‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer Discussion, Bane’s Voice & Robin Easter Egg

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Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion1 Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion, Banes Voice & Robin Easter Egg

The Dark Knight Rises trailer has the Internet’s undivided attention at the moment, and as with any major movie release, what was revealed in the trailer has sparked even more questions and discussions.

After taking a survey of some of the most pressing questions and concerns fans are voicing, we have a little breakdown of the TDKR trailer that will hopefully clarify a few things.

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At this point it almost seems impossible that people could be disappointed with a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, but in the aftermath of the premiere of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, there is a sector of moviegoers out there who have yet to be impressed with anything they’ve seen from The Dark Knight Rises.

For the sake of comparison, check out the second Dark Knight Rises trailer and compare it to the second trailer that was released for the The Dark Knight back in late 2007:

A quick scan of our comment sections tell us that some people think this new trailer was still too much of a teaser and not enough of a tantalizer – while others still are complaining that they saw enough to know that Nolan’s luck directing this franchise has run out.  Of course, above all the cacophony of complaints and criticisms, the cries of ‘That looks so epically awesome friggin cool!’ can be heard as loudly as the mysterious chant of the ‘Bane chorus.’

Upon inspection, these TDK and TDKR trailers follow an obvious pattern of setting up the thematic arc of the film, while primarily focusing on the primary villain that Batman will be facing. If you notice, The Dark Knight trailer gave away nothing about the Harvey Dent subplot of the film;  if one were judging Dark Knight by that trailer, it’s pretty much a ‘Batman vs. The Joker’ show – but we now know how much more complex (for better or worse) the actual movie was.

With TDKR having more characters, a bigger scope, and an obligation to bring everything in the trilogy to a close, expect a few surprises and curve balls, to say the least.

So how do you feel about the Dark Knight Rises trailer – love it? Hate it? Eager to see more?

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The issue of Bane’s Voice…

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  1. Not fixing Bane’s voice is a mistake. What good is a great line like “When Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die” if you can’t understand what he’s saying? Since the trailer was online you can have people translate it for you like it was on the comment section of that post. But you won’t have that luxury when watching the movie. Just imagine if The Joker’s voice was unintelligible. All those amazing lines spoken would be pointless, and the character would lose the impact he had with the audience.

    I really can’t stand it when people keep saying “In Nolan we trust”, but I really do think Nolan has his reasons for keeping Bane’s voiced muffled.

    • I just hope it wont be like spider man 3

      • COME!!! ON!!!SPIDERMAN 3!!!?…You should rethink what you say before saying it!!Let’s see?..Did SPIDERMAN II break ALL BOX OFFICE records?…So yeah..NO there will be NO EMO Bruce dancing on a bar scenes or hitting on ladies on the sidewalk!!YOU CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT COMPARING THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to Spiderman 3!!Sorry i’m not going off on you..well maybe a little but, people that compare these two films need it!!!it seems?.. Christopher Nolan and his team are Far
        better than and is NOT Sam Raimi or WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR COMING UP or WRITING that atrocious film!!!

  2. I like Bane’s voice but i didn’t hear it the first time so i had to watch it again, so if i see the movie id have to see it more then once to catch it but ill see it multiple times anyways

    • yeah same here had to rewatch it few times to understand banes voice

  3. Rogue..
    ..not Rouge.

    I love Bane’s voice – can’t wait.

    • Can you tell I was doing my makeup while writing this? [Facepalms]

      Thanks for the catch.

  4. Robin Easter egg? Someone care to elaborate for me?

    • This.

      I just saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s playing a cop, turning to run. Some people have speculated that he’s going to turn out to be Robin, but I haven’t seen or read anything that actually indicates such a thing…just people’s wishful thinking.

      • I recon JGL will be night wing personally, bats is gonna need some help with this one i think

    • In the opening scene when the camera is panning across the stadium there are audience members holding up letters that spell out “Rogue”. All of the letters except the “R” have the same plain hand written looking font, the “R” however uses the font that is commonly used to spell “Robin” on comic book covers. I guarantee it isn’t a coincidence but I think it is just paying homage to Robin not actually suggesting Robin is in the film.

      This is the Scene.


      • Very nice!

    • Yeah I read this article to find out about the whole Robin thing and it wasnt even mentioned. WTF?

      • Dirk,

        Um, 5 paragraphs and two images is “nothing”? Really?


        • Is that your real hair?

      • did you decide to go to, idk… page 2? 3 perhaps?

        • lol aaand. Boom goes the dynamite.

    • If you look at the beginning of the football crowd scene. there are people holding up ROGUES poster boards. The R looks like the robin R on his costume.

  5. People keep forgetting that TDKR is barely in the editing stages. We’re lucky to see any footage at all!
    Underwhelming? To see what we see so early is a testament to how amazing this film will most likely be.
    I’m sure Name’s voice will be fine.
    BTW, that was brilliant what thar extra did with the Robin logo; true fanboy!

  6. I liked it so far. It gives the impression that Batman will not come out of this in one piece. For the whole Bane muffled talked, I understood him right away. They might redub the lines so it is clearer. But it makes sense since he has a muzzel on.

  7. My quarry is not with Nolan it’s with the people who are saying that this movie is going to be a flop. They know they’re going to see it I don’t understand why they have to trash talk a movie they’re going to see regardless.
    And second, I think this movie is going to be good, but I don’t think it’s going to be as good as The Dark Knight for one reason. The Joker. The reason everybody anticipated The Dark Knight was because of the Joker. He is one of the biggest antagonists of all time. They got very lucky with The Dark Knight and while I think this movie will be awesome, I don’t think it will be as big as TDK.

    • I really doubt anyone thinks this movie will flop. What I’m hearing is people saying it won’t live up to the hype. Which is fair cause this movies hype is as high as I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll be there opening day, but I’ll wait before I start kissing Nolan’s butt.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if this film makes more than TDK. But I doubt it will live up to expectations since people have put TDK on such a pedestool.

        PS: Why didn’t my first comment get published?

    • Im not so sure…
      People LOVE Bane! He’s the villian that defeated Batman, in wits and strength. And everyone was booing the idea of The Joker in TDK, so I don’t know what you’re talking about with it being the reason people saw TDK.

  8. I saw the prologue and I swear Bane sounds like that German smoke guy from Hellboy 2.

    Also the Robin Easter egg is just the design of the letter r in a group that spells rogues in the football scene.

    I was disappointed that there was no Morgan Freeman in this trailer. And only one of Marion Cotillard.

  9. I thought it was an awesome trailer although I was hoping that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing The Riddler but Robin? im not too sure about Robin being in this film..Second about the trailer I wish they would add the Bat figure at the end of the trailer where it has the title THE DARK KNIGHT RISES just like they did with TDK

  10. I agree with John on this one. What made The Dark Knight so good and not just Another Batman Begins was the Joker. Take him away and its BB. I feel like this film will be good but not as good as TDK for that reason.

    • Batman begins is an astonishing film too. It was the best comic book movie until the dark knight came out so there’s no reason to say something like that

    • ‘Batman Begins (2005)’ has its OWN identity. It’s just not easy as simplifying it to be as just ‘TDK MINUS Joker’.

      ‘Batman Begins’ is more about Batman’s Origins and TDK is about Batman’s career. TDK is just a continuation of BB. And perhaps BB is MORE ‘Batman’ than TDK. And adding ‘Joker’ to everything does not always mean adding extra value to everything.

  11. I don’t know what’s worse, the people slagging off this film and saying “Nolan sucks, he’s ruined Batman, he’s an awful director, DC sucks” or the people saying “this is awesome, TDKR is gonna rule, it’s gonna kick the avengers ass, in Nolan we trust, chant, chant, chant (i don’t know what the chant says)” etc..

    I’m looking forward to this movie, but I’m not gonna tell everyone for sure that it is gonna suck or be great before I’ve seen it so i can really judge.
    The trailer didn’t really excite me, but i’ve learned that trailers do lie to us. Never trust them

    • They’re both bad, but from opposites side of the spectrum. They both commit the irrational error of going to extremes.

      I wish so many people weren’t such simpletons who can’t present nuance and layers in their arguments and are constantly in search of validation of their opinions, so much so that they must hammer home extreme points.

      I myself don’t trust trailers. They are after all, simply promos and they can be tailored for different audiences. I thought the trailer for Batman Begins was awful, but so far, I find Begins to be the better Batman movie by Nolan.

      • I agree. I prefer Begins. It’s a more enjoyable movie. (IMO)

  12. Uhm…yeah..

  13. Could hear Bane perfectly. Dunno what the flamewar is about.

  14. Yeah banes voice needs to be tweeked a tad bit in editing…enough for it to be somewhat audible over noisy a$$ people kids in the theater. I didn’t really like the look of the batwing but I’ll give that one the benefit of the doubt till I see it in action. The trailer overall I liked except for the parts when its almost shoving in your face telling you its “EPIC”. I mean too much of much TDK that I really didn’t like so hopefully What he does with this one IS epic. I doubt I’ll watch this opening day though… Too many people to fully concentrate on the film.

  15. I liked Bane’s voice; however, the audio needs to be polished and the excess background noise filtered out. Can’t wait to see TDKR, the prologue was frickin awesome haha

  16. This trailer didn’t get me pumped like the TDK trailer did. The TDK trailer really had the feel of “upping the ante”. This one feels more like it’s building to something but doesn’t pay off (in the sense of a climatic shot, like the semi flipping over or Joker’s game of chicken). The iconic, high energy music was part of what made the TDK trailer so tantalizing for me. This has me hooked, but hopefully Nolan and WB will release a trailer that really gets me excited.

  17. I understood Bane’s voice in the trailer (haven’t seen the prologue). If they tweak it a little bit in post it should be fine for the finished film.

    The trailer was pretty awesome. It got me more pumped to see the movie. I’m curious to see how Cotillard and Gordon-Levitt play into the story.

  18. Really? A trailer discussion? Three effing pages long? And you people wonder why I (and some other people) are annoyed by it? Come on…

    • Scapegoat,

      Yes, really. As I type this it’s the most popular article on the site. I’ve said it before and I’m getting tired of saying it: NO ONE FORCES YOU TO READ EVERY ARTICLE ON THIS SITE.


      • I know. And it´s not meant in an offensive way. But there´s already so much articles about this trailer (not the movie but the trailer!). Why does it get so much attention?! I mean, there´s three pages about the “issue of Bane´s voice”, right? Why isn´t there three pages about another movie? Again, I don´t wanna offend anyone, but it´s getting a BIT ridiculous with this movie. Just saying.

        • Scape,

          We don’t create demand for a film, but when people are talking about it like crazy and are hungry for information we DO provide it.

          We wrote this post today and put up the trailer yesterday. Prior to that, the last Dark Knight Rises article was written 6 days earlier. “Dark Knight Rises” has been in the top 5 most searched phrases for over 24 hours (that’s a LOT, trust me). People have been talking about the issues Kofi addressed here (which he wrote at my behest) like crazy on Twitter since the trailer premiered. The Bane voice issue has been a hot topic since the prologue first appeared.

          Also, studios have gotten wise to how this all works, and they’ve started letting information out about a film they want to promote at a slow and steady “drip, drip, drip” (to the point where it annoys US sometimes). But if we do skip something – immediately we see “Hey, why haven’t you guys covered ‘X’ on the site?”.

          I’m only taking the time to explain this to you because I know you’re a long time reader. I have a business to run with higher monthly expenses than some people make in a year. So if TDKR is a hot, popular topic, we’re going to cover the heck out of it.

          And BTW, if no one read this stuff, we’d stop writing about it. But when certain posts get a ton of visitors, that tells us that’s a topic we should focus on.



          • Again: like I said before: NO OFFENSE! But:

            “But if we do skip something – immediately we see “Hey, why haven’t you guys covered ‘X’ on the site?”

            There´s nothing about this movie (or the trailer) you guys haven´t mentioned before.

            But never mind. I won´t comment on TDKR articles anymore. I´m just done with it.

          • Thanks Vic, keep up the great work screenrant is awesome. :)

        • I may agree that it is ridiculous, but its not the sites fault…

          Supply and demand Scapegoat, supply and demand

          • I never said it´s the site´s fault.

            • Scape,

              And in case you’re wondering, I’m not mad at you at all. You stated your case, I stated mine – and we’re golden as far as I’m concerned.



              • Like I said in my E-Mail, we´re cool. SR is still my #1 site.

                • Next time you see a TDKR article just roll your eyes, pass it over, and say “again?”.



                  • I will (roll my eyes)… ;)

                    • your such a loser stfu you fuking d0uche

            • Here’s a little perspective. I could’ve included THIS in the post:


              • Wow…

              • talk about dumping gas on a fire…

              • That seems like an actual possible hint…or it could just be that Selina Kyle likes pearl necklaces. I know some women like that.

                • That was really smart!!! It could be that The Bat could be falling for The Cat… Just speculating :)

                • lol

              • the necklace was broken when the guy reached waynes mom neck when they were getting robbed

    • Well just cause one guy feels its not worth it to have a trailer discussions.. doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.. I on the other hand think SR did a good job of breaking up the trailer and giving their view for us to discuss..

      But i don’t understand the problem of people thinking they are top of the class and what they say is “God’s Word” ??? really.. if u don’t like a topic.. skip it.. no one is telling u to read it.. and SR like any other site has the right to create a topic which the public has interest in. It’s news and they have it covered.. So I don’t know whats the problem here.. or do you think SR is your bit#@.. and it should cater to only your needs ?

  19. big deal… I hate batman movies! they really ruined this franchise letting Nolan take over. Bring back Joel Schumacher so we can have our True Caped Crusader again!

    • This is the dumbest thing I ever heard anyone say about anything ever

      • Dirk… I dont know what to say about that without coping and pasting what cranium7 said before me.

      • I was just kidding lol I had hoped to generate more outrage from people. BRING THE BAT NIPS BACK!!!!

  20. I noticed on the trailer page that some of commented on the jail scene with Bruce. I wonder if that’s part of the past that wasn’t mentioned in Batman Begins when Bruce is on his journey before he is trained by the League of Shadows. Unless he chooses to go as a pentance for Dent.

  21. You people are acting like the movie comes out this Friday! You realize that its 6 months away from being finished, right? I’m positive Nolan will make Bane’s voice just fine; otherwise Two-Face would’ve been completely unintelligible in TDK.
    Nolan has a habit of constantly topping his last work. His last film was Inception, so I’m excited.

  22. what really pisses me off is that nolan (i think i’m the best) has come out and directly called people slow and said that it is us who should adjust for his (pretty crap) movies. bad enough that this guy already thought he was god, now he has to go around being a d*** b/c of his arrogance. WE’RE THE ONES PAYING TO WATCH YOUR F***ING MOVIE, SO WE SHOULD HAVE PRIORITY OVER YOUR EGO DOUCHE >:(

    apart from that load of bs, the trailer didn’t do much but show that he once again can’t direct action properly (which was pointed out in TDK) and that he has a fetish for muffling peoples voices and passing them off as ‘advanced understanding of god knows what’, i will go and watch this, no doubt, but i wont be going in dressed at batman and i wont clap of cheer (like the mindless clowns that always do for such over hyped movies), he will be lucky to even get a smirk from me for doing something decent (for once).

    know this though, the action segments WILL be garbage and will solemnly rely on the lead up and end result of the fight to pass them off as ‘epic’, if you disagree all you have to do is go back to the action scenes in TDK and you will know what i’m talking about.

    • This is the second dumbest thing I ever heard anyone say about anything ever.

      Go back to watching Superman IV, Batman & Robin, the Conan remake, x-men origins: wolverine, and Spiderman 3

      • cranium,

        Keep saying “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard someone say” and you’ll find yourself on the auto-moderation list.


        • Sorry. I just watched the Conan remake and it put me in a very bad mood. I need to calm down before commenting on anything.

          • why would cranium be put on the auto-moderation list?
            I’m sorry Vic, but i just didn’t find it very cool to say that.
            I’ve been coming to this site with nothing but positive things to say(when i actually comment, which is seldom)for the last 2 and half years. Cranium was merely showing his disdain for Iwalka’s comments about the movie we are all discussing. Iwalka was “Ranting” and Cranium was “Ranting” because he disagreed with it. Now if Cranium was being vulgar and a complete dousche just to be one, thats one thing. But seriously, “…bring bach Schumacher back….” and ” I hate Batman movies” Hell, id even say thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard anyone say ever. and im for sure not a NOLANITE, im MARVEL all the way, wt a little bit of DC sprinkled on top. Anyway i still love ya VIC, ya have a great site, i check it every few hours, but if we can’t voice our opinions on here, then whats the point of all this.
            End Rant.

            • Harry,

              Granted, it would be difficult to respond to “bring back Shumacher” in a rational manner (seems like troll bait to me), but when someone starts using the word “stupid” in reference to other commenters, I don’t like it.


          • cranium,

            Been there. 8)



      “like the mindless clowns that always do for such over hyped movies”- calling those who enjoy a movie you don’t mindless clowns? Check.

      “…if you disagree all you have to do is go back to the action scenes in TDK and you will know what i’m talking about.”- trying to pass off opinion as fact? check.

      And you call Nolan arrogant…

    • So…where’s your Brilliantly WELL DIRECTED ACTION MOVIE GUY?…I mean you MUST have some GREAT action movie you’re about to release to the world to blow their minds right?…

  23. I thought the Robin Easter Egg was “Ward” on the football players jersey… no one else noticed?

    • I thought it was Hines Ward since his number is 86.

      • It’s definitely Hines Ward.

        • Haaa why is it Hines Ward though??? I found it funny he was able to escape that entire thing. I haven’t seen him outrun anyone in years!

    • I know its for Hines ward.. But here is my view of it..(IMHO)

      Here goes!!!

      I hope you guys remember “Burt Ward” was robin in Batman TV Show (1966).. So I really think it is Nolan, playing mind games here, other wise why go all the way and include Ward in that scene.. Cuz He IMO would never outrun anyone in reality and there are much better players who Nolan could have showcased or maybe he would have chose an actor to play the role..

  24. I would think they would make Banes voice easier to hear but I hope they won’t change it.
    As far as the trailer as a whole is concerned it’s pretty much what I expected. The part that stuck out the most to me was Alfreds voice cracking when talking to Bruce. What can I say I’m a sucker for the sappy stuff.

  25. Awesome report folks. :)
    I will be the first in line on opening day.

  26. A few of my friends lost their minds over the way they altered Bale’s voice in the other movies, can’t wait until they get a load of this. Nolan should just pull a fast one and get James Earl Jones to do a voice over for Bane, that would just be funny….

  27. People don’t realize that Bale’s voice was altered in The Dark Knight and was different from Batman Begins, his voice was perfect in Batman Begins. badass, realistic. The reason it was changed was because Kevin Conroy fanboys, the animated fans complained to David Goyer on his myspace and Goyer told Nolan. Good one fanboys.

  28. Prediction: “The Dark Knights: Rises” is “Knightfall” with changes to make it more realistic. Batman is beaten within the first act, and the movie will end with him rising to defeat Bane. Its not call “The Dark Knights: Rises” for no reason; thus, Batman will not die at the end. He will rise above his dilemma.

  29. I have a hard time believing the studio, much less Nolan and the crew, would allow an extra to make up whatever he wanted. Not saying this is indeed an easter egg for Robin. Rather, the explanation given is weak. Very rarely do studios/filmmakers not control (at least try to) every aspect of the film. Especially one that has such a history and is well received as Nolan’s Batman series.

    • i can tell you I drove 14 hours from Atlanta,Ga to Pittsburgh to be in the movie(the stadium scene)and i can tell you that we were given a lot of freedom and creativity to make our own team signs hopefully that should answer your question once again.THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ROBIN EVER being involved in these films!!