‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoiler-Filled Scene Description from Carnegie Mellon

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vengeance of bane Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Filled Scene Description from Carnegie Mellon

Even after The Dark Knight Rises started shooting, new information about the project has still been sparse at best – an unfortunate fact for fans suffering from Batman movie news withdrawal.

Well, today we have a legitimate, Dark Knight Rises spoiler-filled scene description from a Carnegie Mellon University news release.  Nolan’s third bat-film will be filming on Carnegie Mellon’s campus (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) at the end of this month and the beginning of the next.


Before you read, a few details you should know that will make the following scene description easier to follow: “Magnus Rex” is the working title for The Dark Knight Rises, just like “Rory’s First Kiss” was the working title for 2008’s The Dark Knight. Also, though it doesn’t explicitly mention locale, the Software Engineering and Mellon Institutes at Carnegie Mellon are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – where Rises has been filming.

Check out the very revealing scene description below (FYI, the good stuff doesn’t hit until the second paragraph):

Carnegie Mellon will once again play host to Hollywood, when several scenes for a major motion picture by Warner Bros., currently using the working title “Magnus Rex,” are filmed outside of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in late July, and inside and outside of the Mellon Institute in early August. Carnegie Mellon is working closely with the production company to ensure that the university and its students, faculty and staff will benefit from the movie-making experience with minimal disruption to normal operations.

Scenes outside the SEI, which will be portrayed as a prison, will include an explosion, a prison break, precision stunt driving, gunfire, atmospheric smoke, and controlled pyrotechnic explosions.

Scenes outside the Fifth Ave. entrance of Mellon Institute include a standoff between two rivals that escalates into a riot. One character drives a motorcycle through the fourth floor lobby, out the front doors and down the steps onto Fifth Ave. Special effects include precision stunt driving, gunfire and atmospheric smoke.

And check out some photos of the Software Engineering Institute and the Mellon Institute below for an idea of what the aforementioned locations will look like in the film (click to enlarge):

This isn’t even speculation going on here – this is a straight-up confirmation that there will be a massive prison break scene in The Dark Knight Rises. Seeing as Bane is a character famous for breaking out of prison, taking a trip down to Gotham City, and breaking Batman’s spine over his enormous knee – it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that a prison break will involve Tom Hardy’s character in a significant way.

Then again, since when has Christopher Nolan been known to stick closely to the plot of the books?

The other interesting piece of information — besides a character driving a motorcycle (Bat-Cycle? Cat-Cycle? BaneCycle?) “through the fourth floor lobby” — is the reference to “a standoff between two rivals.” Which begs the question: Who might the two rivals be? Bane vs. Batman? Talia vs. Bane? Catwoman vs. Talia? Somebody else vs. somebody else? Unfortunately, the combinations are plentiful but it’s enjoyable to speculate nonetheless.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: Carnegie Mellon University [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. As much as I tell myself to avoid any spoilers for Dark Knight Rises, I can’t help but look. The movie sounds better and better with each spoiler, mini or otherwise.

  2. Bane vs Batman I’ll bet money on… and it attracts other prisoners, who watch in awe the gruesome battle between the two!

  3. “a standoff between two rivals.”

    Enter Scarecrow cameo.

  4. Too much spoilers for this movie, ruins the suspense and intrigue.

    • Well, no one forcing you to read the article.

    • I don’t see any spoilers in this article or the quoted material…

      Bane is going to fight Batman? I didn’t see that coming AT ALL!

      • Same thing i thought

  5. I like it… it doesn’t give away too too much. It teases a little bit and there’s still tons of speculation.

    Remember a while back when Wally Pfister said that the opening sequence would blow people away? That was the first thing I thought about when I read the scene description.

  6. Yeeeeee badass. Bane is not famous for breaking out of Arkham prison and going after the Bat … He heard word of Bats and went to Gotham and CAUSED the breakout with his crew, to release all of the bats foes to test him. While Batman was weak (sick) and tired from fighting all the escapees Bane found the chance to exploit his weakness and “Break him”.

    Thanks for the update mang!

    • Arkham’s an asylum, not a prison. Bane grew up in a prison, broke out of that prison, went to Gotham City, broke out all of Batman’s villains from Arkham (as you said), then broke Batman’s back on his enormous knee.

      • In retrospect — a lot of breaking going on.

  7. im excited for this movie. and when i read spoilers, the scene that gets spoiled always is WAY different from what i think its going to happen in the movie

  8. I’m surprised this article even has a “spoiler warning.” Knowing that there’s going to be a prison break in the movie isn’t exactly a giveaway, especially since it will probably be shown in the trailers.

  9. The only two potential spoilers for me are how is the ending of the last film
    addressed in the beginning of this one and how does this film end
    regarding Batman’s place in the world of Gotham’s future.
    I could know the rest of the plot and still enjoy it.

  10. This might tie-in the earlier viral marketing mantra/chant which sounded like it came from a prison. Where the prisom inmates are yelling “Bane Bane Matalo Matalo” (Bane Bane Kill Him Kill Him) might be during a one on one fight between Bane and The Batman.

    My addiction to all things Batman are starting to show hahaha

  11. Arkham Asylum?

  12. Not only did bane break out of the Santa Prisca prison but he also broke out all of arkham’s inmates so that he could study the bat as he took them all down which led to bane discovering batmans identity and battling him in his own home. Or it could be Blackgate Prison. All speculation of course.

  13. I go to CMU and I’m so mad I’m not there right now…but also amused that Hollywood thinks our school looks like a prison.

  14. spoiler or not, real or fake, it sounds like this particular scene is going to be awesome.

  15. “…two rivals…” Heh.

    A little googling into “Magnus Rex” reveals not only that Mr. Nolan may have a son named Magnus but also that Magnus Rex/Centurianous Britanicosarus is a Marvel character, part of the Captain Britain Corps. Hmmm…..

    These minor spoilers…they just make me wish the movie was opening tomorrow!

    • It also means The Great King/Ruler of kingdom. It is also my name lol. And I agree, I want this movie now!

  16. This could be the opening of the movie like the last one or the 30 minute reversal.

    I think if it starts out with the break out scene it will go something like this…

    The chanting heard on the site will serve as the inmates chant for Bane. He battles someone and a distraction stops the guards during his death match. He reacts killing guards and storming out during an elaborate escape. Emerging on the other side.

    However, the scene needs more intrigue/ double crosses than i can add to it since i don’t know who is involved on the other side or what their motives are it’s hard to speculate. But from what it sounds like it’s Nolan has solved that problem. This scene has “allot” of moving parts, very dynamic and high stakes. This scene looks loaded with inter-cutting. And a battle at the end of it.

    If this is how the movie starts. This is a very good opening sequence.

  17. Enough, I can’t stand it anymore, there is still one more year left, damn. More spoilers till then please.

  18. Christopher Nolan is a great director and his Batman movies made other comic book movies like a stupid joke

  19. Cant wait.

  20. I have a feeling that this (along with Batman Begins & TDK of course) is going to be the first successful comic book adaptation trilogy ever made in Hollywood history. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!!!

    • I have that feeling as well. This seems right. I don’t know why but it does. It is just so refreshing to have a director/writing combo on the same page who can stick to their guns without being interfered with by the studio.

      Even if this isn’t as breath taking as the dk(which i kinda doubt, this could be very good) i have a feeling this will make at the very least 450-570 million. Nolan and his brother have chosen the perfect tool for the job. I believe their interpretation of Bane will leave everyone with a lasting impression, on who the most fierce villain of this trilogy really was.

      Who says creativity is dead?

      Amen to that.

    • The first successful comic book adaptation trilogy? I believe X-Men 1, 2 and 3 were successful. I also believe Superman 1, 2 and 3 were successful (but I don’t know if you can call that a trilogy). Blade 1, 2 and 3 were also successful. I think what you really meant was the MOST successful comic book adaptation trilogy.

      • I think when Bats says “success,” he means creative success, too. Also, didn’t Blade 3 do pretty poorly? It’s one of the reasons they never followed up with their proposed “Nightstalkers” semi-sequels.

        • Yeah, you’re right. X3 was a financial success but the critics and casual movie-goer blasted it.

          • Superman 3 successfully killed the memory of Superman 2. Believe me. I was in the theater when that stink bomb went off. The series was sold off to Cannon after this debacle for bargain basement prices. And part 4 you ask?…Ha!

            X3 was a critical failure because it didn’t retain the humanistic touch of the original director. X3 was too hokey dopey and stupid. Even though i kind of liked it. Trilogies cannot end on a kinda sorta note. The ceiling has to be destroyed if you want to reach true cinematic glory.

            The closest anyone every got to almost completing the trifecta was the Wachowski brothers. Who screwed everyone royally with that god awful mess they unleashed on Nov 5 2003. I still scratch my head every time i see that dreadful movie. What a downer.

            No this is closest to the matrix. But still. This conclusion has to kick major butt to exceed all expectations.

            This is when Nolan must. I repeat must pull out all the stops and give us a Batman movie we’ve been waiting for since we were robbed by that terrible 1997 B&R monstrosity.

            • (“The closest anyone every got to almost completing the trifecta was the Wachowski brothers.”)

              I agree with Dan so much.

              I really, really love Matrix-1 (1999) and Matrix-2(2003) in terms of both Concept and Action Scenes. But then…Matrix-3 arrived and ruined the remaining 1/3rd of the brilliant series.

              But Nolan will be an exception, I hope.

    • !!!!!!!!! A-M-E-N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. And this ‘prison-break’ is really a spoiler. Kind of expected it, but still it is a big news.

  22. Nolan is the MAN !