Theater Shooting at Colorado ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Screening; Paris Premiere Cancelled

Published 3 years ago by , Updated July 20th, 2012 at 12:00 pm,

The Dark Knight Rises Theater Shooting Theater Shooting at Colorado Dark Knight Rises Screening; Paris Premiere Cancelled

The Dark Knight Rises, one of – if not the – most anticipated films of 2012, opened in theaters last night to record-breaking midnight screening numbers (estimated at $27 million). However, even while fans on the West Coast were standing in line to get their chance to see Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film at 12:01 AM (or 3:00 AM in some cases), tragedy had already struck a local theater in Aurora, Colorado – when an armed gunman walked into a midnight screening of the film and opened fire.

Police first received reports of the shooting at 12:39 AM (MST) but, before they could get to the scene, the gunman had already taken the lives of at least twelve moviegoers and wounded fifty nine others.

While plenty of details still have to be worked out, investigators have pieced together a rough picture of the event through eyewitness reports (we’ll update when an “official” timeline is released).

The suspect, believed to be James Holmes (a 24-year-old Aurora man) donned a gas mask and Kevlar before gaining access to the theater through an emergency exit. Once inside, the man stepped in front of the screen, threw out tear gas canisters and opened fire on the audience. At first, some members of the attendees didn’t even realize they were in danger – thinking that the “smoke” and gunfire were special simulated effects for the midnight show. According to CNN reports, the shooter brought at least four guns, described as “an ‘AK type’ rifle, a shotgun and two handguns” (one of which was left in his car) – some of the bullets even injured moviegoers in an adjacent theater. Several victims remain in critical condition (at the time of this writing) and both a nine year-old and three month-old are among the wounded.

Holmes was quickly apprehended after the event behind the theater and, according to police spokesperson Frank Fania, “He did not resist. He did not put up a fight.” Investigators then traveled to Holmes’ apartment – evacuating the complex after the gunman mentioned something about explosive materials. Upon arrival, police found “items of interest” and a “sophisticated” sequence of flammable traps. The gunman is believed to have worked alone (there’s no evidence of a second shooter) – and does not appear to have ties to any form of terrorist organizations.

The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale Theater Shooting at Colorado Dark Knight Rises Screening; Paris Premiere Cancelled

Audiences attend movies for a variety of reasons and, no doubt, one of the most obvious is to get away from the horrors of the real world – to escape into fictional stories where we can be thrilled and moved without consequence. As a result of the shooting, Warner Bros. has cancelled tonight’s Dark Knight Rises premiere in Paris – as well as suspending interviews and other media events:

“Warner Bros. is deeply saddened to learn about this shocking incident. We extend our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of the victims at this tragic time.”

Additionally, as is the case following similar shooting events in the past, police around the country (and world) will be on patrol for potential copycats – with New York City police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, already indicating that the city will be beefing up security at theaters:

“As a precaution against copycats and to raise the comfort levels among movie patrons in the wake of the horrendous shooting in Colorado, the New York City Police Department is providing coverage at theaters where the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is playing in the five boroughs.”

Hopefully that “coverage” will keep everyone safe this weekend – so that movie lovers can enjoy The Dark Knight Rises (read our review) without further incident.

Screen Rant would like to express our sincere condolences to the friends and family of those affected by the Aurora shooting at this difficult time.


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The Dark Knight Rises is now open in U.S. theaters (2D and IMAX).

Source: CNN, NBC & Warner Bros.

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  1. It’s just sad that some sick person had to turn what was supposed to be a fun night at the movies into a horrible tragedy. I just feel bad for all those affected by the shooting.

  2. Not to get too off topic but one of the things I am wondering is, will this spark theaters into having metal detectors now? Considering some theaters are now canceling showings and looking at what the 9/11 tragedy did to our airports (not to mention many schools getting detectors after things like the Columbine tragedy), I sincerely hope this does not happen.

    As someone above mentioned, if a person/group really wants to commit an act of terrorism it will happen regardless of what we do to protect ourselves.

    A very sad day for all of us and doing so at a highly anticipated entertainment event somehow makes it worst.

    • I don’t think it would do much good, since Holmes entered through an emergency exit that leads directly into the theater room itself. I suppose they could install security cameras overlooking the emergency exits, and make damn well sure that they can only be opened from the inside(though I think that Holmes could have been in the theater minutes earlier to put a doorstop or wedge in the emergency exit to gain access from the outside later).

      • Yeah I didn’t know the details when I posted that (but I sure do now, it’s been on every TV channel all night)

        The only thing I can think of would be to not allow an emergency exit to be propped open? At the very least theater personnel should be aware and monitoring when someone uses an exit during a movie.

        • But you see, that would cost $money$.

    • “will this spark theaters into having metal detectors now? Considering some theaters are now canceling showings and looking at what the 9/11 tragedy did to our airports (not to mention many schools getting detectors after things like the Columbine tragedy), I sincerely hope this does not happen”

      The TSA is looking for any excuse it can to give for forcing its way into our every day lives so you can bet they’ll be using this incident as justification for both TSA like secuirty at all theatrical events and for stircter gun control laws. After all, its not bad people who kill with guns, its the guns ability to force otherwise sweet, gentle and most importantly, legal abiding peolple to harm others. Its only because they can get a gun that they are able to harm people. If they didn’t have the gun then those kinds of evil thoughts would never even enter their mind. (thats heavy sarcasm for anyone who can’t tell).

      Sadly I fear your fears are well justified. The TSA has already expanded out to train & bus stations under the name VIPR teams and also are leading highway checkpoints and in many cases doing it with military. Military troops on the streets of America being lead by governmt agents with no formal law enforcement training; what could go wrong?

      • They are privately owned so it will be up to the owners. If metal detectors happen, we will be paying $30 a ticket and the movie industry will feel the recession even worse, eventually failing.

      • That’s what has me worried. It’s incidents like this that give the moral minority fuel to prey on our fears which in turn compromises normal, rational thinking people into allowing such drastic measures to be taken.

        • I know exactly what your saying. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and the quiet wheels all pay for it.

          Obviously we live in a country that is sometimes so PC that things get out of hand. They have to frisk babies in the airport just to be justified in frisking Arabs. I wish we could be more like Israel in the defense of our nation. They live in a tiny piece of land surrounded by thousands of miles of extremists who want to kill them. Yet, they are so efficient in their defense tactics b/c they are able to use common sense when it comes to airport security and boarder checkpoints. We have the luxury of living in the greatest country on earth, but we run the risk of a few nut jobs having our rights taken away one by one.

          Live Free or Die.

          • Despite it being off main topic, I must compliment you in that you made a decent remark about Israel. It seems that all I read nowadays is hate accusations for them. Bad Zionist this, bad Zionist that. I think it’s all out of fear or just easiest to blame the most common scapegoat without even reading responsible sources. Great Post.

            • TY, with apology to the moderators, I am almost always swayed off topic. Although I love this site. (Except when I write a comment and it comes up SPAM when it was honest opinion.)

              I do believe Israel is an amazing country and amazing people. They have to be on guard and they really keep terrorists at bay. If not for them we would be attacked much more, mark my words. There are too many people who don’t check facts and blindly follow other haters. It will never change b/c it is a horrible part of human nature, much like how Hitler could ever take power.

              The DKR attack could not be prevented most likely. Mental illness can manifest anywhere and we must try to work on helping these people before they are past the point of no return.

              • hi Capnadolny, what great comments on all aspects,, and i agree with you a 100 percent, about Israel. They get blamed and hated to much, and a very wise friend of mine once said to me, dave you know the best way to get blessed always pray for the israel and the jewish people, and you know something its true. Sure remember when God said to Aberaham (i cant spell his name right sorry) I will bless those who bless you,,

                also when you said about the mental health it was spot on, i have been involved in a a fantastic mental health organisation called Grow for 12 years that has had great intervention into helping people with mental illness, it started in sydney oz,, Grow do allot of rehabilitation work in the hospitals too that has helped many and stopped many from going down a destructive harmful emotional road.

                you should check out their website loved your comments regarding DKR all the best

                • @dvalley, That is a very interesting site. I know we probably have something like that in the US but the problem is they have to want to help themselves most of the time. I have a bipolar family member who was in a manic rage, scared her kids half to death by yelling she was going to kill herself. The cops brought her to the hospital and, even after spitting on the hospital security and screaming at the staff, they just let her go within the first hour. Oh, they gave her a sedative that did nothing.

                  My point is, she didn’t want treatment so there was nothing to do to stop her. Her kids were stuck there b/c the court would not let them go with the grandparents. Any person like that can snap and do something crazy, and we have such lax laws we can’t prevent it.

  3. Colorado authorities reported that he said he was “the Joker,” and when they reached his house it was booby trapped with explosives that they are still trying to figure out how to disarm without detonating.

  4. I heared his face looked like the Joker’s but with red hair instead of green. I also read WB is deciding today whether or not to cancel showtimes of TDKR in the US for now due to what happend. I always thought something like that could happen but didn’t wanna believe it. It’s not one of the fears id avoid Midnight showings. I never been to a midnight showing & after what happend, i don’t think i ever will for sure. My prayers goes out to the victims & their families.

  5. Guns dont kill people, stupid people kill people…Such a tragedy.
    Condolences, prayers, and my heart go out the victims and their families. As said in the TDK some people dont have motivation for doing what they do some people “just want to watch the world burn”. This may be the case but whatever the reason or explanation there is nothing that can excuse thsi senseless act of violence. This man destroyed not only the lvies of those he killed by the lives of the family member who have all just lost a loved one. James Holmes deserves every bit of what’s coming to him I just hope he suffers everyday for the rest of his life for what he’s done. To the families of the victims and the entire CO community #staystrong

    • I hope he get what he deserves as well, but we must remember not to be cruel to the cruel. Is it morally correct to make someone suffer, even if they deserve it? Would we be good people if we did that?

    • MovieFanatic14,

      My intention is not to play word games, but the statement,
      “stupid people kill people”, is unfortunately way too often not the case,
      which makes killers much, much, much more of a threat. James Holmes and that killer last year in Norway, obviously have high IQs (don’t get me wrong, I’m not complimenting them in any way). I’m only pointing out the fact that almost all major tragedies throughout history stemmed from too many powerfull and influential people becoming leaders, having evil wills, and commiting ruthless, savage crimes megafold.

  6. Is it wrong for me to hope that this sick bastard gets raped in prison? That’s a just punishment, right?

    • Nope, I already was telling some of my friends that. We can pray to Khonshu, Moon Knight’s god of vengeance, that this will happen. Repeatedly.

    • @ tarkin713

      Not intending to bring religion into this or anything but those who do harm to others will indeed get the ultimate punishment when their life ends. That’s how i try to think of people who commit these kind of acts.

    • He should get it everyday.

    • He’s “off the streets” forever.

      I feel horrible for the victims and their families, but I would take absolutely no pleasure or satisfaction in his being further punished by being raped, burning in Hell for eternity, being beat up or killed by other inmates, or anything else that anyone on this site has suggested. The thought doesn’t do anything for me. In fact I’m rather disturbed reading these suggestions and the approvals.

      The degree to which this guy became so completely disassociated from reality strikes me as a “darkness” and “hell” I can’t even imagine. Part of me feels terrible for anyone who could become that way. I think the worst punishment, the worst “hell,” for anyone like this would be for them to realize what they’d done and be consumed with regret for the rest of their lives. But I don’t know if that ever happens at all. I can’t understand this sort of mind.

      The guy is sick. If he is that cut-off from reality and people that he could do this, he is disasociaated in a way I can’t ever truly understand (I’m thankful for that). What kind of pain could really reach him and make him suffer? In the end, the people who would inflict this punishment, killing, or anally raping him are probably not much different than him. I’m assuming nobody here is volunteering to do it themselves. I wouldn’t want to spend time with the people who would do it.

      My sympathy for the guy is there, but it doesn’t go very far. I don’t care what happens to him now. He’s “out of the picture” for good. One can spend all day imagining “punishment” for this guy and you could also beat your head agaist the wall. The only gaurantee after doing both is the damage you’d do to your head. You might do some damage to the wall too.

      • Nostelg-O,

        It does make one wonder, yes, what goes through the mind of such a monster. I would say that the victims and their families, and also the family of the killer who’s parents spent their lives raising and supporting and I should assume teaching him too be a good citizen, only to have their lives shattered in that he became the extreme oposite and now they are undeservedly burdenned with guilt and possibly fear of irrational disturbed people looking for scapegoats. Back to the victims and their families and my sympathy for them again, so I don’t mention them any less.

        I hope you do understand that there is much shock, rage, and unrest among people at this time. Their nerves are raw and sadistic wishes for the killer have vastly defaulted to overdrive. But to state things in a practical manner, the idea of the death penalty plain and simple and without emotional involvement, seems appropriate, in the sense that keeping him alive (even in prison) is dangerous because he could kill others there, or escape because he is clever enough, or a corrupt judge could parole him, or he could even mary and have kids in prison, yes it does happen.

  7. My heart goes out to all the family’s of those killed or injured in the Denver shooting. And i hope the person who committed this heinous crime burns in hell.

  8. I guess that shooter was a college student who was studying for Neuroscience. It’s just amazing that someone could do this, from one extreme to another, kill and wound so many in such a way. What could drive a man to do this is so beyond my understanding.

  9. Now, here’s an argument: do we make this guy an example of the death penalty, or do we let him rot in prison? Is rehabilitation really gonna work for this guy? And he probably wants to die anyway, so is executing him too easy? Your thoughts.

    • My wife and I talk about this a lot. Is it worse to rot in jail your whole life or to be painlessly put to death? Then again, I’ve read about death row inmates, and regular inmates, who have a better life in jail than in the public. 3 square meals, cable TV, a comfy bed…

      He will most likely be found insane, then live it up in a nice loony bin. The guy who shot Reagan gets let out all the time.

      • Just to add fuel to your fire…..did you know it costs on average 50k a year to house each and every one of our prison’s inmates? Not that I don’t think they deserve some quality of life but this just seems wrong.

  10. Im sure the courts will do what needs to be done when 12 people were killed. No doubt the guy is gonna be put away for a long time.

    • WallyWest,

      That’s another problem, what any judge could consider “a long time”. And then be set free after this “long time”? Charles Manson and Sirhan Sirhan are alive, well, and living in prison (pardon the parody) to this day after 40some years. That is quite a long time, but I sure as hell wouldn’t even consider freeing them. I think life in prison would be a more appropriate term to put it mildly.

  11. IT’S SO ODD, It’s crossed my mind before about some sick/craxy/evil person doing this in a movie theather. To say I wouldn’t believe something like this would happen, would be a lie. The truth of the matter is , this guy isn’t crazy. He’s a 24 year old medical student, studying to get his Phd. That doesn’t sound crazy to me, just a guy that was eil, and looking for attention. Eventhough Nolan’s Batman films aren’t my favorite, it’s a shame another tradgey like this ( 1st Heath’s death) had to happen when Nolan was trying to send this movie out on a high note. Oh…and for that person that says that screening had the best 3D ( on another site) it, shame on you. This is not a joke. Things like this can happen anywhere; at any film. So before people start saying this guy was influenced by Batman films…that’s plain wrong !!! He knew what he was doing and if he is found guilty, he shouldn’t be placed on death row, he should be taken shortly after the verdict, and place in front of a firing squad !!!

    • The fact that he was a neurology Phd has nothing to do with it. The guy is unhinged. All I’ve heard is that he was a “reserved” “loner.” Who can say what was going on in his life and in his head? I would think he’s completely dissociated from reality, to the point where he probably doesn’t even understand his victims as people. He’s suffering a mental break-down of some kind, maybe from years of loneliness and increasing pressures. That is not uncommon, and we’re fortunate that most people don’t act-out in such a destructive manner.

      I’m sympathetic to people’s problems, but when stuff like this happens I always ask myself what the difference is between the person who manages to get help and treatment without hurting anybody and people who cause death and destruction. Is it some kind of supreme narcissism that they can’t “see” other people? Are they so angry? Ultimately, if he was so cut-off from others, I think he had a responsibility to find connections. But maybe he completely lacked that ability and any skill to do so. I don’t know. Unfortunately this sort of thing seems to happen more and more often.

      • This guy sounds like he was planning this for so long that he passed the point where he might have realized he was going down the wrong path. The easiest way to kill anything is to disassociate it from yourself and objectify it. And as we sit here on the Internet the fact is that people all over the world are more disconnected from each other in many ways. They did a study in Britain that found people had more online “friends” then those who actually knew their neighbors first name. It’s easy for people to walk around in their own little world when everywhere you go all you see is people looking down into a smartphone or tablet.

        I heard somewhere years ago in a discussion about killers and evil that it wasn’t something extra inside them that makes them do what they do, it’s things that they are missing that make them able to do what they do. And even though they managed to catch this one alive, they won’t gain anymore knowledge about why he did this than they have from Manson, Berkowitz or any of them.

        • I doubt that nothing can be learned from such people. It’s probably just not newsworthy stuff. And frankly, it’s probably not any more revelatory than what is learned from “normal” people. However I do have cynicism about whether people can change, crazy or “normal.” I know they can but I think it takes hard work, and doesn’t happen that often. I do see articles on research that tries to recognize children who don’t have empathy, and asks if they can be taught empathy.

          I thought about the affect of technology too. The same things were said about the printing press, and certainly TV. Cars, AC. There is all kinds of ways we are kept from actual interaction. But it’s worth thinking about. At what point is it a bad thing?

          We all disassociate ourselves from one another. We couldn’t go through life without it. It’s a matter of degrees. I know people who cause incredible pain and harm, but do it under-the-radar. They’ll never arouse enough suspicion, commit a “crime,” or go to jail. There’s people who are too empathetic to their own detriment, and there are people who seem to have a perfect balance. Then there are all the in-betweens.

          You talk about cell phones and internet. I agree, but I also think TV and movies depict a world that doesn’t exist. Now I love TV and movies, and I even think it’s a good tool to promote thought and reflection on the real world, and provides a safe place to do so. I appreciate why it is the way it is. We wouldn’t be as interested in entertainment that showed people with their basic make-up going through life not changing, not having lucid moments or enlightenment, or “life-changing” experiences. People do change but it’s a slow boring process that involves too many things to show in a movie or TV show. If it happens at all.

          But too much immersion, or immersion without thought and reflection has perhaps left us impatient with actual life and people, who are frustrating and difficult. The world where things take time and hard work.

          Anyway I’m rambling.

          • It’s like when people see someone swerving all over the road while driving. You know something bad might happen, and of course your first reaction is to get as far away from them as possible. This guy didn’t just snap two weeks ago or even two months ago, this seems like it was brewing for a long time. Either he flew so far under the radar nobody noticed him, or people felt something was off about him and decided for their own well being to walk the other way.

  12. First… my heart goes to the family who lost their love once. I have to say i’m really creep out about this… i cancel our plan to see TDR today (seriously) because of what happened. I know this is weird and all but i feel like the movie is curse or something.. i dunno but we’re just gonna wait for the DVD. The suspect claimed he is the ‘Joker’ his hair is dye red, he wears a bullet proof vest and some full body armor as the police said on the news.

    • @ Dale

      I know i will never go to a midnight showing for sure. Not that i never went to one before but after what happend & knowing this sort of thing could happen anywhere these days. Still can’t believe this all happend.

  13. @WallyWest,

    I totally agree.

    • @ tarkin713


  14. My heart goes out to all those who lost their lives and were injured/traumatized at the theatre in Colorado during the Batman premiere. I heard he also booby-trapped his apartment as well and some said he referred to himself as The Joker or something. From what has been reported, the guy was obviously influenced negatively by the ‘Batmania’. Got too carried away by ‘arkham asylumness’. That is always the fear over obsession- for anything! ‘Phoenix Jones’ fellas and all that. We need to maintain the dichotomy between reality and fantasy.

    A real shame. May we never have such happen again to soil the joy of superhero movies and comics. Let us take away the positives from comics and never the negatives. Let us address gun control.

    • I was watching Dark Knight last night and Joker talks about how when people die in wars and criminal activities (or victims of gang violence), nobody gets upset because “it’s all a part of the plan.” But when one single “mayor” is threatened everyone goes crazy.

      Similarly, we hear about people dying everyday, even non-combatants and children, or those near gang violence.

      I feel particularly terrible for the victims of this shooting because they were doing the same thing I was doing: anticipating and watching this new Batman movie. That connection leaves me feeling more shaken by this than even other similar shootings that take place in schools and work places. I should probably feel the same in every killing no matter what.

      Anyway, what this guy did is very “Jokeresque,” beyond him merely calling himself “the Joker” or dressing like him. Even booby-trapping his apartment. Fortunately he either told the police about that, or he clued them in and they picked up on it.

  15. manchurian candidate

  16. this is just so dam sad omg..

  17. This bastard should get the death penalty. My deepest condolences for the families affected in this horrible massacre committed by a depraved sick psychotic.

  18. Its really, really sad that all that those innocent people wanted to watch was a movie and yet they had to face the harshest test and later the harshest tragedy of their lives…death. RIP. I offer my condolences to the families of those affected…although that will be not enough nor will that relieve them of their grief. That psychotic gunman responsible for this should be given suitable punishment. On second thoughts…was he some ‘Marvel/Avengers’ fan out to see that ‘Rises’ does not break the record of ‘The Avengers’? It’s possible.

    • @ Amol

      … was he some ‘Marvel/Avengers’ fan out to see that ‘Rises’ does not break the record of ‘The Avengers’? Oh please. It’s just as easily to assume he took Nolan’s Batman films on step too far if he was calling himself Joker & had his face painted. Maybe in his mind he wanted to watch the world burn. Obviously the guy had issues & i doubt he cared about what the film would gross on it’s midnight showing.

  19. This guy isn’t going to go to prison, he’s going to an asylum. He studied Neuroscience, one of the most stressful degrees to try to get. He snapped, and for some unknown reason decided to shoot a theater. My condolences to the families of the deceased and wounded.

  20. Im not religious. But that’s an evil guy. Quite frankly Im confused on what I’d like his punishment to be. I tried thinking up gruesome deterrence and I came up with things that make me sick.

    Hug those you love because they could be gone tomorrow.

    • That’s one of the wisest reactions I’ve read here. I’m not religious either, but philosophically I think “darkness” and “evil” triumph by “reproducing” itself, taking away life, happiness, and trust and replacing it with the same fear and emptiness, lack of “life,” that it is made of. When it touches us, it damages. There’s no avoiding that. The best we can hope for is that it also gives us some “inoculation,” some insight or wisdom that can prepare us to avoid, deal with, or help others to deal with.

      The vengeful impulse, I believe, is a useful instinct, but mainly in a situation where it can do some good and prevent harm to ourselves or others. But, barring any immediate need, it can end up eating away at us.

      I heard Mitt Romney (who I won’t be voting for) say that hopefully this inspires us to reach out to those who might be similarly troubled. What this guy felt and went through is not at all uncommon, it’s just that most people only suffer through it alone, or at least don’t cause the death of others.

      Ultimately there wasn’t much that could be done. Unfortunately this kind of thing will happen again. People will be killed by drunk drivers or stray bullets, even diseases like cancer or genetic disorders.

      But if this inspires you towards “life” instead of “death,” that’s much better. It’s not perfect, but it’s a better outcome than other options.

  21. the guy’s action is he’s own, people need to stop linking it to the movie. It could happen anywhere or anytime. my prayers goes to the souls of the fallen as well as to their love ones. Should the cinema management help with the financial of the victims since it happened at their watch? just my opinion though.

  22. And all those ppl saying the franchise is cursed….gimme a break >_>

    This was just the actions of a deranged man who used this as an opportunity.

  23. Idk, for some reason i’m feeling pretty angry at this dude. I’m tired of people like him thinking what they are doing is funny. Why don’t those type of people ever get killed in drive by shootings or anything? A woman and her son were killed while walking in the gate of the apartment I live in because of a drive by shooting but people like him always get to live and run around and do their evil little acts. I wonder how police hold back their desire to strangle the life out of people like him.

  24. maybe. he is one of “some man just want to watch the world burn”

  25. The sad thing is, so many people just want to move on with their lives and not even address the killer’s own motive- as if it doesn’t matter. As a society we need to understand why he did it. It is very strange that a person with his academic background would commit such a barbaric act. To suggest he just “popped” without knowing the facts is lazy. I’d like to interrogate the parents, too.

  26. This is all so unspeakably sad and senseless. People ..naturally….are going to try and find answers as to WHY and how could this have been prevented….but the scary reality is that madmen (who look and generally behave just like everyday people) have always existed and will continue to do so. It has nothing to do with the movie, politics, religion, etc. The truth is as much as we know about mental illness ….we really don’t know that much about it. As far as more gun control? A determined assassin will find a way ….anyway to carry out their plans.

  27. Had a thought last night, instead of cancelling the screenings perhaps the proceeds of a special screening can go toward helping the victims and their families.

    I think it would be a terrific show of community support from WB.

    • That is a great idea. Maybe the best I’ve heard on this subject. Even though I’m broke I may donate to the victims as long as I know the money is going to them.

  28. This James character was repeating what he saw in the Batman movies. He wanted to be the Joker.
    He gases the place, and starts killing (just like the joker did in Dark Knight). He booby traps the place while he’s in custody ( Just like the warehouse booby trap in the Dark Knight).

  29. I just want to send my thoughts and prayers to the family of the victims. My heart goes out to you. Someone created a memorial page for these victims on Evertalk within Facebook. There is a memorial fund on this page and people can donate to help the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Here’s the page.