5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited For ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Than ‘The Avengers’

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The Dark Knight Rises PosterThe Avengers arrives in theaters and brings Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together to battle a great evil force. The reviews - so far - have been great, and the film promises to kick off summer in a big way.But this isn't the movie that I'm most excited about this summer. Not by a long shot. My most-anticipated movie of the summer is The Dark Knight Rises - the eagerly-anticipated final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.Fellow Screen Ranter Rob Frappier previously wrote about the 5 reasons he is more excited about The Avengers than TDKR, and I jumped at the chance to give a counterpoint. Here's my list of 5 reasons I'm looking forward more to Batman returning to the big screen than I am about The Avengers.

The Story

Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight RisesI haven't seen The Avengers and I assume that it will have a great story. But in many ways, it's going to be an origin story more than anything else. The film has to establish the team coming together and working as one unit. Nolan's Batman origin story was already told in Batman Begins. The director then IMPROVED upon that in the masterful follow up The Dark Knight. Who knows what will await viewers of this third film?The Dark Knight ended with a thought-provoking climax as Batman made a decision that few others would be willing to make: Instead of revealing the true motivations of the late Harvey Dent, the Caped Crusader opted to paint himself as the villain so that the citizens of Gotham would still idolize their hero (Dent) and not have the unfortunate reality undermine their idealism.Now, in this final chapter, it will be interesting to see how Batman can thrive as a hero even though the people of Gotham view him as a monster. This dichotomy - between Batman's public persona and his private heroism-- will likely set the stage for a great story about nobility and honor in the face of criticism and hatred.

The Cast

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight RisesIf you put the cast of The Avengers together for a photo shoot, it would provide a great cover for GQ. If you put the cast of The Dark Knight Rises together for a photo shoot, it would include some of the finest actors working today.There's no arguing with the fact that The Avengers offers up a strong cast - with Robert Downey Jr. as the best of the bunch. But many of the other actors composing the cast are younger performers who haven't established themselves as great actors quite yet - whereas the Christopher Nolan Batman films offer up one of the strongest casts ever in comic book movie.Four of the main actors in TDKR (Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard) have all won Oscars for their acting skills.  Additionally, the film's supporting cast includes the massively-talented combination of Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Oscar-nominees Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. This is an incredible cast - not only for a superhero movie, but for a film in general.

The Themes

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight RisesI have seen Captain America. And Thor. And Iron Man and Iron Man 2. And other than Captain America, I enjoyed all of them. Overall, the Avengers lead-in films have had something to offer audiences.But none of their themes compares to The Dark Knight, which tried to be much more than a typical superhero film. Not only were the special effects great, but the story itself offered a thematic depth that other superhero movies haven't yet matched. TDK wasn't just about a hero fighting evil. It also spoke to the dichotomy between good and evil that exists in all of us, and focused on the Joker's distorted view of human morality.When a boatload of innocents faced off against a group of prison inmates and had to choose whether or not to sacrifice the other in order to survive, the movie forced audiences to think about their own visions of good versus evil. Let's hope that Rises is half as thought-provoking and deep as its predecessor.

The Director

Christopher Nolan Directing The Dark Knight RisesFor some, Joss Whedon can do no wrong. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly has a hardcore fan base that has loved much of the work his done behind the camera. In addition to writing films like Cabin in the Woods, Whedon has directed episodes of Buffy, Angel and Firefly  and the film Serenity.But it doesn't compare to Christopher Nolan. Nolan has created a series of unforgettable films over the past dozen years. From 2000's Memento to 2008's The Dark Knight to 2010's Inception, this director has created several masterful works. He knows how to develop strong stories, use special effects smartly, and show viewers a great time at the theater. That ability can't be under-estimated.

The Villain

Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight RisesFrom what I've seen of The Avengers so far in trailers and clips, it looks like their greatest nemesis will be Thor's boring brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Admittedly I haven't seen the film yet, so I'm not sure what Loki's abilities look like or how much of an opponent he will be for the team of superheroes.That being said, Batman's nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises is Bane and the film's trailers - especially the awe-inspiring latest one - have focused on this evil terrorist. From blowing up a football field full of players, to bringing Batman to his knees, this monster could be the greatest threat that Gotham has ever faced. And Tom Hardy, who is quickly establishing himself as an A-lister, seems to be great for the role.Let's remember that Batman's previous enemy The Joker was portrayed by Heath Ledger, who won a posthumous Academy Award for his unforgettable performance. Bane might not match up to that, but I think Hardy will create a great and memorable adversary. Case in point: people have already started parroting their favorite Bane quotes.

5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ than 'The Avengers'

Christian Bale as Batman in the Dark Knight RisesThis Friday, The Avengers will likely open to massive box office numbers. But in a few months, I think people will forget it as they focus on the true superhero of the summer: Batman.I'm far more excited for The Dark Knight Rises than I am for The Avengers. Here, again are my five reasons why:
  • The Story: A Climactic Final Chapter versus an Original Story
  • The Cast: GQ Photo Shoot versus some of our Finest Actors
  • The Themes: Profundity versus a Typical Superhero Story
  • The Director: Christoper Nolan versus Joss Whedon
  • The Villain: Bane versus Loki
Which movie are you looking forward to more: The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers?Let me know in the comments and as always, make sure you follow me on Twitter @johnhanlon.
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  1. Thor’s boring brother? Dude, forget you.

    • Yeah, I kind of frowned at that statement too. Loki was, IMHO, the best part of the Thor movie.

    • Nice rebuttal. I loved the Avengers, and it will take a lot for me to say it’s not my favourite film of the year come December. However, that last trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has me thinking it may be possible. I’m just happy we’re getting at least two (Spidey reboot also coming out this year) quality comic book movies this year.

      Side note: Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is brilliant in the Avengers.

      • ” Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is brilliant in the Avengers.”

        He’s received Lots of praise from what I’ve read for his role as Loki in the Avengers. In Thor however I was not pleased. Honestly I felt a good portion of the movie could’ve gone better..

        I guess I’m the only one that feels that Jason Issac’s would’ve been a better Loki…

    • Obviously, John Hanlon either said this out of spite, or he never read any comics featuring Loki… Ever…

      How about this John? When Bane first appeared in comics, he “Broke the Bat”, what did he do after that? Answer? Nothing much…

      When Loki first appeared in comics, all the way to creating the Avengers, all the way to dark reign story line, fear itself, and everything in the future, he has been a thorn in EVERYONES side. He has always been one of the best villians in marvel comics. Because of what he does, how he does it, and just him as a character with all those layers, period.

      Bane reached his prime far to early and never did anything since. Loki always steps it up, or at least, never stops being a A-grade villin.

      • It’s just his opinion.

      • Admittedly, I never read any of the comics so I don’t know Loki’s back story. He didn’t stand out as a character in the movie “Thor” though. I’m seeing “Avengers” tonight so maybe that will change but I wasn’t impressed in his character in “Thor.”

        • You should before saying he is boring.

          What I said in my last comment about Bane not doing much after his (basically) first appearance is true.

          What I said about Loki being a GREAT villain all the time, is true.

          So who’s boring and who’s a one hit wonder? A God of mischief who causes chaos on a global scale over and over again? Or a guy who did ONE thing and nothing since?

          I like this site a lot, but please, do some research before saying something like this again, it doesn’t help you and only makes fan-boys like myself (and ALOT of others that come to this site everyday) angry at you…

          Think of this as constructive criticism. Have a good day John.

          • What reviews have told me is that Loki isnt really that special in the avengers. They basically tell me that he gets beat down by almost everyone on the team. Thor easily handled him i just dont find him that intimidating. I mean he is a fantastic actor but if thor can handle him by himself what threat is he to a group of 6. just an opinion still waiting to see the movie.

            • you sir have not seen the movie yet, remember loki has the cosmic cube, and is strong enough to control it. Take the time to look up what that can do and then tell it will not take a whole team of super hero’s to stop him. Loki is a great villain and TH actually got love and praise for his role in the film. Please spend some time to do research before posting such comments.

              • I have and he is correct in a way. Loki is just a pawn. He is not that much of a master mind like he is in the comics.

                • A pawn of who?

                  • Button scene guy

                  • @Kahless

                    A pawn of puppet master. I know you DONT want me to spoil it for you. lol you got 24 hours or so left.

          • Big Baby,

            I liked Thor, and Tom did a good job in portraying Loki, but if you’re going to tell me that Loki was anything awesome on screen then I think you’re being overly generous. I don’t care what your precious comics hold, because people don’t need to (nor should they) do research before going to see a movie. We should understand and inherit all of the villains qualities while he’s on screen without having to Google him or stock up on comics featuring him just so that we can get excited.

            By your logic people should praise the villain of Deadpool in the X-men origins Wolverine film simply because he is awesome in the comics – when really, there was nothing special to be seen.

            I’ve yet to see anything special about Loki nor have I heard anyone quote him EVER. Bane has the upper hand as a villain. Have a nice day

            • Nice! :D

            • @ Quint, If Bane, Loki and Deadpool were all the same as the comics, everyone would love them all, I am going with the source material, by the source material, Bane is a one hit wonder, Loki is always doing something, and if Deadpool was the same as he was in the comics, we would have already had a Deadpool movie made, or in the middle of filming, and as for Bane having an upper hand? The first time he had the upper hand, not the second, nor the third, or any other time… Source material is all that matters when it comes to fans like myself and a lot of other people here, without source material, there would be no Avenger, Batman, Spiderman, Hobbit, Superman, X-men or any other movies based on comics or books. If you are not a fan boy, I don’t really care what your opinion is, because you admitted ignorance when you said that you need to google the characters. Your comment, and any other comments about these characters are now null and void. Have a great day.

              @ Patrick, I know that does not make him automatically awesome in the movies if he is awesome in the comics, just look at Batman & Robin, Green Lantern, Dare Devil and Ghost Rider. And as for “being silly” I agree I went on attack mode, but as for the SOURCE MATERIAL, Bane is a one hit wonder, and source material is what people compare the movies to every time (I guarantee it, just wait for after Avengers, TDKR and Spiderman to come out, lots of people will find flaws in it because its not how the comics are), so if none of you like it, just remember how much you hated it when spiderman got a new suit in ASM, but loved it when the Joker had “War paint” instead of a clown face because of acid. Or hated that Whiplash was a punk in IM2, but loved the costume changes in X-Men. I could go on for hours, but I wont.

              Keep some consistency guys, I find it REALLY hard to take you seriously when I see that some guys are complaining about changes on some movies, but loving changes in others. I admit that I am guilty of it, but so is everyone else here…

              • BBJ, you are complaining about someone’s ignorance of Loki, and saying that if he doesn’t know his cannon in the comics then his opinion and further comments are invalidated. Then you go on to display your complete ignorance of Bane by claiming he is a “one hit wonder”. Bane has been one of Batman’s most dangerous enemies. He is one of the only members of the Rouges Gallery who both physically and mentally intimidates The Bat. At one point, he even baried Batman alive.
                You have already admitted to being a Marvel fanboy, so who would ever believe that you have an unbiased opinion when it comes to the Avengers vs. TDKR to begin with?
                Loki was boring in “Thor”. In fact, with the exeption of X-Men, and some of Spidey’s villians, most Marvel villians are pretty ho-hum IMO.

                • “buried”

                • In comparison to Knightfall, he has done nothing, admit it, what has he done to cause shockwaves among the fan boy community since knightfall? Little to none.

                  Same thing with Doomsday, both hit their peaks far to early…

                  I am not saying Bane or Doomsday are crappy characters, all I am saying that Loki is always in the middle of things and pulling strings, while Bane only got one REALLY good shot in the spot light.

                  Banes part in the spot light was better then most, ill give him that, however, what he lacks is consistency (notice I use this word a lot in the other comments? Yet people fail to know what I am talking about and if I had to guess why its because people are either not reading it, or are just trolling), Loki does have it however, loki is ALWAYS someone who is involved with a main story line, dark reign, creating the avengers, everything…

          • Big Baby, just because he is awesome in the comics doesn’t automatically make his on screen portrayal awesome as well.
            I thought he was kind of boring as the villain in Thor too, as many people did. Probably because I didn’t read the comics.
            The idea of him being the villain in Avengers doesn’t have me super excited either. I get it’s canon but we just saw him last year as the main villain in Thor. You seem hyper critical of John’s post. I guess it’s taboo to be more excited for TDKR than the Avengers. Still kind of silly to go into attack mode about his article.

            • I too thought Loki was pretty tame in the Thor movie. But who knows, it might change in the Avengers.

          • What Loki has done in the comics doesn’t matter I thought we were talking about the film. And if we are do you really think that a vast majority have read any of the archs that you mentioned? No.

            I just saw the avengers and it was awesome. And TDKR will be awesome as well. Can we all agree that this is the best time ever to be a geek, and leave it at that.

        • what bane quotes are people parroting? the “when gotham is ashes…” nonsense? or “your punishment must be more severe”? the other line is about as bad as the prologue that was released. i got ” i’m gotham’s ___”? anybody else catch what he’s saying? i replayed that section 3 times and i don’t know what he said.
          then there’s “the bat” taht looks like a left over from one of the transformers films. I’m gonna buy it on blu-ray just to complete my collection. if i can win some passes then maybe i’ll see it in the theaters. it does look like a decent film though. just my opinion

          • i think people are more prone to understand his accent if they have experienced and are open to other cultures and the many accents of the english language. i had no problem understanding that it was ‘reckoning’. the one line that i had to replay to understand though, was Hathaway’s ‘I’m adaptable’

            • it’s got nothing to do with accent, you can’t understand him through that stupid mask muffling his voice. My grandmother was born in italy,and barely spoke English, nearly everyone I work with is from central America so I’m used to heavily accented english and I still don’t understand that mush-mouth Bane.

            • i had no problem understanding hathaway. i’m also quite adept at deciphering non-native americans and their broken english and such, so, it’s not that either. it’s a simple fact that they mucked up the sound when bane is talking. it’s the silly mask. they should have done some ADR work and made it sound better. this is only what i’ve heard in the previews so far. we’ll see when the film opens.

          • the quote is “i’m gotham’s reckoning”

            It’s strange, i’ve never had a problem understanding Bane’s voice, but maybe that’s because where I live in london there are a lot of eastern europeans

            • Bane is from South America not eastern Europe. So apparently it’s so bad you can’t even tell where he’s supposed to be from

              • you realise in dark knight rises bane is from eastern europe right?

      • No disrespect to either character, but Loki is an easier character for comic book writers to develop. He has hundreds of years of character development due to Norse mythology for writers. Whereas Bane (as far as I know) is an original idea of the writers at DC, so everything we know about the character was made up in the less than several centuries ago (ergo, less character development)

    • Loki wasn’t boring. He was fun. And Hiddleston did a fantastic job. But I felt he wasn’t intimidating at all. He probably wasn’t meant to be. Almost every single one of the good guys get the better of him at some point in the movie – Coulson and the Black Widow included. Also, the scene in which Thanos’ henchman bullies him doesn’t help boost his bad-ass rating either. I’m not criticizing the movie. I loved it and watched it twice before it was released in the US. :P I just think Bane could be a lot more exciting than Loki.

  2. You like tiny actors with no muscle in Latex fetish muscle suits?

    • Well I see where you stand.

    • Seriously, Garth…Move on to something else.

      It’s time.

  3. And let’s not forget above all it’s Batman.
    That alone is worth a spot on the list or at least an honorable mention.

  4. I can actually agree with this list.

  5. I guess we knew it was coming. Those are legitimate reasons you gave for why you’re looking forward to TDKR more than Avengers. For me, Avengers is still number 1 on the most anticipated list.

  6. Yeah, a 5 foot actor playing Bane and a real-life hooker playing Selina Kyle. LOL = TDKR

    • That’s strange, I can’t find any source that supports your assertion that Anne Hathaway had a career as a hooker. Did you just make that up?

      And I see that Hardy is listed at 5’10″. Considering that past filmmakers have been able to make Tom Cruise appear tall on screen, I don’t think Hardy’s height is a problem.

    • I bet you would cast a wrestler as Bane LOL.

      • Dalip Singh would have been a great Bane. would have had to dub him, but,with the way he sounds in the previews, it probably wouldn’t have mattered

  7. “But none of their themes compares to The Dark Knight, which tried to be much more than a typical superhero film.”

    Exactly. It WASN’T a superhero film. It was a depressing, dark, detective movie that I liked in the theater and can’t sit through now. Nolan turned my second favorite superhero into a reason to go on anti-depressants. He lost the balance between a dark hero and a comic book character. He forgot he is foremost a comic book character. The writers and animators of the 90′s Batman: The ANimated Series knew how to balance both. He should have went back and watched the series THEN TDK would maybe have some replay value.

    • And FWIW, Batman Begins is one of my favorite comic book movies. Nolan just lost me with TDK.

      • your opinion is invalid

        • Who am I to argue with someone of obvious superior intellect and who wields an oratory assault of such well-rationed thought as yourself.

          • ha!

          • Then why do you argue with me, petaQ??!! Klingons are obviously vastly superior to humaaans!!

            Hey Kahless….(pointing) worm!


            I didn’t know opinions can be invalid. Can you say “One World Order”?

    • It’s just his vision of Batman. Burton and Schumacher had there own visions as well. We’ll see how the next Batman film series turn out.

    • Technically the Batman movies are not superhero movies because Batman has no superpowers. He’s just a comic book character. Now if I’m wrong correct me.

        • jeffro,

          (“Characters do not require actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes; the term has also been applied to costumed crime fighters, characters without superpowers who perform the same functions as superheroes, such as Batman.”)

          Exactly. …And that sets Batman in realism and more grounded than other superheroes. So why exactly are a few people trying to pull Nolan down just on the basis of some few technical issues rather than the central theme ??!! LOL. Maybe you guys have no answer to that.

          • dude, please read these threads before you reply! Nobody is “pulling nolan down” as you put it. my comment was simply a response to the “batman is not a superhero” statement. if nolan is the end-all, be-all director you are making him out to be, then WHY are there these “technical issues” in the 1st place?
            batman is no more “real” than santa clause.

        • Well based of the movies of Batman (Burton/Nolan) and television series he’s more than that to me. Batman is just not the stereotypical “superhero”.

    • I recently read the Wiki article on The Dark Knight (my favorite film as of this moment in time) and was amazed to discover the themes of it described as ‘…the triumph of evil over good, the terribleness of human logic, and the ultimate victory of anarchy’
      WHAT???? O_o
      The Dark Knight is one of the most bloody HOPEFUL films i’ve ever seen! When Batman defeats the Joker in the end he isn’t just locking up a criminal, he’s defeating an evil and destructive ideology of rampant insanity and violence! Somehow for some reason, probably because it’s popular, people have to believe that the theme is depressing, defeatist, and morally reprehensible. Why?
      Well, if it was a hopefully film really, nobody would go to it! To be popular it MUST be depressing!
      Needless to say I went to the article which made this assessment, about The Dark Knight ultimately being about how transient and evil humans are and countered with what I think is the most important line in the film.
      ‘The Joker can’t win’
      You can see that’s also my profile quote, because it says in an eloquent way what my core beliefs are. Evil can’t be allowed to endure. It can’t be allowed to win.
      And yet, this reviewer would have us think THE OPPOSITE!

      • well, in a way i would say evil did triumph because batman took the blame for dent’s death, destroying batman’s reputation, therefore one could say that evil did win

        • But he sacrificed himself so that all the good Dent did would continue, he did it to do good. Joker wanted to undo all that Dent did, and if Batman didn’t sacrificed himself like that, Joker would have won…

          Evil lost that round.

      • What I find strange is that you went to Wikipedea to look up facts on a movie that you claim to be your “favorite film as of this moment in time”.

    • @INK

      I agree that The Animated Series had the perfect balance of having dark and serious moments but still being a comic book story. I loved that series, I could watch those old episodes over and over. They were so smart and “grown up” for cartoons… Too bad the crap on tv now is just that, crap…

      • Wait, how did my reply end up here?? lol, oops, meant to be for INK’s comment a bit above this…

    • INK

      (“Nolan turned my second favorite superhero into a reason to go on anti-depressants.”)

      That only means you haven’t even read good Batman comics yet.
      So think twice before you call yourself a Bat-fan.

      Batman’s best stories have been really depressing …and I personally love that!

      Nolan’s Bat was set accurately on the famous ***critically acclaimed*** Bat-stories. And these applauded stories are very, very less in numbers (say about 20 to 25) compared to the vast campy history of Batman since 1940 but are MATURE ones (with some of them NOT even targeted for children, for instance: The Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, Blind Justice and more) which is what Burton himself should have used a source but unfortunately did not and what Nolan fortunately did. May be Burton wasn’t enough capable and skilled to do it.

      May be this critically-acclaimed stories will help:

      Strange Apparitions(1977)
      The Dark Knight Returns(1986)
      Batman – Year One (1987)
      Son Of The Demon (1987)
      A Death in the Family (1988)
      The Killing Joke(1988)
      The Cult(1988)
      A Lonely Place for Dying (1989)
      Blind Justice(1989)
      Gotham By Gaslight (1989)
      Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (1991)
      Venom (1991)
      Knight-Saga,Part One – KnightFall – Broken Bat (1993)
      Arkham Asylum – A Serious House On Serious Earth (1994)
      Batman Adventures: Mad Love(1994)
      Batman: Black and White Vol. 1 (1996)
      The Long Halloween (1996-1997)
      Thrillkiller (1998)
      Batman: Dark Victory (2000)
      JLA: Tower of Babel (2000)
      Hush Vol. 1 & 2 (2002)
      Nine Lives (Year?)
      Tales Of The Demon (Various)

      And Nolan set…

      1. ‘Batman Begins(2005)’ on ‘Batman : Year One(1987)’ and it was about : The Bat’s Origin.
      2. ‘The Dark Knight (2008)’ on ‘The Killing Joke(1988)’ and ‘The Long Halloween(1996-97)’ and was about The Bat’s Code of Conduct in spite of Adversity (The Joker) and questioning his Place in the Society (In fact he HAS lost his place. He’s a fugitive right now with only his trusted allies with him.)

  8. I wouldn’t call Loki Thors ‘boring brother’ but he’s no super villain. He’s the god of mischeive and he accomplishes that. Having seen The Avengers I can’t imagine Dark Knight Rises matching it on pure enjoyment alone. I hope I’m wrong because that would be one hell of a movie!

    • Loki is one of the main villains for The Avengers, and is much smarter than he gets credit for.

  9. *mischief

  10. why the hell we comparing Nolan TDKR to The Avengers their are both different type of movies and comic book movies.

    • That is true.

      • indeed

  11. @ink
    Yeah I’m still confused how I can love a film so much in the cinema yet have only watched it once on DVD since. It leaves me feeling a bit emotionless now. Hopefully DKR will be a bit more fun.

    • That’s all I was trying to say.

    • I loved TDK in the theater, thought it was a phenomenal film. However, even then I found myself thinking that Iron Man was a more re-watchable movie. I have only re-watch TDK once since I bought the Blu-ray, but have re-watched Iron Man many times. I expect TDKR to be an amazing film, but I also think I will end up re-watching The Avengers more. Anyway, I am excited about BOTH films because I think BOTH films are going to be awesome.

  12. You give 5 reasons, but all of them are flawed. The cast is better
    than avengers? not anne hathaway, in fact, Nolan has repeatedly cast actresses that aren’t well liked, Joss usually casts awesome women! Bane is an evil terrorist… yep, a terrorist! I am all for realistic action and storrylines, but I’m not too crazy about seeing a film where the bad guy murders an entire precinct of cops, while Batman runs around trying to catch him… and then he of course doesn’t kill the bad guy! That would be inhumane. I really liked tdk, but I hated that Joker killed so many and didn’t really pay for it. I expect Bane will do the same.
    Furthermore, why must we judge these films side by side? Nolan’s Batman is not what I would call a comic book film and I’m okay with that. In fact, I’m sure they will both be good and that’s more fun for all of us!

    • As far as the women go that’s your opinion.

    • If the idea that the joker “didn’t really pay for it” because Batman “doesn’t kill the bad guy” bothers you, you need to understand the character of Batman a little more my friend.

      • And you might want to understand where he is coming from. Batman let a guy who killed hundreds, organised terrorist acts that killed even more and all for a good laugh go pretty much free. He let an intelligent psychopath just get locked up, where he could escape and do it again. Where as ironman and others are more then willing to kill these people to stop the violence. His point makes sense, you just like DC and batman more to admit it.

        • Uuh, Loki kills hundreds if not thousands of ppl in The Avengers. Do you think the United States serves out his execution at the end of the film,

        • my comment has nothing to with being a “fan boy” it’s simply saying he doesnt understand the character of Batman as a whole. Batman’s stand against killing is simply something that’s woven throughout his personality. I’m not supporting that choice. I’m not saying it “makes sense” I’m simply saying That’s Who He Is. And to gripe about it is just plain silly.

          • When Batman first came out, he killed people on a regular basis, even character as a matter of fact.

    • THe dark knight rises has 4 oscar winners and 2 nominees….. you would be childish to say that the avengers has the better cast. They are younger generation that are still working out. RDJ is a very good actor when he is playing tony stark, he cant play serious roles i didnt like the soloist at all. Chris hemsworth plays a great thor but still hasnt proven that he can play another role. Chris evans to me is a miss in everything but his small portion of scott pilgrim vs the world. Mark Ruffalo is decent in zodiac and pretty good in the kids are alright, i still think that he probobly will be the best in the film. Scarlett Johansson admitily is not very good, she is just very attractive, where jeremy renner to me is very talented and the best actor in the film (along side tom hiddleston).

      Christian Bale has proven to emmerse himself in any role taken, and if you say his batman voice is stupid thats not his fault it was nolans choice. Gary Oldman should have won an oscar a long time ago, he was amazing in tinker tailer soldier spy and has proven to be a great actor. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caines are veterans that know how to act. An Marion Cottilard has been good enough in each role she has taken (i dont think she stands out that much) Anne Hathaway isnt a actress i am a fan of, but the newest trailer makes her seem pretty good. And lastly Joseph Gordan levitt is full of talent, he has extremely large range. His performane in 50/50 was my favorite last year.

      • Scarlett isn’t very good? Not seen Lost In Translation then?

        My favourite movie.

        • i have seen it and she is pretty good, but the most recent we bought a zoo she was pretty ehhh. not saying she doesnt have potential to be good but i cant say with a fact that she is better than anne hathaway or vice versa

        • and never saw RDJ in chaplin, or less than zero.

      • Watch Puncture, Chris Evans has a lot more talent and range than he is given credit for.

    • RodWoo,

      So if main-stream Batman too starts killing guys then what’s the difference between The Batman and The Joker ???

      And just because you may be a Marvel fan, does not mean Marvel is the standard for ALL superheroes of the World to follow !

      And by the way, as the saying goes…all superheroes of the world dream of becoming The Batman …when they will grow up someday.

      • who’s saying is that exactly? yours? that must be why no one has heard it before. smh.

        • It’s always a good habit to visit some other sites sometimes other than the one an individual works for. It helps us in understanding our standing in the Circle Of Life.

          • i do not work for SR.
            i googled “the saying” as you put it, and came up blank. please enlighten us all as to the great mind that came up with such a catchy phrase. obviously a DC fanboy. i am a comic book fan, regardless of the publisher, i like what i like and i’m ok with that. DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, it doesnt matter to me.

  13. I pretty much disagree with all of the reasons stated above. I think the Batman franchise is to depressing. Its great the first time you watch it but now I cant even make it half way through the movies.

    • They are depressing just because they are a bit psychological and may have you ask yourself questions later?

      • the only question i asked my self after getting through it was why is this the most boring batman ever. The director is good and the movies are not bad but overall the series is just boring and batman is allot like spiderman(in some moments at least) in that they are just dumb super heroes who would rather let others get killed just so they don’t have to kill people.

    • Batman in general is a depressing character he aint a light hearted character. the franchise tone is right for the character we cant always have a comic book movie that is happy go lucky film.

      • Well I say that most people don’t want to deal with the psychology (replaced with the word depressing) of a character and instead want the more flashy popcorn flick (which The Avengers is). And from what I remember from the comics, Batman is a dark character so I don’t see anything wrong with Chris Nolan’s interpretation. Sorry kids.

        • if most people don’t want to deal with the psychology then they shouldnt watch it. personal i like both the dark depressing film and the flashy pop corn movie. i already seen the avengers on the weekend and i loved it now i cant wait for TDKR.

          • Nothing is wrong with liking both. I’ve had my share of popcorn flicks and thought provoking films

        • you sir have only read the 90′s batman or seen the movies. Go back a few years and you will see a batman that is as campy as everyone else. The guy had a dog in a get up, if that is not campy i don’t know what is. The 90′s brought about a large change in comics and nerd culture (maybe you were not old enough to experience this). Everything got allot darker to try and make the comics seem more as adult stories and less as children stories. So we got a batman fighting psychotics and the character bane, we got a spiderman fighting serial killers and other “dark” themes. However all we got was partial nudity and allot of gore, nothing actually dark just pretend dark to make the comics seem adult.

          • anonymous,

            (“you sir have only read the 90′s batman”)

            So the dark Batman does exist, doesn’t he ?

            Have you read the **critically-acclaimed** story ‘Strange Apparitions’ by Steve Englehart (who graduated in Psychology, btw) ?? It was written log back in the 1970s.

            Let Batman’s unique identity be what it is: Dark and Brooding.
            If anybody prefers some popcorn flashy personalities, there are a lot other superheroes to follow. So please leave Batman alone.

            And I believe, there is no such thing as a “Nolan’s” Batman. Nolan was the first guy with common sense to realize that Batman’s very origin itself was a result of a tragedy: witnessing his own parents getting murdered brutally at close range! And that would never ever lead to a CAMPY(shudder!) Batman…never ever!

            And all those who find Batman depressing and wishing him to get lighter, are in their teens and if unfortunately not so, then they don’t understand Batman at all.

      • I would disagree with that. Watch the animated movies, most recently “Justice League Doom,” and if your a gamer, play Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Batman’s true nature shows up. He’s really not depressing at all.

        • Ummm, A Man born out of tragedy becomes so obsessed with his work it effects any hopes of having a personal life.

          Batman at his core is a depressing character. He is like a beat cop with only his job left.

    • Comicfan47:

      “Its great the first time you watch it”

      ….I rest my case, Your Honor.

    • Comicfan47,

      If Batman is depressing, Batman simply is not made for you. Choose your tyoe from some other superheroes.

  14. I am excited for both, can’t say which one I am more excited for seeing as The Avengers comes out in a couple days and is attainable and The Dark Knight Rises is a couple months away.

    Right now, I know The Avengers is going to be a great film for action, but for my comic books as storytellers side, its all TDKR.

    Batman owns The Avengers in the comics, but there have been trilogies before and there will continue to be, no one has pulled off a film collecting heroes from other films before this, and that is something to be excited for.

    The Avengers = The Dark Knight Rises

    • High five. You hit the nail on the head.

      • Chest bump?

    • Sorry but the bay comment was not called for. The cgi is only as good as the director who uses it. Bay needs to go back to making music videos.

  15. I might take this seriously if you knew anything about comics. Which clearly you don’t. Why did you guys even post this? That being said, it’s absurd to compare the two franchises at all. They’re completely different styles, one is about people with superpowers and the other is grounded in a realistic world. Slow news day I guess…

    • I think its because they are the both comic movies. Other than that I am not sure why either. They are both very different.

    • JacksDrinkingProblem,

      Care to elaborate and share your great wisdom about comics that one must attain before expressing opinion on which films they are excited for? Or was the difference in thematic elements all you had to offer up?

  16. I’m all for everyone having an opinion but to have an opinion on LOKI as a villian when you haven’t even seen THOR, then to further try and compare both villains is kind of pointless.

    • He has seen Thor. Kind of pointless to try to make an argument based on not understanding the statments made wouldn’t you say, L0s?

      • JH intended to compare character villains. Loki the character is framed as boring but doesn’t say based off of what.

        What I meant or should have written was that it doesn’t seem like JH seen the movie THOR. How can he say Thor the movie was enjoyable but then call a major character/ plot point in the movie (LOKI) boring? Does JH like boring movies?

        Bane on the other hand, he gives great potential points based off a trailer, the actor playing it and the performance of a previous actor in a previous role.

  17. I am still more excited for the Avengers. I think it is mainly due to the fact I am more of a Marvel comics fan. I like DC but I love Marvel. Nolan has done wonderous things with the Batman universe but Whedon is going to do a better job with Avengers I think. We have already seen Batman twice under Nolan. This is The Avengers first bout. I want to see both movies badly but give me a choice and its Avengers all day.

  18. I agree with your arguments, but this whole back and forth between TDKR and Avengers is a really unproductive discussion. They’re completely different films. People complaining that The Avengers isn’t going to be thematically complex enough are missing the point, it’s a popcorn film. People who criticize TDK or TDKR for being too dark and depressing are totally missing the point too. IT’S TRYING TO DO THAT. You didn’t know that these were dark films already? They’re not supposed to make you happy. It’s not really a comic book film. It’s supposed to a dark, sophisticated action thriller. And it’s not like this series doesn’t have comic book roots anyways, they just take them from the good ones, like The Long Halloween or Nightfall. Grow up and stop complaining about a movie making you unhappy. You’re totally missing the point.

    • I can agree.

      • Double agree.

  19. I have seen The Avengers, it’s amazingly EPIC. I was euphoric at first viewing, but at second, less anxious, I just realized that is EPIC popcorn summer movie.

    Loki is boring as hell (as a villian), the [edited for spoiler] are just a bunch of aliens that nobody cares and they are thrown in a shoot-them-up spectacle.

    It will make a lot of ca$h, sure, because it offers to audience something never seen before in cinema and 4 years of marketing campaign and sure it will have an +90% of rating on RT

    Now, RE your article, I was more excited to watch TDKR instead, for Bane, as the main reason.

  20. *Mr. Burns*


    In 3 Days…Counter Point Returns…With a Vengence! :-D

    We found our contributor :-)

    • Smithers where is the ether?

  21. The football field scene just ruined it for me I can’t take the film seriously

    • That’s just a Steelers plug because the owner of the team also has a large stake in Legendary Pictures.

      (I agree the scene is very corny and falls more into the campy category like the Schumacher films)

      • Wow really? One clip trying to show scope loses you. Oh well I’m sure you won’t be missed. And to even mention schumacher is redonkulus. Get out.

  22. Guys, ease up a little and give John a break. These aren’t “official” reasons why TDKR is gonna be better than The Avengers. These are reasons why HE’S more excited about TDKR than the Avengers. That means it’s just HIS opinion, for HIS own reasons, based on HIS experiences and thoughts.

    • Because on the internet if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion you’re allowed to flame them. It’s ridiculous actually. 90% of the people posting their opinions online and then flaming people who don’t agree would probably never say a word in the real world. Virtual muscles.

      • I actually bench press almost 300lbs, so :p

        • oh yeah, well I bench 16 GBs, so HA!

          • ^^like^^

  23. There has NEVER been a movie like Avengers before , it’s epic Marvel superhero class – Greatest superhero movie ever – Avengers Rocks Big-Time – No comparison to – Batman isn’t even ‘super’ – nuff said !

    • Please leave.

      • I believe guys like ‘cyborg6971′ commanding Marvel-fans to leave or those invalidating (LOL) some comments from Marvel-fans are…in fact Marvel-fans themselves leaving those comments behind trying to paint themselves to be some poor sufferers of some attack by some DC/Batman/Nolan fan, so that they get the chance to flame DC/Batman/Nolan fans themselves. That’s an old trick reeking of jealousy and is not going to work.

  24. I love how everyone is suddenly on the Loki bandwagon now that he’s in ‘Avengers’. I remember that only hardcore comic fans were really cheering for Loki to be the Avengers villain – other people wanted the “Cooler” villains. There was actually slight disappointment when it was revealed that Loki was the villain – hence the disbelief that he would be the “only” villain, and all those rumors about the aliens playing a major role.

    And for those claiming they can’t watch TDK because ‘It’s too depressing.’ Um, ok. As a grown up I find I’m able to handle more serious topics and themes in my films – and I know my teenage cousins are able to watch TDK and enjoy it without getting too scared and upset. So… I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

    But I get it: It’s en vogue to bad mouth TDK now. Have at it. I’m going to enjoy both Avengers and TDKR for different but equally enjoyable reasons. Another great thing about being an adult: the world isn’t just about “either, or.”

    • It’s not that it’s depressing. It’s boring.

      • stop lying. Boring really if u dont TDK or but saying it boring is complete lie on your part.

      • stop lying. Boring really if u dont like the TDK ok but saying it boring is complete lie on your part.

        • How can an opinion be a lie. I don’t like the film I find it over long and at times terribly dull. So, not a lie.

          • While I do not agree with it being boring, I do agree with you about, “How can an opinion be a lie” well said…

            Even if I disagree with you (respectively disagree) I do understand where you come from, in both Batman Begins and TDK there was little hand to hand fighting like there was in the comics, but I kinda liked it anyways…

            Again, respectively disagree.

          • Sam ziggi just told me you can’t have an opinion in the person your in, tone it down.

            In the next bat films I want more comic less realism and a proper Gotham.

      • Maybe that was before everyone saw how great Hiddleston was as Loki in Thor. Loki was never my favorite villain in the Marvel universe, that silly mask always was more comedic than menancing, but I felt that Hiddleston stole alot of Thor’s thunder in THOR as Loki. He even managed to portray Loki as a SYMPATHETIC character for part of the film!

    • I really liked Loki in Thor, and even if I wasn’t totally stoked for him being the main Avengers villain, I didn’t have a problem with it because I’m not as familiar with the Avengers to know many other bigger villains. And Loki was easily one of the best aspects of the Avengers in my opinion, I can totally see why Whedon chose Loki for a story that first has to bring the team together. What was less appealing were obviously the aliens, who were just fodder for action.

      Maybe stuff like TDK could be considered depressing (considering the state of things today) but I always thought it ended on an optimistic note – I thought that was the whole point, really. I really enjoyed the Avengers, and I’m quite sure I’ll enjoy TDKR, and for completely, totally opposing reasons. Personally I think TDKR will be a better movie, but that’s only because of my personal tastes – I think it’s pretty useless to compare the two, because people watch them for different reasons.

    • “Um, ok. As a grown up I find I’m able to handle more serious topics and themes in my films – and I know my teenage cousins are able to watch TDK and enjoy it without getting too scared and upset. So… I’m not saying, I’m just saying.”

      I typed out three different replies to this but I think I’ll just go with:

      Pompous *ss.

      • INK,

        Really unnecessary there, bud.


        • Possibly Vic, but Kofi’s (not so) veiled insults are just as unnecessary, IMO.

  25. Id really like to write 5 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward To The Amazing Spiderman more than The Dark Knight Rises.

    • I think you might need Ziggy and Als help for that one Sam :-p

      • :)

    • I would totally read that :)

    • Do it man, I’d love to see that thread.

    • DSM,

      Not as a comparative, but as a standalone “5 reasons” article, that’s actually a really good idea.

      Thanks. :)


    • Sam, the ONLY reason I would look forward to TAS is so that it flops and Marvel FINALLY get the rights back to one of it’s signature characters. I have ZERO interest in the new Spidey franchise.

  26. I don’t get the boring Loki thing but to each their own. Loki is a conflicted villain while Bane and the Joker are one dimensional “gonna cause chaos” villains.

    Plus, Loki wants the world. Bane wants a city.

    I have high hopes for Bane… but I really hope he is more than a Joker with better combat skills.

    • Bane systematically beat Batman in his first comic arc. It was pretty awesome and if they are drawing inspiration from that then it will be good.

    • Joker is not at all a one-dimensional character. He is there as a foil to the system that Batman, Gordan, and Harvey set up to “protect” the citizens of Gotham

      Bane (from what has been revealed) also seems to has the same opposition to their system. He reveals the conspiracy that was set up, which causes the people to distrust the establishment
      *this statement does not express my views on our government, and I’m pretty sure Bane will be revealed as just a just a manipulator for his own maniacal purposes (no studio would ever make a film with a positive view on anti-establishment)*

  27. Perhaps it’s just me but I’m going to enjoy ogling the lovely male leads in Avengers (Hello, Thor you big hunk of blonde muscle-y goodness!)and then I’ll go enjoy Christian Bale in his latex muscle suit in the Dark Knight. All for completely superficial and totally pervy reasons. *nods sagely and gets the popcorn*

  28. I preferred thor over the avengers to be honest. Avengers was a good movie, the plot was what i expected, almost dead on. Avengers is a bit over hyped. I mean, honestly, you got to be brainless to compare the movies. The fire rises.

    • naz,

      “you got to be brainless to compare the movies.”

      Unneeded. Your comment was good up until that point.


    • Man it’s too bad you didn’t enjoy The Avengers. But The Avengers and TDKR are two completely different movies. The Avengers is the coolest movie I’ve ever seen. It was just the best entertainment from the start until the end. The action was really awesome, unlike Thor where it was short and a bit dull in my opinion. I do think TDKR will be a fantastic movie and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m sure it will be a great plot, with some twists and all what you will expect from it. It will be a brilliant technical movie. Nolan usually delivers good stuff. But when watching The Avengers you just have to let your mind go. Don’t start thinking that the plot is shallow and stuff like that. Joss did an amazing job with it. And it’s several super heroes fighting side by side + he needed an introduction to all of them. I mean there’s only so much that can be fitted into it without it being overly long and boring!

      It’s like with most of the comic book movies from Marvel. Most of the characters we’ve seen so far don’t have a thrilling and interesting origin story. And the same goes with this movie.. it’s like.. I expect this to happen with The Avengers and I’m going to sit back and enjoy the s*** out of it! That’s the kind of attitude you need, man!