough emotion in his films.

  17. Hardy the A-list? Sigh…to date, the only thing he has genuinely proved is that he can’t open a picture as so many Hollywood executives and fanboys hoped, and I’m not even sure if he will be able to achieve that after TDKR comes out.

    On a side note, I think Bale has not been given many chances to really do something as Batman in the Nolan-verse, I wish he got it in the last installment. Going by the new trailer, not sure about it.

  18. Gary Oldman not having an Oscar is a travesty…I mean Cuba Gooding Jr has one for Pete’s sake

  19. i agree about the villain part. i don’t know but i didn’t feel the evil of Loki. He looks incapable and i was even thinking that he was just a pawn of a greater plan which shown on the middle of the credits when they showed thanos. unlike the joker of TDK. he was a crazy brilliant enemy. so i didn’t feel any tension of the avengers movie. but it was great seeing my childhood cartoon characters come to life.

    • I agree with you..
      Instead of showing Loki as the greatest threat whom The Avengers have to fight,they showed him like everything hilarious happens to him in the film..

    • Did you just give away a spoiler??!!

  20. I’m not going to read 253 comments to see if this has already been said, although my guess is that is probably has.
    I’ll say it anyway.
    If John Hanlon didn’t enjoy Captain America, as he stated in point 3, then there’s no hope for him at all, and I’d rather listen to the ravings of a diseased monkey then believe DK3 will be anywhere near the enjoyment value of Avengers.

    • Well, I can see why some wouldn’t enjoy CA. I enjoyed it but some people couldn’t really get into the retro feel of it and it didn’t have the effects that IM had. Some people also thought it was a bit to slow. I thought it was very good.

  21. Why are people saying that John is not right for voicing his opinions when he’s just giving a counter-point to the other thread that had Avengers as the most anticipated? Isn’t that what most of you wanted?

    • But see Kahless, ’5 reasons why I’m more excited for The Avengers’ article didn’t really discredit TDKR that much (of which I could recall) With this one, (IMO) some of the points made seem to be very much focused on belittling The Avengers to a certain extent…

    • I Love Counter Points and they should be welcomed :-)(I’m to open minded)

      Not many sites do this and its a Good change. I just wish the explanation slides were a little longer. Besides it brings good heat and discussion to the site, It’s about 90°F here :-P

  22. sorry but your totally roung…the avegers are awesome i saw the movie its full of action from the begining to the end…batman its very cool to but not so cool as a group of the migtiest heros of earth hawkeye completely awesome thor no words iron man inteligent and he do many things captain america it’s mutch better than he looks and hulk it’s very strong and very funy…and yhe hero of the summer will be The Amazing Spider-Man

  23. WB should get Nolan to direct the Buffy reboot. Then we’d see who’s better.

    I say this rhetorically.

  24. @ Andy S why would you want TAS to fail? If it’s a good film then wouldn’t you be satisfied regardless of whether it’s Marvel or someone else distributing it?

  25. Avengers will be a typical popcorn movie. Many will see it, enjoy it and call it a great movie. It reminds me of all the Avatar hype I heard.

    My current take-

    Iron man 1. RDJ forced to design the suit that will ultimately be used to give him his freedom, as well as sustain his life. That was riveting. RDJ was enjoyable to watch throughout the film. I still watch it to this day, even though I’ve seen it over 20 times. It gets boring now after the 1st hour though.

    Hulk – Norton is one of my favorite actors and yet, even with him playing the role, I found myself not caring about the hulk.

    Thor- Average, very average. No surprises, decent action and some humor. I don’t think any of the villains are well developed in these films but Thors was the worse. It felt like I was watching the power rangers.

    Captain America- This is weird, but when he was a runt being beat-up and diving on grenades, I was actually enjoying the movie. Once he became Cap-A, it all went went down hill. Very bland. I can’t think of one memorable moment. I realize it was the interaction with Dr. Abraham Erskine that gave this movie substance. All signs of intelligence in the story died with him.

    Not expecting much from the Avengers

    • @Derric
      If you dont love the previous Marvel films, I dont think you will like The Avengers.

      • You should still see the movie if you planned on seeing it

  26. Thor’s boring brother Loki! Those be fighting words lol…but other then that i liked everything i read.Now when is someone going to write a article about why we should be more excited to see Amazing Spider-Man over Avengers and TDKR.

  27. How about an article on how Prometheus will be better than TA, TDKR and TAS 8-).

  28. Your thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises is better than Avengers is totally wrong. When i first saw the 2nd trailer of The dark knight rises to me it was boring and not exciting enough. The cast looks good but Ann Hathaway as catwoman is way off. To me the story looks boring. The 3rd trailer of tdkr again looked boring. I will probably see once but not as many times i will watch the avengers. The avengers looks 100 times better than TDKR. The trailers of the Avengers looks awesome. The cast of the Avengers are better than TDKR. Jeremy Renner is awesome as hawkeye. Chris Hemsworth is great as Thor, Scarlet Johannson is great as Black Widow. And the others are great too. Speaking of Jeremy Renner is was a oscar nominateed three times for once for Hurt locker, once for The Town and long time ago for Dahmer. There are oscar nominee in the Avengers movie too like Robert Towney Jr, Scarlet Johannson, and like i said Jeremy Renner. The story in the avengers looks great while dark knight rises looks too boring. The avengers will do more at the box office than The Dark Knight Rises because peoples been waiting 10 years to see it while The Dark Knight Rises does not have the same excitment than the last batman movie did because people wanted to see heath ledgers performance as the joker. Too me Bane and ann hathaways catwoman does not bring the same excitement. So the Avengers will probably do 550 million in the us while TDKR will probably do 390 million in us. So all in all The avengers is the best comic book movie of all time.

    • Mr Hannon can’t be “wrong” for stating his opinion. It’s his opinion, and while I’m in disagreement about some of the points he makes, it’s still his OWN view of things (and a person’s own opinion or thoughts can’t be “wrong”).

    • I think you’re too much of a comic book fan and not even of a movie fan to make this judgment. First of all, you’re judging a movie by its trailer. Why not wait to see the film first? Second of all, there is much more to a film that action. The trailers to TDKR were well executed because it shows that there is more to this movie than action. There are themes, character developments, and a compelling story behind it. The Avengers had none of that, and if it did, it was poorly executed. I’m speaking as a film fan, not a huge comic book fan. The Avengers was quite superficial: a bunch of action to mask a lack of story and strong characters. TDKR will blow the Avengers away critically and commerically.

  29. I agree totally. The Dark Knight is one of the greatest movies ever. This sequel looks just as promising. Does Batman die? He says he hasn’t given everything, not yet.

    • No, it isn’t one of the greatest movies ever. It’s not even in the top 100. Have you even watched other genres of movies before? Or are you just a comic book/sci-fi fanboy? Let me guess…Empire is the greatest movie ever. Child.