‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Discussion, Bane’s Voice & Robin Easter Egg

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Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion1 Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg

The Dark Knight Rises trailer has the Internet’s undivided attention at the moment, and as with any major movie release, what was revealed in the trailer has sparked even more questions and discussions.

After taking a survey of some of the most pressing questions and concerns fans are voicing, we have a little breakdown of the TDKR trailer that will hopefully clarify a few things.

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At this point it almost seems impossible that people could be disappointed with a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, but in the aftermath of the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, there is a sector of moviegoers out there who have yet to be impressed with anything they’ve seen from The Dark Knight Rises.

For the sake of comparison, check out the second Dark Knight Rises trailer and compare it to the second trailer that was released for the The Dark Knight back in late 2007:

A quick scan of our comment sections tell us that some people think this new trailer was still too much of a teaser and not enough of a tantalizer – while others still are complaining that they saw enough to know that Nolan’s luck directing this franchise has run out.  Of course, above all the cacophony of complaints and criticisms, the cries of ‘That looks so epically awesome friggin cool!’ can be heard as loudly as the mysterious chant of the ‘Bane chorus.’

Upon inspection, these TDK and TDKR trailers follow an obvious pattern of setting up the thematic arc of the film, while primarily focusing on the primary villain that Batman will be facing. If you notice, The Dark Knight trailer gave away nothing about the Harvey Dent subplot of the film;  if one were judging Dark Knight by that trailer, it’s pretty much a ‘Batman vs. The Joker’ show – but we now know how much more complex (for better or worse) the actual movie was.

With TDKR having more characters, a bigger scope, and an obligation to bring everything in the trilogy to a close, expect a few surprises and curve balls, to say the least.

So how do you feel about the Dark Knight Rises trailer – love it? Hate it? Eager to see more?

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The issue of Bane’s Voice…

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  1. I’m confused. The trailer is NEVER the finished product, Obviously they’re gonna polish everything. You’ll be able to understand him wHen the movie comes out ;)

    • I rewatched the trailer with good head phones and I can hear everything Bane is saying. Its a weird voice but very understandable.

  2. I didn’t find Bane hard to understand at all. I think some people just wanna knit-pick at him because they’re having a hard time excepting him as the main villain. Why else would there still be those damn “secret villain” rumors? There wasn’t that much speculation when Joker was announced as the villain. I liked the trailer even though I wanted to hear more of Bane and Catwoman speaking, and I can’t wait til this movie comes out so everyone can see what a baddass Bane truly is.

    • i´ve watched the trailer 20 times,bane´s voice sounds cool and understandable!

      • It sounds like Klaus from Hellboy 2

        • yes, he kind of does! good call.

      • I agree, it also makes the character better cause you are REALLY listening to everything he says, so you wont miss anything, and that just draws me in that much more.

        “When Gotham is Ash, you have my permission to die”

        That is so insanely bad ass and terrifying.




  3. It is awesome. I didn’t have a problem understanding Bane, in fact I heard his line and got it the first time I watched the trailer. It’s a good trailer that has people talking. It raises a lot of questions that would be only be answered by seeing the movie. The scope of the story is obviously (very dare I say it)epic, that was the vibe given from the trailer.

  4. I got goosebumps when I saw the new trailer it screams epic,I learned my lession about doubting Nolan, I was one of those people screaming WHAAAT!when he cast Ledger as joker in TDK up until now best batman/superhero movie ever made.The only thing I’m hopin they dont do in this film is change the batsuit again.

  5. The stuff with Cat Woman talking about the rich living large and the rest having nothing makes me worry about this film being a big occupy Gotham type thing.There have always been politcal messages in Nolans films and they havent botherd me too much thus far but I really have no respect for the occupiers and if this film spouts off a bunch of anti wealth propaganda its going to ruin the movie for me.

    • I think you’re looking to much into it. Most of those scenes were filmed before OWS.

    • Yeah you really are looking into to WAY too much.

      Pre-production, principal shooting, all started long long long long long long before the OWS campaign.

  6. I don’t know i get a feel that !!

    my view, as per Knightfall -
    Initially in the movie batman gets broken, the city goes into chaos. It needs a new superhero.. and since there is no Azrael in Nolanverse(is there?) i am thinking cat woman becomes the new savior for Gotham ?.. and Maybe, just maybe.. Miranda Tate is Shondra Kinsolving.. trying to help batman heal ??? OR!!!.. maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a Thomas Elliot like character (you know.. HUSH!… child-hood buddy of wayne).. Who helps batman heal.. I remember there was a news about lazarus pit being shot in India… so trying to piece all this togethere :)

  7. LOL… let it rest for god sakes there is no ROBIN …Thank God !

  8. I know that it’s been said about a million times that there will be no Robin, consider in the scene with the army-painted batmobiles and the hovercraft-looking thing… If Batman is driving one, and, I dunno, Gordon is driving another… Who would be driving the third? Catwoman? Joseph Gordon-Robin?

    • Judging by the set photos, Batman is chasing the camo Tumblers, which would imply that Bane and The League of Shadows are in them.

    • Those are BANE’S machines. PIx show them as part of Bane’s merc army. that should answer some questions for you.

      • Oh, except the hovercraft, which is supposed to be a Nolan-ized Batwing. lolol

        • So you know how EXACTLY a Bat-wing should be then, right ? May be, you have the Blue-print or something.

          • It looks like the wheels popped off of the tumbler and started flying. Its just stupid. And there is a general look for the Batwing. It is even capable of flight, where as this flying erector set brick couldnt be in a realistic universe. My opinion of how nolan should have done the batwing may have been better for him. Know how when he is in the tumbler and the seat slides down into fight mode? well imagine the top half of the tubler lifting up and using the flat driver seat as the cockpit and launches off of the tumbler. its kinda like those small planes they use in that disney atlantis movie when they are battling in the volano and the small planes launch off of the back of the trucks
            idk. this batwing is just dumb

            • Flying erector set brick?i like your idea! actually,a friend and i, that found a picture of some sort of new WAYNE TECH vehicle online talked and conceptualized the same idea while looking at the picture …THIS Hovering BATWING thing is SICK in my opinion!!.. and who’s to say this isn’t some sort of new Tumbler or vehicle it comes out of(probably not)but,you never know!!We’ll ALL find out in July though!!

  9. I didn’t find Bane really hard to understand (although it wasn’t exactly crystal clear either but what can you expect with a cage strapped to your face?) I still find Bane himself to be underwhelming and frankly silly looking. Kabal from MK wants his mouthpiece back.

  10. I think the poll should have been more well thought-out. There are basically three negative choices and one positive.

    I thought the trailer was good, but neither “Awesome” nor simply “OK.”

    • There you go Hiro – changed the wording to sound a bit more positive.

  11. Anyone notice the scene where bales got the beard, the trailer cuts it out, but i swear thats a limping mans stride.

    So i conclude Bane breaks one of Batmans legs.

  12. OK I think I got it
    Bane breaks batman and starts taking over the city as a (corrupt figure head ) hence banes tumblers
    2. Bruce becomes EMO thats why alfreds yelling at him in the trailer

    3.( Miranda Tate) is Talia and takes batman to the lazerus pit and helps rebuild his confidence after the city turns on him With a Ras’al ghul cameo maybe a flashback

    cat women and Levitt IDK

  13. I’ve seen some people complaining about this trailer, but I’m glad to see that it doesn’t give to much away like so many other movies. It just peaks your interest the right amount to make you feel like you can’t wait to see it. I’m looking forward to this “conclusion”

    For the complainers out there, if the entire plot were laid out in the trailer what would be the reason for the majority of people to want to see it? Give away just enough to wet the appetite….

    Nolan is like a drug dealer….a little taste for free…but if you really want to see what it’s all about you gotta pony up some money (STRAIGHT CASH HOMEY!!!)

    • I totally agree with this. If a trailer gives to much detail then people come out of the woodwork to complain about the trailer giving away too much (once the movie comes out). Now we see the current TDKR trailer and people complain that there isnt enough. I love the fact I have seen this trailer and I am still guessing.


  14. Banes voice wasn’t so much an issue in the trailer as it was in the prologue. I had to read the script just to understand what he said. I don’t think they should change it, just fix it in editing. People forget there’s still 7 months left of work to do on this film and just because we’ve been spoiled recently doesn’t mean we’ve seen anything near the finished product! Both the prologue ad trailer got me amped! Bring it Nolan!

    • I agree. Banes’ dialogue is easy to make out in the trailer. It’s in the IMAX prologue where I could only make out two sentences.

  15. Why’s there another discussion for TDKR trailer?
    We already have a pretty good discussion going on over here, don’t we?

    • no one cares stfu

  16. Does anyone else understand the tag line? Because a legend just can’t end that’s why it’s a legend. It lasts forever. Now a story can end. But once something is a legend it’s pretty much permanent, right?

    • Bane’s device sends him back in time and he kills Bruce Wayne when he is a child. ;)

  17. Awesome! This is going to be epic!

    Love you Nolan

  18. Whoever thought that R was a Easter egg for Robin is stupid lol.

  19. I love the new trailer.

    TDK – The Joker was the ultimate terrorist, he seemed motivated by something no one else understood, not even the joker at times. utter chaos. The people were afraid and paranoid and suspicious of each other. Sort of post-9/11 inspired.

    TDKR – Bane. Is an opportunist, this is like pre-9/11 inspired. The complacent Clinton-like generation enjoying wealth and unaware of the growing threat of the underprivilegded, vengeful foreign enemies and a sweeping of criminals into prisons that are too small and underbudgeted.

    This film seems to really up the stakes, even the trailer makes me feel a “rising” power or event of unknown origin. I’m rooting for Bale on this one, rise up batman! Put on a backbrace and give Bane a batarang or two in that face breather!

  20. I have no opinion as to whether the Robin Easter egg (Robin stylized ‘R’) is just a nod to the Character or a major hint to an appearance, but what I have not seen anyone comment on was the other Robin Easter Egg: After the receiver makes it to the endzone and turns around, you see the name on the back of his jersey — WARD. This is, obviously, in reference to Burt Ward, who played Robin in the 1960′s Batman t.v. series. Nod or hint, ya gotta love it!

    • Nod or hint or….none of the above. That’s a cameo appearance by Hines Ward, the wide receiver for The Pittsburg Steelers. The scene was filmed at Heinz Field where the Steelers play and instead of finding extras to play the players, they just used the Steelers. E for Effort though, better luck next time.

      • Touche’ — I did not realize that. Thanks for the clarification and Merry Christmas!

  21. So, what no one is concerned with is that there are TWO Tumblers and a ‘Batwing’ in that one scene (also pictured at the top of the article)? So, who’s driving the other two vehicles? CatWoman? Robin? Alfred?

    Who cares?!

    Wait to see the movie! Why try and figure it all out now? Remember how cool it was when Dent went all psycho in TDK? Did you have an inkling that would happen? No. So leave the trailer alone! Enjoy it! Look forward to the summer and let the anticipation build. then go to the theater, watch a great movie…

    …then jump on the internet and complain about it because you over-hyped it in your own mind!

    I, personally, am looking forward to Anne in tight leather and a whip. Bane is NOT the source of my anticipation. Nor is Alfred.

    • well said my friend, well said…

  22. I’m not a Nolan worshipper, fanboy or anything like that but I loved the trailer. Maybe it’s just me but I understood everything Bane said from the prologue and the trailer. And we need to remember that Tom Hardy’ll do another voice-over in post production. And about not understanding the trailer, come on it’s Chris Nolan. Surely you guys have seen the Inception trailers?? And he said it himself that the less you know about the story now, the better it’ll be when you actually watch the whole movie. I think he deserves our trust after bringing Batman back from the Joel Schumacher days

  23. The only time I had trouble understanding Bane was when I was watching bootlegged, recorded-off-some-guy’s-cell-phone footage. His voice in the OFFICIAL trailer is fantastic.

    Also, Kudos to the guy who drew the Robin ‘R’, and thanks to Nolan’s team for keeping it in!

  24. People need to stop complaining about bane, his voice is great, easy to understand.

    As for robin, the Easter egg was just a sign, don’t get so happy about it.

    The Dark Knight Rises will be epic and will blow every person away. If it is the end of Bale as Batman, then it will be great.

  25. Hang on, in The Dark Knight trailer, at 1:21, where is scene where he drives the Batmobile in the Underground base in the film itself??

    • the scene was cut from the film. it took place just before batman went to save Dent from the Joker.

  26. Honestly, the trailer didn’t show much, but why should that be construed to be a bad thing? I think that the Dark Knight trailers showed too much, and while I did like seeing more content, whats the point in doing that this time around? Nolan already has his audience and even if no additional trailers are released the film will make a TON of money. There are too many fans and too much hype out there on the whole batman wave right now.

    Also, if you look at Nolan’s last film, INception (which is up there with my fav films) Nolan initially showed us/told us practically nothing and yet every1 was blown away by the end result.

    I think that this movie is looking more and more promising, and if Nolan goes big (which I think he will) and kills off Bruce Wayne, the film will be considered a success of epic proportions by most everyone and this trilogy will go down as one of the top ones ever.

  27. I think that we are all overlooking a key aspect of human understanding of spoken language: reading lips and facial expressions. Yes, Hardy’s voice is difficult to understand in part because of the accent he is using and the muffling effect of the mask, but I think the difficulty we’re all having stems primarily from our inability to read Bane’s lips.

    If this is the case, then neither Hardy nor Nolan are really to blame here and not much can be done in post production to remedy the problem. Unless, of course, Nolan can find a way to counteract human language processing problems. If you’re having difficulty understanding my point, try removing your glasses, contacts or simply closing your eyes during a conversation with someone in a crowded room. The removal of one sense dulls the other four.

    Because we cannot see Hardy’s facial formation of his words along with other expressions that convey tone, meaning, etc., our brains cannot fill in the gaps of inaudible dialogue. I think the decision to make hardy’s mouth invisible to those who behold him was an intentional way of making Bane seem all the more intimidating. However, there is some obvious give and take at play here, as we gain character development but lose some expository dialogue.

    Personally, I hope that this doesn’t cast a pall on Hardy’s performance, which has the potential to at least match what Ledger did in “The Dark Knight.” From what I’ve seen of Hardy’s Bane (both the prologue and trailer #2), it appears as if Hardy turns in a nuanced, frightening portrayal of Bane. As a fan of the Knightfall saga, it appears as if Hardy and Nolan have captured the essence of what makes Bane so threatening, all the while choosing to disregard aspects of his backstory that aren’t necessarily relevant to the narrative.

    I remember participating in discussions on Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in 2008. There was the opinion that, because Ledger’s Joker lacked so many canonical aspects of DC’s joker, that it wasn’t a true portrayal. My argument is that Nolan attempts to distill DC’s character’s down to their rawest archetypal purposes. If that essence is left intact, then for me, the portrayal is accurate.

    Hardy’s Bane seems to be a methodical, poised monster with a clear purpose, much like his comics counterpart. Though he is not clearly South American, I feel that Hardy’s chosen accent seves to highlight the global scale in which this film exists. Batman is no longer dealing with a domestic threat; he is facing an international threat posed by a villain whose very voice conveys multiple nationalities, almost in an amorphous way. That, to me, is very Bane.

    Though I could not understand all of Bane’s dialogue, I was struck by the calm, almost cordial sound of his voice. Traditionally, Bane is shown to be a very cold, calculating villain. He simply does not need to yell because his presence alone conveys intimidation. Hardy’s decision to make Bane’s voice very proper and dignified shows just how confident this version of the character truly is. In a way, it’s almost scarier to have a well-muscled mask man threaten you politely than it is for him to scream at you.

  28. I loved the trailer and did understand Bane’s lines. I thought the pace of the action was just fast enough and appreciate the fact that we were given just enough in the scenes and brief character interactions shown to heighten my anticipation of this trilogy finale.

  29. You do know that the Robin thing is a double blind, right? I’ve read the ending of the film, and let’s just say that one character is definitely a red robin…er….I mean herring.

    And when you see the film next summer and see what I mean, I want an edible arrangement.

    • Read the end? Why would you even bother insulting us with such a claim. Let me guess, you think your clever and have “figured out” that Gordon-Levitt’s character is Robin so to make your lofty claim that you’ve read the ending so your theory holds water. Give the people on this site a little more credit than that…

      • *sigh*

        What I’m going to type is fact, not speculation. It’s that simple. You can believe it or choose not to believe it.

        I have a friend who worked at a production company this summer and became friends with one of the team editing raw footage.

        So, cut and paste this post, hold onto it and when the time comes, apologize.

        ‘John Blake’ is the red herring because in the screenplay I read (and I did read it in its entirety, not just the end) he is NEVER referred to by another character as ‘John Blake’….he is always ‘Blake’ or ‘Detective Blake’ or, in a sly nod to an earlier villain, simply ‘Detective’.
        at the end of the film, after Lucius dies (thank you, Talia) and Batman has faked his death and retired to Florence with Selina (yes…it does happen) he leaves Blake – his staunchest ally in the film – a key to a safe deposit box.
        when Blake goes to claim the items he needs to present ID, and does so, indicating his name – Robin Blake. The box contains a GPS locator and some Batman stuff, the intent being that he carry on.


        I’m sorry if this messes with our worldview or you’re angry that someone got to it first, but that’s the way it is. and next July you’ll see.

        Now, do you want to know about Bane, Ra’s and Selina?

        • You’re a scumbag and i hate you even if this is “true”

        • Why would bruce wayne fake batman’s death only to have JGL come back as him? how does that make sense to the public??
          The editing company wouldn’t have the script until Nolan showed up with it. Shooting finished like a month ago, Studios are aware of leaks and wouldn’t just have scripts distributed to different sections of the production to lay around especially on a movie THIS big and furthermore the script would be nowhere NEAR the possession of a summer intern long enough for him to show it to his friend..who lies. And finally even if this is true, why spoil it? after you see how much anticipation and how much discussion is being had about it why would you even have to go there? i think that makes you a little bit of a sociopath. Kudos for trying, maybe go to yahoo answers if you want people to lust all wide-eyed for your alleged knowledge of the conclusion to the dark knight trilogy..sicko

          • *sigh*

            This why I try not to even bother commenting on this site. Some loser like this guy is makes these lofty claims to knowing a guy who knows a guy. Either he’s dense enough to believe what this supposed person is telling him or he thinks we’re dense enough to believe him. Either way, it’s a sad state of affairs…

            • Please, just do me this favor: take the above and jot the main points down on a Post-It note, and stick it to your computer monitor or desk. Come July, you’ll see.

              And even if you think I’m making it all up, it’ll just give you more ammunition to pile on again next summer right? You win either way.

              well, not really, but you understand.

              Just do me the favor and don’t lose sight of what I said, even if it’s just to mock me in 7 months.

              • Nah, I’ll just go ahead and forget this conversation even happened, enjoy what really happens in the movie and go about living my life.

              • Obviously I owe you an apology but the fact that you gave away the ending of the movie MONTHS in advance was very uncool.

                • He didn’t get it QUITE right, however (including the fact that he is saying Fox DEFINITELY dies)…just a consideration… ;)

                  • He probably read an earlier version of the script where Lucious dies.

    • not trying to bust your balls but where you read the ending?