The Dark Knight Rises’ First Teaser Poster

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser The Dark Knight Rises First Teaser Poster

One of the biggest film franchises of all time hits its ‘beginning of the end’ on Friday, as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 storms into theater screens, many of which are already sold out. Box office records will be broken and some tears will be shed as the 10-year journey through Hogwarts reaches its conclusion. For Warner Bros. however, the end of J.K. Rowling’s books creates space for the next big franchise that will become the primary focus for the studio: DC Comics.

Attached to the prints of Harry Potter this weekend will be the very first teaser trailer for what may arguably be the most anticipated film of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises, and also in theaters this weekend you may get to see the first official one-sheet for the film as well.

Released through the official site for The Dark Knight Rises, the black and white teaser poster offers a familiar-styled teaser that we’ve become accustomed to through Christopher Nolan’s work.  Like the intense poster for The Dark Knight which saw Christian Bale’s Batman standing in front of a burning building with the Batman logo emblazoned into it (our own Vic Holtreman labelled it the “coolest. poster. ever”) this one-sheet offers city-scale destruction to form the iconic logo.

Click to enlarge:

The Dark Knight Rises Poster 280x413 The Dark Knight Rises First Teaser Poster

For the super duper hi-res poster, click here.

Buildings will blow up and you will see bat symbols. While the lack of color may make this particular poster less exciting and even less “cool” than the two definitive posters for The Dark Knight (see below), it’s epic in its destructive and gritty simplicity and fans need not more to get excited for what’s coming next.

They’re all worthy of your collection and I actually have the one with Batman looking out through the windows onto Gotham.

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion CotillardJuno TempleJosh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012 and we’ll be there.

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  1. …And here we go!

    Nolan’s Batman films always have great posters.

  2. Wow

  3. Epic epic really.. Nolan is Genius:-):) I should say.. I can’t wait:-):)

    • Nolan is genius?! You don´t think he made this poster himself, do you?

      • He probably does think that since everythinks Nolan is a demigod.

        • Probably.

  4. In my opinion, the lack of color gives the poster a grittier, darker look. It’s very cool and I cannot wait to the teaser trailer!

  5. Wow.

  6. Meh

  7. Is there gonna be a new Batsuit?

  8. I really liked the poster where the batman symbol formed the mouth of the joker.

  9. The poster made me think how great it would be
    to see a Batman film shot in black and white.

  10. Wow. Really looks like the Inception poster. Well one of them. And if you look at the cast, Half of them were in Inception. Still.. this movie is gonna be freakin epic.

    • If the Bat-Top doesn’t stop spinning at the end, does that mean he was dreaming the whole time?

  11. Looks great!!

  12. My eyes teared up….it’s beautiful

  13. I’m not a fan of Batman, in fact I don’t like the guy or his world at all.
    But even I admit that this is a pretty awesome poster. Hopefully this will be the film that changes my mind about Batman, doubt it.

    • @elderwand… Um… did you see “Batman” or “Dark Knight”???? I’m sorry but anyone that doesn’t like those movies have something wrong with them. Great films.

      • And of course “Batman Begins” as well…

      • Something must be wrong with me then, i just don’t like this superhero maybe it’s because I am a Marvel fan and not a DC fan but there is just something about this guy that keeps me from being at all interested.

        I don’t knock on people for loving the movies but i just don’t.

        I always give any character or franchise a second chance, this one has had 6 and has yet to win me over. Just not my cup of tea.

        • Don’t worry elderwand, nothing is wrong with you. There are as many Batman non-fans as there are fans.

          There are often raging debates on the comic book message boards because of that rivalry concerning Batman’s survivability against any other hero.

      • No if people don’t like the movies there is not anything wrong with them, it’s there opinion. Just because not everyone thinks that Nolan is almighty doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them.

        • i do like nolan i just don’t like the fact that they put batman up there with all the greats when all he is, is a glorified cop. Someone shooy through the opening at the mouth so we don’t have to deal with him anymore.

          • elderwand,

            Oh yeah, just a ‘glorified cop’…


            …a bat-sensor, bat-mobile, hanging cable, batarangs, a protective kevlar/titanium dipped fibre-suit plus cape, a utility belt that holds who-know-what, a ninja training in Himalayas, Nepal and India, a mastery in the science of criminology, a high-tech sophisticated laboratory…

            ,…and who is….
            …obsessive towards eliminating crime, an alpha-male at seducing females, a multi-billionaire, and is holding a major unnecessary guilt feeling in his mind as being responsible for his parents’ heinous murder.

            All these characteristics are found in your neighbourhood daily-life cop, isn’t it? How boring, yawn.

    • Nobody does it better, or cooler.

      • Hmmmm okay if you say so.

  14. Whoa! Now we’re talking!

  15. Those explosions are prolly another attack by the League of Shadows. Bring it on!!!! xD

  16. Pretty cool, i wonder if the teaser will show any scene or a snapshot of anyone, probably not most likely it will just me a audio type thing like the dark knight did

    • COOOOL, not going to see it though unless the trailer is really awesome

  17. i like it, sort of sets the tone for the new movie. Despair, destruction…i think Bane said it best “I WILL BREAK YOU!”
    can’t wait :)

  18. I know Heath Ledger’s Joker wont be back, and no Joker in general, but Joker is too big a villain, too much of a mastermind. Too much of a guy that is ahead of the curb so to speak to NOT be mentioned at least once in the film. I mean, if Bane breaks everyone out of Arkham, then there’s no mention of Joker? Or, if Joker escaped- as would be obvious, cause he has so many people within ARkham police in his pocket, and was crime boss when he was caught. There has to be a mention that he escaped or maybe got killed or something. Who knows, whatever it is, it was part of his plan.

    He’s Batmans greatest villain. NOT mentioning the Joker at all, in refference to what happens to him is a big plot hole. I know Christopher Nolan knows this. he may not show the joker but he needs to mention what ends up happening to him. His capture in Arkham will be a HUGE focus of Commissioner Gordan cause they will NOT take ANYTHING for granted when it comes to the Joker. Something has to be referenced even if its one or two lines.

    • I agree. I hope he doesnt just ignore The Joker all together. I also wonder what the third film would have been if Heath had survive because Nolan & Co had said The Joker was originally slated to return as a major villian again.

      Nice poster btw. Such a tease though lol

    • Mabe the gave him the chair due to his murders? I. Mean this is based in reality so he would go to jail and executed

  19. Love it, more so than for Dark Knight.

    It even reminds me of the first teaser poster fro Inception.

  20. i love the TDK teaser poster, but i think it would’ve been better if batman wasn’t on it. but this, black and white, rocks falling.. no, vic, this IS the coolest. poster. ever.

    • i bet the next teaser would be bane-themed. you know like a shattered glass/pavement with the bat logo.

  21. I need to change my shorts.

  22. With Regards to Dark Knight posters, the definitive one will always be the “Why So Serious?” Joker poster for me

  23. Here’s why the TDK poster is not cool. Because you can see the awful costume, front and centre.

    The TDKR poster is better, but if you reshape the bat symbol, it could be a poster for Inception 2.

    • LOL

      • That was my very first thought when I saw it. Well to some of us Nolans Batman run is a dream. A nice enjoyable dream but a dream none the less… 😀

    • @DSB

      Yeah, maybe they should make the bat suit all CGI – then you’d probably LOVE it.

      • No. I wouldn’t. But something that looks like a superhero would wear might be nice, rather than just looking like a motorcyclist.

    • DSB the two things you point out (at least one of them as a definite complaint) are not bad things to me…not in the slightest.

      I love the Dark Knight suit and believe it to be an excellent next step in the continuing evolution of the batsuit and Batman’s growth of his legend and his development as a true hero. In other words, having it “front and center” is quite appropriate and shows it off effectively.

      As for the “Inception” feel of this TDKR poster…Yes, it certainly calls forth both that comparison and that feeling. Nolan made/is making both films, so I find it acceptable in terms of usage (he, or rather the marketing department, is not just copying someone else’s idea), as well as the simpler fact that this film, like “Inception”, deals with (among other issues, of course) finally deciding something, coming to a conclusion. This poster recalls that previous film, but I think it does so in a very right, very cool way.

      • i like this new poster, I just didn’t like the previous costume, it was too segmented and striving to be realistic that it forgot what it was supposed to be; the costume of a superhero. Plus the Bat symbol on the chest wasn’t noticable enough for me.

        • @ Dr.SamBeckett

          You’re not the only one who didn’t like the costume that much. I kinda did at first, but the more i watched it, meh. I thought the cowl looked better because the cowl in Batman Begins made Bale’s head look too big in both films for some reason, more so in TDK. Like you said, TDK costume i couldn’t notice the Bat symbol except for the wings. Bottomline, it looked too high tech, as if Batman was gonna fight a Predator from one of those crossover comics. As for the new teaser poster, looks the same as TDK’s to me, only it’s a not a flaming Bat & it’s shown into the sky with debis from buildings falling seen more clearly than whats shown in TDK’s poster. Of-course Batman isn’t pleasant. That’s all i gotta say.

        • DSB

          I actually enjoyed the bat suit from TDK. But I also agree with you that the bat symbol on the chest was not noticeable enough.

  24. Man that sucks, joker was supposed to return??? I really wish Heath Ledger could have been a part of all this. RIP. This might be the greatest movie of my generation. Nolan is going to change the definition of a comic book movie with this one, this is the crown jewel of CBM’S!

  25. this is a very VERY amazing Poster I want it!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don’t tell us about your useless logo design.

      • was that a cheap plug?

  26. This looks like Gotham City after the Transformers rolled through it.

    I don’t know. Just seems a little weird Batman posters are showing the destruction of the city Batman’s trying to protect…

  27. im late but the teaser trailer was confirmed? Also this poster is awesome.