5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited For ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Than ‘The Avengers’

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The Dark Knight Rises PosterThe Avengers arrives in theaters and brings Iron Man, Thor and Captain America together to battle a great evil force. The reviews - so far - have been great, and the film promises to kick off summer in a big way.But this isn't the movie that I'm most excited about this summer. Not by a long shot. My most-anticipated movie of the summer is The Dark Knight Rises - the eagerly-anticipated final chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy.Fellow Screen Ranter Rob Frappier previously wrote about the 5 reasons he is more excited about The Avengers than TDKR, and I jumped at the chance to give a counterpoint. Here's my list of 5 reasons I'm looking forward more to Batman returning to the big screen than I am about The Avengers.

The Story

Batman and Bane in The Dark Knight RisesI haven't seen The Avengers and I assume that it will have a great story. But in many ways, it's going to be an origin story more than anything else. The film has to establish the team coming together and working as one unit. Nolan's Batman origin story was already told in Batman Begins. The director then IMPROVED upon that in the masterful follow up The Dark Knight. Who knows what will await viewers of this third film?The Dark Knight ended with a thought-provoking climax as Batman made a decision that few others would be willing to make: Instead of revealing the true motivations of the late Harvey Dent, the Caped Crusader opted to paint himself as the villain so that the citizens of Gotham would still idolize their hero (Dent) and not have the unfortunate reality undermine their idealism.Now, in this final chapter, it will be interesting to see how Batman can thrive as a hero even though the people of Gotham view him as a monster. This dichotomy - between Batman's public persona and his private heroism-- will likely set the stage for a great story about nobility and honor in the face of criticism and hatred.

The Cast

Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight RisesIf you put the cast of The Avengers together for a photo shoot, it would provide a great cover for GQ. If you put the cast of The Dark Knight Rises together for a photo shoot, it would include some of the finest actors working today.There's no arguing with the fact that The Avengers offers up a strong cast - with Robert Downey Jr. as the best of the bunch. But many of the other actors composing the cast are younger performers who haven't established themselves as great actors quite yet - whereas the Christopher Nolan Batman films offer up one of the strongest casts ever in comic book movie.Four of the main actors in TDKR (Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard) have all won Oscars for their acting skills.  Additionally, the film's supporting cast includes the massively-talented combination of Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Oscar-nominees Gary Oldman and Anne Hathaway. This is an incredible cast - not only for a superhero movie, but for a film in general.

The Themes

Christian Bale in The Dark Knight RisesI have seen Captain America. And Thor. And Iron Man and Iron Man 2. And other than Captain America, I enjoyed all of them. Overall, the Avengers lead-in films have had something to offer audiences.But none of their themes compares to The Dark Knight, which tried to be much more than a typical superhero film. Not only were the special effects great, but the story itself offered a thematic depth that other superhero movies haven't yet matched. TDK wasn't just about a hero fighting evil. It also spoke to the dichotomy between good and evil that exists in all of us, and focused on the Joker's distorted view of human morality.When a boatload of innocents faced off against a group of prison inmates and had to choose whether or not to sacrifice the other in order to survive, the movie forced audiences to think about their own visions of good versus evil. Let's hope that Rises is half as thought-provoking and deep as its predecessor.

The Director

Christopher Nolan Directing The Dark Knight RisesFor some, Joss Whedon can do no wrong. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly has a hardcore fan base that has loved much of the work his done behind the camera. In addition to writing films like Cabin in the Woods, Whedon has directed episodes of Buffy, Angel and Firefly  and the film Serenity.But it doesn't compare to Christopher Nolan. Nolan has created a series of unforgettable films over the past dozen years. From 2000's Memento to 2008's The Dark Knight to 2010's Inception, this director has created several masterful works. He knows how to develop strong stories, use special effects smartly, and show viewers a great time at the theater. That ability can't be under-estimated.

The Villain

Tom Hardy as Bane in the Dark Knight RisesFrom what I've seen of The Avengers so far in trailers and clips, it looks like their greatest nemesis will be Thor's boring brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Admittedly I haven't seen the film yet, so I'm not sure what Loki's abilities look like or how much of an opponent he will be for the team of superheroes.That being said, Batman's nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises is Bane and the film's trailers - especially the awe-inspiring latest one - have focused on this evil terrorist. From blowing up a football field full of players, to bringing Batman to his knees, this monster could be the greatest threat that Gotham has ever faced. And Tom Hardy, who is quickly establishing himself as an A-lister, seems to be great for the role.Let's remember that Batman's previous enemy The Joker was portrayed by Heath Ledger, who won a posthumous Academy Award for his unforgettable performance. Bane might not match up to that, but I think Hardy will create a great and memorable adversary. Case in point: people have already started parroting their favorite Bane quotes.

5 Reasons Why I’m More Excited for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ than 'The Avengers'

Christian Bale as Batman in the Dark Knight RisesThis Friday, The Avengers will likely open to massive box office numbers. But in a few months, I think people will forget it as they focus on the true superhero of the summer: Batman.I'm far more excited for The Dark Knight Rises than I am for The Avengers. Here, again are my five reasons why:
  • The Story: A Climactic Final Chapter versus an Original Story
  • The Cast: GQ Photo Shoot versus some of our Finest Actors
  • The Themes: Profundity versus a Typical Superhero Story
  • The Director: Christoper Nolan versus Joss Whedon
  • The Villain: Bane versus Loki
Which movie are you looking forward to more: The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers?Let me know in the comments and as always, make sure you follow me on Twitter @johnhanlon.
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  1. The dark knight is unquestionably in the top 100 so many people downplay it because it’s a comic book movie but it carried more emotional weight with me then so many dramas and the person who dissed cristian bale gimme a break read interviews of long time movie makers directors actors they all agree he is among the best and most dedicated actors ever look at the machinist and you can’t deny his determination to be a great actor

  2. The Dark Knight moved beyond being simply a “comic book movie” to become an action-drama based on a comic book character. Think James Bond with a cowl. While the Avengers are still simply eye candy, comic book heroes in a live action sequence. To compare the two is not like comparing apples to oranges, more like apples to quantum physics, which btw have nothing to do with each other. I’m looking forward to seeing both films. But I would not look to compare them. (even though I expect TDKR to be quantum physics)

  3. Why do you people on SR Like to compare these movies? DKR is the third movie of a trilogy, The Avengers is the first of a trilogy. The Avengers have to set up a big story, In My Humble Opinion The Avengers is WAY better than Batman Begins. How about you ScreenRanters wait about 7 years then compare The Avengers 3 to Dark Knight Rises????????????????? Avengers is a movie way bigger than anything ever done before and it works perfectly. Whedon binds the characters together so well. But DC and Marvel are completly different so I can not wait to see DKR because Im a huge fan of both!

    • Yeah but the concept of the avengers we’ve seen a thousand times and the batman movies have a moral and get deep with the characters immensely

    • If you want to compare that way then you should know that The Avengers had six heroes and I’m not even including Nick Fury,while Batman Begins only had 1 hero so if you divided the Avengers gross by 6 you can’t even beat the revenue of Begins Begins which is was the weakest earner in the Nolan trilogy.

    • If you want to compare that way then you should know that The Avengers had six heroes while Batman Begins only had one hero so if you divided the Avengers gross by six you can’t even beat the revenue of Begins Begins which is was the weakest earner in the Nolan trilogy.

    • If you want to compare that way then you should know that The Avengers had six heroes while Batman Begins only had one hero so if you divided the Avengers earnings by six you can’t even beat the revenue of Begins Begins which was the weakest earner in the Nolan trilogy.

  4. The Villain? ONCE AGAIN SCREEN RANT. You cant compare The Avengers to DKR, Loki is a way better villain than Scarecrow from Batman begins.

    • you have a point about not comparing avengers from TDKR but you’re also comparing.

    • The main villain of Batman Begins was not the Scarecrow. It was Ra’s Al Gur. And he is a more imposing villain than Loki. And the actor (Liam Neeson) is also better.

      • thank you great point

      • Ra’as al Ghul is waaaay more interesting than the Brother of a hero.

    • Umm Scarecrow wasnt the main villain. That was Ras al Ghul. You would know if you even saw/remember the movie. Scarecrow was just used by Ras to get the toxin into the sewage system, that is all. Loki had a pathetic role who simply wasnt scary, intimidation or halfway evil. Ras was a much better villain.

    • yeah ras was awesome and I think scarecrow was a great add on and we aren’t talking about batman begins the dark knight rises sequel to the dark knight

    • Are you kidding? Loki was some annoying, spoiled “God” who wasn’t even a halfway decent actor. His character was very unlikable, and after his first few scenes in the movie, was just comic relief. Also, his little outfit really pissed me off. What was he supposed to be, a deer? He really just can’t compare to the villains of Batman Begins, one of which trained Obi-Wan Kenobi and kills wolves with his bare hands. You just can’t win.

    • Well, wasnt Ra’s Al Ghul and the league of shadows also villans ?

    • thats because scarecrow wasnt even the main villian…

  5. screen rant is playing with us. up next will be an article about why someone is excited for the amazing spiderman than the other two superhero films! haha! just kidding though

  6. Can’t wait! But I’ve got this strange feeling that TDKR might not live up to it’s expectations. The “Law of Averages” could come into existence. All of Nolan’s movies from The Following to Inception have been critically acclaimed (If not blockbusters). Even great directors like Spielberg, Kurosawa, Scorsese, Kubrick, Ridley have had their share of failures. Could Nolan’s next movie be a failure (critically)? Well, have to wait and see.

    P.S: Just a thought. :-)

    • that is something that i’m also afraid of. most of the time, the third installment of a superhero/fantasy film turns out to be the worst in a trilogy. spiderman, x-men, superman, even return of the jedi was said to be the least well-made film among the three. but there is something in this director that may very well change all that. but that’s just an assumption for now. we’ll have to wait and see.

  7. 5(Err…I admit…7) reasons to watch ‘The Dark Knight Rises’:

    2010 Inception

    2008 The Dark Knight

    2006 The Prestige

    2005 Batman Begins

    2002 Insomnia

    2000 Memento

    1998 Following

    I don’t think any other reason can be more greater than these 7.

    …and err…I don’t think James Cameron is any less than Nolan. Infact I believe he and a few others are equal to Nolan in greatness.

    • i totally agree. i have seen every chris nolan film and every film is awesome. a very consistent filmmaker.

  8. Some people should understand that just because Batman by his very nature is Dark, Depressing and Brooding and just because those few guys don’t prefer that Dark, Depressing and Brooding nature, that does NOT mean that recent Batman movie-series is bad or that does not mean Batman should change his nature to a lighter one. Ha Ha!

    It only means that those few people should either educate themselves more about Batman by reading his critically-acclaimed stories which are in fact depressing and sad, or just prefer other superheroes altogether (The Avengers or Superman being an example) and PUHLEEEZZE…leave Batman alone.

  9. I thought the article containing ‘excitement for TA over TDK’ would have more vitriol splashed over than this article based on the image created by Marvel-fans (Remember these are fans, not fan-boys. How can they be ??!!) about DC/Batman/Nolan fan-boys (Remember these are fan-boys, not fans. How can they be ??!!).

    But I get to see the reverse here. Marvel-fans are attacking here like anything. Insecurity, I say. Ha ha!

  10. At least Joss Whedon can write really good dialogue. Whoever writes the dialogue for these Batman movies isn’t really that good and can’t compare. Show, don’t tell! Don’t tell me the themes, I should know them by watching the movie, not by the characters just becoming exposition for their motives and beliefs. And they also repeat some lines “You played that close to the vest”. They said that around three times.

    Other than that, I actually really like TDK and Avengers (I know, shocker), however, I like Avengers better.

    P.S. The worst thing about the Nolan Batman films besides the dialogue are their fanboys. Oh dear God, their fanboys.

    • AGREED! but Avengers fanboys are just as bad ;). And I agree with what Kofi said on the first page: ‘But I get it: It’s en vogue to bad mouth TDK now.’

    • In no way is Whedon a better writer than Nolan and the rest of the Batman screenwriters. The dialogue in the Avengers was uninspired, unfunny, and mostly pointless. The Avengers may be a good comic book adaptation, but that’s about it. Nolan’s Batman push past that limit. I thought the Avengers was a bit of a joke, but I thought that’s what the director was going for. That’s fine, but it terms of action, script, casting, plot, and pretty much every other category, TDK film trilogy surpasses any other comic book adaptions, especially the Avengers.

      And the film version of Loki, I might add, bored the hell out of me. Not intimidating at all

  11. Loki is not only a great villian, he is a great character. Tom Hiddleson’s portrayal of him made Loki the compelling character in Thor. In Avengers, he was one of the most entertaining characters among several entertaining performances. All thanks to another awesome performance by Tom Hiddleson.

  12. Thank you for an amazing and useful review. Yes, its true that ‘The Avengers’ is a box office hit since its release. Kind of like a world record here. But, in ‘The Avengers’, the number of Super Characters have exceeded the normal number of how many would be there, as in a normal SuperHero movie. Fans find it hard to support their favourite. Plus, its not really a good action movie if one character is always there to help others, and when that person is down, the rest of the folks come.

    In the Dark Knight, the character, Bruce Nolan, possesses NO SPECIAL POWERS. That would make the movie look all natural, unlike the characters of ‘The Avengers’ (barring Iron Man, if the artificial heart is not counted). Batman has been shown in all natural vigour in The Dark Knight, where he gets a few punches and kicks, as well as dog bites. This would not have happened in ‘The Avengers’. Moreover, a good share of the success of ‘The Dark Knight’ is due to the legend late Heath Ledger (RIP). Hollywood has never seen such a talented and equally amusing villain before, and it is quite hard to build another. Ledger’s flow of dialogues in ‘The Dark Knight’ as The Joker was simply extraordinary. He will surely be missed.

  13. Well I know that with the Avengers I went in with high expectations. In the amount of time between The Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises, Marvel released 4 films all leading up to the epic tale that was the Avengers. Plus Avengers had Disney’s insane marketing team behind it so you could hardly turn on the tv without seeing an ad for the Avengers. You can’t even go to Disneyworld without seeing the Avengers on the Monorail riding by. The Batfranchise just left us wanting more, but we can’t get the Joker Batman rematch that was teased in the Dark Knight. Financially, The Avengers will reign supreme, as for the story you can’t really compare the two. It’s like Men in Black vs War of the Worlds, they are both about aliens but are completly different otherwise.

  14. my only disappointment is that we cannot see the interesting finale between the joker and batman due to the passing of heath ledger. Rest in peace.

  15. How can you compare the avengers and the dark knight rises when you haven’t even seen it. Go watch and then start talking s***

  16. Guys guys guys………. Harry potter is clearly the best movie series

  17. I think a major problem with these posts is that most commentators here are judging these films using their preconceived notions of which comic they like better. People think Loki is a better villain than Bane, and vice versa. That’s fine, but everyone is basing this off of which comic they prefer (evident by the fact that no one can judge Hardy’s Bane as TDKR hasn’t even been released yet). Loki may be just as compelling a villain, but the Loki from the film was incredibly weak. People on this site are judging films as if they are comic books. For me, as FILMS, Nolan’s Batman trilogy>the Marvel adaptions, including the Avengers.

  18. Just a question have you ever read the comics? I just get the impression that you are a very big DC fan. AND there is nothing wrong with that! BUT to be unbiased i find this comparison very lacking. Which is disappointing b/c i really wanted a great comparison between these two great films. Problems i have with this article 1)You didn’t like Captain America? Was it b/c it had a better story and understanding than the others? 2)You compared the movies of Nolan and Whedon but didn’t really seperate them. You need to say why Nolan is better. B/c he is more experienced or because of his style as a director. 3) Since when is the god of Mischief an easy opponent? I found from most of the people i knew that they really enjoyed tom hiddleston. I didn’t find the movie boring either.
    Other than than i found your review insightful for your first 2 points about the actors and how this is a conclusion to which the story is already made and thus has much more to give.

    • I loved Bane in DKR. I watched both movies I enjoyed Avengers more.. But Bane has stuck with me the most out of both movies..

      • i agree. At least until Nolan (way over-rated) kills him off in the most anti-climactic fashion

  19. The question I crisingly felt was to me, which is better: Avengers or Dark Knight Rises? After walking out, I felt that the Avengers was better, but then I realized I could have placed expectations that shouldn’t be there. I realized that the Dark Knight to it’s own stoy and in it’s own way, Chris’s story. It is unfair to judge Maybe Batman, this particular nonbody coud have successfuly on it’s own merit have done what chris let alone did, and the avengers took a LONG time to develop and build so it’s probably unfair to give which is better perhaps they each deserve their own honoray award, for now the saga ends and opens a new chapter of possibilites.

  20. I think you make some really good points there, I just saw TDKR on friday night, and I loved it. I completely agree with you here and I also think that Bane easily topped Loki as the villain. It was an amazing movie, completely unpredictable, Christopher Nolan did an awesome job. Go Batman.

  21. What about Man of Steel? It’s starting to look pretty good cause of the trailer. I kept thinking Gandalf NOOOOOO!!! Why couldn’t superman save him? That idiot.

  22. I have now watched both movies… And I really liked and appreciated both of them. Not gonna lie I am a Marvel slappy, and I looked more forward to the Avengers then DKR. That being said I didnt try to find reasons not to like DKR.

    To compare the two.. Avengers is an exciting roller coaster ride that leaves you with a big dumb grin on your face as you run back in line for another go. and …DKR was a high class mystery train ride that made you think about the characters even after the ride was over.

    I love Bane, I know Ledger/Joker was great but man Bane was no joke…

    • Your train metaphor was great and I agree with it completely.

  23. TKDR was a huge letdown, batman was nerfed a lot . . . . i mean when comparing against the Avengers shield heroes (hawk eye and black widow) . . they were kicking more ass on screen than batman in TDKR . . just goes to show the direction in which both Marvel and DC are going.

  24. Alright, I agree that The Dark Knight Rises was not as good as The Dark Knight, but that’s probably because Batman was not at his Prime in this movie.

    Why people liked The Dark Knight so much was because of A) Heath Ledger as the Joker (R.I.P) and B) Because Batman was at his prime. He was kicking ass everywhere and no criminal except the Joker would cross him.
    In Rise, Batman is a run down mess and an outcast on both sides of his life.

    Also, what many people fail to realize is that all three movies had a different feel. Batman Begins was more of a poetic movie, while TDK was a crime/spy movie, and TDKR was more of a war movie. Out of all of these, Batman Begins was my least Favorite, but it was still a great movie.
    My last problem, so many people are overlooking Tom Hardy’s performance as Bane simply because of Heath Ledger. Yes, Heath may have done a bit better job than Hardy, but the thing I despise most is when reviewers say “Tom Hardy’s performance was a letdown, no were near as good as Heath Ledgers.”
    MY GOD. HARDY DID A 100X better performance than Loki’s actor did. Really, the only actor I liked in The Avengers was Robert Downey Junior.
    Also, it was by far the most emotional of Nolans film, and the ending was perfect. The only character I felt unneeded was Thalia.

    All in all.
    Batman Begins – 8.2/10
    The Dark Knight – 9.5/10
    The Dark Knight Rises – 8.8/10
    The Avengers – 7.0/10

  25. BATMAN doooooooooohhhhhh

  26. BATMAN!!!!