‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Video Hints at ‘Knightfall’ Plot

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Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises Set Video Hints at Knightfall Plot

[Warning: If you’re worried about Dark Knight Rises SPOILERS – STOP READING NOW!]

It’s been long speculated that Christopher Nolan could use the plot of the now-classic Batman comic book storyline “Knightfall” as the (partial) basis for his upcoming third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  This theory has never gone away, and has only been nurtured by such revelations as the title of the film (what is Batman “rising” from, exactly?) and the fact that Bane (Tom Hardy) would be the prominent villain in the movie.

Today, we have a brief and shoddy video from the Dark Knight Rises set, which nonetheless lends credit to the theory that “Knightfall” is indeed a reference point for Nolan’s film.

For those not up on their Batman comic book history:

In “Knightfall,” criminal mastermind Bane comes to Gotham City looking to become its new crime lord. Of course, there’s the small matter of getting Batman out of the way, so Bane decides to occupy the Dark Knight by staging a brazen prison break that floods the streets of Gotham with all the criminals Batman has put away. As the Caped Crusader sets out on a desperate quest to recapture all the loosed villains, Bane watches and waits. Finally, when Batman is worn down to his lowest ebb, Bane steps in to finish the job by beating Batman senseless and breaking his back. However, Batman eventually recovers from his injuries and returns to save the day.

Now, the set video below is hard to make out, but what it basically depicts is a scene in which Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) arrives at a nightspot in his fancy Lamborghini, and doesn’t so much walk the red carpet as he does hobble, aided by a cane.

See what we mean by watching the video below – if you need some help spotting it, Wayne and his cane appear around the :30 mark:


This video is already sending Batman fans into a frenzy of speculation. There are other tidbits from the film that – when combined with this new set video – certainly tie together to form a pretty secure web of evidence that suggests that Bane will injure Batman/Bruce Wayne at some point in the movie. Check out the following pieces of the puzzle:

  • The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer contains hints like Bruce Wayne training his body (to recover from an injury?), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) claiming that Batman “went away” (because he’s injured?) and a brief shot of what looks to be a frightened Batman fighting a losing battle against Bane.
  • Set photos/videos of a big prison break sequence (like in ‘Knightfall’).
  • Speculation that the crowd of supporting characters – like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop character or Anne Hathway’s Catwoman – are actually going to be helping out an injured Batman.
  • Set pics of what look to be “Lazarus Pits,” which are known in Batman lore for their healing waters. Could Bruce Wayne use them to repair his broken body (or is that too ‘out there’ for a Nolan Batman film)?
As with any Nolan project, this is all just speculation for now (until a full Dark Knight Rises trailer reveals more) – but then again, the evidence is certainly piling up to the point that it’s getting hard to refute…

Do you think this video is evidence that Bane will indeed ‘Break the Bat’? Let us know in the comments below.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: YouTube via MTV

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  1. Cool, although I liked your original theory of The long Halloween/dark victory, i think that would make a better movie, but i guess it could be a mix of all three

  2. Maybe? All that can be said lol

  3. I remember reading the graphic novel as a teen and being enthralled by it. If that’s the way they’re taking it then well played Mr. Nolan

  4. Nolans final installament appears to be taking key elements from KnightFall, No Mans Land and The dark Knight Returns.

    Movie has some serious chances of being the best of the three.

  5. This movie is either going to be really epic or a giant, rushed, mess filled with plot holes

    • o its gonna be one giant mess, full w/ plot holes for sure

      • oh, so I take it you’ve seen it already?

      • shut up your face, the movie isnt even out yet!

    • Do you really think nolan would rush or mess any of his films? No he won’t.

  6. I read somewhere that amazon will release a new addition of knightfall including knightquest in may, 1212. Coincidence?

    • edition

  7. 2012* sorry I’m on my cell phone.

  8. Your description of Knightfall was a bit off…”Batman eventually recovers from his injuries and returns to save the day.” Not in the Knightfall story arc. Wayne passes the Batman mantle to Jean-Paul Valley who pounds a weakened Bane to near-death. Knightquest is when Batman recovers. But regardless of my nerd-rant, I hope that Bane breaks the bat.

    • Wait, now I’m wrong. It was KnightsEnd when he recovered. It’s been too long since I read the Knight saga.

      • That was a great series though. I had the whole collection when I was a kid. I’m glad that someone else pointed it out before me lol.

  9. Just finished the 3rd book of Knightfall. Loved it. Can’t wait for this.

  10. There is no way that this movie will be any kind of a mess. Nolan and Co have given us the most accurate depiction of Batman on the big screen. This has the potential to be the most epic comic/action movie of all time. I guarantee it will break all records.

    • breaking records doesn’t mean best movie ever

      Dark Knight has numerous plot holes (great movie though) so lets not act as if Nolan makes perfect movies.

      Putting Knightfall into one movie while keeping the “realism” is going to be hard to do. Oh, and then add Catwomen to the mix.

      • dude i’ve seen that movie like a million times, what plot holes? you must have not been paying that much attention

      • But one thing Nolan has shown he can’t do in these Batman movies, that is cast the right actress for the lead female role. That looks to be true again with Anne Hathaway. So I’ll know if that’s true when it comes out.

        But he can cast guys well… from the smallest to the biggest roles.

        • so sad but true.

  11. How do we know that is Bruce? Maybe Gordon is attending a Bruce Wayne fundraiser, and the lambo is parked outside? I couldn’t see his face, could you? It COULD be Gordon, after all, he was in a hospital bed in the teaser…

    Im not convinced that is batman with a cane, it would be cool if it was, but I didn’t see his face, so it could be anybody…

    • Because it would seem unusual to have Gordon arrive in a Lamborghini… seems more likely to be Bruce.

      • To go with the GORDON theory though, why would Batman risk coming out in public, still injured (before he’s healed up to strenght), where he can get nailed again since Bane will know his true identity. I could see it being Gordon, but why would a blue collar guy like him be driving the Lambo let alone borrowing it from Bruce?

        So I am more inclined to believe it’s Bruce, but who knows, they both have brown hair, although he does look taller which favors Bale. Anyways, fun to speculate! Can’t wait for this, I just pray that my knowledge of the spoilers doesn’t actually give much of the movie away.

        • Well, Gordon did get in the Tumbler. ;)

  12. I think it’s highly likely that ELEMENTS of the knightfall arc will be in the movie somehow. Bane’s prison break out already suggests that.

    I think it’s obvious that regardless of the inspiration for the story of the film, TDKR will not be an exact adaptation of any comic, especially knightfall. It seems that is what Nolan does best: take the best parts of several of these key story lines and infuse them into an original tale of his own.

    There is no film maker that I trust more to do Batman justice than Christopher Nolan. So regardless of where the story goes, I’m planning to be there for it!

  13. Please God do not let them bastardize Knightfall. It’s one of the greatest Batman stories ever, and no 2-2 1/2hr movie could ever capture it. I like Nolan’s movies, but the comics are true Batman. Knightfall cannot be done properly in his universe of Batman.

  14. Hey guys,

    It’s Nolan, the dude who made INCEPTION. nuff said.

    • While Inception was a fantastic movie, that doesn’t mean every film he makes is going to be cinematic brilliance. Blind adulation is just as bad as blind hatred.

      • Yep, But i don’t see a bad movie in this list :


        The Dark Knight

        The Prestige

        Batman Begins




        • Inception, Prestige, Memento, and BB – all good films.
          The Dark Knight – too long, some plot holes, Joker acted like Two-Face sometimes, third act falls apart, overhyped, but a ok film.
          Following I havent seen.

        • Insomnia cured mine. :-)

  15. DSB, you were right, I was wrong, I’m sorry.

  16. If the movie ends with the breaking of the bat, then that would be epic. Easy enough to fit into a 2.5hr movie as well. Break the bat and call it a series… now that’s the way to end a super hero trilogy. Something never seen before.

    • That would be the ultimate high and dry ever. Blue circular city to put it nicely.

  17. Honestly its inevitable that bane will injure batman, they’re not gonna put the one villain who breaks the bat into the movie, and just have them thumb wrestle. I dunno I just think Nolan has more up his sleeve than just his take on knightfall, but I guess we’ll see

  18. i was just going through some old comics of mine. if i ain’t mistaken, and i may be, in knightfall doesn’t batman get locked up in arkham to bring down the corruption in there and the villain zsasz,? this part was just one of the comics of a long series. i didn’t read every issue, a couple of them i have never opened.
    it would make sense for batman to be in arkham at the beginning of this movie since he is now an outlaw. maybe he and gordon have it planned and bane breaks into arkham to get batman.

  19. I dont think Bane will break the bat. The fall at the end of the Dark Knight when Batman saved Gordons son will be the injury he suffers from. Batman will leave Gotham to keep good on his word but will allow Bane to creep into the city. Batman will come back ofcourse and i think Bane will expose his weakness but not be able to break it.

  20. I’m so f@*#in’ glad it’s Knightfall! That storyline has Nolan written all over it. That and The Long Halloween. And after watching Hardy in Warrior… man, I wasn’t really that excited before but now all the pieces are falling into place.

    • dude, Warrior? you need to see Bronson or The Take. That’ll get you excited for Bane for sure.

      • Yes, dude. Warrior. He was an acting machine without saying more than a few words. But I’ll definitely check out those two flicks to up the ante.

        • yeah I saw it, he was good I agree but I think Bronson is probably the main reason Nolan chose him for this role.


    I think the working out shot (push-ups) is either him getting back into shape, or a leftover shot from Batman Begins. I think, since he’s on the lam at the end of The Dark Knight, Bats is “retired.” That’s why he went away. If you look at the shot of Gordon in the hospital bed, obviously beaten up by Bane, you’ll notice a regular hand. Gordon is talking to Bruce, or Bruce with a mask. Somehow, Bruce reveals he’s Bats, or something.


  22. yeah, I dont see anything? seriously

  23. Okay I see what everyone is saying… Has anyone even considered the possibility that this video may not even be Batman related?

  24. Movie will be 3 hours long and EPIC in scale (location, location, location)…

    1st hour will be action packed and tense leading up to the destruction of Gotham and Batman at the hands of Bane.

    2nd hour will be about Gordon, Selina, and Blake’s struggle to survive while Bruce re-traces his steps.

    3rd hour will be Batman & Co. MASSIVE take back of Gotham and the Bane Vs. Batman rematch.

    Some people will die, some people will seem to die, and some people will still be alive after all.

  25. 3 1/2 hours long actually.

  26. You’re all, each and every one of you, are forgetting that this is only the last film that nolan is DIRECTING. He already said that after TDKR, he’s gonna produce a reboot. So, no…knightfall can’t fit into one film; but one film could certainly make a brilliant jumping point for the knightfall saga.

  27. What is really cool is that C. Murphy was spotted on the set so it looks like the Scarecrow/Crane will be coming back.I think he was a cool villain

  28. If we are throwing around theories, then here is mine , at the end of Dark knight Batman is on the run, He goes into hiding and hangs up his cape. Talia comes to Gotham and Brings Bane with her in order to seek revenge of her fathers death, but is unable to find The Bat. So to draw out the Bat, Bane and Talia, begin to unleash chaos on the city. Gordon is injured during one of the attacks which spurns Bruce to Take up the cape and cowl again and save his city. Catwoman is drawn into the battle and the thief, side with The Bat because the league of Shadows and Bane are bad for Catwomans business. During Banes and Batmans first battle, Batman is injured due to his rustiness from being away from the mission. Bruce (que Rocky training montage) comes back ready to fight, defeats Bane,Talia and the League of shadows and Bruce is finally able to rest easy….. Until WB hires a new director to do a new version of the Bat

    • I think that Talia (aka Miranda Tate) infiltrates Wayne Enterprises and perhaps gets the blueprints on the Tumblers and other vehicles and machinery.

      She is working with Bane, but Bane is the one visibly wreaking havoc on the city, only to later be joined by Talia, who “betrays” Wayne.