The Dark Knight Rises trailer has the Internet’s undivided attention at the moment, and as with any major movie release, what was revealed in the trailer has sparked even more questions and discussions.

After taking a survey of some of the most pressing questions and concerns fans are voicing, we have a little breakdown of the TDKR trailer that will hopefully clarify a few things.

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At this point it almost seems impossible that people could be disappointed with a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, but in the aftermath of the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, there is a sector of moviegoers out there who have yet to be impressed with anything they’ve seen from The Dark Knight Rises.

For the sake of comparison, check out the second Dark Knight Rises trailer and compare it to the second trailer that was released for the The Dark Knight back in late 2007:

A quick scan of our comment sections tell us that some people think this new trailer was still too much of a teaser and not enough of a tantalizer – while others still are complaining that they saw enough to know that Nolan’s luck directing this franchise has run out.  Of course, above all the cacophony of complaints and criticisms, the cries of ‘That looks so epically awesome friggin cool!’ can be heard as loudly as the mysterious chant of the ‘Bane chorus.’

Upon inspection, these TDK and TDKR trailers follow an obvious pattern of setting up the thematic arc of the film, while primarily focusing on the primary villain that Batman will be facing. If you notice, The Dark Knight trailer gave away nothing about the Harvey Dent subplot of the film;  if one were judging Dark Knight by that trailer, it’s pretty much a ‘Batman vs. The Joker’ show – but we now know how much more complex (for better or worse) the actual movie was.

With TDKR having more characters, a bigger scope, and an obligation to bring everything in the trilogy to a close, expect a few surprises and curve balls, to say the least.

So how do you feel about the Dark Knight Rises trailer – love it? Hate it? Eager to see more?

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The issue of Bane’s Voice…

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg


“Masks” might be a thematic focus of Nolan’s Batman films, but “voice” has been the bane (no pun) of his filmmaking experiences with Batman Begins and especially The Dark Knight. In fact, franchise star Christian Bale’s ‘Batman voice’ has gone from being something that riled fanboys, to an official part of the pop-culture zeitgeist, ripe for parody at any and every turn.

If one voice wasn’t enough of an issue, now it looks like Nolan has two on his hands (issues, that is): Ever since The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue and/or the new trailer hit theaters, there’s been one point of near-consensus: It’s hard to understand a word that Bane (Tom Hardy) is saying.

THR is reporting that the Internet complaints about Bane’s digitally-altered voice (muffled by his hi-tech S&M mask) have reached the ears of those at Warner Bros., and the studio isn’t taking the mater lightly. One person supposedly working on Dark Knight Rises was quoted as saying he is “scared to death” about “the Bane problem.” Rumors have it that the studio is pushing for Nolan to go in another direction with the voice, but the filmmaker is standing firm on the issue (though he will be tweaking the audio levels of the film in editing).

dark knight rises bane deta 570x271 Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg

Having seen the prologue for myself, I can say that the problem is a considerable one – though maybe not for the reasons a lot of people think. Unusual voices are a running theme for the costumed characters in Nolan’s Batman films (The Scarecrow, Joker, Bane and Batman himself) – and at this point, frankly, I’m used to it. Bane’s voice is weird, for sure, but far from inaudible.

The problem with the prologue (as I saw it) was that the settings in the IMAX theater I was in were such that the background sounds (the roar of a plane engine in particular) were so loud that they drowned out ALL dialogue in the scene.

Take dialogue that’s hard to make out, add an odd voice (like Bane’s), and yes, you indeed have an issue. Funny enough: other viewers in other IMAX theaters said they could hear Bane’s dialogue just fine, and had more of an issue with his strange accent. And though it’s not crystal-clear, Bane’s line of dialogue in the new trailer isn’t impossible to make out. (“When Gotham is ash, you have my permission to die.”)

It seems that sound editing will make or break this aspect of the film – hopefully Nolan tweaks the levels in a way that Bane’s voice booms. Aside from keeping it audible, in my opinion the character sounds great. If you happen to be in the camp of people who hate the voice, you’ll sure to get a kick out of the fact that there is already a “Muffled Bane” parody account on Twitter.

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Robin logo in Dark Knight Rises trailer?

robin the dark knight rises Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg


It seems like a lot of Fans are getting worked up over something that appeared in The Dark Knight Rises trailer – namely, the scene where Bane attacks the Gotham football stadium.

In the crowd are a group of fans holding a sign that reads “Rogue,” the name of the Gotham football team. The “R” in “Rogues” happens to be shaped like he “R” that was used in the title logo of the ’90s Robin comic books, ergo leading many fans to run wild with speculation that Robin will indeed be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises – despite Christopher Nolan’s repeated claims that the character would not appear in his cinematic universe.

Check out the image that started all the hubub, below:

Dark Knight Rises Robin Easter Egg Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg

Robin Symbol Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg

As was to be expected, this whole Robin rumor has been dismantled as quickly as it started circulating. The sign was in no way a secret hint – or even a legitimate Easter egg, for that matter. Empire tracked down some info on the matter, and had this less-than-thrilling truth to share with the masses:

“The day this scene was shot, there were 10,000 extras there at Heinz Field. Most of them brought their own props and costumes, so clearly one guy has been smart and, when drawing the ‘R’ for the ‘Rogues’ signs (for the Rogues are Gotham’s team), he’s drawn it in the style of a Robin logo, off his own back. So this is no more a ‘clue’ that Robin will be in the film than the presence of the Batman logo on a door during [Nolan’s short film] ‘Following’ was a ‘clue’ that Nolan would one day make a Batman movie”.

So there you have it folks: No Robin in Dark Knight Rises – and no, it’s not going to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This was just one crafty fan who had the foresight to give the fanboys out there a little bit extra to enjoy. Take it for what it is and let’s all move on to the next rumor.

The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012

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Robin Easter Egg Image from Graphic Policy