‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer is Here!

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The Dark Knight Rises Bane Triumphant Header The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is Here!

Warner Bros. has provided several movie bloggers and entertainment journalists with an exclusive first look at the Dark Knight Rises prologue in all its IMAX glory; as you might imagine, early reactions to the footage have been overwhelmingly positive, with the exception of one (minor) complaint: Tom Hardy as Bane is somewhat difficult to understand when he speaks, due to the muffling effect of his life-preserving mask.

Sadly, you may still struggle to understand the muscular villain all too well in the newly-released full-length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises - though, the rest of the second theatrical promo is so impressively ominous and (for lack of a better word) epic in tone that you probably won’t care.

Reactions to the original Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer were decidedly mixed; not only because there was very little actual footage from the film on display (shooting had just barely commenced, at the time of its release) but also because it felt like a clumsily-structured “announcement” promo, more than an actual theatrical preview. If nothing else, the new trailer for director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy concluder should not attract similar criticisms.

No point in delaying any further – check out the official new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises below:


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Among the highlights of this new Dark Knight Rises trailer are:

  • Some simple exposition suggesting that Gotham City is (at the film’s beginning) “peaceful,” eight years after The Joker’s reign of terror in The Dark Knight.
  • An early look at how Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle serves as a femme fatale to Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne (albeit, without her Catwoman suit) and hints about her possibly being connected to Bane. (?)
  • The appearance of new technology like the Batwing and Bane’s mystery device in (awe-inspiring) action.
  • Brief glances at the film’s various new side players, like cop John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard).
  • Foreboding imagery of Bruce Wayne as he walks around with a cane – not to mention, lies bruised and battered beneath a triumphant Bane.
  • Allusions to Bane’s prison background and his intention to “break” Batman, in all meanings of the term.
dark knight rises bane deta 570x271 The Dark Knight Rises Trailer is Here!

Tom Hardy as Bane in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Overall, this new Dark Knight Rises promo not only marks an improvement on its predecessor; it also does an excellent job of teasing the film’s apocalyptic atmosphere, grand-scale set pieces, and thematic elements (ex. characters’ use of masks looks to become all the more prominent a motif, this time around).

In addition, this new footage also makes the threequel look like a stylistic marriage of Batman Begins‘ gritty, yet still recognizably comic book-rooted design and the more straight-forward “realistic” aesthetic of The Dark Knight. That’s all the more appropriate, seeing how Dark Knight Rises aims to bring Nolan’s Caped Crusader trilogy full-circle – as should be reflected in both the film’s visual structure and narrative layout.


The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata and Nestor Carbonell.

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It will open in regular and IMAX theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. I dont know why but my theory of the whole movie (im just doing this for fun) is that i know batman cant kill anyone, but nolan said and gordon and batman know what is going to take to take down bane, i think meaning batman is going to kill bane but at the proccess batman is going to die trying meanning bane dies and so does batman, leaving batman as a symbol for gotham. just a thought.

    • So… Batman almost dies a portion of the way through the movie, so he can comeback and die by the end… and, the title is called “Dark Knight Rises’ has nothing to do with the rise of Batman.


      • Alisa, Why are you spamming?

        • Marcus,

          That is one sneaky spammer. Deleted all their comments.


  2. Awesome trailer.

    I loved the Batman Nolan series.

    Batman Begins was great but The Dark Knight is my favoutire comic book movie of all time.

    I hope this one will be a great end to a amazing troligy, I really hope Tom Hardy does a great job as the main villain, Bane.

    He’s got lots of pressure on his shoulder but he is a brillaint actor.

  3. I got to say loved the Dark Knight trailer when Joker came out but this trailer looks way better and has plenty of action.

  4. I can’t wait to watch the EPIC fight between batman & bane, the release for TDKR can’t get here soon enough.

  5. does anyone else think that the trailer just showed bits of what we saw in the shooting footage? i’m pretty sure nolan’s just giving us what we already know, saving everything we haven’t seen. i’m not worried, although i will admit the trailer didn’t “wow” me, neither.

  6. The trailer was OK…The first minute and a half was IMO boring but the last 30-40 seconds really delivered..I think it could have been a lot better..the building of the suspense throughout the trailer was nice but it took too long to get to the meat of the trailer..

  7. Because I’ve been watching the trailer on my iPhone all day, it’s hard to see some of the details in the trailer…but who is the older guy with Bruce when he says “what does that mean?” “RISE!!!”

    Also, my prediction/speculation, because that’s all of us can do right now…Bane comes to Gotham with this “weapon” of his and plans on destroying Gotham; Bruce has given up and moved on from Batman; all the rich are kidnapped and placed in jail beneath Wayne Manor; Batman must RISE and get help from Catwoman and Joseph Gordon Levit’s mysterious character. Batman and Bane kill each other, and Josephn Gordon Levit could be the one who takes his place….

    Oh and no one has mentioned a word about where Lucious Fox is…perhaps he will show up in the next trailer. My guess is, is that Marion Cottlard and/or Bane break into Fox Dept, kill him and steal the Tumblers…

    You guys can take my predictions for what they are…but they are just guesses, nothing more nothing less. Like I said, none of us know.

    In Nolan we trust…

    • It’s sounds like Alfred. My speculation is that Bruce’s identity was revealed and both he and Alfred are imprisoned. Now that gotham is in chaos, they need Batman to RISE.

    • For me, it looks like Batman will end up the hero Gotham needs, and deserves. Bruce being in prison and then hearing chants synonymous to RISE., and in the other trailer where Gordon pleads for the Dark Knight to RISE against the evil taking over Gotham. Bane is sort of like a catalyst for Ra’s al Ghul’s plans for “cleansing” Gotham. What bothers me is that scene where Batman and Bane go mano y mano and Bane was punching Batman’s suit with BARE HANDS. I hope Nolan will introduce the Venom drug Bane uses to Bulk up cause by the looks of it, he can’t outmuscle Batman with that frame.

      • What about in the prologue when breaks the handcuffs from his hands when he was in that plane? Maybe bane is strong enough to punch bat’s armor

  8. I think this is the first trailer of have seen from Nolan where I am not that into. I know I am wrong because I don’t Nolan has ever let me down, but it was lack-luster to me. I have always like Anne Hathway but I thought her line(s) weren’t her best performance, But like occhile1984 stated, In Nolan we trust!

  9. cant wait for the film.Nolan is GENIUS

  10. I think Bane tells Bruce/Batman “When Gotham lies in ashes, you will have every reason to die.” That’s what it sounds like to me anyway, do hope they re-dub Bane so he speaks a little more clearly. Otherwise I really like this trailer. But did notice something, it looks like the city is still grieving over the loss of Harvey… eight years later? Guess it’s all wait and see now.

    • from what i’ve heard, nolan won’t be fixing bane’s voice. shame b/c you can’t have a great line of dialogue and not be able to understand what he’s saying. just imagine if you couldn’t understand the joker’s dialogue? all of those great lines would be meaningless and have no impact at all.

      • You know he’s not changing his voice because it’s how Bane is SUPPOSED to sound. Christopher Nolan may make big blockbuster movies but even today he still makes them fr himself in accordance to his vision.

    • he says you have my permission to die !!!

  11. Nolan will definitely keep us guessing but since this is a comic book movie, we have a better understanding of how things will work here than his other films. In the other trailer, we see Bane not wearing anything on top and he’s huge compared to the fight against Batman in this trailer, wild guess is that the Venom drug will be used but only for Batman. The Batwing ( if it is the Batwing) looks weak, knowing Nolan, he applies a lot of realism and physics in scenes. I’m guessing that Batman, from his return from obscurity, will fight this one alone, since Gordon is in the Hospital, plus I sense Alfred might end up in some tragedy judging from his dialogue and I don’t see Hathaway as siding with either Bane or Batman. But since they added Cotillard and Gordon -Levitt in seemingly original characters, they are the wildcards for the movie.

  12. Even after all the complaining you know your all gonna be waitin in line for the midnite release of TDKR and when u walk out of the theater after watching this EPIC end of TDK your going to literally lift your jaws up from ground level and tell youself ” I never should of doubted Nolans vision ” so its been said before but here it is again.


      • No he’s not. While I will be seeing the movie, I won’t be going to the midnight showing. I’m a huge Trek fan and I didn’t go to the midnight showing of the new Trek. After getting burned twice with Spidey 3 and X-Men 3, midnight showing s can go to tartarus.

        • To each his own I will definately be there for the midnight release of TDKR, I don’t care what anyone else thinks about what the latest DKR trailer, BB & TDK are both awesome let me just say that Nolan did his homework and in the end we will have a great trilogy that I for one will be adding to my growing collection of Blu-rays already got BB & TDK with TDKR soon to finish off the completion of TDK legend.
          IN NOLAN WE TRUST :)

        • @Kahless

          Lol, I love when people always assume everyone is like them. I don’t know if it makes them feel better about themselves if they convince themselves that everyone else must be excited for the same things they are. I don’t get why people don’t just want to be individuals… I am on the same boat as you, I typically don’t go to midnight opening, and definitely won’t be for this… I’m more of a Marvel fan myself, I might be at the midnight opening for The Avengers, lol.

          • “I don’t get why people don’t just want to be individuals… I am on the same boat as you” — kinda contradicting yourself there ;) — I kid

            But yeah, personally, I’ll definitely be at The Avengers’ midnight premier showing, but I’ll probably go see TDKR on opening day though (no later and no sooner)…

            • @The Avenger

              Well, there are only so many options when it comes to your opinion about this trailer, lol. And technically Kahless and I are in the minority. I guess that’s what I meant, lol.

              Now stop pointing out my contradictions. :’(


    • I’m sorry, but what “epic” trailer did everyone else watch? The only epic thing I saw was the football arena caving in. The first shot of Bane made me lol. Even my friend who knows NOTHING about Bane, watched it with me and said “Ain’t Bane supposed to be big?” This doesn’t even look like a Batman movie (aside from the whole 2 seconds we saw of skinny Batman). Sh*t looks like Inception 2. I ain’t gonna be at no midnight release you can count on that lol.

      • I’d rather not have too much revealed in the trailer I prefer to be surprised in the theater but to each his own.

  13. I am not sure why people think Batman will die or do they mean “die.” I imagine the Bat will be broken and then “rise” to fight Bane and free Gotham. As far as Bruce Wayne/Batman physically dying….may it be not so!!!!

  14. This trailer was not as exciting as the teaser. The Dark Knight had the best trailer out of Nolans Batman and even though i wasn’t a Ledger fan (i was like wat when I saw him as the Joker) i still went to go see it and was amazed. While this is just meh for me :{
    I don’t like Hathaway (or whatever her name is) at all. She doesn’t fit in too me but i will wait for the movie to come out before i criticize her too much :)
    Bane’s voice is cool though. This does remind of Batman begins a little though.

  15. I’m sorry but I’ll never take Hathaway seriously as Catwoman.

  16. All I can say is, come opening night, hell or high water, I will be there, hopefully decked out in full costume, for the glory that is this movie. Nolan has done an amazing job these past 8 years, taking the world of Batman, and molding it, shaping it, making it more real, allowing the lines between reality and fiction to blur and coalesce into this beautiful trilogy of films. Years from now, when our descendants look back upon great films of the early 21st century, I hope to God, that they will count these three films among them.

    • “making it more real, allowing the lines between reality and fiction to blur” — from the footage shown in the trailer, it seems THAT part, is gonna go down the drain. (It looked VERY unrealistic IMHO).

    • Dude, It’s a comic book movie. You think LOTR was realistic? Nolan will play mind games the way Hitchcock did during his time. I think Nolan will make this movie a better Batman film than The Dark Knight, sure TDK is a great film, but it’s not the Best Batman film I’ve seen (For me Batman Begins and Mask of the Phantasm are the best so far)

  17. Ok kiddos, if this prison were the bat cave, and if these prisoners were the citizens of gotham… why would they be chanting in another language? The prison scene (to me)is clearly from bruce’s time in prison before he meets ras al ghul and begins his assassin training. He probably gets in some fight (could be a young upstart bane?) and wins… presumably, to RISE (and why the caps on rise in every comment here?). Anyway.. with ratty prison garb and the chanting, that prison is DEFINITELY in another country, and almost certainly not in the time frame of the main plot. That’s the point i’m driving at.

  18. I still don’t see why they didn’t use some WWE wrestler as Bane. I’m thinking Batista or even Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson would have made very intimidating Bane’s.

    Of course now I’m going to get torn a new one for bringing this up again after the release of the trailer aren’t I?

    • @Brandon

      Well, apart from suggesting a WWE wrestler for the part, you’ll get torn a new one because you didn’t praise this to be the greatest trailer ever and that TDKR will be the best movie ever and that Nolan is the best director to have ever graced the earth… Oh well, just how it is, get used to it…

  19. Not completely convinced so far – need to wait for a 2nd, more revealing trailer. Eight years on seems a big of a big jump, especially since Batman will be taking on a physically stronger opponent. I think Bane is an ideal villian to be brought to the big screen , just don’t think Hardy should’ve been cast in the role, but will hold out on judgment for now.

    Still think Avengers will make a bigger impact in 2012, before both succumb to the might that will be The Hobbit.

  20. What I understood from the trailer:

    1. Since Wayne is using a cane, Batman must be injured by some past accident, possibly …just possibly the fall in TDK’s climax. But there could be any other reason possible since 8 long years have passed in between the events.
    2. Alfred’s repentance about not being able to protect Batman/Wayne could be because Batman’s image has been maligned at the end of TDK and the general Gothamite opinion is against Batman (recall the killings by Two-Face).
    3. Bruce Wayne visits social parties where he meets Selina Kyle (that party-visual is exactly like ‘The Long Halloween(1996-1997)’
    4. Bane sets in and with the help of Talia-Al-Ghul’s League Of Shadows causes mayhem in the city starting with the playground blow-up and inflames Gothamites with speeches against Batman by emphasizing on how he “killed” Harvey Dent. And then he flips the social classes, that is, releases the criminals of Arkham Asylum and puts the rich/accomplished into imprisonment… (Some other guys imagined this social flip long before me).
    5. …and the ‘rich’ also includes Bruce Wayne who has to be captured and Bane does it in some style by defeating the Bat in the Bat-cave, “breaking” him in some way (physically and mentally). That explains the broken Bat-mask. But keeps just short of killing the Bat because Bane wants the Bat to witness “Gotham turning to Ashes before he is permitted to die” by Bane.
    6. Batman recovers in the prison (recall his push-ups in the teaser). Meanwhile the Cat holds the fort outside of prison for the Bat in some way.
    7. Batman rises and is force to appear in broad day-light where the ultimate fight (on the steps) occurs.

    What I don’t understand is: 1. If the above does happen, then how did Bane find out Batman’s identity (I suppose thro’ Talia who in turn, found it out in some way from here father). 2. All that going-up and going-down through that circular bricked-well-shaped opening, all the time throughout the teaser and the trailer. Maybe the crawler in the teaser is Bane after breaking Batman in the Bat-cave or could be Bruce Wayne himself after executing an “uprising” in the prison somewhere underneath. (Bruce: “What are they saying?” Alfred: “Rise”).

    These are my thoughts but I could be wrong. Because this is Nolan who introduces some twists in the plot, when one expects it the least. Remember Two-Face on TDK ? 8-)

  21. TDKR is gonna be one super epic masterpiece!

  22. This looks to be a really good movie. However I dont see it as being any more(or less) EPIC than TDK. Cant wait to see it.

  23. I can feel the sun (nice and warm)  I  also see the sun (nice and bright) but what dose the sun sound like???? Dose it rumble and rock in a nice melodic and ryhmic hum or does it (and more than likely destroy your speakers in the process) crack,bang a have (quiet literally) the most earth shattering and unprodictalbe bass note ever?? Just syn….. “Let me hear the sun” ; p.s having a cold + to many cold antidotes= a very active mind, acthoooo!!

    • Evergreen,

      What does this mean ? Just curious :>)

  24. Am i the only one thinking that Gotham has lost its grittiness since Batman Begins and through TDK and now TDKR?

    It just looks more and more New York and not the crime infested city as do the comic does. I understand that Gotham is in peace time but that loss of art in the process makes it few less and less like a Batman world.

    I am all for Nolan’s realism ( the aircraft thingy does irritates me) but it doesn’t mean the artistry of Batman Begins which i think even surpasses TDK should be discarded in the way.

  25. Has anyone heard anymore on the Lazarus Pit pictures? When will that come into play?

  26. This movie is looking to be good. But I am still wondering about what will happen with Ra’s al Ghul. This video had some good points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjT12nmXPN0&list=UUW0wC1-dLmqTH94-caT_fZQ&index=1&feature=plcp

  27. I Think that if anyone should worry is Anne Hathaway, though she’s one of my fav actresses, I don’t think she will live up to the Michelle pfeiffer expectations…batman returns is one of the best movies of batman ever…so I don’t know which can deliver more…The eyes are on Bale and Hathaway….Bane’s only competition is The so called Batman and Robin in which Bane was a bad character, but I think that eyes are always on the villain also, so who knows,