‘Dark Knight Rises’ Action-Packed TV Spots; New Viral Materials Offer Story Hints

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Warner Bros is ramping up their campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, which has arguably failed to impress with its low-key trailers, and lackluster posters. Then again, it’s kind of a specious assumption to think that Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale needs any bells or whistles to sell itself; with advanced tickets selling out all over the place, it’s clear that the already-established fanbase for these films will be enough to ensure a big fat opening weekend take.

Of course, in light of Marvel’s The Avengers cracking the billion-dollar mark, DC/WB is no doubt hoping to make Dark Knight Rises an equally (if not more) lucrative movie event – so to further that end, new marketing materials – here in the form of viral games and TV spots  – are being unveiled almost daily.

The TV spot above has the most action-oriented footage revealed to date, and is arguably my favorite promo for the film (besides the recently-unveiled Trailer #4). Watching Bane (Tom Hardy), Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) and Batman (Christian Bale) engage in Stratego-style war for control of Gotham puts to rest any of the prior complaints that Nolan’s threequel didn’t look epic or fun enough for the comic book crowd (as if).

After seeing this recent footage, honestly, who can still make the claim that TDKR won’t be – at the very least – a wonderful piece of summer blockbuster entertainment?


Of course, for those of us who actually prefer Nolan’s style of adding substance and depth to the more “popcorny” aspects of his big-budget films, Dark Knight Rises will also offer plenty of food for thought (and not just candy for the eye). Admittedly, we still don’t know much about the thematic or narrative arcs in the film – or anything at all, beyond the initial premise. (Batman has been retired for some time until Bane invades and conquers Gotham City. Batman is too out of step to stop him, and Bruce Wayne must go on a journey to reclaim his mantle and his city.)

Mountain Dew has been hosting its own Dark Knight Rises promotional campaign – including the viral games – and CBM managed to gather up some of the recently-revealed materials hidden within said game. Those materials include a bunch of newspaper clips about “Harvey Dent Day” and other topics that will be directly related to the plot of TDKR. Can you figure out how all the pieces fit together?

Take a look at the “newspaper clippings” in the gallery below, and give us your theories about how they relate to the plot of the film in the comment section:

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters (and IMAX) on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros.,  DewGothamCity.com and ComicBookMovie

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  1. Loving all the new trailers and tv spots. Couldn’t care less about the viral campaign though.

  2. Did anyone notice how Bruse is standing with a cane with Lucius when he unveils “the bat”?

    • most of us knew bruce has a cane for awhile. it was already hinted in the very first teaser

      • Na but hes sayin like y did bruce have a cane at that moment like did he get his ass kicked b4 bein shown da bat

    • Batman Knightfall comic theres a sequence where Bane beats the snot out of Bruce Wayne for about 10 pages before breaking his back and throwing him off a building.

      Prob he reason for him having a cane 😛

      Its no surprise he’s going to have his arse handed to him by Bane.

      Then it’ll fall out like Rocky 3.

  3. Killing Two-Face was a stupid plot device though, other than that I’m anxious to see if Azrael is actually secretly in this movie. As far as Bane and Catwoman, I have absolutely now excitement about them at all.

    • I don’t want to come off as argumentative – which is easy to do in comment threads – but what makes you think Azreal will be in the movie?

      • You’re not being argumentative…other than the fact that the film features the introduction of Bane (who, after breaking Bruce’s back, was himself taken down by Azrael–the temporary replacent for Batman), there is NO reason to think Azrael will be in the film. Nolan used “Knightfall” as a resource, a basis for the story…he did not copy it verbatim.


    • Well a crappier director would capitalize on the ironman thing like G.I. Joe did by giving them ironman type suits since Asrael eventually develops an Ironmanish Batman suit.

  4. Interesting it saids that this is Harvey Dent in 2008 so Dark Knight Rises takes place in guessing Fall/Winter 2016 as its 8 years later.

    • Thats exactly what I was thinking!

    • It’s been known for a while now that the events in TDKR take place 8yrs after TDK.

      • True. But they never established that TDK took place in 2008. That means that Batman Begins took place in 2007, but came out in 2005.

        • i’m pretty sure tdk takes place 1 or 2 years after BB. I remember reading somewhere that there is a bit of a gap. So if TDK took place in either 2007 or 2008, TDKR takes place in either 2015 or 2016. No real difference :)

  5. “Warner Bros is ramping up their campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, which has arguably failed to impress with its low-key trailers, and lackluster posters.”

    The trailers were awesome, and there is only one poster that really was lackluster. It has definitely impressed many people.

  6. I think it’s funny that the horoscopes drop little cues one way or another that things are about to change in Gotham City..

  7. “…and yes Mr. Wayne, it does come in black.”


  8. I know this was mention before when the trailers first started coming but on the sports and lesuire page where the fans are holding the ROUGE sign. Did anyone noticed that the R in Rouge is actually the R symbol for Robin. I wounder if that’s done like that on purpose or for some big ending that’s going to catch everyone by surprise

    • Nolen said before the the sign has nothing to do with the movie the people that where there were extras and that the sign was fan made

    • The extras were asked to make their own signs. While it’s a neat easter egg, I doubt it’s anything more.

      Although, what could be awesome is if Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character is actually Dick Grayson. He became a cop for a short time in the comics. It could work.

  9. Heres my thing..as much as i want JGL to be Azrael/Nightwing/badass version of robin…his name in the movie is john blake n is a regular cop so its not like hes undercover so he duznt have ta change his name..but sumhow i believe that he is gunna b super important in the future of batman. As for Bane, ive nvr bin so excited for a supervillain b4. Its ridiculous. N catwoman, i jus wanna c anne hathaways ass!! XD

  10. The film seems cooler every time I see a new spot. The clippings are fun too. The 20th of July canNOT get here soon enough…

  11. For some reason, I wanted to throw out a slightly unrelated idea. If they reboot Batman after this (I am supposing that they are if they plan on making a JLA movie) Don’t you think if would be cool if they did Batman in the time period that he was created? (1930s/40s) Let him have the same tech he has now, but put him in a period piece. That would be so cool.

    • It could be cool, but it wouldn’t work. They are rebooting Batman, this has been stated by studio execs, so that he can better fit in with the JL universe, i.e. less gritty realism more comicbooky. Since he is to interact with the modern characters, it is unlikely to be a period piece. Although, like I said, that would be a cool idea.

  12. Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to be very interesting to see who he is, I hope its Robin/nightwing, it will keep us wondering till the we all see it. I love the line when Bale says to Morgan Freeman get me back in the game,, its looking very good i cant wait for this one. Please God it will extend the Batman franchise that will leak into the JLA future of the heroes we love.

    • I hope Blake is really….John Blake, Gotham PD

  13. Not sure kids, but do ya’ll think the action in this next Bats film will make sense? Why does Bane do a half-twist turn down punch on Bale’s batman when he can just punch straight into Bat’s jaw and knock him out? Every boxer knows that when you economize the shortest distances and punch the shortest point from A to B, and land the opponents jaw, then you win. The jaw will push against the vertebrae, therefore, pinching the opponent’s nerve attachments and knock him the eff up! Let’s see if your Nolan is “realistic” enough to take these pressure points into considerations. Cheers.

    • Because he has Batman cornered and trapped and he is probably very much toying with him. Did you not put together the cocky confidence of Bane, the slow, fearful turnaround of Batman, and Bane casually, insanely catching one of The Bat’s punches? He’s just screwing with him here, I think.

    • Wander-er,

      Shut up

  14. Fanboys unite for the midnight showing. As much as the fanboys want to be haters. They will be first in line. But, hey I get front row center in the balcony at IMAX… Indeed!

  15. I`m just hoping for an unexpected surprise, that will grow more hair in my head

  16. I would a lot more excited if they showed someone in the distance that looked like knightwing, the Huntress, Azrael or even Robin. Remember the events in this movie takes place seven years after the Dark Knight.

    • Anarky!

  17. Jgl is really Terry mcginance batman beyond

  18. I could only say that before batman begins, my favorite batman film was with Michael Keaton & Jack Nicholson. But this trilogy has made me forget about it. TDKR is not out yet & rumors of a reboot, really pisses me off. Just saw a especial screening for spider man, let’s just say if batman forever had cgi back then it would be better movie.Stop these reboots, they are all HORRIBLE !!!! I would also like to see a justice league movie, but come on Warner Brothers only has this trilogy that’s perfect.Green Lanter sucked,Superman being remade again, & Wonder Woman cant even get a decent scrip. Why mess up what will be know all around the would has the best comic book movie trilogy ever made. Thanks to Chris Nolan & Christian Bale.

    • The bad CGI is NOT why Batman Forever was bad. Not in the least.


    Why mess up what will be know all around the world has the best comic book movie trilogy ever made. Thanks to Chris Nolan & Christian Bale

    • Well, it seems Christopher Nolan doesn’t feel the same way as you do: apparently he’ll be the producer for the Batman reboot…

      I don’t know why it “pisses [you] off” so much though, I mean, Batman is one of THE most popular characters ever created… you don’t honestly think that they’ll never make another Batman movie again do you?
      – It’s inevitable.

      And it’s not like Nolan’s movies will go away: if you love them, buy them on DVD and watch ’em for the rest of your life – you don’t need to abandon his movies for the reboot(s)… no one is forcing you to watch the reboots either.

  20. I think Selina Kyle/Catwoman works for that Ryakin security and that’s how she’s getting into all these houses and she’s possibly stealing the jewelry to find a match to a piece that she’s had since childhood to determine her parentage.

    And Bane is working for that mysterious billionaire, or is that mysterious billionaire, so the billionaire can make lots of money rebuilding Gotham after Bane is done destroying it. And that mysterious billionaire is going to turn out to be Black Mask.

    What do you guys think?

    • Brandon

      I like that Catwoman bit, but I rather Bane be working for himself and his goals then be somebody’s pawn.

  21. After seeing this recent footage, honestly, who can still make the claim that TDKR won’t be – at the very least – a wonderful piece of summer blockbuster entertainment?

  22. Disagree with Kofi about the TDKR trailers and posters being a failure. They’re been a refreshing break from the usual non-stop, Bay like, explosion fest, with their heavy sense of foreboding and ominous doom and destruction. As well as a promise of eventual triumph. The trailer give me goosebumps as I anticipate all that will befall Bruce in this installment. But I can only speak for myself, I guess. They’ve really worked for me, and connected with me.

    • Not to start anything, but how are bridges collapsing, cars exploding, football fields imploding and ‘The Bat’ flying NOT like the normal trailers these days?
      Granted, they weren’t all about the before-mentioned things, but a great deal of the footage in the trailers had a “doom and destruction” vibe going on – and that’s the way it should be IMO, because like I’ve said many times before, the main goal of a trailer is to attract audiences, and the best way to do that is with epic action shots…
      (That’s why I loved the fourth trailer so much)

      • That’s quiet alright. For me, most of these trailers, although depicting a few scenes of mass destruction, the mood has been one of oppression and foreboding. It’s not chock-a-block, BOOM, BAM, POW! Even Kofi calls them subdued. To me, their atmospheric. The scenes of the plane, the hood being taken off Bane’s head, a tumbler on a snowy Gotham. I love those images. I hope you understand what I mean.

      • To clarify further, my main point of convention was against Kofi’s assertion that the low-key trailers disappoint. Which to me, they don’t. Not your assertion that action shots look great, and are needed for the trailers, which I agree with.

        • yea i liked the slow burn of the trailers. I rather a movie sell me a story then an action piece & explosions.

          But the trailers go with typical Nolan misdirection. Wally Pfister (Nolan’s cinemetographer) has confirmed that TDKR has over an hour of fighting.

  23. To clarify further, my main point of contention was against Kofi’s assertion that the low-key trailers disappoint. Which to me, they don’t. Not your assertion that action shots look great, and are needed for the trailers, which I agree with.

    • Sorry for the double post. This reply was for Avenger.

  24. If you look closely when Bruce ask’s Lucious Fox to get him back in the game look over left shoulder there is someone standing there, and it dosent look like Alfred. I live in Pittsburgh and witnessed the one fight outside Arkum where the tumblers where rolling on the steps then I talked to somone from the crew and he told me that they also filmed a fight scene between Bane and Batman so that makes 2 fights, then there’s the one in the Batcave or water dept. or banes hideout then the one in New York that’s make’s 4 ans Wally Fister made a point to tell us that little secret that lets us guess that they probabaly fight 6-8 times making Batman Rise an become the legand he is suppose to be. Christian Bale said that he wont do one of these movies if robin was involved at all, so look over bruces shcolder and you will see someone when he say’s u got to get me back in the game unless it’s Gordon, I guess and speculate but It suck’s also because the greatest trilogy of my time is almost here and gone so my warning to people the press screenings are coming up soon and spoilers are going to star dropping they actually already are from childrens books so try to go dark knight from here on out and avoid being spoiled because this will be the last one for who knows how long and enjoy the spectacale that Chris Nolan has promised us and how the actors said how epic it will be. just remember how great movies where before all of this spoiler b******* and socail media that will ruin the experiance, because when the Dar knight came out I already knew before I saw the movie that Harvey Dent gets taken out by Batman and that destroyed the whole movie for me last time.

  25. I think the trailers are typical nolan, no one…no matter how much they think they did, knew what TDK was going to be like. The story was so different to what id heard and thought it would be, even with ‘spoilers’. Nolan gives sod all away. Robin wont be in this either, thank god.

    Really, after this movie….i hope they make the reboot Batman movie last, before the Justice league as it will need a period of time before anyone wants to watch Batman again. Lets start with this movie though, it will be amazing.

  26. ohh very nice, quite alot of consistent and interpretive action going on for sure, this will sit well alongside the likes of die hard, the raid, the blade trilogy and all those other epic action movies…/sarcasm.

    i greatly dislike how he just recycles the same footage over and over and just plays them out in different sequences, i mean sure he wants to hide as much as possible but then why do they show so many trashy previews if it’s always going to be the same thing but presented in a different order ?

    i really hope that bane is similar or very much like he is in the comics b/c at this stage that and the score are the only things that will warrant this movie even coming close to getting a 3/5 for me (that is to say if the action is good and professional, in which case i would give it an extra point for trying).

    • Bane wont be anything like the comics, not in looks terms anyway. Intelligence wise and the other principles like strength etc that made him such a badass in the comics will be there.

      I know ‘fans’ whinge about every single bloody thing, but to be honest Nolan has done a pretty great job with the Batman films and i dont care whats in the trailers…the film is what matters.

      People moan about everything because it isnt their idea how a Batman movie should be, how the Joker looks and anything else…..if your all that bothered get off your lazy backsides and make a movie yourself. Its not as if this is the last Batman movie ever, they are doing ANOTHER one….people will moan just as much about that one.

      Fanboys are impossible to please, i love the comics…but i wont slate a director for using the characters and making a good story out of them. If you dont like the film you dont have to watch the damn things, just read the comics!!! Its just a different way of doing things….and no one can really say they prefere the s*** joel schumacher stuff to Nolans, if you do….u should just read the comics and not comment about films.

      • first of all i’m not a batman fan or comic reader, i just happen to read nightfall b/c everyone was saying nolan used it for ‘inspiration’.

        the joker was ok b/c he had the characteristics of his comic counter part, the looks just added the icing to the cake and made him that much more creepier (in a good way). the fact that nolan has removed the venom side of bane pisses me off the most b/c bane was smart and powerful BEFORE the venom, with it he becomes an unstoppable machine of pure power. it really wouldn’t have been hard for them to implement the venom, even if it was for just the fight scenes, it would further the fear factor in batman when he goes up against this strategic tyrant.

        on the whole i have been disappointed with his movies on the large scale, i mean sure they’re better then previous attempts, but they some how feel lacking, maybe it’s b/c of the absence of the true crime aspects of the character or the lack of consistent action that the comics and games have given us, or the lackluster directing (nolan doesn’t have a unique directing ‘ability’) idk but they always fail to hit the mark, in fact most of his movies (batman onwards) have failed to really lure me in and keep me entertained etc for the whole duration.

      • Yeah. Agree Adam. I really do believe all this disapproval with Batman and all things isn’t widespread, it’s just REALLY LOUD! I’m glad fanboys have a platform where they can whine till their hearts’ content. I really am. But I never give any importance at all.

  27. This may seem a little off-topic, but whenever they do this reboot of the Batman franchise, they better think REALLY hard before casting another Joker. IMO, whoever plays the part will have some BIG shoes to fill, and that actor’s performance will be measured against Heath Ledger’s.
    Apologies if this is off-topic. It’s just something that I was thinking about.

    • I agree, the one performance that really nailed the character, was his. Tough to follow, but also Batman’s greatest, most recognizable villian so it will come up. If they are smart, they will try to emulate his performance.