‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Discussion, Bane’s Voice & Robin Easter Egg

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Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion1 Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg

The Dark Knight Rises trailer has the Internet’s undivided attention at the moment, and as with any major movie release, what was revealed in the trailer has sparked even more questions and discussions.

After taking a survey of some of the most pressing questions and concerns fans are voicing, we have a little breakdown of the TDKR trailer that will hopefully clarify a few things.

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At this point it almost seems impossible that people could be disappointed with a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, but in the aftermath of the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, there is a sector of moviegoers out there who have yet to be impressed with anything they’ve seen from The Dark Knight Rises.

For the sake of comparison, check out the second Dark Knight Rises trailer and compare it to the second trailer that was released for the The Dark Knight back in late 2007:

A quick scan of our comment sections tell us that some people think this new trailer was still too much of a teaser and not enough of a tantalizer – while others still are complaining that they saw enough to know that Nolan’s luck directing this franchise has run out.  Of course, above all the cacophony of complaints and criticisms, the cries of ‘That looks so epically awesome friggin cool!’ can be heard as loudly as the mysterious chant of the ‘Bane chorus.’

Upon inspection, these TDK and TDKR trailers follow an obvious pattern of setting up the thematic arc of the film, while primarily focusing on the primary villain that Batman will be facing. If you notice, The Dark Knight trailer gave away nothing about the Harvey Dent subplot of the film;  if one were judging Dark Knight by that trailer, it’s pretty much a ‘Batman vs. The Joker’ show – but we now know how much more complex (for better or worse) the actual movie was.

With TDKR having more characters, a bigger scope, and an obligation to bring everything in the trilogy to a close, expect a few surprises and curve balls, to say the least.

So how do you feel about the Dark Knight Rises trailer – love it? Hate it? Eager to see more?

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The issue of Bane’s Voice…

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  1. i think Nolan will probably bring us to the beginning of Batman Beyond at the end of this movie.
    I am just guessing (very far fetched, i know) but at the beginning of the trailer someone is walking with a cane, probably Bruce because of what Bane did to him (he cant be “Batman” anymore)

    or it could just be Alfred

  2. Umm usually an extra is given props and costume. Also keep in mind Nolan likes miss direction to keep us busy with things like this. AND he said he’s never put Bane OR Catwoman in a movie. So that is what I think.

    • I think it’s Alfred, homie..

      But that is an interesting assumption you have :)

  3. Just noticed something else in the new trailer, the only surviving football player is named Ward. Now the connection that I’m trying to place here is Bert Ward who played Robin in the 66 series. A possible nod to that no?

    • NO that would be the actual pro football player and steeler hines ward. I am from pittsburgh and was at heinz field d when they where filming those secens…about 6 or 7 steelers were on the gotham rouges.

      • also if you look at the person behind bruce during the party after salina speaks you can see the old school robin mask on som guy

      • Its Heinz Ward for the Pittsburg Steelers

    • No, it’s just Hines Ward’s actual last name.

  4. Overall pretty bland. Ramped up after the midway point. I expected something more thrilling… ~ Stark

  5. Oh, Dark Knight Rises Trailer #2… why can’t you be more like Dark Knight Trailer #2… However, I’m still in the “DKR will be awesome” boat.

  6. huh. how about that. pretty interesting.

  7. It’s not only Bane’s voice, but Hardy’s interesting hybrid accent that he came up with, that makes the character so multi-leveled… Orson Welles meets Ed Gein…

    • I agree man, In the prologue Bane’s voice seemed (to me anyway) to maybe have a British/German kinda accent. Where as in the trailer it seem to have a British/Hispanic thing going. Maybe I’m crazy but the way he said “..Permission to die” came off with a little bit of a Spanish accent. I definitely can tell a difference in the voice compared to the prologue, it seems a lot more crisp and a little robotic.

  8. So, after having watch the trailer for the umpteenth time, I have come up with an idea of the chant in the prison. It sounds to me like they are saying “THIS IS AWESOME….AWESOME!”

    Just Sayin


    • How about, from the stands.

      “This is Gotham Gotham.”

  9. Why doesn’t anybody ever talk about Catwoman. Anne was fantastic!

  10. I love how it doesn’t seem like people are pointing out the relevance of the national anthem to the whole point of it. You can hear the song through most of it, and some parts are highlighted. The song itself was made as a response to seeing the flag still standing after a barrage of British attacks during the revolution. It plays really well to it all…”what so proudly we hailed…” cuts to scene of batman, a character once semi-celebrated. “stripes and bright stars through the perious night” shows a scene of Harvey who has served to help bring the city through. “Twilights last gleaming” sweeping shot of the landscape of Gotham showings its last ray of hope.

    Say what you will, but there is always more meaning to the things Nolan does than what’s right there.

  11. Forgive spelling errors, posted from an old time phone! Ha. There were a few.

  12. I read on a couple other sites people saying they could wait for the second series. What the crap is the second series? I thought this was the end? I hope this isnt gonna be like starwars and a decade later they will make the next three films.

  13. zangbird!!! Where are you? I wanna know the script of TDKR 😀

  14. okay,i realise this may be nitpicking but does any once else have a problem with selina kyle have short fingernails? bear with me here. first: selina kyle is supposed to be an epitome of the femme fatale. i’m not talking about ten inch hood rat fingernails, but femme fatales dont have finger nails like the average man. her hands look manish in the trailer.it was distracting. secondly: selina kyle/catwoman. cats have claws. yes they changed the joker to fit the movie and be more realistic but they didnt stray from the essential things that make the joker the joker.again,cats have claws. need i say more?

    • She’s not in her Catwoman outfit in the trailer. I suspect when she puts on the outfit, then she’ll have fingernails.

      • selina kyle is a femme fatale as selina as well not just as catwoman. that was my point.

        • But you don’t have to have long fingernails to be a femme fatal. She was at a high society party in that scene. Would should show up with nails that make you look like a witch? No.

      • Yeah, I know if I was a costumed villainess that relied on stealth, and therefor gloves for optimum effectiveness, tge first thing I would want is…long fingernails…?

      • Yeah, I know if I was a costumed villainess that relied on stealth, and therefor gloves for optimum effectiveness, the first thing I would want is…long fingernails…?

  15. The Dark Knight Trailer still gives me cold chills. Tom Hardy is going to be cool as Bane and TDKR is going to kick ass, but not as cool as TDK and Ledger being the Joker. Heath Ledger as the Joker was just so unexpected and he wasn’t a logical choice, that’s what made it so awesome.

    • Heath Ledger was only a logical choice because you’ve seen the movie lol. most people were disgusted with HL as the lead choice for Joker.

      If youve seen Tom Hardy in any of his movies from Bronson to Blackhawk Down to Warrior then you know that hes extremely versatile and this should be easy for him…the guy is talented and his body of work is impressive to say the least. Im excited for this movie also.

  16. Man cmon, Bane is going to break batmans leg. google it. he uses a cain in a scene, limps in the trailer. This is gonna happen.

    • You mean his back…when someone breaks a leg usually they’re on crutches afterwards…only something like a broken back would you use a cain for.

  17. Why does TDKR get a whole article to nitpick it’s trailer (and teaser) but not The Avengers, or The Hobbit? Everyother trailer gets talked about but TDKR gets nitpicked….just wanted to ask.

  18. I don’t believe that the mansion showed being ravaged is Wayne Manor. I believe its another mansion or maybe multiple mansions, I think that there is going to be a war waged on the wealthy of Gotham. I think its pretty clear from what Selena says to Bruce during their dance. This all plays into the whole occupy Gotham theme that I fear is going to be in this film.

    Something else that’s interesting is the rumors that Nolan would film part of the occupy wall street demonstrations but then he pulled out because of the violence. Thing is Anne Hathaway was seen and photographed at a OWS event and I have also seen signs saying Occupy Gotham. I thought it was just someone jumping on the rumored filming but now I wonder if Nolan did indeed film some of the OWS events and just kept it all on the down low.

    • They actually decided not to film Occupy Wall Street part because of the message it would send it being in the film.Let’s not make assumptions like that seeing’s how NO ONE’S SEEN the film yet!!Everybody keeps nitpicking the
      HELL out of the trailer and saying it’s going to suck, and Occupy Gotham is the theme,and Catwoman’s not good enough and Bane’s not BIG Enough!!!WAHH!!! WAHH!!! WAAHHH!!!You WILL SEE… You ..WILL SEE.

  19. I still think zoe saldana would have made a more kick ass catwoman.

  20. Anyone think the cylinder in which someone ab-sails down during the trailer is a Lazarus pit? The holes (when filmed) had green screens inside them, so this indicates cgi to fill the hole. Reckon the Lazarus pit is a form of hospital? Hence bale talking to a not so healthy Tom Conti? Also it’s shown twice during the trailer? Indicates it’s a big part of film?

  21. i think robin will be in it at the very last that bruce goes to a circus

  22. I think that cylinder is the original well that Bruce fell down as a child. This movie must have scenes relating to that same spot since it leads to the Bat Cave.

    How about this?

    This movie takes place years after the last one. Maybe the movie takes place years after the death of Robin, the Robin storyline could have taken place inbetween movies. That death would add to Batman’s brooding darkness. Now that I write this, seems like a long shot.

    When is there finally going to be a Superman reference? Both movies are coming out in 2012, right?

    • There’s no question, it was the well leading to the bat cave. In the comics Bane finds the batcave, in the trailer it’s banes henchmen going down the well.

      • I would say it’s more like it’s no question that it *isn’t* the well that leads to tge batcave. The one that Bruce fell fown in Begins was about 4 feet across, while the one in the trailer I’d big enough for three or four people to propel down at the sane time.

  23. Maybe robin will appear in the film, but not as costumed robin but as a young dick grayson. Since this is the last nolan batman film, it will be nice to see a young dick grayson at some point in the movie. Anyone that is a fan of batman should know who dick grayson is.

    • NO ROBIN or Dick Grayson will be a part of the film!!Nolan and Bale both agreed a long time ago there would be no Robin in these movies!!

  24. It is batman walking with the cain. Look at the relfection in the cloche cover.

    • Actually i’ve done some screen caps for reference and it’s Bruce Wayne in the reflection ,NOT Alfred like some people said and thought previously!

  25. NO sorry, but the person who takes over batman once he is broken is Azrael, not Nightwing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be the pre-robin. Just because Robin is not in the movie, or in costume, does not mean that Robin doesn’t exist in the movie. I also believe that Hugo Strange will be the sub-plot villain. Hugo is behind it all…….hahaha

  26. Come to think of it the football team are blue and white, like the nighthawks. Michael Lane played for them. Michael is Azrael. That would be awesome if Azrael is another special character in the movie or a cameo. I think he is one of the most charsmatic and interesting characters in the Batman lineup, beside Joker of course.