‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Video Hints at ‘Knightfall’ Plot

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Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises Set Video Hints at Knightfall Plot

[Warning: If you’re worried about Dark Knight Rises SPOILERS – STOP READING NOW!]

It’s been long speculated that Christopher Nolan could use the plot of the now-classic Batman comic book storyline “Knightfall” as the (partial) basis for his upcoming third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.  This theory has never gone away, and has only been nurtured by such revelations as the title of the film (what is Batman “rising” from, exactly?) and the fact that Bane (Tom Hardy) would be the prominent villain in the movie.

Today, we have a brief and shoddy video from the Dark Knight Rises set, which nonetheless lends credit to the theory that “Knightfall” is indeed a reference point for Nolan’s film.

For those not up on their Batman comic book history:

In “Knightfall,” criminal mastermind Bane comes to Gotham City looking to become its new crime lord. Of course, there’s the small matter of getting Batman out of the way, so Bane decides to occupy the Dark Knight by staging a brazen prison break that floods the streets of Gotham with all the criminals Batman has put away. As the Caped Crusader sets out on a desperate quest to recapture all the loosed villains, Bane watches and waits. Finally, when Batman is worn down to his lowest ebb, Bane steps in to finish the job by beating Batman senseless and breaking his back. However, Batman eventually recovers from his injuries and returns to save the day.

Now, the set video below is hard to make out, but what it basically depicts is a scene in which Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) arrives at a nightspot in his fancy Lamborghini, and doesn’t so much walk the red carpet as he does hobble, aided by a cane.

See what we mean by watching the video below – if you need some help spotting it, Wayne and his cane appear around the :30 mark:


This video is already sending Batman fans into a frenzy of speculation. There are other tidbits from the film that – when combined with this new set video – certainly tie together to form a pretty secure web of evidence that suggests that Bane will injure Batman/Bruce Wayne at some point in the movie. Check out the following pieces of the puzzle:

  • The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer contains hints like Bruce Wayne training his body (to recover from an injury?), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) claiming that Batman “went away” (because he’s injured?) and a brief shot of what looks to be a frightened Batman fighting a losing battle against Bane.
  • Set photos/videos of a big prison break sequence (like in ‘Knightfall’).
  • Speculation that the crowd of supporting characters – like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s cop character or Anne Hathway’s Catwoman – are actually going to be helping out an injured Batman.
  • Set pics of what look to be “Lazarus Pits,” which are known in Batman lore for their healing waters. Could Bruce Wayne use them to repair his broken body (or is that too ‘out there’ for a Nolan Batman film)?
As with any Nolan project, this is all just speculation for now (until a full Dark Knight Rises trailer reveals more) – but then again, the evidence is certainly piling up to the point that it’s getting hard to refute…

Do you think this video is evidence that Bane will indeed ‘Break the Bat’? Let us know in the comments below.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: YouTube via MTV

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  1. Two things.

    1)If the “bat-breaking” happens early in the film, that could mean most of the film we won’t even see Bats suiting up. Now recovering scenes could be fun to watch, but I’m just concerned where the second action sequence in the rule of threes would come from, assuming Batman will be sidelined. Catwoman maybe? Gordon (maybe how he ends up in the hospital bed)? JGL’s character?

    2)I just re-watched the Teaser. I remember that ScreenRant had big beef with the chanting underneath the trailer but MAYBE it could be the chanting that goes on when the Lazarus Pits are introduced? Just a thought.

    • Concerning the chanting, if they are indeed saying “Bane! Bane! Matalo! Matalo!” (Matalo meaning “Kill it”) then how would that fit into a scene introducing the Lazarus Pits?

      Are you thinking that the movie’s cutting between Batman getting “broken” and scenes of the Pits?

      As for whether Batman is out of commission early on, maybe that’s when we see Marion Cotillard’s Miranda Tate/Talia being developed, and we see the rise of Bane, who starts wreaking havoc on Gotham. Gordon and his cops (including JGL’s character) have to battle against Bane, and Gordon gets hurt in the process.

      That leads to the scene with Gordon in the hospital bed, pleading for Batman to come back.

    • I think the second action sequence involves Gordon, Selina (Catwoman intro), Miranda, and Blake vs. Bane’s army. Gordon and Miranda are captured which leads up to Gordons walk across Gotham’s frozen river. He falls through the ice and almost dies but Batman makes his surprise return and saves him.

      • The only problem with that is Cotillard’s character is obviously in league with Bane going by the set photos.

        • That ice scenario sounds too corny to me, and it reminds me of a similar scene in Deathly Hallows.

          I’d rather see Gordon get hurt while dealing with Bane and his army, not falling through some ice.

        • I think she’s still posing as Miranda until Gordon and company are ambushed. She probably reveals herself as Talia after Gordon is caught.

          • That sounds like a good way to have the big reveal.

            Gordon’s hurt, Bane’s causing havoc using Wayne Enterprises military weaponry and vehicles, and Bruce finds out that someone high-ranking in his own company was the one who gave Bane such classified information: Miranda Tate.

            Then he becomes Batman once again and, joined by Catwoman, does battle with Bane and Talia.

            • I dont know why but my gut feeling tells me Catwoman gets killed for some reason… and as for the Talia Al Ghul thing, Marion Cotillard already said she wasnt playing a comic book character. So I don’t know why literally everybody is still saying that. I think the only reason think that she’s Talia is because of Bane driving the Tumblers but my theory is that Catwoman steals those for him or helps and then everything gets F’ed up and Selina Kyle confronts Bruce about it and tries to get in the way of Bane and gets killed. BAM! watch it happen

              • Catwoman may have nine lives. ;)

                As for what Cotillard said, I think she’s just playing coy… dropping a little deceit for the fanatics out there.

                She may be speaking a half-truth.

                • She might be but I just don’t see how she would get a job at Wayne Enterprise. There’s just no way you can get a normal job with her work history. I mean, even if she would have put in a resume for Wayne Enterprise they probably would have thought it was a joke. It just seems unrealistic to me.

                  • I read somewhere that “Miranda Tate” is a name and character that is not in the comic books. So, if that’s true, then Cotillard’s telling the truth.

                    As for her playing Talia al Ghul, she’s probably someone who’s been hiding in the… shadows (get it? :), so it’s not like people will actually know what Talia looks like.

                    Furthermore, I think Liam Neeson’s character said his family was taken away from him.

                    So, it’s not like she went into the Wayne office dressed like a League of Shadows ninja and said, I’m the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, I’d like a job.

                    • lmao. Maybe, I don’t remember him sayin anything about his family but your probably right I havent watched Batman Begins enough yet I guess. But in order for you to be right (and I’m not saying this is far fetched for Talia) she would have gone to college to be whatever she does at Wayne’s Enterprise and maybe got some expirience at another firm before hand just to get revenge on Bruce Wayne. I know by watching Batman Begins that advenging one’s parents is very important to Ras so maybe he taught the same to Talia. Anyways regardless of who Marion Cotillard is I think her character is gonna die too. I think Bane’s just gonna kill off half the cast. I predict the only people who are going to survive are Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, the mayor dude, maybe bane, and Scarecrow for some reason. (not that I think he’s bad ass or anything I just don’t think his death would mater enough). What I wanna know is how they’re gonna do about the joker if anything. I think it would be weird if he wasnt mentioned at all.

                    • There was that scene, out in the cold wilderness, where Liam Neeson was talking about how he also had someone taken from him. I think he was referring to his wife, or perhaps his family in general (I feel like he was lying just to better influence/manipulate Wayne). As for the movie’s body count, I sense some people are going to go, but how many? I wonder. And will they be big-name characters? Will Lucius Fox be one of them? How about a smaller character, such as Coleman Reese? I think it’s very possible that Talia is killed — I think she’s the one who’s in the trailer, standing off far in the distance when Bane approaches Batman. I don’t know if she’s tied up, hung or helping Bane. As for Joker, maybe they’ll just show him sitting in a cell somewhere? I think Harley Quinn should have been used in this movie so they could easily refer to the Joker and have him be a presence without having to give him any screen time.

              • Oh!

    • Bane will break a Batman’s back but not The Batman’s back. Wayne will be retired & Levitt will be Batman for the bulk of the film (unbeknownst to the audience). The Dark Knight will come out of retirement and save the day(hence Gordon’s hospital bed remarks)after Bane has taken out the stand in Batman. That will be “the prestige” in this film. The audience is going to be tricked big time. Haven’t a scooby about Catwoman though.

  2. The title of this article is pretty much a spoiler.

    Other than having to take a look at Anne Hathaway, I’ve been successfully avoiding any more information about this movie. There’s already been way too much.

    If you’d simply said that the clip reveals (unspecified) plot points, everyone who’s taken a look would still have done so. It’s an easy enough sell.

    No need to respond since I only opened this page to add this message and won’t open it again.

    • @Nostelg-O

      Only to people who know what “Knightfall” even is – and those people have undoubtedly heard or speculated already that Knightfall is a part of this film.

      Still, always love it when someone drops their two cents and runs.

  3. Bane’s army only captured the island of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne is on the main land side.

  4. “Could Bruce Wayne use them to repair his broken body (or is that too ‘out there’ for a Nolan Batman film)?”

    well there are muds from the coast of the Dead Sea(?) and hot springs in Iceland that many think have healing properties (including back pain). So it may not be as much of a stretch as we might think.

    • You must hate the batman comic books.

  5. Yep you can tell this video shows the TDKR is going to be about Kinghtfall, see how that van passes by the camera near the end of the video? BAM. There is your proof.

  6. Am I the only one who has seen the hand of Bruce Wayne resting on a cane while talking to Gordon in the teaser trailer ??

    • nah i saw it. also has everone forgot about the last scene of the teaser with the character in the background hung at the kneck?(which is clearly NOT catwoman) and when Bane walks on the screen its almost as if hes steaming. like his sweat is evaporating cause his skin is so hot or somthing?? re watch it a couple times its pretty strange mabe thats how nolan shows what venom is doing him..

      • Unless it’s Catwoman in her Selina Kyle clothing.

        It could also be Talia/Miranda Tate.

        I’ve been wondering if the person is tied up, or if they’re holding something, such as a gun or rifle.

        I feel like it’s a woman back there, but we’ll see…

        • mabe its john blake…. it might be somone with a gun but it really does the person is holding his or her kneck trying not to choke. i dont know mabe batman strung somone up or somthing i can see him doing it..

          • My bet is that the guy in white is filming it to publically humiliate him. Or This the second/final fight and Batman is trying to defeat Bane in a way to claim superority and re-instill fear. Sorta like Frank Miller’s TDKR when Batman fought the Mutant Leader in front of his gang.

            • My bet is that it’s not going to mater whose in the background and that we won’t even find out who it is because it’s just some random thug and the whole place is scattered with them. I know everyone says the last scene is in the Bat cave and all I can say to that is “WHAT!?!” but to me it looks like the same place they shot the scene in Batman Begins when the those men go aver rachel dawes after she gets off the subway.

  7. hey everyone, keep in mind that this is no one but Nolan’s world. Speculate all you want, but even the actors are being kept in the dark. Be happy to be surprised…

  8. Well Since Nolan isn’t a fan of the actual Batman character I wouldn’t put it past him to have the suit only appear at the beginning and the end.

    I’m guessing Bane beats up Batman bad, not breaking his spine but definitely damaging it. Causing Bruce to walk with a Cane as the Bane Army comes to power over Gotham. I also Think Batman will use the lazarus Pit or something like that to recover and beat Bane.

  9. I think certainly Knightfall is a possible, even probable plot source. But I cant tell at all who that is inthe video, and I disagree with the trailer showing a “frightened Batman”. I also dont hear Bane Bane Matalo inthe chanting.

    • Yeah I know right, how the hell is anyone hearing “Bane Bane Matalo” in the chanting? I hear German “Isch Isch Isch…. something something something” lol I cant quite make it out but it’s definitely not spanish.

      • “hans zimmer said they are saying deshi basra which means rise” I found this on some website by just googling the chant. Which seems to fit pretty dang well if you ask me. Well, I am off to find other spoilers…this hasn’t fed my hunger yet!

  10. I don’t see bruce wayne in there

  11. What if that green tarp that you think is the lazarus pits is that hole that we see someone (probably Bane) climbing out of in the teaser. I highly doubt the lazarus pits will make their way into a nolan batman film.

    • I didn’t see anyone climbing out of a hole in the teaser but I could see Nolan putting the Lazarus Pits in this movie because even in the real world we live in there are bodies of water that people believe have special healing powers so the Lazarus Pits might not be as far fetched as you think.

      • You know, I usually role my eyes at the idea of having Lazarus Pits in a more realistic film series like this one, but if there is really bodies of water like that than I guess that would be awesome to see in this movie. It would give the film a slightly more biblical vibe, adding emphasis to the fight between good and evil. I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing the Lazarus Pits after all lol

        • Yeah exactly and I think thats the only reason Nolan will let it slide. I just did the research… check it out we’ve got Peru’s fountain of youth, lagoon of enchantment, and the lagoon of Mellicera. It’s actually pretty cool

  12. I always knew Nolan would possibly use the Knightfall saga as a reference point. I read up on it to learn more on Bane since he’s been announced as the villain. I read alittle of Knightfall every time I go to Barnes and Nobles lol Great storyline! I highly recommend it. Bane releases the inmates of Arkham. Scarecrow and Joker are amongst them! Now I can’t say the same for Joker sadly, but it is said that Cillian Murphy is returning as Scarecrow as he was spotted on set! I’m so jacked for this movie that its hard to believe! I hope Scarecrow uses his fear gas on Batman and he hallucinates about Rachel’s death, Two-face and Joker! In Knightfall, Scarecrow gases him and Bats hallucinates about Jason Todd’s (the second Robin) death at the hands of Joker, so that speculation can’t be too far-fetched.
    I’m getting so excited for this film, but I really don’t see why people are still talking about Talia. SHE WON’T BE APPEARING! The actress already confirmed this, and there’s already too many characters. Can’t wait to see Bane and Catwoman being done right for this film, and just as excited to see Batman and Scarecrow back in action! I could go on for hours on this stuff! lol

  13. Batman was shot and then survived a fall what killed Dent and people think he be fine after that? I dont think Bane break Batmans back, more likely he will return and fight Bane but lose the 1st time round.

  14. As for the pits it be rubbish, hopefully if there in the film its used as a symbolic symbol in a shadows ritual

  15. hey all batman fans ive just found out that holly robinson stabs batman in the comics so that could be the injury that bruce wayne gets what do you guys thinks