‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer 5 Explores the Trilogy; New TV Spot Heavy on Humor

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UPDATE: The Latest Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises takes us back through the entire Dark Knight trilogy. Watch it above. 

We are officially t-minus 10 days away from the (potentially) epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises. With less than two weeks left to the premiere, it feels like we’re being treated to a new materials  from The Dark Knight Rises every other day. Not that we’re complaining, of course.

Today, we’ve got our hands on the most recent TDKR TV spot, starring – in a somewhat surprising turn – funnyman Thomas Lennon, AKA Lieutenant Jim Dangle of Reno 911 fame, who’s playing Bruce Wayne’s doctor in the upcoming film.

In the new TV spot, Thomas Lennon discusses the multiple injuries that Wayne has sustained during his late night romps as Batman (unbeknownst to Lennon’s character, of course). Lennon indicates that Wayne has no cartilage in both knees, scar tissue on his kidney and damage to his brain tissue.

However, there is no talk of spinal damage, which will no doubt have the hardcore fans wondering whether or not Bane will break Batman’s back during the film as the villain famously did in the comic books:

While Lennon’s character is not expected to be a major player in the film, the scene should supply a little bit of comic relief during the nearly three hour long running time (assuming the scene actually makes the final cut of the film).

Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises Trailer 5 Explores the Trilogy; New TV Spot Heavy on Humor

In the trailer, we also see Batman asking Catwoman (as played by Anne Hathaway) for her help defeating Bane and a funny bit where Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character tells Batman that he “missed a spot” before Batman kicks and knocks out some unfortunate soul.

With Bane playing the role of “Gotham’s reckoning” and with a slew of villains rumored to be returning for the final installment, it’ll be interesting to see how much help Catwoman, John Blake (played by Levitt) and Commissioner Gordon will be in in Batman’s fight against Bane and his mercenaries. It’s also interesting that Jim Gordon has rarely been seen in the majority of the trailers. Might Gordon be the man to have his back broken by Bane instead of Batman? We’ll have to wait and see.

 Dark Knight Rises Trailer 5 Explores the Trilogy; New TV Spot Heavy on Humor

In other Batman news, it is being reported by The Hollywood Reporter that The Dark Knight Rises is on track to break the all-time opening weekend record for a 2D movie. Experts believe TDKR will surpass the $158.4 that its predecessor Dark Knight racked in four years ago. While some believe that the mega sales of The Dark Knight were partly due to the untimely death of Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight Rises seems to be proving that it can sell tickets based solely on its own popularity.

With tickets quickly selling out for the July 20th release for The Dark Knight Rises, the only question that remains is – do you have your tickets yet?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Not that surprising to see Tom Lennon in a Christopher Nolan film.

    He had a role in Memento. As a Doctor, no less. :)

    • I was kind of hoping for Bruce Wayne to flip him off and tell him to “test this you f*ckin’ quack”…

      • One of my favorite parts in the film. . . “Hey where were you guys when I took my CPA?”

  2. :D

  3. so are we going to compare the earnings of the 2D avengers movie against TDKR
    or 3D and 2D avengers vs 2D TDKR
    if we do the latter will it be fair to batman?

    • WHY would anyone do the latter? IMAX would have to come into play. Why compare the two, anyway? If both satisfy and amaze, doesn’t everyone win?

      • yes Archaeon we all win but you know there will ALWAYS be comparisons
        that’s life don’t you think?

        • True…but there is no reason to force it. They are differently composed films. Other than both being about comic book characters, there is really no link.

  4. See? There WILL be lighter moments in the film. :D

    …to no one in particular.

    • seems as if Nolan has them strategically placed.

  5. I’m just wondering what role Ra’s Al Ghul, Miranda Tate and John Blake play. It’ll be funny if John Blake say his parents were acrobats who died in a tragic accident and he was called Dick Grayson before he was adopted by the Blake family.

    • lmao that will be funny

    • Speculation on Ra’s – We know he’s in a flashback scene with his young daughter Talia but I think it’ll show how Bruce and Bane are somehow connected.

      Miranda – Fan footage on location in LA showed her and Gordon in a situation which I won’t go into here for spoiler reasons. Needless to say, it’s a pretty big set piece. Still under the impression she’s playing the adult version of Talia al Ghul.

      Speculation on Blake – He’s definitely more than just a “good cop” but I don’t think he’s playing Robin or Nightwing.

      Gordon – Remember the teaser? Gordon lying in a hospital bed pulling an oxygen mask from his face to speak to someone about the need for Batman to return? Hmm…

  6. Awesome, I can’t wait to finally have the trilogy on Blu-ray. I hope they create an incredible collectors edition to add to my Blu-ray collection.

  7. Blake is not Robin -_-

  8. Anne Hathaway looks hot in that top picture

    • I second that!!

    • Meh.

      I am fairly confident that she’ll be sexy in the film, but I know for a fact that if she is, it will be because of how she plays the character and not so much because of her body.

    • The horse face, buck tooth, real-life hooker Hathaway is not hot. lololol

      • Ah, an intellectual, I see…

        • *sigh* Typical.

          • she is not hot at all .. and i think they could of done better ..

            • Hathaway is very hot. Not that that is the only reason she is the new Catwoman but all in all the chick is fine!

            • She wasn’t cast to be hot. She was cast for her superb acting skills

              • Exactly.

          • lololol makes a low-brow, obnoxious, rude comment, but you’re reacting to ME?!?

            • My comment was for Nagai, btw.

  9. i think DC/WB should do a mini movie or a short movie about Robin
    you know like Marvel did with Agent Coulson, and start the Justice League
    rumors/speculations going.

    • That’s a nice trailer.

  10. I would wager my guess on the Bat breaking Bane’s back, and then Catwoman taking out Bruce Wayne. Inceptionated, Nolan style…
    I also see Levitt standing ontop of a highrise wearing the bat suit just before the credits roll….

    • Worst idea I’ve heard

      • For sure it is, but I fear that Nolan is going to try so hard to have his own “epic conclusion” that you are going to see something like this…
        Certainly my opinion though, I could be way off base.

        • I dont see this happening at all.

  11. How does Bane eat with that mask on his face?

    • Feeding tube? or maybe he just takes it off when eating.

    • This is the best question in the world. I thought the same thing!

      Honestly someone should write the most logical movie ever as a satire for the way we think sometimes. I do this all the time when we watch my son’s tv shows.

  12. ” When Gotham is Ashes You Have my permission to die” BANE Brings The Pain on the 20th of July. “Let The Games Begin”

    • ^ This.

  13. This will be utterly astounding, and I’m not just talking about Anne Hathaway’s leather clad rear end. Okay. I am just talking about that. Who’s Bane again?

    • Your final question was either literal or sarcastic.

      If literal, GOOGLE IT.

      If sarcastic, Bane is an infrequently used but still a notable villain. Your ‘argument’ is invalid.

      • Seriously?
        You completely missed it, dude…

        • … nevermind. I’ll only post when the regulars are on. Anyways, if The Dark Knight was the trial of Batman, this is the trial of Bruce Wayne. I’d still put this behind The Master as my most anticipated film of the year (it’s a There Will Be Blood thing), but boy… oh boy… oh boy. At least twice on opening day I think.

          Breaking Bad Sunday night, Dark Knight Rises Friday. ‘Tis a good week.

          Enjoy the super stardom, Mr Hardy. It’s a-coming your way.

          • Don’t you hate it when a good joke goes right over the tops of people’s heads?

            I got it and it was very clever. Anne Hathaway leather clad butt…wait…what were you posting about?

            • You guys realize that I was talking to “Sawyer”, right?

              • To BigMT. I do, and so was I, mate.

              • Yes.

  14. Today, we’ve got our hands on the most recent TDKR TV spot, starring – in a somewhat surprising turn – funnyman Thomas Lennon,

    • Why do people re-post lines from the article, and then not say anything else? Seems to happen alot around here…what’s your point?

  15. Yes! This trailer goes from the well to “I’m not afraid. I’m angry.” The arc is there.

    Then what happens, I wonder.

    But in “Batman Begins,” Bruce went quite far by controlling his fear, channeling it, etc.

    That apparently will no longer be available to him as Batman, and anger causes people to make mistakes.

    Bane…is he angry? If not, an angry Batman won’t beat him, I suspect.

    Does the Dark Knight rise up in anger, or does he rise beyond the level of anger to something more impeccable and (hopefully) unbeatable?

    Also, that one brief shot of Lucius Fox was interesting – he looked like he was grieving. Hmmm.

    Wish this was coming out tomorrow!

  16. Also, did anybody else see the Scarecrow in this trailer?

    • where dude? i didn’t see him

      • Right around 1:31. All you can see is what looks like a burlap bag over the head of somebody in custody as they’re going down a hall. Still…who else would that be? In one of the older articles here, they mentioned that possibility, suggesting that perhaps the Scarecrow provides Bane’s venom.

    • Scarecrow will most likely play a very tiny role, He is the man responsible for releasing Bane from Arkham Asylum.

  17. 9 days left…

  18. I bought my tickets online for this yesterday morning. I can’t wait to see the movie. I really do hope though, that Bane breaks his back in this movie. It would be cool to see. Anyways, I’m just super psyched and can’t wait to see this movie :D :D :D

  19. Only problem with Nolan’s Batman is that once in awhile you can notice Batman’s lower mask is off center and that bugs me…lol. Besides that Nolan’s adaptation of Batman is pure awesome! Cant wait for #3!!!

    • Batman didnt have a lot of mirrors around him to make sure everything was “on center”. :D

  20. Would someone mind explaining exactly WHY they are playing up the fact it is going to break 2d records? Did I miss something and it’s not going to be released in IMAX 3D everywhere?

    It just feels like the are trying to cloak the fact it won’t surpass Avengers with a hollow statistic. Kind of like how they called Brave the #1 “animated” movie at the box office with only one other animated movie showing.

    • It will be released in IMAX 3D everywhere but “everywhere” doesnt have IMAX much less IMAX 3D. I live in such an area. Unless you are in a major metropolis you will have to settle for 2D. That is the MAJORITY of movie goers in this country.

      Also, many feel making a ton of money on a 3D movie isnt as special as making a ton of money on 2D (like me). 3D is mostly a gimic to make more moeny and its usually not worth it so we feel the movie sales are somewhat inflated due to that gimic. If a movie is good then the 2D sales will rocket. No gimmic needed.

      • *settle for 2D or non IMAX 3D

        • Uh, it will be released NOWHERE in IMAX 3D and regular 3D. Just regular IMAX and regular 2D.

          • Actually, the IMAX screen showing the movie closest to me (but still not very close) is advertising it as being in IMAX 3D while the cinema where I’ll be attending the 2D showing is also showing it in regular 3D and 3D Digital Screening (whatever the difference is there).

            So technically, 5 different types of screening in my near (enough) vicinity.

          • Speshlk37 is correct. IMAX yes but no 3D. I failed to notice the lack of “3D” next to the IMAX title because I’m just so used to the two being joined together for all the blockbuster movies no a days.

            • You mean no regular 3D or no IMAX 3D?

              Only ask because my local cinema has been selling tickets for pre-order since last month and the options there are 2D viewing, 3D viewing or 3D Digital Screen viewing (we have an IMAX in the city but it’s not showing TDKR for whatever reason).

              • Yeah, you might want to inform your theatre that they are guilty of false advertising, maybe you’ll get some free tickets or something The movie was not shot nor post converted to 3D, Nolan hates it.

              • That’s right. Nolan would not allow the film to be in ANY sort of 3D. It’ll just be in regular 2D and IMAX.

  21. SO I haven’t read all of the comments, but it doesn’t seem like anyone else has brought this up (from what I saw).

    Did anyone notice Selina Kyle kissing Bruce???? It’s going to be interesting to see that love triangle play out.

  22. One thing I hadn’t noticed anyone talk about other than on Batman-News last year wasthe fact that Juno Temple is playing an unknown character (rumoured to be Holly Robinson) and that Nolan was said to include Selina Kyle’s non-criminal work as being a stripper (which should be interesting).

    Fans should note that in the comics, Holly is a prostitute that Selina saves from an assault and takes under her wing yet Juno has frequently denied playing that role (just like Marion Cotillard has denied that she’s playing Talia despite the obvious signs pointing to her lying about that, the saucy French minx).

    Anyone got ideas how that could play out?

  23. Am I the only one that hears a major resemblance with the Inception score?

    • I really like Hans Zimmer’s stuff, but sometimes you can notice similarities… (Ex. Parts of Gladiator sound like Pirates of the Caribbean)

  24. I personally believe that Nolan might have Bane KILL Batman, He’s certainly dark/twisted enough where it’s not too far fetched.9

    • ignore the “9″ at the end no idea what that’s all about

  25. Barb that man with the bag over is head ***Spoiler***

    Is Bruce Wayne

    • All possibilities are out there (for the next week anyway), but how do you know this?

  26. Looks awesome I so wanna see it

  27. Nice trailer, I like how they seamlessly tied it all together. I also like the little (probably our last) glimpse of the Joker. At least he made it into the trailer, if not the movie.

    Now I want to see this.