The Dark Knight Rises’ First Teaser Poster

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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser The Dark Knight Rises First Teaser Poster

One of the biggest film franchises of all time hits its ‘beginning of the end’ on Friday, as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 storms into theater screens, many of which are already sold out. Box office records will be broken and some tears will be shed as the 10-year journey through Hogwarts reaches its conclusion. For Warner Bros. however, the end of J.K. Rowling’s books creates space for the next big franchise that will become the primary focus for the studio: DC Comics.

Attached to the prints of Harry Potter this weekend will be the very first teaser trailer for what may arguably be the most anticipated film of 2012, The Dark Knight Rises, and also in theaters this weekend you may get to see the first official one-sheet for the film as well.

Released through the official site for The Dark Knight Rises, the black and white teaser poster offers a familiar-styled teaser that we’ve become accustomed to through Christopher Nolan’s work.  Like the intense poster for The Dark Knight which saw Christian Bale’s Batman standing in front of a burning building with the Batman logo emblazoned into it (our own Vic Holtreman labelled it the “coolest. poster. ever”) this one-sheet offers city-scale destruction to form the iconic logo.

Click to enlarge:

The Dark Knight Rises Poster 280x413 The Dark Knight Rises First Teaser Poster

For the super duper hi-res poster, click here.

Buildings will blow up and you will see bat symbols. While the lack of color may make this particular poster less exciting and even less “cool” than the two definitive posters for The Dark Knight (see below), it’s epic in its destructive and gritty simplicity and fans need not more to get excited for what’s coming next.

They’re all worthy of your collection and I actually have the one with Batman looking out through the windows onto Gotham.

The Dark Knight Rises cast sees the return of Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion CotillardJuno TempleJosh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman, Diego Klattenhoff and Alon Aboutboul.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012 and we’ll be there.


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  1. Someone says the left bottom part of the poster has a superman logo on it, does anyone agree? I thought it was meh

    Btw awesome poster, couldn’t see the bat symbol until I zoomed out

    • @Greenlite,
      I also saw what looked like a Superman logo at the bottom left (the tip of the bat wing) – it’s the first thing I noticed, but I think it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me!


  2. does anyone notice what looks like a small superman logo on the left side of the poster, under the left bat wing

    • I think I see what you’re talking about, but I wouldn’t read anything in to it. I’m sure it’s just something some graphic artist put in for $h!ts and giggles.

  3. i hope the music for the teaser trailer isn’t just another inception snippet with the orchestra horns. i would actually love simple, emotional piano dubbed over just pure, dark destruction. now that’s an overwhelming emotional turmoil just waiting to happen to the audience. also, like joker’s music, with the string instruments, every time he showed up in TDK, i think for TDKR, for bane, it should be some kind of percussion. bane is full brutal force, and what better way to portray this than with drums.

  4. Okay, I know this is going to get slammed, but I’m just going to be honest. I’m worried about this flick. Not because of Nolan or Bale, or Hardy, or JGL, or Hathaway or Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, or Cotillard but because of the combination. There just seem to be too many moving parts, a la Spiderman 3. Do I believe Nolan knows how to make a good flick, no doubt, absolutely. But do I feel like the studio is going to pressure the hell out of Nolan concerning this one due to the success of TDK? Absolutely. All I’m saying is that the casting concerns me and I hope I am proven wrong.

    • p.s. by “casting,” there at the end, I mean in number alone, not substantively.

    • two flaws here bro.
      1. Spiderman 3 was terrible because the studio wanted venom in it and raimi ha to force another character into an already lackluster script.
      2. Nolan is one of the most respected filmmakers today. do you honesty think Warner Bros is even going to try and touch his films from now on?

      • They will if it ends up being convoluted or fails to generate worthy revenue and critical backing. Heaven’s Gate effect.

      • Yes, WB absolutely would mess with it. People said the same things you did Re: Raimi and the utterly fantastic Spider-Man movies he had made up to that point. I wouldn’t say Nolan has a lot more status than Raimi. I doubt anyone but Spielberg, Lucas, Cameron and Burton have the pull in Hollywood to do whatever they want without studio interference. Nonetheless, fingers crossed that they give us a Bane we deserve (and a Robin!).

        • @ Evan

          Im sure all those directors had limitations by the studios on one film or more in their careers. I know Burton did in the previous Batman franchise when he was wanting to keep the franchise dark as the first two films he made while the studios wanted to take the franchise into a more family-friendly approach for number of reasons. Of-course we all know what the outcome lead to in the end. I hope Bane wears a good lookin mask as he does in the comics in TDKR again since they messed the character up in Batman & Robin. Im sure we won’t see Robin in this film, but in the next Batman reboot, i hope Robin will be in the reboot franchise again as he too deserves another shot to be seen.

      • Raimi pretty much nailed Spiderman 1 & 2, just like Nolan nailed Batman Begins and TDK… Just saying, too much casting means that not enough time can possibly be given to develop each character. We have to hear about where Batman/Wayne is now… Catwoman, Bane, JGL’s cop character, etc. etc. etc. It’s just a lot. Do I think that if someone can do it Nolan can, probably. But do I think (key word, think) it’s going to work as well as TDK, nope… at least not yet, maybe I’ll change my tune when the trailer pops. It’s all just conjecture, no ill will intended.

  5. I wonder if this is the movie where Batman walks around in the day or appear in crowds at charity functions,the poster looks lighted instead of dark,hence the title DKRises,cool poster anyways.

    • It can’t be. Batman is on the run.

  6. wow it took me 5 seconds to realise it was the batman symbol lol

  7. I like the less is more approach, but it doesn’t really excite me that much.

  8. In the words of one of cinema’s greatest villains of all time “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.” This is a lazy poster, with falling debris that looks like dirty raindrops. Seriously, I love the Nolan Bat films but they are a bit overblown in that they seem to be free wholly from criticism. This poster is just blah, and Im not afraid to say it!

  9. The poster itself makes me incredibly excited for this film. Too bad its going to be Nolans last batfilm:( I just hope hes involved with other DC projects.

    • I don’t.

      • No, nor do I.

        • Ditto

  10. i got TDK poster with the burning batman symbol, it’s an actual movie theare one since i work at the movie theatre when that movie was being played

  11. If you go to the larger high res version of the teaser poster, it allows you to zoom in on different areas. If you check it out, you’ll notice all kinds of different imagery etched into the buildings

    -In the middle of the 2nd to last the front view bldg. on the left side, you see 2 cat silhouettes.

    -On the upper middle part of he 2nd to last front view bldg. on the ride side, you see what partially looks like the design on Banes mask, as well as a cat running in stride on top of it.

    - There’s also an image that looks like the scarecrows mask on the second front view bldg. on the right as well.

    -That’s all in addition to what looks like the Jokers face on the right side of the poster, as well as what looks like the superman symbol on the bottom left.

    I might be reaching a bit but who cares. To each his own. Probably all just a mirage.

  12. is it just me or does anyone see what looks to maybe be a pic of bane in the reflection of the left side bottom building?

  13. Does anyone notice the Riddler’s question mark about the rock with the superman logo under the left side of the batwing?

  14. This is going to be my wallpaper till 20th July 2012 !!
    …Or at least till other pics start coming.

    But I guess no other poster will be better in terms of symbolism.

  15. I can’t wait!!!
    The epic ending for the Dark Knight

    Can I use the images listed in this website and publish on my own for my assignment?