5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited For ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Than ‘The Avengers’

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The Dark Knight Rises PosterThe Avengers arrives in theaters and brings Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together to battle a great evil force. The reviews - so far - have been great, and the film promises to kick off summer in a big way.But this isn't the movie that I'm most excited about this summer. Not by a long shot. My most-anticipated movie of the summer is The Dark Knight Rises - the eagerly-anticipated final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.Fellow Screen Ranter Rob Frappier previously wrote about the 5 reasons he is more excited about The Avengers than TDKR, and I jumped at the chance to give a counterpoint. Here's my list of 5 reasons I'm looking forward more to Batman returning to the big screen than I am about The Avengers.

The Story

Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight RisesI haven't seen The Avengers and I assume that it will have a great story. But in many ways, it's going to be an origin story more than anything else. The film has to establish the team coming together and working as one unit. Nolan's Batman origin story was already told in Batman Begins. The director then IMPROVED upon that in the masterful follow up The Dark Knight. Who knows what will await viewers of this third film?The Dark Knight ended with a thought-provoking climax as Batman made a decision that few others would be willing to make: Instead of revealing the true motivations of the late Harvey Dent, the Caped Crusader opted to paint himself as the villain so that the citizens of Gotham would still idolize their hero (Dent) and not have the unfortunate reality undermine their idealism.Now, in this final chapter, it will be interesting to see how Batman can thrive as a hero even though the people of Gotham view him as a monster. This dichotomy - between Batman's public persona and his private heroism-- will likely set the stage for a great story about nobility and honor in the face of criticism and hatred.

The Cast

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight RisesIf you put the cast of The Avengers together for a photo shoot, it would provide a great cover for GQ. If you put the cast of The Dark Knight Rises together for a photo shoot, it would include some of the finest actors working today.There's no arguing with the fact that The Avengers offers up a strong cast - with Robert Downey Jr. as the best of the bunch. But many of the other actors composing the cast are younger performers who haven't established themselves as great actors quite yet - whereas the Christopher Nolan Batman films offer up one of the strongest casts ever in comic book movie.Four of the main actors in TDKR (Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard) have all won Oscars for their acting skills.  Additionally, the film's supporting cast includes the massively-talented combination of Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Oscar-nominees Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. This is an incredible cast - not only for a superhero movie, but for a film in general.

The Themes

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight RisesI have seen Captain America. And Thor. And Iron Man and Iron Man 2. And other than Captain America, I enjoyed all of them. Overall, the Avengers lead-in films have had something to offer audiences.But none of their themes compares to The Dark Knight, which tried to be much more than a typical superhero film. Not only were the special effects great, but the story itself offered a thematic depth that other superhero movies haven't yet matched. TDK wasn't just about a hero fighting evil. It also spoke to the dichotomy between good and evil that exists in all of us, and focused on the Joker's distorted view of human morality.When a boatload of innocents faced off against a group of prison inmates and had to choose whether or not to sacrifice the other in order to survive, the movie forced audiences to think about their own visions of good versus evil. Let's hope that Rises is half as thought-provoking and deep as its predecessor.

The Director

Christopher Nolan Directing The Dark Knight RisesFor some, Joss Whedon can do no wrong. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly has a hardcore fan base that has loved much of the work his done behind the camera. In addition to writing films like Cabin in the Woods, Whedon has directed episodes of Buffy, Angel and Firefly  and the film Serenity.But it doesn't compare to Christopher Nolan. Nolan has created a series of unforgettable films over the past dozen years. From 2000's Memento to 2008's The Dark Knight to 2010's Inception, this director has created several masterful works. He knows how to develop strong stories, use special effects smartly, and show viewers a great time at the theater. That ability can't be under-estimated.

The Villain

Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight RisesFrom what I've seen of The Avengers so far in trailers and clips, it looks like their greatest nemesis will be Thor's boring brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Admittedly I haven't seen the film yet, so I'm not sure what Loki's abilities look like or how much of an opponent he will be for the team of superheroes.That being said, Batman's nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises is Bane and the film's trailers - especially the awe-inspiring latest one - have focused on this evil terrorist. From blowing up a football field full of players, to bringing Batman to his knees, this monster could be the greatest threat that Gotham has ever faced. And Tom Hardy, who is quickly establishing himself as an A-lister, seems to be great for the role.Let's remember that Batman's previous enemy The Joker was portrayed by Heath Ledger, who won a posthumous Academy Award for his unforgettable performance. Bane might not match up to that, but I think Hardy will create a great and memorable adversary. Case in point: people have already started parroting their favorite Bane quotes.

5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ than 'The Avengers'

Christian Bale as Batman in the Dark Knight RisesThis Friday, The Avengers will likely open to massive box office numbers. But in a few months, I think people will forget it as they focus on the true superhero of the summer: Batman.I'm far more excited for The Dark Knight Rises than I am for The Avengers. Here, again are my five reasons why:
  • The Story: A Climactic Final Chapter versus an Original Story
  • The Cast: GQ Photo Shoot versus some of our Finest Actors
  • The Themes: Profundity versus a Typical Superhero Story
  • The Director: Christoper Nolan versus Joss Whedon
  • The Villain: Bane versus Loki
Which movie are you looking forward to more: The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers?Let me know in the comments and as always, make sure you follow me on Twitter @johnhanlon.
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  1. I’m looking forward to how it all ends.

  2. Having already seen The Avengers, I can say that it’s going to be very hard to top. At least from a comic book fan’s point of view.

  3. So the author is just a Batman fanboy? You would have more of an argument if you are a Marvel fan and were looking forward to Bats more (like the previous author). This just seems like someone wanting attention because they were left out, like a kid pouting because their sibling had a birthday party and they didn’t get a gift (even though their own birthday is in a couple of months). .

    • but can you counter any of his arguments? they all seem pretty valid to me. especially the ones about the actors and the director

      • I can counter many of his “valid points”.

        The cast? Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johannson, Jerremy Renner and Samuel L Jackson — all award winning actors (some, Oscar award and nominated actors). The only guys that aren’t as decorated are Evans and Hemsworth.
        I’m not saying the cast of TDKR is bad (Bale, Freeman, Caine, Oldman, etc. are you kidding me?! Those guys are amazing!), but I certainly think that The Avengers’ cast also have “some of the finest actors working today”.

        The Director? “But [Joss Whedon’s work] doesn’t compare to Christopher Nolan.” — that’s certainly a bold statement. Nolan is an incredible director and has made some of the best movies I’ve ever seen, but I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to claim that “doesn’t compare” to Whedon’s work: the guy who wrote Toy Story, who created Buffy, Firefly & Serenity, Angel and the guy who wrote a movie that was almost impossible to write – I’d say that warrants SOME credit.

        The villain? I disagree so much with that one, I won’t even get into it lol.
        Personally, if it were me making this list, I’d have swapped out “The Villain” with “The Batman” – why? Because he’s Batman and Batman is awesome (no one can argue with that ;)), but as for the villain? Once again, he makes some bold claims that doesn’t hold much proof (yet).

        As for ‘The Story’ and ‘The Themes’… those are the only two points I can agree with. He makes good, valid points there and they are well thought out and reasoned.

        I completely understand that this is his opinion only (rightfully so), but IMO, he sure does seem to have a few spiteful (and fanboy-esque) comments mixed in with the more reasonable ones.

        I’ll be seeing The Dark Knight Rises on opening day though…

        • Why does he need proof? It’s his opinion isn’t it. I think they’re all valid points, but weak. The cast is one reason he is more excited for TDRK? Really? They both have fantastic casts, but because TDKR’s is a bit better it makes one of the five reasons he’s more excited.. eh. The director.. of course you can compare them, but Nolan has made more films and popular films. And It’s understandable to choose Nolan if you love his work. But to say they can’t be compared? Maybe in the sense that they are very different filmmakers, but because of their resume? Eh again. Can’t argue much about the villain since I don’t know much about Bane, but I thought Loki was good. But this is all his opinion, I hope that when he sees The Avengers he’ll think that it’s just an awesome movie. I’m very excited for TDKR as I really enjoy Nolans work, but The Avengers was just the coolest movie ever in my opinion.

          • I completely understand that it’s his opinion… but like I said, some of those “points” he made seemed a little spiteful – which is why I decided to post a “counter-point” comment (just as John has done).

        • (“The Director? “But [Joss Whedon’s work] doesn’t compare to Christopher Nolan.” — that’s certainly a bold statement.”)

          …And I would say …that’s certainly a bold statement! Ha ha!

        • For me,

          Bale, Freeman, Caine, Oldman >> Downey Jr, Hiddleston, Ruffalo, Johannson, Renner. Except Jackson of course. He is a legend.

          As for comparing directors, Whedon who ???
          It looks like nobody recognizes him outside of United States.

          The Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Inception >> Toy Story, Buffy, Firefly & Serenity, Angel.

          For some guys every Tom, Dick and Harry are better than Nolan. LOL. Living in a state of denial is a dangerous situation and this is something these guys should understand. All they have to support their opinion are some petty snaggy technical issues which they believe are enough to flame Nolan. Ha Ha!

          Bane and Tom Hardy, I like. But I don’t know who Loki or the anonymous actor who played him really is. And I really don’t care at all as long as Nolan completes a famous successful Batman-trilogy. Neither do I expect anything better in the future for Batman from Warner Brothers. I’m thankful to them for ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’.

          and believe the stories, layers and themes of Nolan movies are too much for Marvel fans to understand, so they shouldn’t get bothered as long as they can stay satisfied by finding faults at the peripheral technical petty levels.

          • you certainly like to sling the bs around in here, and it must be pretty hard to think with your nose up nolans back-side all the time? do you know him personally, or are you one of his stalkers he has a restraining order against? my e-mail has been blowing up with your trolling comments on DAYS old discussion threads, taking cheap shots at anyone who likes marvel/The Avengers/Joss Whedon. i like movies in general, and i watch a lot of films simply based on the director, and while nolan has made some fine movies, so has Whedon, so far, in his young carrer. I am almost 100% positive that neither of these directors would appreciate trolling/flaming/hateful comments on their behalf, as im sure both have respect for other artists in their field, and don’t go into making a film that’s going to blow the other guys movie out of the water. if you dont like anything associated with marvel et al, fine (joss whedon has also put out some critically-acclaimed comic book stories btw. look it up, if you can spare the time from your hate-mongering)but don’t insult those of us who do, and most people in here are going to see TDKR, in case you bother to even read some of the other comments in here.

            • jeffro,

              All I said was…

              The Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Inception >> Toy Story, Buffy, Firefly & Serenity, Angel.

              …and that’s my opinion. Nothing more.

              Just because I like Nolan’s work does that mean I lick Nolan’s …whatever ??? Really ? That’s a nice premeditated line of defense by you. Because if you conclude it that way, that only means you are a Nolan-Hater which points to -> You are biased which points to -> your opinion means NULL …doesn’t matter even if you work for Screenrant.

              And When I said nobody knows Whedon here in India, I really meant it. I have nothing against Whedon but everybody knows Nolan, Scott, Spielberg, Kubrick, Cameron here but no Whedon. What’s so harmful or spiteful about this fact ?

              …And more than half the pages here around are filled with you trolling around. No use blamimg others. I always choose the option of the peaceful way first.

              …And btw, no personal attacks please. Thank you.

            • As for this

              (“My e-mail has been blowing up with your trolling comments on DAYS old discussion threads, taking cheap shots at anyone who likes marvel/The Avengers/Joss Whedon”)

              Please don’t generalize issues. It must be somebody else. Because I have nothing against Marvel but definitely EVERYTHING in the support of Batman/Nolan.
              If you can’t handle your job’s pressure situations, please look for an another job.

              and yes…

              (“finding faults at the peripheral technical petty levels”)

              This is very much a TRUE symptom for Nolan-Haters. I see that in you. Or else, prove otherwise.

              • “But I don’t know who Loki or the anonymous actor who played him really is. And I really don’t care at all as long as Nolan completes a famous successful Batman-trilogy”–trolling

                “and believe the stories, layers and themes of Nolan movies are too much for Marvel fans to understand”–trolling/Marvel hating

                “whedon who?!?!” -trolling

                “…And more than half the pages here around are filled with you trolling around. No use blamimg others.”- just false.

                these are your quotes, not mine. no generalizing. i’m calling it what it is. and once again, i do not now, nor have i ever, worked for screen rant. if i did, i would be proud to claim so.
                you have issues sir.
                i’m not a “nolan-hater” as you say. he has made some great movies. the batman films, inception. memento is ok. i don’t care for insomnia. maybe i’ll give it another try.

                • You have to believe me to understand that I did not knew Loki and Whedon at all…BEFORE I watched “The Avengers”.
                  I have absolutely nothing against them…yet.

                  *** …and I liked TA for what it was worth and had a fun-ride and I have – nothing, absolutely nothing – against Marvel/Loki/Whedon.***

                  The only comics (that contain panels) I have ever read are Batman stories (not even Superman!) and hence I have absolutely no right to judge other superheroes…at least not until I have watched their movies and then which would be the only source for me to judge them. AND I NEVER LIKED SUPERMAN EVEN …OR SPIDERMAN for that matter. And I repeat again: I DID like TA and I won’t ever criticize it.
                  Because I know ‘TDKR’ and ‘TA’ will be delivering altogether different packages and its unfair to compare them.

                  But as for this…

                  (“…And more than half the pages here around are filled with you trolling around. No use blaming others.”)

                  It’s true especially if you believe that anyone with a whiff of liking/loving Nolan’s work is actually a blind-Nolanite who has his nose deep up Nolan’s behind. Those are your words by the way and that’s … TROLLING. Thank you.

                  The only guy I really dislike is Burton because he made the most pretentious Bat-series…ever. I do like ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman & Robin’ because they are fun to watch and I do not take them seriously…but I’m definitely going to pull down Burton’s Bat anywhere on Screenrant.

                  • “how can you be so obtuse…is it deliberate?” -Andy Dufresne.

                    but you do have something against anything that is NOT batman related. you’re very 1st post directed to me was on the page “why im more excited to see the avengers vs TDKR”
                    and you said

                    Here’s your answer.

                    If I want to watch…

                    1. A slam-bang popcorn two-hour-fun-ride entertainment, I would watch …”The Avengers”.

                    2. A slam-bang two-hour-fun-ride entertainment …PLUS Epic Drama …I would watch …”The Dark Knight Rises”…MINUS the popcorn of course. After-all Batman is a real serious stuff whose most critically-acclaimed novels like ‘The Dark Knight Returns (1986)’ or ‘The Killing Joke (1988)’ for instance, are targeted towards mature individuals…unlike say Spiderman, Superman or …the Avengers, even best story-lines of whose are targeted towards teens just reaching their puberty.

                    It’s not a question of: who is better Batman or Avengers, it’s a matter of: in which mood you are, to watch the former? or the latter?

                    ..And to end my argument, I would repeat what everybody knows already: Batman is the Best Superhero Of All Time. All superheroes dream of becoming The Batman when they will grow up someday…And until that day, they can keep dreaming.

                    the whole “teens reaching puberty” comment is what got me going. but every time i reply to you, you keep calling me a/an:
                    1) anti-nolanite, or nolan hater. or something to that effect.
                    or 2) an employee of this web-site. vic will tell you, i don’t work here. never have, and, most likely, never will.
                    or 3) not a professional film critic. that is the only correct statement you have made about me. i have NEVER claimed to be a professional film critic. does that mean i’m not entitled to an opinion? nope.
                    your last comment about going to pull down burton’s bat just proves you don’t allow anyone to have an opinion that differs from your own. so what if someone like Tim Burton’s version of Batman over Christopher Nolan’s. they are no more right than you are sir. you cant convince them they are wrong, anymore then they can convince you that YOU are wrong, but you still come off as being more intelligent than anyone else, especially with statements like ” everybody knows already: Batman is the Best Superhero Of All Time. All superheroes dream of becoming The Batman when they will grow up someday…And until that day, they can keep dreaming.” since they are, IN FACT, fictional characters, and are incapable of dreaming, they do not wish to be batman.
                    i’m done with you now. flame/troll away, since i know you wont actually read what i just wrote. you will only call me a nolan hater and employee of ScreenRant…lol

    • although I don’t think Loki is boring at all…still think bane will be memorable.

      • I just think that “The Avengers” are driving DC fanboys nuts because a “Justice League” movie is nowhere close to coming about. I love Nolan’s films , but the constant need to bash Marvel movies by his fans get on my nerves. Great, you took 1 hero from DC and made a good series of films (but also limited yourself by the realism that killed expanding your movie universe). This movie comes out and where does DC’s movie-verse go from here? “The Man of Steel” comes out next year, is DC even going to try to expand? Nolan and Bale will be gone, so how long before a Batman re-boot? I just wish DC had a better plan.

        • i wouldn’t say he’s a fanboy – although he does seem to be a batman fan. i’m in the same boat as him. i have nothing at all against the avengers and will be in line opening weekend just like everyone else. it just comes down to your personal preference. some people just really enjoy the tone of nolan’s films. i’m sure the avengers will be awesome but marvel has been non-stop with their array of films (which is good) and putting forth their tone and vision. whereas on the dc side, batman has been the only success so far. so, yea us dc folks are really excited not only about our one (so far) big success but the epic conclusion to that. there won’t be another batman of this caliber (who knows what dc will do with it) but there are already talks of an avengers sequel as well as iron man, hulk, capt etc

        • I think most ppl who enjoy Nolan’s Batman films, are not up in arms about the lack of a Justice League movie. Peopleare excited to see a well crafted film.

      • Just one name…Tom Hardy.

    • It is just the author’s opinion, no need to pull out the fan boy card.

      (besides, this article was probably written for those who like Batman)

      By the way, I will probably enjoy both films for entirely different reasons

  4. Excellent reasoning, sir, and I agree almost completely.

    The only thing I don’t particularly agree with, as others have stated, is that Loki is a boring villain. Now, he spent a good deal of Thor being a whiny brat, but he’s still the only Marvel-Movie villain so far that’s been really fleshed out and given real motivations for the things that he does.

    With The Avengers, I’m expecting a fun, wild ride. With The Dark Knight Rises, I’m expecting to leave the theater thinking about what I just saw. The latter is exactly what I want out of a movie. Cinema’s an art, and I don’t just want to be entertained by art, I want to be challenged.

  5. Sorry, but Whedon wins in terms of unforgettable stories.

    Buffy and Angel proved that and Firefly established its legacy stand up for almost a decade with only 13 episodes!

    • @Steve

      It’s amazing if you think about it. Firefly only had HALF A SEASON and yet was able to win over some die-hard fans (myself included) in just those few episodes. The way the characters interacted, the dialog, was all so witty and funny without it seeming forced like so many other shows. I could really imagine those characters being real having those conversations in real life. Whedon is a true master of coming up with dialog and banter between people who are very different all in his head. Maybe he has multiple personalities… I’ve tried writing a story before, but I simply cannot just think up believable dialog from scratch, it’s hard for me to keep track of different characters’ personalities and their idiosyncrasies to keep it consistent through the story. But Joss Whedon seemed to have mastered that. With all of his efforts, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, etc. they are all ensemble, meaning there is no real one main character. I mean, yes, Buffy and Angel, but really, would those shows have worked without their side-kicks? In reality, those main characters got the name-sake, but it was an ensemble cast in all of those shows. Yet, somehow he gives each character very different personalities and then manages to give them all very funny, yet natural sounding, dialog exchanges and banter for many episodes successfully.

      I think people who are saying that Nolan is definitely the “higher class” director compared to Joss Whedon is REALLY underestimating Whedon’s talent. Seriously, I want to see Nolan direct an ensemble movie that gives each character equal weight… I’m willing to bet he would not be able to do a good job of it. He seems good at telling stories with a few central (yet opposing) characters, but at times he seems to get a bit overly dramatic with the dialog. It was bad enough at the end of TDK with Alfred getting all emo on us with his speech, but from watching the TDKR trailer, it looks like every character will get their chance to have a speech in TDKR… Where is the fast forward button in the theater???

      • Well giving character equal weight has nothing to do with directing… just writing. Whedon is a fantastic writer but he doesn’t have the cinematic skills of nolan as a director. Jonathon nolan co writes the dark knight and ect with chris so its not all on him

        • @trey

          If you say so. Of course, that’s your opinion… Again, I’m not underestimating Nolan as a director, but I just don’t think he’s as untouchable as so many people make him out to be. He’s definitely talented, but there are flaws in his style as far as my movie tastes go anyway. I’m not even a big Buffy or Angel fan to be honest with you, just commenting on how well he handles ensemble casts which kind of makes him perfect for The Avengers. I wouldn’t think he would make the best choice of director if it was a non-ensemble movie, let’s say they hired him for Iron Man 3, I probably would be a bit more skeptical of him than I am of him now as the director of The Avengers.

          And remember, one of the Nolans helped rework the script for Terminator Salvation, and we all know how well that turned out… So nobody’s perfect. Just because their name is on something doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be golden…

          • i agree nobody is perfect. both of them are very talented in there own ways

        • And chris and john are very good writerrs. They are more consistent than whedon in my opinion. Whedons jokes sometimes run flat and become cheesy. That being said when he is in top form he is something special

  6. Don’t think the 2 are even compareable… The avengers is a full on comic book movie in every sense. TDK movies although based on a comic book charecter, are I don’t know, action dramas, more reality based. It’s like comparing Speed Racer to Days of Thunder. Both movies are going to be amazing… but for completly different reasons



  8. Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2 were a mess, which makes me wonder where all the hype is coming from here… Personally I’ll see the Avengers because of how bad-ass the Hulk was in the trailer.

    Other than that, TDKR all the way.

    • “Thor” 74%
      “Capatin America” 77%
      “Iron Man 2″ 74%
      “The Avengers” 94%

      All certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t know what you are talking about.

      • Reviews are opinions as well. Bringing up rotten tomatoes as a source is like bringing up vg charts to back up your opinion on video games.

        • Yeah, general consensus by critics is REAL bad in judging films. And the author isn’t even part of Screen Rant’s staff and would then be considered an amateur or just a fan. Calling 3 films a mess that have been generally well received is ridiculous. And DC’s last film? Green Lantern at 27%.

  9. I love Batman fans things who think they are intellectually superior compared to Avenger’s fans. because they like Nolan’s Batverse. So intellectually superior that they fail to see the plot holes and absolutely dumb moments in TDK.

    I think the Batman vs Avengers thing really comes down to whether you prefer the character of Batman or the characters of Marvel.

    • I think it comes down to how badly you want to kiss Nolans ass. The only argument given for seeing TDKR is it’s directed by Nolan. Nevermind the subpar casting, the ridiculous costumes and the fact that you can’t understand a damn thing Bane says, it’s all cool Nolan is a visionary, brilliant director.

      • What’s wrong with the casting?

        • You mean his female casting of the first 2 movies and questions around the 3rd?

    • @Shadow I’m a HUGE batman fan, but at the same time I loved the Marvel movies leading up to the Avengers. Yes’ TDK has some holes, like how did the Joker find time to rig the boats or to rig the hospital. But you know what it’s a “superhero” movie, it doesn’t NEED to make sense. None of the Marvel movies make any sense, but they’re still fun to watch. I own all the movies leading up to the Avengers on DVD, but I also own Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight on DVD.

      • Nolan has tried to make his world so realistic that you can’t just write off the plot holes as “comic book magic.” He has purposefully tried to distance himself from comic booky stuff.

        You can’t have it both ways, which is what every TDK fan seems to want. “OH its super realistic, unlike Marvels movies!” point out a plot hole and they jump into “its a comic book movie!”

        • Shadow,

          Finding petty technical faults does not make it less realistic than the critically-acclaimed stories, Nolan’s series was based on.

          For me, the stories…

          Strange Apparitions(1977)
          The Dark Knight Returns(1986)
          Batman – Year One (1987)
          Son Of The Demon (1987)
          A Death in the Family (1988)
          The Killing Joke(1988)
          The Cult(1988)
          A Lonely Place for Dying (1989)
          Blind Justice(1989)
          Gotham By Gaslight (1989)
          Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991)
          Venom (1991)
          Knight-Saga,Part One – KnightFall – Broken Bat (1993)
          Arkham Asylum – A Serious House On Serious Earth (1994)
          Batman Adventures: Mad Love(1994)
          Batman: Black and White Vol. 1 (1996)
          The Long Halloween (1996-1997)
          Thrillkiller (1998)
          Batman: Dark Victory (2000)
          JLA: Tower of Babel (2000)
          Hush Vol. 1 & 2 (2002)
          Nine Lives (Year?)
          Tales Of The Demon (Various)

          …are all >>> all Marvel and all pre-Nolan DC superhero live-action movies put together except…’V for Vendetta (2006)’

          And till date, nobody has yet pointed out what faults has Nolan committed in his Bat-movies under the context of realism.

          • “…allow me to retort.” -Jules Winnfield

            the entire finger-print on the bullet is pretty unrealistic (from TDK) i also question the validity of whether a tumbler could actually drive over roof-tops (as in BB) without falling through.
            THEN there is also all the property damage that batman causes, i.e. driving on top of bulidings, blowing up cars just to get them out of his way, and that never seems to get addressed in the movies, but, anyone who has seen The Avengers can appreciate why i bring that point up. I won’t get into spoilers here.

            • Finding faults at the peripheral technical petty levels…

              Not surprising then that your are not a professional critic considering you do NOT speak of Central Themes, Character Development, Musical scores, Dialogues, Acting, script or Direction…all major issues which really matter.

              As for the ‘realism’ in Nolan’s Bat-movies, I as a Bat-fan, am personally satisfied that Nolan lived up to the realism of the critically acclaimed novels it was based upon: The Killing Joke, Long Halloween and Batman- Year One. That’s enough to satisfy me. I don’t need to convince anybody else.

              If you don’t like Nolan’s work as for those petty technical issues you mentioned are concerned, it’s your problem. I can comfortably ignore those issues as long as Nolan satisfied me with the ones I mentioned in my first paragraph.

              And I really liked ‘The Avengers’ because it’s a totally different movie than TDKR. I wouldn’t be comparing the two for Pete’s sake. I loved it for what it was and never hated Marvel…because they never destroyed Batman. What I actually hate are all the Pre-Nolan **Batman** live-action movies. I would attack them with zeal because they are the ones who trivialized Batman and not Marvel.

              • i feel i made some valid points, given your statement. please defend the realism of my points. you cant make a statement like “And till date, nobody has yet pointed out what faults has Nolan committed in his Bat-movies under the context of realism.” and then come back with “As for the ‘realism’ in Nolan’s Bat-movies, I as a Bat-fan, am personally satisfied that Nolan lived up to the realism of the critically acclaimed novels it was based upon: The Killing Joke, Long Halloween and Batman- Year One. That’s enough to satisfy me. I don’t need to convince anybody else.

                If you don’t like Nolan’s work as for those petty technical issues you mentioned are concerned, it’s your problem. I can comfortably ignore those issues as long as Nolan satisfied me with the ones I mentioned in my first paragraph” that is the very definition of being a troll. i didn’t bring up petty technical issues. i brought up some very flawed points concerning the “realism” in the bat-films. those points have nothing to do with the central themes, character development & musical score. they do, however, show problems with the script and the directing.
                please respond with something better than “oh well. i like it”.
                and no, i am not a professional film critic. i never claimed to be, any more than you claimed to be a professional alligator wrestler.

  10. these articles are only made to draw in views to the site, anyone getting pumped (admittedly me at first) are suckers and dont know ‘troll bait’ (as internet junkies would say) when they see it.

    • jwalka,

      Or it’s a place for people to debate topics they’re interested in and an opportunity for the author to argue his particular point of view.


      • Oh, and of COURSE it’s meant to draw in visitors. Just as “specials” are meant to draw in customers to restaurants.


    • And look who took the bait

  11. TDK improved upon Batman Begins IN YOUR OPINION. For me, Batman Begins was a better movie overall because it wasn’t as fragmented as TDK was. TDK was like 2 separate movies. One superb movie that ended with the capture of The Joker, then a pretty mediocre movie that picks up from that point on… Batman Begins was more cohesive in my opinion, it doesn’t take any sudden shifts in tones or pacing, it’s a movie with a beginning, middle, and an end…

    And regarding the director, I find them kind of equal, but mainly because I’m not too impressed with Momento. For me, Nolan’s best work so far has to be Batman Begins, and I really liked Inception too, and 3/4 of TDK was awesome… Not exactly a flawless resume if you ask me. The only director that comes close to a flawless resume for me is James Cameron with nothing but hits in his resume and Avatar being the closest to being a miss in my opinion.

    And regarding the villain, I agree that I’m a bit more fond of Bane than Loki as a comic book villain. But do you know who I’m more fond of as a villain than Bane? TWO-FACE!! Too bad they killed him off 20 minutes after the introduced him. He would have been the ultimate villain for this finale in my opinion… Also, I’m not too keen on Bane’s “Mortal Kombat’s Reptile” face mask and Catwoman’s heels are a bit off-putting to me… Hopefully it all looks better in motion than in the pictures…

    • totally agree with your 1st point about the movie feeling like 2, after the get the joker everything got really boring and felt like it dragged on and was out of place. i like the bane character, but his version doesn’t look or sound like any bane i can imagine (bane is part latino so i would assume he would have the skin tone and voice of a latino person).

      • @jwalka

        As far as in Batman TAS goes, Bane was supposed to be Cuban if I remember correctly… But I guess they’ve decided that his hispanic background wasn’t an important factor to carry over…

        • He is from Santa Prisca in the comics.

        • Hispanic characters get no love lol

        • Bane is only half cuban. His father is enlgish. Bane even looks white in the comics

    • Yeah, Catwoman is the only thing that has me worried about TDKR. I was hoping more for a kinda military/tactical looking costume for her. Not skin tight leather.

    • @Ken J
      JAMES CAMERON?! Avatar had amazing special affects I’ll give it that but it was basically Dances With Wolves in space, Titanic disgraced the hundreds of people that died on that ship by making that tragedy into some sappy romance, Aliens wasn’t original but a sequel to a great movie, Terminator and Terminator 2 I enjoy….but that’s two movies out of a handful of bad ones. BEST director for me goes to Tim Burton, yes Burton has had a couple of stinkers, but over all I find him to be great.

      • and yet avatar and titanic are the top grossing films of all time, and i would have to disagree on the “disgraced the hundreds of people that died on that ship by making that tragedy into some sappy romance” that was just a sub-plot. doesnt mean something close to that situation didn’t happen.

        • SO is the dark knight and most of the harry potter movies… its about the followers more than the quality of film in some cases. I think Avatar is very overrated and titanic is a good film

      • @Matt

        Um, yah, lol. You basically just put down Aliens, which pretty much discredits everything you’ve said and will say… I think most people will agree that Aliens is pretty much one of THE BEST action movies of all time. 100% of the critics who reviewed it on Rotten Tomatoes already agree…

        And The Terminator, another 100%. Terminator 2, 100% if you don’t count that ONE idiot that said he didn’t like it because the Terminator was a good guy… Dumbest critique ever… Then let’s not forget The Abyss, True Lies, I pretty much love all of his movies. Titanic was just his excuse to go on a deep sea expedition to see the real Titanic, but ended up being a very well-made movie even though I’m not really into the whole sappy love story. And Avatar was only so-so for me. I couldn’t care less about the comparisons everyone likes to make. If you really wanted to, you can draw similarities for every movie. I wasn’t really fond of the movie for other reasons. But I’ve already said that, good thing you know how to read so you didn’t pick this one movie to focus on… Oh wait, you did, lol. Oops, I guess read more carefully next time before you reply…

  12. I think this is a comic book fan argument. I love marvel movies(ironman 1 is best in my opinion) and I love the batman movies. Why can’t we just be happy that we are getting 2 awesome movies?! Im going at midnight for both. Its just personal opinion which is better like coke vs pepsi. Im just happy that they are coming out soon.

  13. Thank you, Mr. Hanlon. I’m looking forward to BOTH films, but I was feeling a bit perturbed by the imbalance caused by the previous article. Now, everyone (except, perhaps, the ASM people) can feel like they have a home base for the continuing discussion. :)

  14. The Dark knight Rises will obviously be the better movie so it will get my support.

    • Oh, yah, OBVIOUSLY… pssshhhh 😀

      • Well his name is truth so……

  15. I’d just like to start this by letting you all know that I’m a lifelong Batman fan, I’m anticipating The Dark Knight Rises more than The Avengers, and I’ve scheduled time off of work to for this Friday and July 20th to go to the movies…

    Frankly, you can’t really compare these two films. A Batman film and an Avengers film are going to be two different types films because of the inherently different worlds and tones they reflect. A complaint that a Batman movie is too dark and too serious comes from someone that doesn’t know what makes Batman work. He is dark. He is serious. He is depressing. Yes, he is able to be adapted to fit more lighthearted fare, but it doesn’t work well in live action (we’ve seen that before). If someone complains that the Avengers is too flashy and doesn’t have enough character development – what the hell were you expecting? Especially with the established Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ve had 5 movies to build up these characters so they can just go all out with the team-up.

    While the comparisons between the two movies are inevitable, they really aren’t warranted. It’s like comparing The French Connection to Wrath of Khan. You can’t say one is better than the other because they within separate genres. If you want to argue that Batman and the Avengers are in the same genre because they’re both movies based on superhero comics (despite their seemingly different film genres – crime/drama vs. sci-fi), then it’s like comparing Heat to Snatch. Both are very well made and well received crime movies, but they are tonally different and almost incomparable. One is a suspenseful crime drama, the other is a snappy, fun caper.

    With that, go see both movies. Set aside your differences DC and Marvel fans and enjoy what will be two great films.

    • that, sir, is called hitting the nail on the head!

    • Word

  16. The Avengers looks like a crazy action movie, Wich I dont mind at all. I’m happy to finally see a movie with superheroes togther kickin ars!(not that Smallville JLA CRAP) TDKR looks more like an action thriller….Like TDK. But hey, Nolan’s Batman movies are comin to an end and I really wanna see Tom Hardy as Bane. Both these movies look great to me so i’m not picking sides.

  17. I agree with all your points but I actually look forward to avengers more. Simply becos I will come out of avengers smiling and out of tdkr crying ..

  18. Having an opinion is the basis of human consciousness. So: in my opinion I will watch both and determine afterwards which one I would want to see again and again and still get enjoyment out of it. Having not seen Avengers just yet and looking at the ad for it: it looks appealing and I’ve always been a fan of Batman and putting that costume of a bat mask and black cap whenever I was invited to a costume birthday party; so understandably I’m interested in how the next movie will pan out.

    So: I am your typical fence-sitter. I go 50-50 and depending on story, humour, plot and easiness on the eyes and ears: i might tip the scales either way in either movie’s favour. Till then: I am anxious to see both films.

    • either way, you win, because you like whatever movie you like, and if you like both, well, you win twice!

  19. Let’s not confuse TDKR with a superhero movie. Batman is a comicbook character with NO superpowers. So it’s naturally going to be a different type of movie than the Marvel movies…or superman or green lantern for that matter. Reaching a certain “thematic depth” and a more grounded story is more attainable when dealing with a character like Batman. If fairness, Nolan has yet to make a superhero movie. But I have a feeling Joss Whedon could tackle a Batman/Jason Bourne/James Bond type character and do it well. I love Nolan’s films, but I can’t see him doing a “superhero” movie.

  20. After watching the third trailer I am a bit more excited to see TDKR but I have to say I’ve been looking forward to the Avengers for 5 years so it gets my vote

  21. I can’t wait for the cross over movies!

    What? Where else are they going to go with comic movies? 😛

  22. Batman begins was on fx today I forgot how good a movie it was, better then TDK

  23. I have seen Avengers, Verdict: A very good summer fun and kick-ass metal thrashing action.
    Well I am waiting for a real movie to hit the theaters. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

    • so the avengers was an artificial movie? it’s snide comments like that that irk me. it’s as though you are stating that watching The Avengers is not worthy of your attention.

  24. I’ve seen The Avengers and I can honestly say the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer has got me more excited than the entire Avengers movie from start to finish.

  25. I’m I the only one that thinks cristian bale is not that good of an actor? I mean did you see terminator salvation and lol in the dark knight the only scenes I wanted to see we’re with the joker hell I wouldn’t of noticed if batman wasn’t in the movie I just wanted to see a joker movie lol

    • have you seen the fighter? the machinist? the prestige? he is a very talented actor i think all of terminator salvation was a mess not just him

      • dont get me wrong he is ok in some movies like the fighter not the machinist was not that good and i dindnt like prestige i just think they could of picked a better actor to play batman thats all im saying and i just dont think bane (tom hardy) and catwoman (anne hathaway) can do what heath ledger did and steal the show because in all honesty this is my opinion on the series of nolan batman begins was ok didnt like how they portrayed scarecrow he was much more menacing and frightning, the dark knight was absolutley amazing i give you that the best realistic super hero flick of all time good story and the joker was mezmorising now i just dont see how dark knight rises is gonna beat that dont get me wrong its gonna be a great movie just wont hit the mark the dark knight did

        • @craig

          He was “ok” in The Fighter?? Alright, and Muhammad Ali is an “ok” boxer… I don’t care what you say about Bale as an actor overall, I’m honestly not a huge Christian Bale fan and find him just pretty “ok” as you say in most movies, but he was spectacular in The Fighter. He really surprised me. I saw the trailer and saw a glimpse of what could be a good effort from him, but I was still skeptical. But after watching the movie, I was skeptical no longer. That role really showed that he COULD have some serious acting chops if he put his heart into it…

      • @trey

        My opinion of Christian Bale is that he COULD be a great actor if he wanted to be. I didn’t really love The Machinist as a movie, but he wasn’t bad in that one. But Bale in The Fighter, in my opinion, displayed some of the best acting I have ever seen in a very long time. But in The Dark Knight, he was less than impressive. In my opinion he pretty much phoned that one in… Heath Ledger definitely stole the show there, but honestly, I didn’t think it was anything as spectacular as people try to make it out to be. I think people are afraid to be critical when it came to his acting in that movie because of his untimely death, which happened in the middle of filming ANOTHER movie BTW, so I don’t really see how that could be because he’s “still in character” from Batman like people keep making it out to be… Trying to stir up hype was all that was… The guy was like 60% of Hollywood actors and had a drug problem, the end… Sorry to sound insensitive, but it’s a fact. Everytime someone famous dies at a young age, bet your money it was due to drugs and you’ll win 95% of the time. It’s not a coincidence people… But anyway, yes, he was definitely the star of the show in TDK, not Bale. But from The Fighter, there is proof that he can be a spectacular actor if he really put his heart into it…

        • Ken J
          Bale in The Dark Knight, he was less than impressive? How much do you think a well-trained character like Batman who is in control of his emotions, display his emotions and body-movements loosely ???

          May be you should understand Batman first.

          • @Amol

            I thought he did a better job in Batman Begins. I guess between BB and TDK Bruce Wayne turns into a zombie?? lol

            Being a fan of the Batman character since I was young child, I think I understand the character perfectly fine… Sorry if I’m not just kissing everyone’s feet in TDK, I know that’s considered a sin around these parts…

  26. To me it is all about the person if you want to see a cgi fest and everything that is cliche then the avengers is for you ,however if you want to see a movie that will be unforgettable and which will probably be the best cinematic experience for the year then TDKR is the most obvious choice.

    • i have to CHOOSE now? i can’t see both?
      …obvious choice my asterisk.

    • Well see, it’s comments like this that makes me want to punch someone 😉

      Just assuming one will be amazing and one will be forgettable – that’s silly.
      They’re BOTH going to go down in CBM history as two of the best CBM ever (most likely, they’ll both go down in MOVIE history as two of the best MOVIES ever)

    • If you’re looking to have a great fun time at the movies, then Avengers is for you; if you’re looking for a film with meaning, a guy walking around in a bat suit, and being bored out of your mind, then TDKR is for you.

      Not really, but you see how insulting that sounds? That is how your statement sounded. Why can’t we enjoy both films?

  27. I believe that TDKR will have deeper themes and a more intricate story. Avengers will have sheer likability and wow factor. When I say that I’m thinking “wow factor” as in movies like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Die Hard. Also to clarify, I don’t mean to insinuate that TDKR won’t be a likable film either. I just think TDKR will reach us in a different way than Avengers will.

    To be honest, I don’t fully agree with either of these write-ups. Avengers is said to live up to all its hype and more. It’s supposed to be the ultimate non-cynical superhero experience, in a good old fashioned way. TDKR will likely be the most sophisticated and nuanced of Nolan’s Bat films. To call any one of these films the “true superhero movie” of the summer over the other feels limited.

    P.S. Very much looking forward to TASM. Hopefully the new trailer on Thursday is better than the last two (which were okay, but I expected better after I read all the sneak peek responses)

    • I am praying Spider-Man can surprise me.

      Can they cross the Batman’s seriousness with the Avenger’s comic book-ness? It seems like that is what they are trying to do and I think it will either surprise a bunch of people or really really suck.

      • Couldn’t agree more about the cross between Batman’s seriousness with Avenger’s comic bookiness.

      • Shadow,

        ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ both too were based on CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED comic-books: ‘Batman-Year One (1987)’…and…’The Killing Joke (1988)’,’The Long Halloween (1996-1997)’ respectively. Get your facts right before commenting.

        Just because you love Burton’s campy Batman, does not mean great COMIC BOOKS like the ones I mentioned don’t exist.

        • i’m really not liking the words “critically acclaimed” anymore! just because something is “critically acclaimed”, doesn’t automatically mean everyone should just like it. Moby Dick is a “critically acclaimed” novel, but i find it quite boring, but To Kill A Mockingbird, also a “critically acclaimed” novel, is one of my favorites. to me, CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED is about as useless anymore as are “darker, edgier, grittier”. i may just start a boycott campaign against ANYTHING that uses those buzz-words from now on.

          • jeffro,

            OK, so then I will change that part for you:

            ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight’ both too were based on comic-books: ‘Batman-Year One (1987)’…and…’The Killing Joke (1988)’,’The Long Halloween (1996-1997)’ respectively. Get your facts right before commenting.

            Just because you love Burton’s campy Batman, does not mean great COMIC BOOKS like the ones I mentioned don’t exist.

            • do you not have good comprehension skills? did i say the comics don’t exist? did i say i loved burton’s movies? (i do btw;) ) the “Facts” are i am tired of the buzz words. thats all i said. i don’t know why you are getting bent out of shape. take a xanex and watch Batman ’89. maybe you will like it

  28. I look to enjoy both Marvel and DC films, but I agree with the author of this article. Avengers looks like it is going to be a great action filled movie with crazy special effects and a decent plot. TDKR has the advantage of a deeper story, better acting, and more realistic action. (not alien snakes flying in the sky) Plus, you rarely get a comic book movie series where each movie in the series had a completely new different story from the last. I bet you there will be only 10 minutes left in TDKR and most people still wont know how it will end. The Avengers will most likely be a great summer flick that makes the most money this year but TDKR will be the best quality movie this year.(and make a lot of money, too)

  29. I watched the Iron Man movies and they were okay. But the only good Hulk ever done was the 80’s T.V. show. A superhero based on American exceptionalism is STUPID, and non-existent Gods interacting with people must insult even the intellects of many grade schoolers. I like Batman because his three powers are reality based, Money, Fitness, and Technological innovation. (Same reasons I gave Iron Man a shot, twice.)

    • well i’m convinced. I’m throwing away all my blu-rays! [end sarcasm]
      you certainly seem to be in the minority. this is all a lot of senseless bashing of comic book characters. “[blank]man is better than [blank]man”
      in the MCU, it has been suggested that thor’s not really a “God”, but a being from another planet, realm, whatever, with technology that appears to be magic. i guess all the people that buy the comics are dumber than a 5th grader.
      the hulk of the 80’s was good in the 80’s. This hulk is awesome.
      Captain America is not “based” on exceptional-ism, he is exceptional. his outfit was meant to inspire soldiers in WWII. but this is America (at least, that’s where I’m from) and we are free to like and dis-like as we please. hate away.

      • On a seperate note, how good is Blankman?? Thats a real superhero…am i right??

        • *like

    • non-existent Gods interacting with people must insult even the intellects of many grade schoolers

      Bruce Wayne is real? And he does wear an outfit that looks like a bat? Wow, you learn something new everyday. 😀

      • Kahless,

        (“Bruce Wayne is real? And he does wear an outfit that looks like a bat?”)

        Please, Point out to the statement where Steve actually said ‘Batman is real’. And I wish you best of luck for the task. Because you will need it.

        • “jeffro runs for cover from the inevitable blood-spray caused by kahless swinging his bat’leth”