‘Dark Knight Rises’ Banners, Images & TV Spots: Sassy Catwoman, Terrorist Bane [Updated]

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[UPDATE: We’ve added even more Dark Knight Rises banners and images!]

Warner Bros. has begun stepping up its marketing for The Dark Knight Rises this week. The studio stumbled a bit at first, by unveiling a Photoshop-heavy poster that left many fans grumbling about poor craftsmanship – but quickly recovered thereafter with a handful of dark, slick, character banners.

A handful of new screenshots and behind-the-scenes pics from Dark Knight Rises have emerged online, along with the film’s first official television spots (scroll on down to watch those). Whereas the film’s theatrical trailers are more subdued and gradually build to a booming conclusion, these TV promos inject more energy and humor into the proceedings.

The first of these Dark Knight Rises TV spots offers a more direct summary of the film’s storyline than any other promo to date: Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Gotham are both caught off-guard by the hulky terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy), who physically isolates the city – while also leaving a semi-retired (and under-prepared) Bruce battered, beaten, and in exile.

Thereafter, our hero must (what else?) rise again, resurrect his identity as Batman, and take down his most powerful opponent to date – with the assistance of old comrades like Alfred (Michael Caine) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

A second Dark Knight Rises TV spot focuses more on the Selina Kyle/Catwoman character (Anne Hathaway) and her love-hate relationship with Bruce/Batman. Even more so than with the third Dark Knight Rises trailer, this clip offers a nice taste of Selina’s cynical, sassy nature – and suggests that Hathaway will indeed do a great job as the famous femme fatale (in defiance of the doubt surrounding her casting).

For more Dark Knight Rises goodness – check out the full hi-res versions of the aforementioned screenshots by clicking on the gallery thumbnails below (head on over to Batman-News for more).

UPDATE: We also have new banners, images and magazine covers for The Dark Knight Rises (via Empire):

In summation: Dark Knight Rises looks like it should deliver all the grand spectacle and engaging personal drama we’ve been hoping for. With The Avengers having already proven to be a hit – and footage from The Amazing Spider-Man continuing to impress – Summer 2012 is shaping up to be a great time for fans of superhero movies.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros., Batman-News, Empire & Fandango

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  1. everyone here is pretty civilized and i respect that. but here are my last rant on this subject for the day until a new article pops up again, hahaha. without further adieu.
    1. BANE looks like he is not going to grow
    any bigger because the drug is a sedative. so we can now call him
    2. MEALS on WHEELS needs to make some deliveries to ANNE HATHAWAY so she
    can beef up like HALLE BERRY or MICHELLE PFEIFFER.
    3. and where is the DARKNIGHT rising from??? last time we checked and rode
    off in a motorcycle alive and well. is he rising out of bed? the swimming
    pool? any guesses, haha.
    4. i had no idea BANE smuggled a bunch of bosnians from behind enemy lines to start another european conflict in GOTHAM.

    • 1. Small time hulk? There is zero similarities between the hulk and bane. Banes sedative isn’t ment to help him feel no pain. That is nolans interpritation so your hulk statement is way off base.

      2. I’m sorry your having trouble understanding what an attractive women looks like cause anne hathaway is gorgous.

      3.understand the story before you make that comment. He is rising out of retirement out of being exiled from gothem by the police. Its pretty simple and I figured anyone could figure that out.

      4. Maybe bosnian looking people occupy gothem you take any extras you can get.

      • * is ment to help him feel no pain

      • Hazzahh! I hear that!

    • 1. Bane’s “Venom” has been replaced by a more realistic dosage of anaesthesia being pumped through the mask instead of him stupidly turning huge like the comic books, which I like the sound of now

      2. She did bulk up as much as possible in such a short time. She also has to be nimble and graceful so she’s more of a dancer in muscle tone than fitness model. Again, considering she’s a cat burglar, being bigger would mean she’s unable to get away so quickly or easily.

      3. This movie takes place 8 years after The Dark Knight and Bruce has hidden the Batman stuff away for that long due to the ending of the previous movie. There’s also unconfirmed rumours of Bane breaking his back as in the comics (a wheelchair and Bruce attending an event using a walking stick have been seen in on set footage since last summer).

      There are two reasons he’d need to “rise”.

      4. How do you know they’re Bosnians? You haven’t seen the footage of him blowing up a prison wall in Gotham (Blackwater Penitentiary perhaps?) and the newly freed prisoners having a mass brawl in the streets with police?

    • stupid and baseless comments. And you compared Bane to Hulk? Bane is a genius character (read Knightfall), even when he ‘transformed’, he can still think like his normal self. If you compare Bane and Hulk because of “Batman and Robin” movie, clearly you don’t know the ‘Real’ Bane.

      • @ mxcnrd

        Though Bane’s two creaters didn’t like how the character was played out in Batman & Robin, they’re not not really thrilled of Nolan’s version in appearance like but hope Hardy’s performance will make up for that aswell as i do.

        • Banes creator’s Nolan & Dixom are actually fine with the cosmetic changes. They are most concerned with the personality, which they believeChris Nolan has nailed thru the clips they have seened

          • @ Ignur Rant

            Bane’s creator’s were fine with Bane’s appearance,etc in Nolan’s film but like Batman & Robin’s Bane aren’t that impressed. Mainly because Nolan’s version does’t appear as the Bane they created in the comics that broke the bat. I mean Hardy’s Bane doesn’t really tower over Bale’s Batman. Neither did Jeep Swenson’s Bane over Clooney’s. They were more interested in how close Nolan would stay to the Bane’s personality compared to the comics. I agree on that. Im sure Nolan done a better job on that issue no doubt. I remember when first pictures of Bane shown up of people notice similiar he kinda looked to Mutant Gang Leader from The Dark Knight Rises series. Which i im sure was partly inspiration for Nolan’s last Batman film goin by what we know & seen. Not to mention the title.

    • 1. Want Bane to grow? Read some comics. This is a REAL WORLD interpretation of the character. Not just because of the DC/Marvel thing, but trying to compare Bane and the Hulk is absolutely ridiculous. The comparison has no merit whatsoever, and is indicative of trolling, since I’m sure all you are doing is trying to get a “rise” out of people.

      2. Again, there is just no comparison. Anne Hathaway is very physically fit, and is gorgeous in all aspects, from her looks, her figure, her personality, and how she has, so far to me, nailed this role. If you honestly believe she needs to bulk up, then I see an opthamologist appointment in your immediate future.

      3. Seriously? After all Bruce Wayne went through from the events of The Dark Knight, this film title couldn’t make more sense. He put the toys away, was exiled from Gotham City, then literally was forced to “rise” to the challenge of Bane.

      4. Totally uncalled for. How could you even make that statement without having seen the film? Perhaps the men in the banner image were hired from a certain region, maybe even Bosnia? Who cares? Your point is? They could have been, and most likely were, busted out of a prison in God-knows-where and recruited. So yeah, they would all seem to have the same ethnicity. Big deal. I’m sure it will make sense in the film, if you even see it.

      And last but not least, see my troll comments in number 1.

    • rod22…

      Others have already addressed your asinine individual points, so I’ll let those go (you clearly believe you are being funny and clever…you are not). I will merely ask you to consider that there is NO reason to be obnoxious. Surely, you do not think you’re being cool…?

      Just sad.

  2. YES!!!! These TV spots are incredible!!! I’m loving the flurry of stills, posters, banners, covers, and tv spots! And I know this word is insanely overused, but I have to say it: Those banners are EPIC! (And I think the word epic can actually apply somewhat literally here, seeing that it’s depicting a war scene.)

    Anyways, certainly my most anticipated movie of 2012! July 20 cannot come soon enough!!!

    • I completely agree 😀

  3. Does anyone else think bane is gonna be full of some incredible villian lines? Much like the joker but I think banes lines could surpass his. “Gotham, this is your liberation” “your punishment must be more severe” and the best of all “when gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die” extremely well written stuff. I have always prefered the villians to the heroes to some extent. its entertaining to see someone so twisted and cruel. When you watch a lot of heroes you tend to see many similarities.

    • Yes, I do. It’s going to be a fantastically quote-worthy film.

  4. though im a big fan of bane, i do appreciate the way he is being handled here, the mask works for me as well as the vest but the jacket just isnt that befitting him…he probably wont bulk up here but im hoping he’ll be a brutal fighter.

  5. why did christopher nolan cast a horse faced tranny to play catwoman? she’s suppose to be hot .-.

  6. Alfred says, “Bane: born and raised in hell on Earth.” That’s all I needed to hear. We’re good now. I don’t care if he’s not South American. I don’t care if he grows larger due to steroids. But the character’s most interesting characteristic was that he was born and raised in a prison to serve his father’s sentence. Everything that makes Bane an interesting character (to me at least) seems to be present in TDKR.

  7. What’s with “The Legend Ends”? Does Batman end his career after he stops Bane & other villains in the film? Or is it just a line for Nolan’s trilogy?

    • I think it’s the 2nd thing. :-)

  8. Don’t need to see anymore trailers. My Avengers fix is done, and the last trailer was really good, so I’m ready.

    The only problem I have is Ann needs to take Scar Jo’s advice on butt exercising. 😎

  9. now we finally know what role josh stewart is playing. batman/cops vs. bane/mercenaries is my favorite banner, can’t wait for 07.20.12 to get here.

  10. Personally liked the slow burn of the trailers more but the TV spots were cool. Hopefully they dont go overboard with TV spots and give off the best scenes.

  11. Bacatsuit is sleek and sexy, the one putting it one is just not that hot….though a hell of a better catwoman than halle berry’s catwoman (agrees sez “hear hear!”

  12. Bane has never been successfully adapted to any other media better than its comics counter part, high hopes that this will be a definitive moment for the character

    • @ Dee101

      In my opinion, i thought Bruce Timm & Co. did a good job on Bane with his first appearance & the character himself in Batman:TAS. Loved how Bane held Batman up & was about to break him over his knee as in the comic. And the way he kept the fight between him & Batman when Robin was climbing up a ladder & Bane kicked him back into the water was great. Bane’s always been my 2nd favorite villain & that has been the best adaption of the character yet besides being seen in the comics imo.

  13. “Your wife said she was taking a cab home.”

    “My WIFE?!”

    More corny than cheesy humour, like in the first one versus the second one.

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